VOL 2 by tyndale


									                                  distribuzione                                             ETICHETTA
                                    esclusiva                                                PMB
                                                                          Buenos aires paris
                                                          the coMplete electronic tango anthology            VOL. 2
                                               Ritorna ‘BUENOS AIRES-PARIS’. Dopo il notevole riscontro ottenuto
                                               con la prima uscita, l’etichetta PMB ha voluto dare un seguito a questa fortunata
                                              raccolta, realizzando il secondo volume con i migliori interpreti del genere : Tan-
                                             ghoTic, narcoTango, FeDerico auBele (ha pubblicato il suo album con
                                               ‘Eighteen Street Lounge Music’, l’etichetta che appartiene alla famosa ‘Thievery
                                             Corporation), TangheTTo, JaiMe Torres e la talentuosa aMeliTa BalTar
                                             (voce di numerosi brani di Astor Piazzolla) che ci presenta un brano veramente
                                                                        innovativo come ‘Frio intenso’ . .
                          cD 01                                                   cD 02
 01. cielo gris - TANghOTIc (Album Version)                                       01. allerdings otros aires - OTROS AIRES
 02. esta noche - FEdERIcO AUBElE                                                 02. linea D - SUdESTAdA
 03. Baires 6 am - TERmINAl TANgO                                                 03. la caída - TANghETTO (Isabella Remix)
 04. el aire en Mis Manos - cARlOS lIBEdINSky >                                   04. hablando Tango - cEldA + SONjA
 NARcOTANgO                                                                       05. Fuga Y Misterio - mElOScIENcE cORP.
 05. Tangostoso - ZONA TANgO                                                      06. grey Tango - mONdOTANgO
 06. angeles De asfalto - FUlANA (Abasto Mix)                                     07. senda urbana - chORdlESS ThEORy
 07. el Piantau - yIRA                                                            08. la Miranda - BANd (O) NEON ( 7” Mix)
 08. ciudad Blanca - JAImE TORRES                        cat. MBB 9773            09. Buenos aires - Paris - lE gRISER
 09. Mi Buenos aires Querido - lA FONdA TANgO              2 cD Digi              10. obscure B.a. - l.A. ThOmAS
 clUB (Remix)                                                                     11. aires Del sur - g-SPlIFF mEETS dOmINgO
 10. Frío intenso - AmElITA BAlTAR                                                cURA (Tango Chill Outtake)
 11. Del Plata - TRIPSSONO (Edit)               7         798093 717730           12. risas Y adoquines - BAIRES TANgOFUSION
 12. Bobe - EdUARdO ROvIRA                                                        (San Telmo Mix)

                             80’s THE DEFInITIvE HITS COLLECTIOn
                                             CD    1 - RADIO HITS
                                             01.   West End Girls - PET SHOP BOyS
                                             02.   Desire (Come And Get It) - GEnE LOvES JEzEBEL
                                             03.   We Built This City - STARSHIP
                                             04.   Right Between The Eyes - WAx
                                             05.   Cum On Feel The noize - QuIET RIOT
                                             06.   Walking On Sunshine - KATRInA
                                             07.   Bette Davis Eyes - KIm CARnES
                                             08.   Everlasting Love - HOWARD JOnES
                                             09.   video Killed The Radio Star - THE BuGGLES
                                             10.   We Walked In Love - DOLLAR
                                             11.   never Ending Story - LImAHL
                                             12.   Flashdance... What A Feeling - IREnE CARA
                                             13.   Holiday Rap - mC mIKER G & DEEJAy SvEn
                                             14.   Get up (Before The night Is Over) - TECHnOTROnIC
                                             15.   What’s On your mind (Pure Energy) - (Remix) - InFORmATIOn SOCIETy
CD    2 - LIvE HITS                                            CD    3 - THE LOvE SOnGS
01.   Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go - SOFT CELL         01.   All Out Of Love - AIR SuPPLy
02.   Lips Like Sugar - ECHO & THE BunnymEn                    02.   Take my Breath Away - BERLIn
03.   Love Like Blood - KILLInG JOKE                           03.   Love Hurts - PAuL yOunG
04.   Love Removal machine - GREAT WHITE                       04.   Just When I needed you most - RAnDy vAnWARmER
05.   In A Big Country - BIG COunTRy                           05.   On And On - STEPHEn BISHOP
06.   Love me Two Times - THE mISSIOn                          06.   I Swear - KEnny ROGERS
07.   Cars - GARy numAn                                        07.   I’ll Keep your Dreams Alive - GEORGE BEnSOn & PATTI AuSTIn
08.   Heart And Soul - T´PAu                                   08.   That’s What Friends Are For - DIOnnE WARWICK
09.   Something About you - LEvEL 42                           09.   I Will Be With you - T´PAu
10.   Bridge To your Heart - WAx                               10.   Fear not The Sword my Son - BOy GEORGE
11.   King Of Wishful Thinking - GO WEST                       11.   To Love Somebody - KIm CARnES
12.   What Is Love? - HOWARD JOnES                             12.   Angelina - HALL & OATES
13.   I melt With you - mODERn EnGLISH                         13.   Careless Whisper - GLORIA GAynOR
14.   Chance - Big Country                                     14.   Love Shine A Light - KATRInA
15.   Close my Eyes Forever - LITA FORD FEAT. Ozzy OSBOuRnE    15.   mull Of Kintyre - DEnny LAynE & PAuL mCCARTnEy

