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									THE PARTNERS                                     documentation and sharing of lessons and         be adapted to AMICAALL activities in other
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is a                experiences.                                     countries.   These concrete management
multinational accounting, financial and                                                           tools combined with other activities are
business advisory firm. Through their            THE PARTNERSHIP                                  helping to build the capacity of local
innovative Ulysses initiative, PwC is working    In 2001 PwC launched its in-house Ulysses        governments in planning, designing,
to build successful partnerships with civil      initiative. PwC sought public or civil society   implementing and managing community-
society and develop a new generation of          partners who could provide culturally rich       based HIV/AIDS projects.
talented, culturally-sensitive global leaders.   and technically challenging projects for their
                                                 senior staff. Through UN APP facilitation,         It was one of the greatest experiences of my
                                                 the Alliance was chosen by PwC to                  life. People were available, spent their time
Alliance of Mayors and Municipal                                                                    with us, showed us around in their
Leaders on HIV/AIDS in Africa is a               participate    in   this   initiative.    This     communities, t alked about their HIV/AIDS
growing network of local government              partnership is on-going—the Alliance has           actions and shared with us their concerns and
authorities, mayors and municipal leaders        now participated in two cycles of Ulysses.         dreams. I went home with cherished
                                                 UN APP has continued to guide this                 memories, unforgettable impressions and new
committed to promoting sustainable                                                                  perspectives.
solutions to the HIV/AIDS epidemic at the        collaboration.                                           ---Klaas van den Berg, PwC Partner
local level.     The Alliance works in                                                                       Utrecht, Netherlands
partnership with government, civil society       THE BENEFITS
organisations, community leaders, the            In Swaziland a team of three senior PwC          For PwC team members in both Namibia
private     sector   and     international       personnel spent two months in the country        and Swaziland, this experience forms them
organisations.                                   during 2001.       They provided technical       as global leaders. It builds leadership within
                                                 assistance for the development of accounting     the company; leadership that promotes
The Alliance of Mayors’ Initiative for           and financial management systems for the         diversity, creates a relationship with civil
Community Action on AIDS at the Local            AMICAALL Swaziland National Programme.           society organisations and strengthens PwC’s
Level (AMICAALL) is the “road map” for           This resulted in a detailed financial and        involvement in local communities.
translating the goals of the Alliance into       accounting operations manual together with
concrete actions in cities and towns.            recommendations on the systems necessary         Team members came from Europe and
Alliance and AMICAALL activities are             to implement them.                               North America. They were exposed to a very
underway in a dozen African countries.                                                            different environment from their own. They
                                                 In Namibia another team of three senior          saw firsthand the impact that the HIV/AIDS
United          Nations          AMICAALL        PwC staff spent two months in the country        epidemic is having on severely affected
Partnership Programme (UN APP)                   during 2003. They worked with six local          communities in Africa. They were not just
provides support to the Alliance in the areas    government authorities and community             using their skills to solve a business
of advocacy, partnership development,            stakeholders      to    develop    project       problem.      Rather the focus was on
programme         development,       resource    management guidelines and training               developing tools and systems to better
mobilisation, institutional strengthening and    manuals. These guidelines are available to       respond to a socio-economic crisis—the
                                                 all the local authorities in Namibia and can
HIV/AIDS epidemic—through a process                 HOW TO GET INVOLVED
involving local stakeholders.
                                                    Mina Mauerstein-Bail, Director
PwC staff benefited from these experiences          UN-AMICAALL Partnership Programme
and took them back to their work. The two           11-13 chemin des Anémones
AMICAALL programmes also gained from                CH-1219 Châtelaine, Geneva
PwC’s technical assistance. The end result          Switzerland
has been a win-win situation for all partners       Tel: (+41) 22 917-8597/8308
involved.                                           Fax: (+ 41) 22 917-8078

                                                    Elena Artal, Ulysses Programme manager
                                                    PricewaterhouseCoopers                            The Alliance
                                                    1 Embankment Place                                    and
   My experience in Namibia has profoundly          WC2N 6RH London, UK
   impacted me as an individual —both in my                                                     PricewaterhouseCoopers
   personal life and work. I have learned that
                                                    Tel: (+44 ) 2072124792
   leadership is not a title, it’s a lifelong       Fax: (+44) 207 8043698                     With support from the UN AMICAALL
   journey. What would give me the greatest                         Partnership Programme
   satisfaction is to hear back from the  
   communities we visited and worked with. I
   hope these sto ries are f illed with successes
   of community -based projects that help the
   people affected by HIV/AIDS. I look forward      Alliance of Mayors and Municipal Leaders
   to the day I can return to Namibia to see        on HIV/AIDS in Africa – Secretariat
   these successes firsthand.
                                                    P.O. Box 60401
       ----Tahir Ayub, PwC Partner                                                              An Innovative Public/Private
                    Vancouver, Canada               Katutura, Namibia
                                                    Tel: +                               Partnership
                                                    Fax: +


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