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The Official Newsletter of SFU Business Students

                                                   November 2008
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                                                                                                                                                   I want to tell a story about a classic conflict between a person and her enduring
                                                                                                                                                   ideals. The many characters she meets along the way, the savage bard with a
                                                                                                                                                   ridiculous umbrella, the flaky wizard with a withering body, and the crystalline Queen

                                                                                                                                                   of Blades. Though many will never know of her struggle, her fall from grace, let this
                                                                                                                                                   issue’s cover be a dedication to her timeless courage and commitment, which is
                                                                                                                                                   actually quite timeless in a literal regard.
                    Shoes to Envy ............................................................................ pg. 4                               I also pray for a quick release from hellish December, not the holiday part, just the
                    Alina Anghel                                                                                                                   exams part.
                    Style versus Substance .............................................................. pg. 7
                    Dylan Vokey                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - Henry L.
                    Goodbye ................................................................................... pg. 8                                                                                                    
                    Alan Margovskiy
                    Passion Vancouver ................................................................... pg.15
                    Eunice Koh
                    The Murder of Romance ............................................................. pg.17
                    Christine Chow
                    A List of Things to Do Before Graduating from SFU & 18
                    Norbert Hung
                                                                                                                                question of the month:                                  What’s the STRANGEST talent you have??

                    Love & Fear ............................................................................. pg.18          Alan Margovskiy -- columnist                                                 Jancie Chiu -- editor
                    Mel Chua
                                                                                                                             Alina Anghel -- columnist                                                    Jane Fu -- layout designer
                                                                                                                                                                                                          There’s nothing too weird about me...unfortunately
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                                                                                                                                                                                                          Jasmine Liu -- cover artist
                                                                                                                             Amanda Chan -- layout designer                                               i can make a \M/ shape with my tongue
    Club Articles                                                                                                            Bendy fingers.
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                                                                                                                             Christine Chow -- columnist
     SMA: The Secret Life of Public Relations .................................................. pg. 5                       My eyelids never shut fully when I sleep which scares a lot of my friends.   Shannon Chan -- editor
     Jacob Lau                                                                                                               Eunice Koh -- chair                                                          Shashi Selvaraj -- editor
     BASS: Marketing Team WHO 10 & 11                       I can make my stomach do a little roll. Kinda hard to explain, so ask me
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sibil Chan -- editor
     Natasha Saheb                                                                                                           to show you next time.
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     MISA: Mixer Turnout .................................................................................. pg. 15           I can lick my nose with my tongue.
     Awin Ye
     IBA: Pangaea is coming ..................................................................... pg. 16
     Raman Gill

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    Fun Stuff
     Message from the Team .......................................................................... pg. 20
     Sudoku ....................................................................................................... pg. 20

