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 “The PArTners”

             e are a partnership – a partnership of
    highly successful, motivated and passionate
    long term care specialists who are clear that
    maximizing our personal and partnership potential
    is not only achievable but inevitable.. ”
                            Cameron Truesdell - Founder,
                     CEO of LTC Financial Partners, LLC
What is
LTC Financial
Who We Are ~
                bout LTC Financial Partners ~
                    It is about:

LTC Financial Partners (LTCFP) is one of the nation’s most experienced
Long Term Care agencies. Our passion is to provide our clients with the
best long term care insurance options to meet their needs. We fulfill this
passion by offering clients an array of products from the leading insurance
carriers in America. Each producing partner earns the same commission no
matter which insurance company is chosen. This policy allows us to objec-
tively select the company that meets each client’s special needs.

Passion, Experience and Ownership ~

Only successful producers with passion, commitment to hit a preset pre-
mium goal and dedication to providing the best long term care products for
clients are invited to become a partner. Becoming a partner means enjoy-
ing the benefits of the only national partner owned LTC agency!

The Partnership Commitment Statement ~

LTC Financial Partners, LLC is the only producer and employee-owned
national organization of Long Term Care Specialists in the United States.
We are driven by a passionate and thoughtful commitment to the
professional, financial and physical well being of every member of
The Partnership.
What is
Our Company
  V                 ision of Shared Success ~
                         It is about:
At LTC Financial Partners, we have a vision of shared success that is
unique in the long term care industry. All of our partners have a genuine
professional and financial interest in helping our clients obtain the long
term care products that best meet their needs, as well as helping both
individual members and the organization as a whole succeed.

Foundation for our Vision ~
The foundation for our vision is built on the concept of partnership –
a partnership that acts as a catalyst; building trust and synergy, growing in
strength as a result of the commitment and skill of the elite group of long
term care insurance producers who make up LTC Financial Partners.

Pillars of Strength that Help us Realize our Vision ~
The winning combination created by our commitment to partnership
facilitates a company culture that supports our three “Pillars of Strength” –
Enhanced Business Opportunity, Shared Profit and Appreciation for all,
and a Shared Commitment and Accountability among the partners.
These pillars of strength act in mutually beneficial ways, continually
boosting productivity and confidence among the partners. Productivity
and confidence equate to increased sales. Increased sales equate to an
increase in the value of the Partnership and each individual partner’s
equity stake. The more our equity grows, the greater the reward in
future years for our hard work today.

At LTC Financial Partners, our vision involves:
   u   Providing the best possible coverage for
       our clients;
   u   Innovating change in the long term
       care insurance industry; and
   u   Embracing our individual and
       collective accountability for growing
       the equity of the partnership.

Can you see yourself fitting in? If so, read on!
What does it
mean to be a
  P          artnership, Commitment & Skill ~
                 It is about:

Partnership ~

LTC Financial Partners has many of the top producers in the nation who
have a passionate commitment to providing tailored long term care insur-
ance options to their clients. Partnership, synergy and trust are at the core
of what makes this Partnership successful. Backed by the finest resources
and key contacts to help grow your business at an accelerated rate, and
a Board of Directors who understand what it takes to maximize personal
wealth through partnership, LTC Financial Partners offers a winning combi-
nation for the peak performing long term care producer.

Your Commitment & Skill ~

Those who are invited to join the Partnership can also become an equity
partner. To become an equity partner, one needs to place $60,000 of
business per year. Our partners are all highly motivated and talented
– some of the best in the long term care industry.

When Combined... ~

Combining the core elements of partnership, synergy and trust along with
the individual partners skill and commitment to continually strive to do
what is necessary to reach his or her goals, and ultimately our shared goals,
forms our foundation of excellence. This combination sets the stage for
growing the Partnership and growing individual
wealth through shared equity.

Do you have the passion, commitment
and skill necessary to be a peak performer
among leaders in the Long Term Care
insurance industry in America?