                     cat. MBB 7004          BoX 3 cD digipack
                                                                                   7   798093 710045
                              punk 1977/2007 30th anniversary / Limited edition
                                              CD 1 THE ‘77 REVOLUTION
                                              01. Judy Is A Punk - THE RAMONES                              cat. MBB 7028
                                              02. Anarchy In The U.k. - SEx PISTOLS                       BoX 3 cD digipack
                                              03. New Rose - THE DAMNED
                                              04. If The Kids Are United - SHAM 69
                                              05. The First Time - THE BOyS
                                              06. Action Time Vision - ALTERNATIVE TV                   7 798093 710298
                                              07. The Right To Work - CHELSEA                                      24 BIT DIGITALLY
                                              08. Baby Baby - THE VIBRATORS                                           REMASTERED
                                              09. I Wanna Be your Boyfriend - THE RAMONES
                                              10. Do Anything you Wanna Do - EDDIIE & THE HOT RODS
                                              11. god Save The Queen - SEx PISTOLS
                                              12. Homicide - NINE NINE NINE
                                              13. My Way - SID VICIOUS
                                              14. Peaches - THE STRANgLERS
                                              15. What Do I get? – BUzzCOCKS
CD 2 HARDCORE & BRITISH SECOND WAVE                               CD 3 ROOTS 6 RARITIES
01. Too Drunk To Fuck - DEAD KENNEDyS                             01. I got A Right - Iggy & THE STOOgES
02. No One Is Innocent - DIE TOTEN HOSEN FEAT RONNIE              02. Waiting Fot The Man - VELVET UNDERgROUND
BIggS                                                             03. Personality Crisis - NEW yORK DOLLS
03. New york State Police - UK SUBS                               04. Kick Out The Jams - MC5
04. Alternative Ulster - STIFF LITTLE FINgERS                     05. Chinese Rocks - JOHNNy THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS
05. Woman In Disguise - ANgELIC UPSTARS                           06. Negative Creep - DEE DEE RAMONE
06. Viva La Revolution - ADICTS                                   07. Black Leather - RUNAWAyS
07. City Baby´s Revenge - g.B.H                                   08. Let´s get Crazy - LONDON COWBOyS
08. Somethng New - ANTI PASTI                                     09. Bored - DESTROy ALL MONSTERS
09. Banned From The Pubs - PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES           10. Cherry Bomb - CHERIE CURRIE, MARKy RAMONE & WAyNE KRAMER
10. Never Surrender - BLITz                                       11. Born To Lose - JOHNNy THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS
11. Police Story - PARTISANS                                      12. Newtown - THE SLITS
12. When The Evening Comes - THE UNDEAD                           13. Land Of Hope And glory - Ex PISTOLS
13. From Protest To Resistance - CONFLICT                         14. Follow The Leader - THE SAINTS
14. Strangehold - UK SUBS                                         15. Search And Destroy - SID VICIOUS
15. goodbye garageland - DIE TOTEN HOSEN

