The Partners in the Trust Fund

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					The Partners in the
Trust Fund

The Colorado Department of Human Serv-
ices’ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
and the Governor-appointed volunteer Board
of Directors is responsible for the overall
administration and management of the TBI
Trust Fund.

The Brain Injury Association of Colorado
(BIAC) contracts with the Trust Fund to pro-
vide assistance with applications and eligi-
bility for Trust Fund services. Eligible
applicants are then served by Colorado Con-
nections and the Colorado Department of
Public Health and Environment.

Colorado Connections, a division of Denver
Options, Inc., is a community service
provider who contracts with the Trust Fund
                                               Colorado Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund

to provide care coordination services and
paid services for adults and children. Colo-
rado Connections contracts with more than
200 TBI service providers across the state.
                                                                                            1575 Sherman St., 4th Floor

                                                                                                                                             Address Service Requested
                                                                                                                          Denver, CO 80203

The Colorado Department of Public Health
and Environment’s Health Care Program for
Children with Special Needs (HCP) contracts                                                                                                                    
with Colorado Connections to provide care
coordination services for children.
                                                 Care Coordination and                            Education Grants Program
                                                 Services                                         Educational grants are awarded to Colorado
                                                 The TBI Trust Fund contracts with providers      organizations and individuals to conduct
                                                 to deliver care coordination to children and     education and training programs about TBI.
                                                 adults with TBI in Colorado, free of charge.     The annual deadline for grant proposals is
                                                 The purpose of care coordination is to assist    March 31 and projects run July1–May 31.
Colorado Traumatic Brain                         individuals with TBI and their families in       Applications are made to the Trust Fund. For
Injury Trust Fund                                accessing community resources to prepare         more information, go to the TBI Trust Fund
The Colorado Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)        them to self-advocate and case manage.           website at and click on
Trust Fund was established in 2002 by the        Adults and children may also access a lim-       “Education.”
Colorado legislature to provide statewide care   ited amount of approved services paid by
coordination and services to children and        the Trust Fund. Examples of purchased serv-      Research Grants Program
adults with traumatic brain injury, sponsor      ices include therapies, equipment, and           Grants are awarded each year to fund TBI
educational programs about TBI, and fund         respite care.                                    research in Colorado. Investigators interested
TBI research.                                                                                     in submitting applications to the TBI Trust
                                                 Application Process                              Fund are welcome to submit a letter of intent
Funds for the Colorado TBI Trust Fund come       To apply for services contact the Brain Injury   at any time. Based on the information in that
from surcharges on traffic ticket fines for      Association of Colorado, which contracts         letter, the Trust Fund Board may invite a full
speeding, DUI, DWI, and violators of the chil-   with the TBI Trust Fund for application and      research grant application. For more infor-
dren’s helmet law.                               eligibility assistance at,   mation on the TBI Trust Fund Research Pro-
The Colorado TBI Trust Fund is administra-       303-355-9969 ext. 304 or 888-331-3311.           gram, visit and click
tively housed within the Colorado Depart-        To be eligible, applicants must:                 on “Research.”
ment of Human Services’ Division of
Vocational Rehabilitation and has a volun-       1. Be a legal Colorado resident (all) and US
teer community Board of Directors                   citizen (adults only), and
appointed by the Governor. The Colorado          2. Have had a traumatic brain injury (injury
TBI Trust Fund contracts with a number of           to the brain caused by external force) that
different government and private agencies           affects their functioning.
to accomplish its goals.