If so, read on!
H   ow can
the Partnership
Enhance my
E             nhanced Business Opportunity ~
                 It is about:
Product Offerings ~
Our approach of building partnership, trust and synergy with the best
carriers in America has resulted in our ability to provide you, the producer,
with unparalleled product support, top contracts, and bonuses to
contribute to our profitability. Our reputation is based on partnership.
Carriers know this and come to us for help in promoting their products.

Producer Benefits ~
We are dedicated to your success. We offer competitive producer
commissions. In addition, leads and other marketing materials are available
at low or no cost. We are committed to investing in your success!

Strategic Partnerships ~
LTC Financial Partners has cultivated strong working relationships with a
number of significant financial institutions that have chosen to refer their
clients to us for their long term care needs. We can open the door for you
to become fully involved in this expansive market in ways no long term
care specialist could do on his or her own.

Marketing ~
We capitalize on successful marketing strategies, tailor them to specific
audiences, cover the cost of development and distribute to you quickly.
Our goal is to keep you in the lead when it comes to positioning yourself
with families, businesses and your community. We want to make you the
known specialist in your market!

Training ~
Quite simply, we have developed the most innovative selling strategies in
the long term care industry. Our training materials are designed to help you
maximize the marketing and strategic partnership opportunities we provide.

Are you interested in joining a Partnership that is committed to
enhancing your business in all areas? If so, read on!
H   ow do
Benefit from
Shared Profit &
S                         hared Profit & Appreciation ~
                          It is about:
The key to this Partnership is setting individual goals and then
utilizing the full potential of the Partnership to help meet those
goals. The rewards are many, but significant among them is
shared profit and appreciation.

Renewals & Dividends ~

    u   For the experienced LTC producer, renewals are vested immediately.

    u   Paid out over $1,000,000 in dividends in March 2007, March 2008
        and in March 2009.*

    u   If annual income from equity reaches $2.00 per share, it would
        exceed producer renewal income.

    u   Your total potential dividend income from equity could match or
        exceed your renewal income over the long run.

    u   Shared profit and appreciation complement the renewal stream you
        have always known. However, the model used by this partnership
        is designed to potentially double or triple your financial reward.

Does the idea of supplementing your
renewal stream (which inevitably will go
down) with a revenue stream that we
expect to go up through the rest of your
working years and beyond sound intriguing
to you?

Read on!

* Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.
  S                   hared Profit & Appreciation ~
                      It is about:

Passive Income Potential ~

This is a fundamental consideration for all Partners. We represent the finest
Long Term Care Specialists in America. Specialists who have worked hard
and deserve to benefit from that hard work by being a part of something
that has the potential to continue well into retirement.

Thinking Beyond Renewals ~

Income based on renewals has been the key income area for most of us.
But our financial success will experience an inevitable decline if renew-
als are the only funding stream we consider. Equity provides an important
financial growth opportunity that can complement renewal revenues. As
a matter of fact, we expect that for many producers their equity income
could eventually surpass their renewals.

Increase in Sales ~

By setting high sales goals and meeting them, the producer has the
opportunity to increase shares in the overall equity stake. Most insurance
companies reward hard work and successful goal achievement with a pat
on the back. LTC Financial Partners rewards it with an increased stake in
the company!

Earning Share Grants ~

Today, every partner who places over $60,000 in a year receives 20 share
grants per $1,000 placed premium until all currently authorized shares have
been issued. The more production, the greater number of shares, the greater
the equity stake in the company.
However, this attractive offering won’t last forever. As we build our busi-
ness and cash dividends materialize and grow, future new producers may
receive fewer shares.

You need to
act now to
your equity

Security ~

While no one can predict the future, there are some projections that show
dramatic increases in per share value in as little as five years, putting you
well on the road to financial independence.*

Does the concept of Shared Profit & Appreciation – basically working
hard now, increasing your wealth, securing your financial future, and
allowing you to live your dreams – sound appealing to you?

If so, read on. We’ve got some numbers for you to consider.

