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					     The John Stewart Collection
           “... His work over the last 25 years constitutes a stunning body of lonesome reflections on
           the promise and betrayal of the American experience... His is a music of longing...
           a hushed hope that what is best in this country will somehow emerge....”
                 —A. Lin Neumann, Phoenix New Times

    John Stewart has spent a lifetime writing and recording songs that chronicle the unique people and culture
that is America. At age nineteen, John recorded an album for Roulette Records with his first folk group, The
Cumberland Three. During that same period, the young songwriter had the notable distinction of having several
of his songs recorded by The Kingston Trio.
    In 1961, John joined the Kingston Trio replacing founding member Dave Guard. During the next seven years,
the group released sixteen albums which included the hits Where Have All The Flowers Gone, The Reverend Mr.
Black and Greenback Dollar. As a member of the trio, he also composed many of the group's recordings including
Road To Freedom and One More Town.
    John left the trio in 1967 and established a world following based on over 40 solo releases. His Nashville
recorded LP, California Bloodlines was chosen by Rolling Stone as one of the 200 best albums of all times.
    In recent years, John's songs have been recorded by Rosanne Cash (Runaway Train was a #1 country hit)
Nanci Griffith, Joan Baez, The Beat Farmers, The Four Tops and others. He has renewed his passion for painting,
doing art shows and covers for his recordings and books. He continues to be a prolific songwriter and tours the
United States and Europe regularly.

               The Day the River Sang                                                                               (2005)
               The latest collection of new Stewart originals, again affirms John's credentials as one of our
               most overlooked painters of indelible musical pictures. Using the warm, minimal brushstrokes of
               his own acoustic and electric guitars, his long-time Dave Batti/John Hoke rhythm section, and
               occasional wisps of keyboards, harmonica and backing voices, John applies a similarly effective
               less-is-more approach to his lyrics and vocals.
               Baby, It's You • Jasmine • East of Denver • The Day the River Sang • Run the Ridges • New Orleans
               •Golden Gate Fields •Amanda Won't Dance •Sister Mercy •Broken Roses • Naked Angel on a Star-Crossed
               Train • Midnight Train •Slider

               An Introduction to John Stewart (California Bloodlines/Willard)                                      (1970)
               Original Capitol recordings tastefully packaged and mastered. Rolling Stone Magazine critics poll
               lists California Bloodlines as No. 36 of the top 200 albums of all time.
               California Bloodlines • Razor Back Woman • She Believes in Me • Omaha Rainbow • The Pirates of Stone
               County Road • Shackles and Chains • Mother Country • Some Lonesome Picker • You Can’t Look Back •
               Missouri Birds • July, You’re A Woman • Never Goin’ Back • Big Joe • Julie, Judy, Angel Rain • Belly Full of
               Tennessee • Friend of Jesus • Clack Clack • Hero From the War • Back in Pomona • Willard • Golden Rollin’
               Belly • All American Girl • Oldest Living Son • Earth Rider • Great White Cathedrals • Marshall Wind

               Havana                                                                                               (2003)
               Havana is John's brilliant new studio CD. Released by Appleseed Records, Havana is receiving
               rave reviews. John has updated and expanded on the Havana cassette that he released
               privately in 1996, featuring all new recordings and additional songs. John is backed by Buffy on
               vocals, Dave Batti on bass, John Hoke and Dennis Kenmore on drums and Noelle Ford on viola.
               Davey on the Internet • Who Stole the Soul of Johnny Dreams • One-Eyed Joe • Starman • Dogs in the Bed
               • Rock 'n' Roll Nation • Cowboy in the Distance • I Want to Be Elvis • Star in the Black Sky Shining • Turn of
               the Century (Diana) • Miracle Girl • Lucky Old Sun • Waltz of the Crazy Moon • Rally Down the Night •
               Waiting for Castro to Die

