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at h l e t i c & r e c r e at i o n a l fa c i l i t i e s

                      Rice University Recreation Center               Georgetown Recreation Center
                      Houston, Texas                                  Georgetown, Texas
                      Architect: Lake|Flato and F&S Partners          Architect: Croslin and Associates
                      115,000 Sq. Ft.                                 42,400 New Sq. Ft.
                      $35M                                            17,500 Sq. Ft. Renovation
                      2009                                            Indoor Lap Pool, Competition Gymnasium
                      Texas State University Athletic Facilities      2008
                      San Marcos, Texas
                      Architect: O'Connell Robertson                  Lakeway Inn Resort
                      Pre-manufactured bleachers with ticket booth,   Lakway, Texas
                      concessions, restroom and batting cages         Architect: STG Architects
                      2009                                            18,000 Sq. Ft. Spa and Ballroom
                                                                      Addition with Exposed Structure
                      Bastrop Sport Facility                          New Pool and Decks
                      Bastrop ISD                                     $11M
                      Bastrop, Texas                                  2006
                      Architect: Pfluger Associates
                      $17M                                            Twin Lakes Family YMCA Natatorium
                      2009                                            Williamson County
                                                                      Cedar Park, Texas
                      Mart ISD Field House                            Architect: OPUS 3
                      Mart, Texas                                     34,752 Sq. Ft., Includes 5,000 Sq. Ft.
                      Architect: BLGY Architects                      Wellness Center, a Full Gymnasium, Half-Court
                      3,200 Sq. Ft.                                   Gymnasium, Child Watch & Nursery Rooms,
                      $400,000                                        2 Group Exercise Rooms, an Outdoor Pool and
                      2008                                            Community Meeting Room
                      Gym/Field House Phase 1
                      Concordia University                            Canyon High School Tennis Center
                      Austin, Texas                                   Canyon, Texas
                      Architect: Jackson Galloway Architecture        Architect: Lavin Associates, Inc.
                      Includes Concessions / Restroom / Maintenance   37,000 Sq. Ft.
                      Building at Athletic Fields                     2004
                      2 Levels
                      $5M                                             Canyon ISD Elementary Gymnasium
                      2008                                            Amarillo, Texas
                                                                      Architect: Lavin Associates, Inc.
                      Manor ISD Stadium                               4 Gymnasiums at 5,000 Sq. Ft. each
                      Manor, Texas                                    $2.5M
                      Architect: O’Connell Robertson                  2003
                      6,000 Seats, Pressbox, Concessions, Field
                      Houses                                          Brushy Creek M.U.D. Recreation Center
                      2008                                            Round Rock, Texas
                                                                      20,000 Sq. Ft.
                      Schertz Recreation Center                       Includes Gymnasium & Handball Courts
                      Schertz, Texas                                  2003
                      Architect: Kell Muñoz Architects

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at h l e t i c & r e c r e at i o n a l fa c i l i t i e s

                      Westlake High School                             Stony Point High School
                      Stadium Improvements                             Round Rock I.S.D.
                      Austin, Texas                                    2 Stories, 300,000 Sq. Ft.
                      Architect: Fields & Associates Architects        Includes: 2 Gymnasiums
                      Expansion of Existing Facility to 10,000 Seats   $30M
                      New Press Box & Concessions/Restrooms            1999
                                                                       World Gym Health Club
                      South Branch YMCA                                Austin, Texas
                      Amarillo, Texas                                  1 Story; 30,000 Sq. Ft.
                      Architect: Lavin Associates, Inc.                Tilt-up Wall
                      16,275 Sq. Ft.                                   1999
                      2003                                             Temple I.S.D. Athletic Facilities
                                                                       & Wildcat Stadium
                      Round Rock I.S.D.                                Temple, Texas
                      Athletic Complex                                 11,500 Seat Stadium with Press Box,
                      Round Rock, Texas                                Concessions & Track. Softball, Soccer &
                      11,000 Seat Stadium &                            Practice Football Fields, Tennis Courts &
                      Related Athletic Facilities                      Renovated Natatorium
                      2002                                             1998

                      Austin Northwest YMCA                            Cedar Park High School
                      Austin, Texas                                    Leander I.S.D.
                      50,000 Sq. Ft.; 3 Indoor Pools,                  2 Gymnasiums & Athletic Facilities
                      Gymnasium & Exercise Areas                       Leander, Texas
                      2002                                             1998

                      Del Webb Fitness Center Addition                 Prestonwood Baptist Church
                      Sun City Development                             Plano, Texas
                      Georgetown, Texas                                550,000 Sq. Ft. Auditorium, Family Life &
                      1 Level; 2,500 Sq. Ft.                           Educational/Administration
                      2001                                             1998

                      World Gym at Bee Cave Road                       Dell Jewish Community Campus
                      Austin, Texas                                    Gymnasium, Aerobics, Weight Rooms &
                      2 Levels; 24,000 Sq. Ft.                         Social Hall
                      2000                                             Austin, Texas
                                                                       128,000 Sq. Ft.; 2 Levels Above Grade
                      Waco ISD Football Stadium                        1998
                      Waco, Texas
                      Architec: PBK Architects, Inc.                   Carrollton/Farmers Branch High School
                      11,500 Seat Stadium                              3 Gymnasiums
                      1999                                             Carrollton, Texas
                                                                       3 Stories; 365,000 Sq. Ft.
                      Del Valle High School                            $35 M
                      Competition Gymnasium &                          1998
                      Athletic Facilities
                      Del Valle, Texas