                           the complete anthology of tango

                                              cd 1
                                              la cumparsita - juan d´arienzo y Su Orquesta
                                                                                                            cat. MBB 7015
                                              Mi Buenos aires Querido - carlos gardel                     BoX 3 cD digipack
                                              Ventanita De arrabal - Osvaldo Pugliese con jorge vidal
                                              adios nonino - Astor Piazzolla
                                              naranjo en Flor - Anibal Troilo con Floreal Ruiz
                                                                                                         7 798093 710151
                                              secreto - julio Sosa y Orquesta Francisco Rotundo
                                              sur - Nelly Omar
                                              Mi cancion De ausencia - Roberto goyeneche con Orquesta Armando Pontier
                                              Barrio De Tango - Francisco Fiorentino con Orquesta Anibal Troilo
                                              Fumando espero - Ignacio corsini
                                              cafetin De Buenos aires - Alberto di Paulo y Su Orquesta
                                              cambalache - mariano leyes
                                              Percal - domingo Federico con carlos vidal
                                              caminito - virginia luque
                                              Bandoneon arrabalero - Francisco canaro con Isabel grana
cD 2 :                                                          cd 3 :
Quejas de bandoneón - Astor Piazzolla                           el ciruja - julio Sosa con Orquesta Francini-Pontier
cuartito azul - Argentino ledesma                               Muñeca brava - Alberto castillo con Orquesta Ricardo Tanturi
sombras nada más - jorge valdez                                 adios, Pampa Mía - virginia luque
Volver - carlos gardel                                          Tu recuerdo y nada más - Alfredo de Angelis con Floreal Ruiz
se fue la pobre viejita - Agustín magaldi                       apronte - carlos Almagro
el choclo - juan d´Arienzo                                      el resero - Ricardo Tanturi
ninguna - Roberto Rufino con Orquesta Alberto Di Paulo          ansiedad - juan d´Arienzo con Alberto Echague
Desde el alma - cuarteto guardia vieja                          el día que me quieras - carlos gardel
la guitarrita - hector varela                                   El firulete - mariano mores con Enrique dumas
los mareados - Anibal Troilo con Francisco Fiorentino           Don Juan - cuarteto guardia vieja
lágrimas y sonrisas - Rodolfo Biaggi con hugo duval             Besos brujos - Elsa Rivas
nada mas que un corazón - Osvaldo Pugliese con Roberto chanel   cobrate y dame el vuelto - Alberto Podestá con Orquesta miguel caló
sentimiento gaucho - Francisco canaro y Su Orquesta             Tarde - Nelly Omar
Muchacho - angelito vargas con Roberto de la Fuente y           chiruza - jorge valdez
Su conjunto Típico                                              inspiración - Armando Pontier
lluvia de estrellas - jorge Arduh
                                                MADONNA the ultimate tribute
                                          12 arTisTi renDono oMaggio a mAdONNA inTerPreTanDo
                                              Versioni ineDiTe Dei suoi successi inTernazionali

                                              c a t. M B B 8 0 1 2
                                                 cD Digi                             7       798093 718416

                               1. Open your heart (Die Drupps Remix) ‘O F R A h A Z A’
                                               2. holiday ‘h E Av E N 1 7 ’
                                  3. Express yourself ‘INFORmATION SOcIETy’
                     4. like A virgin (Lcd Mix) ‘ANNABEllA lwIN of BOw wOw wOw’
                                               5. live To Tell ‘BER lIN ’
                                                 6. Rescue me ‘AdEvA’
                                     7. like A Prayer ‘lOlEATTA hOllOwAy’
                  8. Bad girl ‘jAmES hARdwAy & AmANdA ghOST Feat BOy gEORgE’
                                       9. why It’s So hard ‘dEAd OR AlIvE’
                       10. This Used To Be my Playground ‘A F l O c k O F S E A g U l l S ’
                            11. Frozen (Razed In Black Mix) ‘g E N E l O v E S j E Z E B E l’
                  12. Into The groove (Meeks Remix) ‘dAlE BOZZIO Of mISSINg PERSONS’

                                                    La maison de La House
                                           La serie FaSHIOnTV è divenuta ormai un classico nel mondo della
                                           musica elettronica, grazie alle scelte azzeccate e alla grafica delle
                                                           copertine che è davvero suberba.
                                                      La maison de La House,
                                            ultima uscita sotto il marchio FTV, contiene 24 brani interamente
                                             dedicati alla musica House di oggi in tutte le sue forme : deep,
                                           chill, minimal, old skool, tribal, psychedelic, progressive, interpre-
                                           tata dai migliori artisti House come Lalann, Glambeats Corp,, Von
                                            Mondo, Sixth Finger, Gusz, rockin’ Beats, ronan, con remixes e
                                           brani esclusivi. Consigliato a quanti amano immergersi nelle vibra-
                                                      zioni della migliore musica elettronica odierna.