               Gold (English Import, 2 CDs)                                                                        (2000)
               Wrasse Records in England made this two CD collection available in 2000.
               California Bloodlines • Omaha Rainbow • Pirates Of Stone County Road • Mother Country • July You’re A
               Woman • Julie, Judy, Angel Rain • Oldest Living Son • Great White Cathedrals • Willard • Freeway Pleasure
               • Touch Of The Sun • Bolinas • Crazy • Kansas Rain • Light Come Shine • Durango • Anna On A Memory •
               All Time Woman • Road Away • Armstrong/Spirit • Cannons In The Rain • Hung On The Heart • Some Kind
               Of Love • Josie • 18 Wheels • The Last Hurrah • Gold • Lost In Her Sun • Midnight Wind • Wind On The
               River • Night Man • Wheels Of Thunder • The Queen Of Hollywood High • Jenny Was A Dream Girl • Angeles
               (City Of Angels) • Sweet Dreams Will Come (With Nanci Griffith) • Runaway Train • Midnight Of The World
               • Shadow Of The Angels Wings • Daydream Believer • I Remember America
Even the Band Had Fun (Jimmy Duke's Dark Thirty Show)                                               (2003)
John and the band absolutely smoke.
Disc One: • Jimmy's Intro • Road Shines Bright • Renegade Rising • It Ain't the Gold • Cowboy Bit •
Cowboy in the Distance • Who Stole the Soul of Johnny Dreams • China Sky • Sweet Dreams Will Come •
Lucky Old Sun • Dreamers on the Rise • Daydream Believer Disc Two: • One Eyed Joe • Moonlight Dream
• Heart of a Kid • Summer Child• Wind on the River • Waltz of the Crazy Moon • Fire in the Wind/Gimme
Shelter • Lost Her in the Sun • Midnight Special/Cotton Fields/Strange Rivers

Tanforan                                                                                            (2003)
A tribute to Seabiscuit and the racetracks of John's youth, the title song speaks to anyone who
has ever tried to reach for a dream. The other songs on the CD are previews of a new theme
piece that John is working on called "Macon 1940”.
Tanforan • Art Faller's Land • July You're a Woman (Ballad) • Moonlight Dream • China Sky • Wind on the
River • It Ain't the Gold • Renegade Rising • Dreamers on the Rise • One Eyed Joe "Live

Songs to Drive By                                                                                   (2003)
This is a compilation CD of previously released songs personally selected by John. From the liner
notes: "There are myriad songs I love to listen to, crank up the stereo and pound on the top of
the front seat. I've put this collection together of some of my songs that may do it for you. It's
one of the best American rushes. Let's rumble!".
Ain't the Gold • China Sky • Renegade Rising • Sweet Dreams • Irresistable Targets • Somewhere Down the
Line • Wheels of Thunder • Ticket to the Stars • Girl Down the River • 18 Wheels • Neon Road • Northern

Trancas                                                                                             (2001)
Trancas was produced by John in 1984 for his Affordable Dreams label. It quickly became a
favorite among fans. Trancas features many songs that have become Stewart classics like
Reasons to Rise and Bringing Down the Moon.
All the Lights • Bringing Down the Moon • Chasing Down the Rain • Heart of a Kid • It Ain't the Gold • Pilots
in Blue • Reasons to Rise • Rocky Top • The American Way • The Chosen • Til the Lights Come Home

Live at Jimmy Dukes                                                                                 (2002)
Johnny and the Nasty Britches recorded live at Jimmy Duke's earlier this year. This CD features
many old favorites as well as some great new Co-starring Dave Batti and Dennis Kenmore.
Heart of a Kid • Cooler Water Higher Ground • Waltz of the Crazy Moon • Missouri Birds • When My Love
Was Here • You Can't Look Back • Material World • Chilly Winds • Dreamers on the Rise • Dead Snakes •
Ticket to the Stars • China Skies • Midnight Train • Mother Country

Secret Tapes 1 and 2                                                                                (2002)
In 1986, John recorded Secret Tapes. Now these historic songs are available for the first time
on CD. The master tapes were literally rescued from oblivion and remastered in digital form.
Volume 1: Ticket to the Stars • Spirit in the Light • 7 Times the Wind • Illegals • The City • Jenny at the
Wheel • Prison Without Walls • Going Home • The River • China Skies • Hearts of the Highlands • Summer
Sun's Cold • Justiceville • Stand by the Children Volume 2: Grace of Rain • Seven Angels • Irresistible
Targets • Quarter Moon • Heartless Runner • Call the Women Home • Sweet Dreams • Tears of the Sun

Fire in the Wind                                                                                    (2001)
First time on CD for John’s 1977 album. Includes five live and demo tracks that have never
before been released on CD.
Fire in the Wind • Rock it in My Own Sweet Time • On You Like the Wind • The Runner • Morning Thunder •
Promise the Wind • Boston Lady • 18 Wheels • The Last Hurrah • The Wild Side of You • Where The Wind
Can't Find Me • The Old Gunfighter • The Sun Flies Shining • Zappata's Own Comrades • Auld Lang Syne