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at h l e t i c & r e c r e at i o n a l fa c i l i t i e s

                      Cotton Bowl Dome Study                          Carrollton/Farmers Branch
                      Dallas, Texas                                   Kelly Field House
                      1997                                            Carrollton, Texas
                                                                      7,000 Sq. Ft.
                      Manor High School Gymnasium                     1995
                                                                      Dripping Springs Middle School Gymnasium
                      The Citadel                                     Dripping Springs, Texas
                      Golf Clubhouse - Golf Cart Storage Below        1994
                      San Angelo, Texas                               Belton High School Gymnasium
                      2 Stories; 19,000 Sq. Ft.                       Belton, Texas
                      $2.8M                                           1994
                                                                      Dripping Springs High School Gymnasium
                      Berkman Elementary Gymnasium                    Dripping Springs, Texas
                      Round Rock, Texas                               1994
                                                                      Tamshui Student Activity Center/Arena
                      Round Rock Middle School Gymnasium              Tamshui, Taiwan
                      Round Rock, Texas                               1994
                                                                      Rangers Ballpark in Arlington
                      St. Stephens Episcopal High School              Arlington, Texas
                      Athletic Facilities                             Design Architect: David Schwarz
                      Austin, Texas                                   1993
                      1 Story, 26,000 Sq. Ft.; Roof Span of 110 Ft.
                      $3M                                             YMCA Grand Prairie
                      1996                                            Grand Prairie, Texas
                                                                      1 Story; 7,500 Sq. Ft.
                      Berkman Elementary Gymnasium                    1993
                      Round Rock, Texas
                      1996                                            St. Andrews Episcopal School
                                                                      Special Events Hall\Gymnasium
                      Sun City Retirement Community                   Austin, Texas
                      Recreation Center                               1993
                      Georgetown, Texas
                      92,000 Sq. Ft.; Swimming Pool, Fitness          University of Texas at Austin
                      Center, Open Air Pavilion & Social Center       Recreational Sports Center
                      1995                                            Austin, Texas
                                                                      2 Stories; 110,000 Sq. Ft.
                      Townview Magnet School Gymnasium                1991
                      Dallas, Texas
                      1995                                            Groesbeck High School Athletic Facilities
                                                                      Groesbeck, Texas
                      Bremond I.S.D. Gymnasium                        1989
                      Bremond, Texas
                      1995                                            Texas Stadium
                                                                      Crown Suites Skyboxes
                                                                      Irving, Texas

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at h l e t i c & r e c r e at i o n a l fa c i l i t i e s

                      Highland Park Methodist Church               Highland Park High School Gymnasium
                      Activity Center                              Highland Park, Texas
                      Highland Park, Texas                         1978
                                                                   South Grand Prairie
                      One American Center Athletic Club            High School Gymnasium
                      Austin, Texas                                Grand Prairie, Texas
                      1984                                         1978

                      Las Colinas Conference Center                North Grand Prairie
                      Sports Club and Athletic Facilities          High School Gymnasium
                      Irving, Texas                                Grand Prairie, Texas
                      1981                                         1977

                      Texas Tech University                        Terrell Middle School Gymnasium
                      Recreation Center                            Terrell, Texas
                      Lubbock, Texas                               1976
                      Architect: JPJ Architects
                      3 Stories; 127,000 Sq. Ft.                   Brookhaven Junior College Gymnasium
                      1980                                         Dallas, Texas
                      Highland Park Presbyterian Church
                      Activity Building                            Cedar Valley Junior College Gymnasium
                      Dallas, Texas                                Dallas, Texas
                      1980                                         1973

                      Bachman Recreation Center                    Jackson Junior High Gymnasium
                      for the Handicapped                          Grand Prairie, Texas
                      Dallas, Texas                                1972
                                                                   Farmers Branch Recreation Center
                      Jefferson Middle School Gymnasium            Dallas, Texas
                      Grand Prairie, Texas                         1972
                                                                   Coliseum at Fair Park
                      South Texas High School                      Dallas, Texas
                      Gymnasium and Natatorium                     1964
                      Edinburg, Texas
                      1979                                         Cotton Bowl Upper Deck Addition
                                                                   Dallas, Texas
                      Grand Prairie Middle School Gymnasium        1954
                      Grand Prairie, Texas

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at h l e t i c & r e c r e at i o n a l fa c i l i t i e s

                      indoor natatoriums
                      Twin Lakes Family YMCA Natatorium
                      Cedar Park, Texas

                      Carrollton/Farmers Branch Natatorium
                      Carrollton, Texas

                      Las Colinas Conference Center
                      and Sports Facility
                      Irving, Texas

                      Grapevine/Colleyville Natatorium
                      Grapevine, Texas

                      Sun City Retirement Community
                      Georgetown, Texas

                      Timber Creek Indoor Pool
                      Flower Mound, Texas

                      Texas Instruments Health Club
                      Sherman & Lubbock, Texas

                      South Texas High School Natatorium
                      Edinburg, Texas

                      Temple High School
                      Swim Center Renovation
                      Temple, Texas

                      CSISD Junior High School Natatorium
                      College Station, Texas

                      Allen Natatorium
                      Allen, Texas

                      Keller Natatorium
                      Keller, Texas

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