* The financial projections in this booklet include possible future results and accordingly are what the
SEC has defined as forward-looking statements. Projections and estimates are based upon assump-
tions concerning facts and events over which we will have no control. If any of these assumptions are
incorrect or incomplete, our actual operating results may differ significantly from the projections and
  S                   hared Equity ~ Doing the Math:

From the Individual Producer Perspective ~

The equity in your home works for you. Your equity in the Partnership can
work for you exponentially. Here’s a hypothetical illustration of how it
might work...
  u $1,000 Placed Premium = 20 share grants.
  u If you place $250,000 for 4 years = $1,000,000 book of business.
  u You end up with 20 thousand share grants.

From the Full Partnership Perspective ~ Our target

Our target in five years is to have 400 Partners on average placing
$150,000 per year, which would mean that the full Partnership would
place a total of $60,000,000 per year in annualized premium. You could
be one of those partners!

Potential For Profit For the Partnership ~

And that’s not all. Our profit will continue to grow as the Partnership
continues to place business.

   u   After all expenses (renewals to producing partners, 1st year
       commissions, etc.) profit could be greater than $20,000,000.
   u   Potential 1st year annualized production of
       $60,000,000 @ 10% projected profit contribution = $ 6,000,000
   u   Potential Renewals on
       $200,000,000 book of business @
       7% projected profit contribution                     = $14,000,000
                                Total Potential Profit >       $20,000,000

If distributed, a potential profit of $20,000,000 divided by the number of
shares issued (13,330,000) = approximately $1.50 per share.
Profit to You ~

At year five, your original 20,000 share grants could now show an estimated
profit per share of $1.50 for a total annual dividend of $30,000 payout plus
your renewals at approximately $50,000 (based on a 6% renewal rate and a
conservative lapse rate). That would mean a total deferred income of $80,000!
Even better, in ten years if we achieved our potential to get to a $2.00 dividend
would return $40,000 in annual dividends. At this point, your renewals will
probably be $45,000 or less. So, even though your renewals will naturally go
down, your total deferred compensation could go up. Why? Deferred compen-
sation goes up as a direct result of the shared equity in the Partnership that you
are helping to build.

Shared Equity ~

One of the best ways to achieve personal wealth is through the creation of
equitable assets. At LTC Financial Partners, we have begun the approach where
dividends are being distributed. We prefer to have an approach where even as
your renewals from existing business go down, your annual dividend from the
equity in the LLC has the opportunity to go up.

We prefer to have our money work for us.
Do you? If so, read on!
      Culture of

Commitment &
Accountability ~
Is it a Good Fit
         for You?
S                  hared Commitment &
                   Accountability ~ It is about:
Teamwork ~
If you join this Partnership, you join a team. We use a team focus to help
us achieve our goals. Specific strategies include:

   u   Coaches and Mentors ~ One of our fundamental beliefs is that we
       are all coaches and mentors with significant strengths to share, to
       help us achieve our ultimate goals of meeting the needs of our
       clients and creating opportunity to build increased individual and
       collective wealth.

   u   Setting Realistic Targets – and then raising the bar ~ Members of
       this Partnership share a commitment to setting realistic targets,
       meeting those targets and then raising the bar to higher achievable
       levels. We believe every one of our full time producers should see
       a minimum of 15 qualified consumer appointments per week.

   u   Capitalizing on the evolving long term care insurance market ~
       At LTC Financial Partners, we believe in a balance and commitment
       of effort between activities that drive our business and developing
       new markets. We invest at least ten hours a week in business-to-
       business opportunities that we know will pay off in the future.
       There is a clear understanding that if we are behaving in a way that
       shows our commitment to achieving our goals, we will be successful.
       Partners recognize that it is in everyone’s
       interest to help other partners with
       goal achievement. We are a team.