                 CD HOUSE O1                                           CD HOUSE O2
          Intro The House - SpaCE GanG             From The Sky (album Version) - GUSz feat E-Jay aLI
 Taking Me Home (12” Edit) - nICk prOSEn & DEw                    Far From That - U SOUnD
              Shine (Dub Mix) - LaLann                        Feel (Sixth Finger remix) - naTaSCHa
       I´ve Got The Music - VOn MOnDO                            I Believe So - ETErnaL TrIp
 all about Love (Vocal Dub) - LEO pOrTELa & prISL          you Can Take It - QUaDra feat.DEw
please, please Her (Micro House Mix) - SIxTH FInGEr Into The Space (radio Edit) - LaLann & TECnOMan
             So High (Crazy Duck) - GUSz              Let It Trip (avant Garde House Mix) - SIxTH FInGEr
               nouvelle - SHOrTCUT                    Cirle Vision (Unreal Vocal Mix) - rOnan feat DEw
     Monkey Brain (Stage Cut) - rOCkIn´ BEaTS       Shooting Star (Sixth Finger remix) - GLaMBEaTS COrp.
         nearly There - LIMELIGHT SOUnD                         Girl - GrOOVE MESSEnGErS
      Beatmaniac (Maniac remix) - pUrpLE kISS             The Joke (Ball Of Confusion Mix) - LaLann
        So Sensitive - FrançOISE SanDErS                     Everybody - nICk prOSEn & DEw

                                                        cat. MBB 9772
                                                          BoX 2 cD                       7    798093 717723
                                                        the greatest Dance hits oF the 90’s
                                           doppio album che raccoglie in versione originale, tutti i brani più bal-
                                          lati appartenenti al periodo fine anni ‘80, inizio anni ‘90. Una combina-
                                           zione di musica elettronica e pop, con brani inossidabili come ‘Pump
                                           Up The Jam’ (technotronic), It’s On You (mc Sar), Get Ready For
                                            This (2 Unlimited), I Can’t Stand It (twenty 4 Seven), e le nostal-
                                            giche melodie di ‘I LIKE CHOPIN (Gazebo), ‘PLEASE DON’T GO’
                                                    (K.W.S.). tutto questo e di più in ‘retroDance’
                                                        a l z a i l v o l u M e e a s c o lta . . .

cD one                                                      cD two
have in Mind (extended mix) cetu Javu                       i like chopin (remix) - gazeBo
pump up the Jam technotronic                                Dreams - p. lion
it’s on you (extended mix) Mc sar                           Boys (Summertime love) (extended mix) - saBrina
Found love DouBle Dee                                       holiday rap - Mc Miker g & DeeJay sven
get ready For this 2 unliMiteD                              please Don’t go (Sunshine mix) - k.w.s
i can´t stand it twenty 4 seven                             the rhythm of the night - corona
italo house Mix (megamix) rococo                            this Beat is technotronic - technotronic
Move your Feet to the rhythm of the Beat hithouse           let´s Dance - the stylish post-Disco MiX
Don’t Miss the party line Bizz nizz                         high energy (remix 90) - evelyn thoMas
rejekto (Presentation mix) roBotiko reJekto                 words (remix) - F.r DaviD
adonde (extended mix) cetu Javu                             the Beaks (remix ´94) - kurtis Blow
the power of snap vision MasterMiXers                       tom´s party - t-spoon
what’s on your Mind (Pure energy) (remix) inForMation       happy children - p. lion
society                                                     the night (radio Cut) - valerie Dore
relax your Body D.F.X.

            cat. MBB7020 24bit digitally remaStered BoX 2 cD
                                                                                     7   798093 710205

