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									                                Product & Service Guide
                                          Nokia 5300 XpressMusic
                      Music Gets You Talking…
                      Let your music be as mobile as you are. Featuring a music player that can play on wireless
                      stereo headphones and with looks as cool as the music you listen to, the Nokia 5300
                      XpressMusic is the perfect blend of style and music. Now you can have it all with the Nokia
                      5300 XpressMusic, a device that is as much a music player as it is a phone.

                      Launch Date:                                      Training:
                         • First Quarter 2007                              • Product and Service Guide
                                                                           • Handset Simulators
                                                                           • Sales Toolkit

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                          Nokia 5300 – Features and Services
Top Features:                                                                          Included Services:
        Music Player w/ External Controls – Play                                             Caller ID
        your music without going through your                                                VoiceMail with message-
        phone’s menus to find it. With external                                              waiting indicators
        controls you can just slide on your                                                  Call Waiting and Call Hold
        headphones and push play. The 1 GB                                                   Conference Calling
        memory card included with the 5300 can                                               Emergency Calls
        hold up to 240 songs.

        Stereo Bluetooth Connectivity – Make                                           Optional Services:
        hands-free wireless calls and listen to your
        music in style, and in stereo. With                                                   Picture Messaging
        Bluetooth stereo headphones you can hear                                              Video Messaging
        all your favorite music the way it was meant                                          AOL® Instant Messenger™,
        to be heard.                                                                          ICQ®, Yahoo! ® Messenger,
                                                                                              MSN® Messenger
        1.3 Megapixel Camera with Video Capture                                               Info Alerts
        and Playback – Capture special moments                                                World Class Roaming
        as photos or video clips. View them later on                                          myFaves
        your phone or send them to any e-mail                                                 Yahoo! Music
        address, T-Mobile camera phone, or
        MyAlbum – a personal online album that
        allows you to store pictures and share them
        with friends and family.

                                                          Nokia 5300
                                                          Nuts & Bolts
  Basic Information

  Network:               GSM 850//1800/1900 MHz                                              Kit Contents
  Size:                  3.64 high x1.90 wide x0.81 thick
                                                                                Nokia 5300           Stereo Headset
  Weight:                3.75 ounces (with battery)                             AC Adapter           T-Mobile SIM Card
  Battery:               BL-5B, 860 mAh                                         USB Sync Cable       Carrying Case
  Standby Time*:         Up to 225 hours                                        Battery              Welcome Guide
  Talk Time*:            Up to 3.2 hours                                        1 GB removable
  Display:               262 K, 2 Inch full-color screen                        memory card (comes
  * Specifications are provided by the manufacturer and are approximate.        installed in the
  Actual performance varies based upon network configuration, signal            handset)
  strength, operating temperature, customer use, and other factors.

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