Wires from the Bunker                                                                               (2000)
Reorded in California between 1981 and 1983, the tapes lay forgotten until John cleaned out his
garage and sent them to Tom Delisle, who helped to realize this project which features Lindsey
Buckingham on guitar.
American Way • Under Heavy Fire • Same Old Heart • When the Night Was Ours • Hot on the Trail • Molly
and Tenbrooks • The Escape of Old John Webb • Molly Dee • Liddy Buck • Cheyenne • It Might As Well Be
Love • Wide Eyed In Babylon • High Flying Eagle • Tears of the Sun • All the Desperate Men • Diamonds in
the Coal • One Shining Day • Rockin’ as the Night Rolls On
Buster                                                                                            (2000)
Field Where the Angels Dance • Meteor Man • High Flying Eagle • A Walk on the Moon • Renegade Rising •
Cowboy in the Distance • The Dilly Monkeys • The Waltz of the Crazy Moon • Wide Eyed in Babylon •
Endless Roads and Northern Lights

John Stewart and Darwin’s Army                                                                     (1999)
A great compilation of songs legendarily old, and first-time originals.
Dreamland • My Back Pages • Darlin’ Corey • Wild Mountain Thyme • Bay of Mexico • Don’t it Make You
Want to Go Home • Blood in the Fields • Reason to Believe • Boy in the Bubble • Santy Anno/Coal Tattoo •
Silver Wings • 12 Gates to the City • They Call the Wind Mariah • Goodnight Irene • Somewhere Over the

One Night In Denver (Live from 1987)                                                              (1999)
Ticket to the Stars • Daydream Believer • Children of the New Frontier • Always Young • July You're a
Woman • Botswanna • Midnight of the World • Pirates of Stone County Road • Midnight Wind • Gold •
Solsbury Hill

Teresa and the Lost Songs                                                                         (1998)
John’s rework of the 1992 cassette release are the signature works of a songwriter so prolific
and wide-ranging that there have been countless gems “lost” to time.
Dead Snakes • Lilly and Joe • Annie Born and Died • Across the Milky Way • Teresa • Looking Back Johanna
• Seek a Newer World • Crows Landing • Remembering the Sun • A Woman Rides the Beast • Cooler Water
Higher Ground • Liddy Buck

Rough Sketches                                                                                    (1997)
This 1997 CD from FolkEra is John’s audio sketchbook from two summers worth of trips down
the Mother Road—US Route 66. Recognized throughout his career for the vivid slices of
Americana captured in his songs, Rough Sketches is among his finest albums.
Spirit of the Road • Neon Road • Johnny Flamingo and the Blue Dream Road • The Dogs of San Jon • Angel
Delgadillo • Cadillac Ranch • Interview with an Angel • Because of a Dancer • Evangeline • Mac Brasel’s
Farm • The Road

Airdream Believer                                                                                 (1995)
John’s CD from Schanachie is a retrospective of his music career with guests Johnny Cash, The
Kingston Trio, Nanci Griffith, Rosanne Cash, Sara Hickman, Buffy Ford and others helping out.
All 14 songs were newly recorded in 1994.
Lost Her in the Sun • Midnight Wind • Get Rhythm • Justiceville • Daydream Believer • July • Shadows of
the Angels’ Wings • Dreamers on the Rise • Reverend Mr. Black • People in the Mirror • Gold • Armstrong •
Ghost Inside of Me • I Remember America •

Bandera                                                                                           (1995)
This is a reissue of a 1995 live CD recorded in Scotland with the Band “Lies Damned Lies”. The
energy and sound captured on Bandera, propels these songs into the realm of electric folk-rock,
creating one of his most charged and powerful albums. New cover by painter Fritz Scholder.
Keeper of the Flame • Evangeline • Miracle Mile • Slow Dance • Liberation Day • Ghost of the Superchief • I
Remember America • Monkey Boy • Dinks Blues • Waiting for Saints

John and Buffy: Live at the Turf                                                                  (1994)
Recorded live at the Turf Inn, Scotland in 1994 and originally released as “The Essential John
and Buffy”. Re-released in 1996 by FolkEra.
Bringing Down The Moon • Cody • Midnight Wind • The Four Marys • Dreamers on the Rise • Pick a Bale of
Cotton • Bolinas • Big Horse • California Bloodlines/Chilly Winds • Arkansas Breakout • East Virginia •
Monkey Boy • Miracle Mile • The Water is Wide • Sing My Heart Away • Cannons in the Rain • The Last
Campaign • Across the Milky Way • The Pirates of Stone County Road