At LTC Financial Partners, we operate in a
culture that actively promotes the concept
of shared success. After all, if we share
success, we share financial reward.
Are you intrigued about the possibility of
joining a Partnership with this type of
culture? If so, read on!
P artnership
Potential ~ Is it a
Good Fit for You?
P             artnership Potential ~ It is about:

Making a Commitment ~

If you join this Partnership, you join a team of elite Long Term Care
producers who are:

   u   Clear ~ about their own goals and aspirations as they relate to the
       goals of the Partnership.
        Partners are confident and walk the walk.

   u   Able to communicate and connect ~ with other partners in an active
       and robust way to ensure that they are giving and receiving the
       support and education necessary to achieve their goals and the goals
       of the Partnership.
        Partners get involved, share expertise, ask questions, listen and
        celebrate the success of fellow partners.

   u   Steadfast in their focus on achieving the dream of Partner equity ~
       never losing sight of the long-range goal of financial freedom and
       the ability to live their dreams, whatever they may be.
        Partners welcome risk or change if it serves the Partnership dream of
        shared equity, remain optimistic regardless of unforeseen obstacles or
        naysayers, stay focused on the details, execute relentlessly and
        genuinely have fun!

Are the characteristics of clarity,
communication and focus important to
you when considering joining a partnership?
If so, then we may be right for you. To learn
more about the support we offer and
which carriers we partner with, read on!
What Services
do We Provide
  to the
  P          roducer Services

Marketing Department ~

At LTC Financial Partners, the marketing focus is on YOU! Our marketing
department has developed materials that will brand you within your state
as the leading long term care expert. We have the personal materials that
you need to become a leader in any market place.

Public Relations Department ~

We have “The Public Relations Program!” This program has proven success
in bringing attention to our producers and their accomplishments. This
recognition will dramatically improve your public presence within your
community and on the internet. Our public relations focus is on helping you
increase your sales.

Lead Department ~
We have partnered with leaders in the industry to develop our state of the
art lead system. Our online turn-key system – second to none – makes it
possible for you to select from a wide range of lead generation messages
and target your prospects by age, income, gender, home-ownership, head
of household, and, of course zip code. Leads can be managed electroni-
cally or physically, with online lead management tools developed to help
you analyze, scrutinize, and minimize the work involved in following up
on your leads. An exclusive re-market system will help you maximize the
potential from your leads whether new or old. Our new profiling system is
increasing the responses generated through the mail by helping you better
target the most-likely-to-respond prospects.
What Training
do We Offer?
  P          roducer Training

LTC Insurance Training Institute ~
This extensive training is designed for a new agent entering into the LTCi
(long term care insurance) field. The 5-day training includes a comprehen-
sive education program that is necessary to build a successful career in
LTCi. The Institute also provides ongoing support from a team of experts
ready to assist you through every step in becoming a member of our
Partnership at LTC Financial Partners.
Maximizing Consumer Sales (MCS) ~
This training program establishes a firm foundation for a tried and true
effective strategy of selling LTCi to the consumer. MCS takes you from the first
contact to the final sale with a successful step-by-step approach that works.
Strategic Partnership – Get in the Zone ~
Strategic Partnership training takes you through a two-day relationship-
building program preparing you to work directly with your business-to-
business contacts. It gives you a clear strategy to enter the workplace with
confidence and clarity.
LTC Outreach and Education Program (LTCOEP) ~
LTCOEP is a successful outreach and education program that helps you
capitalize on the potential in the worksite market for Executive Care-Outs
and Multi-Life sales. You will learn how to customize education and per-
sonalize marketing and presentation materials to communicate the LTCi
needs for individuals, small business and all the way to large corporations.
Seminar Selling ~
You will learn how to deliver presentations and seminars about LTCi to
local community groups, employee groups and more. Seminar Selling also
includes effective methods on maximizing the follow-up with participants
and gaining excellent referrals for future seminars.
Selling over the Phone ~
Learn how to deliver a virtual home interview from the comfort of your
home using the latest technology. You will be trained in all aspects,
including lead management, use of technology, making the sale, and the
difference between the home interview and phone interview techniques.
What Day to
Day Support do
We Provide?
  D                 ay to Day Support

On Boarding ~
Your first 45 days with the Partners are critical. Our team of specialists
walk you through all of the integral parts of understanding how to work
with us, conduct training on every aspect of our partnership along with
understanding the multiple products & carriers to ensure a smooth
“kick start” to your success.