  Jazz and '80s                 PART           1   HOLDING BACK THE YEARS The Cooltrane Quartet
                                TWO            2 TAINTED LOVE       Stella Starlight Trio
                                               3 TAKE ON ME Eve St. Jones
                                               4 MATERIAL GIRL Cassandra Beck
                                               5 EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE Karen Souza
                                               6 TRUE Jamie Lancaster
                                               7 WALKING ON SUNSHINE Jazzystics
                                               8 BILLIE JEAN Jamie Lancaster & Karen Souza
                                               9 RAT IN MY KITCHEN 48th St. Collective
                                               10 I STILL HAVEN’T FOUND WHAT
                                                  I’M LOOKIN FOR Apollinare Rossi
                                               11 TIME AFTER TIME Sarah Menescal
                                               12 SHOUT The Bryan J.White Trio

                                                cat. MBB 9768 cD Digi                     7   798093 710243
                     the Many Faces oF leD zeppelin the ultimate tribute
                                                 the Many Faces of leD zeppelin è un triplo
                                               album che presenta tre diversi omaggi alla indimenticabile band Inglese.
                                               nel primo cD troviamo i "Dread Zeppelin" , un gruppo degli anni '80 che
                                               ha da sempre reinterpretato il repertorio della band, con un proprio stile reg-
                                               gae – pop sensazionale. nel secondo cD i "Great White", una delle band
                                               fondamentali del hair metal, (movimento Californiano che ha visto nascere
                                               gruppi come i Guns n'Roses, Poison e Motley Crue..) dedicano tutto il loro
                                               talento in questo omaggio di tutto rispetto al quartetto Inglese.
                                               il terzo cD è una visione contemporanea del mondo dei led Zeppelin, in-
                                               teramente basata su remixes, interpretati da artisti come i Sigue Sigue
                                               Sputnik, gli Astralasia e i KMFDM (Kill Mother Fucker Depeche Mode).
                                                      Questo album ci trascina nel mondo dei leD
                                                ZePPeliN in modo assolutamento divertente ed innovativo in
                                                             altre parole... i m p e r d i b i l e ! !

cD 1 DreaD zeppelin        cD 2 great white             cD 3 the reMiXes
Stairway to Heaven         immigrant Song               misty mountain Hop by sigue sigue sputnik
Whole Lotta Love           living loving maid           Whola Lotta Love by electric sky church
rock and roll              the rover                    black dog by spahn ranch
d’yer mak’er               Stairway to Heaven           immigrant Song by Julian Beeston
Heartbreaker               No Quarter                   going to California by rosetta stone
Kashmir                    Since i’ve been loving you   dancing days by razed in Black
Kingston Celebration       d’yer mak’er                 Houses Of the Holy by interface
the lemon Song             ramble On                    d’yer mak’er by sheep on Drugs
ten years gone             tangerine                    rock and roll by kMFDM
going to California        going to California          the rover by ex voto                      cat. MBB 8011
immigrant Song             in the light                 Nobody’s Fault but mine by Die krupps          3 cD
Hey, Hey, What Can I Do?   thank you                    The Wanton Song by reconstruction
                           all my love                  the Ocean by astralasia
                           When The Levee Breaks        Whole Lotta Love by interface         7 798093 718409

                                                           BoB Marley & the wailers
                                                                     the re and un MiXeD

                                                                               cD digi

                                                                        7 798093 718386

cD 1 : reMiX eD                                                   cD 2 : u nM iX e D
01. Soul rebel (Pistel Remix)                                     01.Soul rebel
02.Don’t rock my boat (Sheep On Drugs Remix)                      02.Don’t rock my boat
03.African herbsman (Cypress Hill Remix)                          03.African herbsman
04.Fussing and fighting (David Harrow Remix)                      04.Fussing & fighting
05.Riding high (Fear No Art Remix)                                05.Riding high
06.Keep on moving (Interface Remix)                               06.Keep on moving
07.Brain washing (Filter Section Remix)                           07.Brain washing
08.Put it on (Astralasia Remix)                                   08.Put it on
09.Mr. Brown (Electric Sky Church Remix)                          09.Mr. Brown
10Kaya (remixed by Kevin Haskins from love & rockets)             10.Kaya
11.Sun is shining (Silverbeam Remix)                              11.Sun is shining
12.Don’t rock my boat (The In Dub Remix)                          12.Lively up yourself (Bonus Track)
13.Mr. Brown (Spahn Ranch Remix)                                  13.Rainbow country (Bonus Track)
14.African herbsman (Weeks Remix)                                 14.Small axe (Bonus Track)
                                                                  15.Natural mystic (Bonus Track)

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