Rocket Roy in the Real World                                                               (1993/1999)
A change of pace. Audio, music and spoken word recording that offers six new songs interwoven
with John’s haunting recitations. CD released in 1999.
Prelude • Slaughter Lane • White Babies & Roses • Blaze & Diego • Moon-light Dream • The Ghost of the
Super-Chief • I Remember America • Living in the World • Mass Evacuation of the Promised Land •
Tasteless Glory • Hopeless Utopia • Long Train of Dreams • One Grain of Sand • Radio Slaves • Who Stole
the Soul of Johnny Dreams • Rivers of Light
Deep in the Neon (Live at McCabes)                                                                 (1991)
John’s live duo set recorded live at McCabe’s in 1991.
Strange Rivers • Runaway Train • The Man Who Would Be King • American Nights • Paths Are Many • The
Wheel Within the Clay • Irresistible Targets • July, You’re A Woman • She Believes in Me • Grace of
Rain/Dealing With the Night • Daydream Believer • Never Goin’ Back/Do You Wanna Dance/All The Lights •
Shady Grove • Escape of Old John Webb • Where Have All the Flowers Gone • California Bloodlines

Punch the Big Guy                                                                                   (1987)
Originally released on Cypress, now re-released on Shanachie. Includes appearances by
Rosanne Cash and Buffy Ford.
Angels With Guns • Strange Rivers • Hunters of the Sun • Price of the Fire • Midnight of the World • Night of
a Distant Star • Botswana • Ticket to the Stars • Runaway Train • Children of the New Frontier

Hearts Together (Heriza/Ford)                                                                      (1987)
Buffy Ford and Nirmala Kate Heriza wrote all of the songs with the exception of Louisianne and
the bonus track, Wilderness, which were written by John Stewart.
Peace in the City • Through New Eyes • Jenny Jones • Love Is the Only Thing That's Real • Destiny
• Call it a Day • Hearts Together • From Now On • Hard Time Town • Louisianne • East of Eden • Let Us
Walk Together • Wilderness

Cannons in the Rain/Wingless Angels                                                                (1975)
Originally recorded in 1973 and 1975. Not available domestically.
Durango • Chilly Winds • Easy Money • Anna On A Memory • All Time Woman • Road Away •
Armstrong/Spirit • Wind Dies Down • Cannons in the Rain • Lady & The Outlaw • Hung on Your Heart •
Rose Water • Wingless Angels/Survivors II • Some Kind of Love • Survivors • Summer Child • Josie • Ride
Stone Blind • Mazatlan/Adelita • Let The Big Horse Run

Complete Phoenix Concerts                                                                          (1974)
John’s critically acclaimed 1974 RCA live double album re-released beautifully by Bear Family is
now available domestically from One Way Records.
Wheatfield Lady • You Can’t Look Back • The Pirates of Stone County Road • Runaway Fool of Love • Roll
Away the Stone • July, You’re A Woman • The Last Campaign/Wild Horse Road/All the Brave Horses •
Oldest Living Son • Little Road and a Stone to Roll • Kansas • Cody • California Bloodlines • Mother Country
• Cops • Never Goin’ Back • Freeway Pleasure • Let the Big Horse Run

Sunstorm                                                                                           (1972)
Members of Elvis’ band (James Burton, Glen Hardin and Jerry Scheff join John)
An Account Of Haley's Comet • Kansas Rain • Bring It On Home • Lonesome John • Drive Again • Joe •
Light Come Shine • Cheyenne • Arkansas Breakout

Lonesome Picker Rides Again                                                                        (1971)
Produced by John’s brother Mike Stewart of We Five fame.
Daydream Believer • Just An Old Love Song • The Road Shines Bright • Touch Of The Sun • Bolinas •
Freeway Pleasure • Swift Lizard • Wolves In The Kitchen • Little Road And A Stone To Roll • Crazy • Wild
Horse Road • All The Brave Horses

Signals Throught the Glass                                                                          (1969)
Reissued on Rhino in 1991, originally released September 1960 on Roulette in two separate
albums by one of the first groups John sang in, The Cumberland Three. Contains 23 songs.
Lincoln's Train • Holly on My Mind • Mucky Truckee River • Nebraska Widow • July, You're a Woman • Dark
Prairie • Santa Barbara • Cody • Signals to Ludi • Draft Age