Technology Support ~
Our Technology team ensures that you have all of the necessary
communication tools and vehicles to keep you informed, inspired
and communicative.

Case Management ~
Your personal case manager will monitor your new business and work
with the carriers and you to ensure that your business is processed
smoothly & efficiently.

Special Accounts ~
With quality B2B accounts, our Special Accounts team trains, monitors
and reports on all B2B activities.

Commissions ~
Our commission team designed a state of the art system to pull together
multiple carriers, products and structures to give our partners just one
statement of reporting.
hat Carriers
 do We
  C        arriers We Represent
Partner Relationships are Everything to Us ~
LTC Financial Partners is committed to building relationships with the
carriers we represent. Here are three carriers we have chosen to partner
with to maximize our share profitability and long term future profitability.
They are without question among the finest in the industry.
John Hancock ~ • More than 145 years of experience
providing insurance products to meet people’s needs.
• A record of being one of the most experienced and
  innovative LTC insurance providers in the industry.
• An unwavering commitment to our more than 1 million LTC insurance
• More than $2 billion in claims paid on our LTC insurance policies.
• More than $9.2 billion in LTC insurance claims reserves.
• Some of the highest ratings for financial strength of any insurance company
MedAmerica ~ MedAmerica Insurance Company
(Home Office: Pittsburgh, PA), MedAmerica Insurance
Company of Florida (Home Office: Orlando, FL), and
MedAmerica Insurance Company of New York (Home Office: Rochester, NY) are
the long-term care insurance subsidiaries of Lifetime Healthcare, Inc., a $5 billion
not-for-profit company that finances and delivers health care to more than 2 million
people. “MedAmerica” is licensed and has insureds in all 50 states.
MetLife ~ MetLife became a leader in this industry
through marketing to groups and associations. In the
individual market, they have become a strong leader because they have an
excellent product that is flexible and well designed. They have strong finan-
cial ratings and have never raised rates on existing in-force policies.
Other Carriers We Represent ~
In addition, to fully service our clients, we have access to many other excel-
lent carriers, including Lifesecure, Mutual/United of Omaha and Prudential.
We can access whatever carrier you need to most effectively serve your clients.

                                                      Note: For agent use only
W ho are the
 Founders &
Governing Body
    of the
  F                ounders

Cameron Truesdell, CEO ~
Co-founder and president of LTC Inc., a long term care insur-
ance marketing firm, founded in 1985. Cameron started his
career in LTC insurance sales as a producer in 1979. Cameron
built his own sales organization from the ground up in 1985.
The company was sold to GE Capital in 1997 for approximately
$88,000,000. At the time of sale, new premiums of $100,000,000 annually
were being added to a “book of business” that exceeded $300,000,000.
Cameron served on the Board of Directors of Stratasys, Inc., a publicly traded
company, from 1999 to mid 2002 and is the co-founder of Pelican Partners
International, an international real estate development company.

Craig Smith, President ~
The driving force credited with the phenomenal growth and
success of LTC Inc. along with Cameron Truesdell. Craig
brings 12+ years of LTC direct experience in the roles of
Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing, National Sales
Manager and Division Sales Manager. There is virtually no
aspect of LTC operations that Craig has not personally designed, implemented
and supervised. When LTC Inc. was sold to GE, Craig was a key initiator and
stayed on with GE to integrate the business into their company and culture.

Board of Directors ~
The Board of Directors is the governing body of the corporation. Board
members are represented by three classes.
Support Class: Craig Smith, Cameron Truesdell, Stewart Bronaugh &
  Dick Packard
Investor Class: Jim Dow, Jonas Roeser, Bill Bosmeny & Jack Smith
Producer Class: Gene Cutler, Gary Marx & Rhonda Guilin
Board Chair: Denise Gott
O     ur Mission Statement:
    We see a time when every individual will
live fully and completely in dignity, comfort and
independence without financial burden. To that
end, our work, passion and purpose is to bring
appropriate long term care financial solutions to all
those we meet.
          LTC Financial Partners, LLC


Career Center Phone #: (800) 273-7568