Folk Scene, USA                                                                                    (1960)
Reissued on Rhino in 1991, but in two separate albums by one of the first groups John sang in,
their debut album with original artwork and mastering from the original tapes.
Darlin' Corey • Come Along Julie • The Risin' Canal • Molly Dee • Brave Bobbie Campbell • Johnny Reb •
Bull Run • Along The Colorado Trail • New Land •Nine Hundred Miles •Save Another Bum •So Long (It's
Been Good To Know Ya) • Old Dog Blue •You Can Tell The World

John Hoke: Fortunato                                                                               (1995)
Homecoming welcomes Stewart producer and sideman with this solo release. John Hoke is a
long time member of the Homecoming recording family. You’ll enjoy this CD.
Does This Mean Goodbye • Feel Like You • I’m So Amazed • Numbers • Little Procrastinator • Circle of Fire •
What People Do • Mystery •Magic Town • Anything Can Happen
                          Homecoming Records
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Recent Releases by John Stewart                                              Cassette   CD
2005   The Day the River Sang                                                            $15
2005   An Introduction to John Stewart (California Bloodlines and Willard)               $20
2005   The Essential John Stewart (Earthrider Import from Australia)                     $25
2004   Even the Band Had Fun (Jimmy Duke’s Dark Thirty Show)                             $20
2003   Tanforan                                                                          $20
2003   Havana                                                                            $15
2003   Ballads                                                                           $20
2003   Songs to Drive By                                                                 $20
2002   Live At Jimmy Dukes                                                               $20
2002   Secret Tapes 1 & 2                                                                $30
2002   The Americans... Plus                                                             $20
2002   The Runner (Instrumental)                                                         $20
2002   Buffy Sings Baker                                                                 $20
2000   Johnny Moonlight                                                                  $20
2001   Front Row Music: Before the War                                                   $30
2000   Wires from the Bunker (Studio recordings 1981-1983)                               $15
2000   Gold (English import, 2 CDs)                                                      $30
2000   Buster                                                                            $20
2000   Way Too Much Fun (Live at McCabe’s in 1999)                                       $20

More John Stewart
1999   Darwin’s Army                                                                     $15
1999   One Night in Denver (Live from 1987)                                              $20
1998   Teresa and the Lost Songs                                                         $15
1997   Rough Sketches                                                                    $15
1995   Airdream Believer                                                                 $16
1995   Armstrong                                                                         $15
1994   John & Buffy: Live at the Turf                                                    $15
1994   Bandera                                                                           $15
1993   Escape to Arizona                                                      $10
1993   Rocket Roy in the Real World (Original recording)
1992   Savana                                                                            $20
1991   Deep in the Neon: Live at McCabe’s                                                $20
1987   Punch the Big Guy                                                                 $15
1987   Secret Tapes II                                                        $10
1986   Secret Tapes I                                                         $10
1984   Trancas                                                                           $20
1977   Fire in the Wind                                                                  $20
1975   Cannons in the Rain/Wingless Angels                                               $30
1974   Complete Phoenix Concerts                                                         $30
1972   Sunstorm                                                                          $15
1971   Lonestom Picker Rides Again                                                       $15
1969   Signals Through the Glass                                                         $15
The Kingston Trio                                                                                 LP              CD
2006    Snap Shot (2-CD set)                                                                                      $30
1993    Stay Awhile (Re-release)                                                                                  $12
1997    Children of the Morning                                                                                   $15
1962    An Evening With the Kingston Trio: Recorded Live in ‘62                                                   $15
1958    Kingston Trio/Stereo Concert Plus!                                                                        $18

The Cumberland Three
1995    Songs of the Civil War                                                                                    $15
1991    Folk Scene USA                                                                                            $15

Homecoming Releases
1996    Fortunato/John Hoke                                                                                       $16
1987    Hearts Together (Heriza & Ford)                                                         $10               $20

A Trip Down Route 66                                                                                   DVD        $25
Secret Videos 1                                                                                        DVD        $25
Punch the Big Guy Video: A Music Video Painting                                                        DVD        $25
With Their Eyes on the Stars (JS and NASA encourage support for the Apollo program)              VHS Tape         $20
Write from the Heart                                                                                   Book       $10
The Kingston Trio on Record                                                                            Book       $18

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