November 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   November 2008
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Shoes to Envy                                                                                                                         The Secret Life of Public Relations
by: Alina Anghel                                                                                                                      by: Jacob Lau                                    means campaigning against advertising. It         image. It’s about putting the reputation
Columnist                                                                                                                             SMA, Director of PR                              has its place and serves it’s purpose, and        behind your name that advertising alone
                                                                                                                                                                                       frankly does a pretty darn good job at it.        won’t be able to. You can spend a billion
Sherry Akhami has an addiction many                                                                                                   It is hard to believe that it is finally here,   But there are some things that advertising        dollars a year on advertising, and everyone
women have. Every 3 to 5 months                                                                                                       the end of the semester. As we wind down         alone simply cannot accomplish.                   in the world will know the name of your
she’d fly out to California and return                                                                                                towards the holiday season, our thoughts                                                           company or your product. Hurray, you’re
home with 10 or more new pairs of                                                                                                     are naturally drawn to the important things      Think about it like this, as you sit at home      set now right? Wrong. Who cares how
shoes. Sherry has a shoe addiction.                                                                                                   in life- family, friends, and happiness. You     preparing for finals or getting ready to enjoy    many people can name your product if no
Every time she got back to our rainy                                                                                                  know all those warm and mushy kind of
opposite of L.A., women would stop                                                                                                                                                     your winter break, and you’re relaxing in         one knows how great it is.
                                                                                                                                      things that Frank Hallmark makes his living      front of the TV and the hottest new ad
and stare at the addict’s feet, and
ask where she purchased her shoes,                                                                                                    off of ? Okay, I made that up. There is no       comes on. Now it doesn’t matter what the          It is a strange, strange practice in business
eager to add them to their own                                                                                                        Frank Hallmark, for all I know Hallmark          ad is for, whether it is for the new Guitar       where the companies that invest the most
collection. To their disappointment,                                                                                                  could be run by some one named Joe               Hero World Tour or the latest collection          in PR are either those who have done
they heard they’d have to travel all                                                                                                  or Nancy or Rafael. But that’s beside the        from so-and-so designer, if its done right        something that they need to recover from,
the way to Cali to get a pair. So this                                                                                                point. As we all prepare to settle down for      you are going to sit back and say, “Wow           or those that wait until they do something
past August, the sales-person who                                                                                                     a few weeks and spend some quality time          that’s cool.” But if you take the time to think   that they want everyone to hear about. But
probably got very use to making                                                                                                       with our families, the Student Marketing         it through you will say to yourself, “Well of     why wait? Why wait to tell the world, “Hey
his commission off her, started up a                                                                                                  Association turns their thoughts to another      course its cool, the company paid for it to       guess what? We’ve just developed the
conversation with her and arranged to                                                                                                 member of the marketing family.                  make themselves sound cool.” And maybe            greatest gizmo you’ve ever seen, just wait
send her some shoes.
                                                                                                                                                                                       some of the shine will wear off the next time     until you see the ads for it.”Why not get the
                                                                                                                                      Everybody seems to know about                    you see it.                                       word out before, why not scream from the
“You look, you ask, you find” she
says, as we chat about the general                                                                                                    Advertising and Promotions, the big                                                                rooftops ,“HELLO! WE ARE SMA AND
public’s fear of strangers. If she hadn’t   A strong believer in experience, she          sending Vancouverites their styles. A       brother and sister of the marketing family,      Now think about the same product, but             THIS IS WHAT WE ARE ABOUT TO DO!
been open to talking to the relatively      worked for a marketing-company as a           shoe lover like me, and former Aldo         but why does public relations fall so far        this time you’re eating your breakfast            WE’LL LET YOU KNOW HOW GREAT
unknown salesperson, she’d just             promotion coordinator and says she            employee, finds shoe options limited.       down people’s thoughts. What is it about         and you open up the morning paper and             IT IS GOING!” All of a sudden everyone is
be back in Vancouver with shoes.            gained most of her knowledge from             I’d say Sherry’s Envy is much needed        this member of the marketing family that         then BAM! Front page is a whole spread            talking about you and what you are doing.
Instead, Sherry started herself a shoe      there. Many things though, she taught         in Vancouver. Whatever Sherry’s             is often left being treated like the semi-       on that product, but this time it’s not an        Call me biased, but if that’s not money well
store straight out of her basement. It’s    herself: how to design a website, how         goals, after having a late lunch with       attractive cousin you call as a last resort      advertisement, it is some reporter going on       spent, then what is?
called Envy. It hasn’t been a stress-       get a business license, and how to            her at the Highland Pub, it’s clear         when your prom date cancels on you               and on about how great it is. All of a sudden     So join with me in the revolution. Let’s
free endeavor. Her first shipment got       get her shipments over the border.            she’s unafraid to make them come            an hour before the limo arrives, (not that       the shine is back.                                make PR the Prom Queen, not the
held up at customs and she thought          To get her business known, she’s              true. “Don’t be scared, the biggest         I would know anything about taking my
she would lose all her new shoes. She       throwing a little shoe party for all fellow   failure you can do in life is not trying”                                                                                                      back-up date. Stop making PR live in the
                                                                                                                                      cousin to prom or anything, yah).                That’s what PR does for you. It’s not about       shadows. If not, people like me might be
had no idea you needed a broker or          shoe lovers, also featuring desserts          she says with conviction. I think we’ve
had to pay GST and was extremely            and purses. Still, she says, word of          all heard it before, but many of us                                                          selling a product the way advertising does;       out of a job.
stressed. Yet, she managed to figure        mouth is one of the best marketers.           never stop being our own obstacles.         Why are advertising budgets so high, and         it’s all about getting people talking about it
it all out.                                 She’d done two years of Business at           Next time you are presented with an         PR budgets so low by comparison? Please          for you. PR is all about building goodwill,       Jacob Lau can be reached at
                                            Douglas and is currently finishing up         opportunity, even though there’s risk,      don’t get me wrong here; I am by no              building a name, a brand, a product, an
                                            her communications degree at SFU.             don’t say no. You never know where
                                            A University degree in her opinion            it’s going to go, and in the end, as
                                            is essential but she warns against            we’ve seen in Sherry, you are sure to
                                            getting lost in school.                       learn more through that experience
                                                                                          than a BUS courses.
                                            Opening up the store has been huge
                                            learning experience, but her dream            To browse her enviable shoes visit:
                                            was never to build a shoe empire. To
                                            her, the store is her step towards what
                                            she really wants, a stylist company.          Or if in need of style help:
                                            Sherry’s goal is Fashion Expansion. 
                                            Enough with lululemon, Aldo and
                                            Artizia, she wants to see people with
                                            unique styles and is willing to get them
                                            there. “If you buy something, you want
                                            people to notice” in that one short
                                            sentence, she’s got all the fashionistas
                                            figured out. She’s already started the
                                            company, VIP Style.

                                            Sherry took a risk. Thanks to that risk,
                                            that little shoe store in Cali is now

November 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             November 2008
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                Style versus Substance
                by: Dylan Vokey                             board. To get off the ground. the idea      BBA students. Faculty members
                                                            needs to be presented concisely and         like Ginger Grant, Peter Tingling,
                Student                                     convincingly. Sadly, even the best          Ashley Bennington, Sam Thiara, and
                                  What is more              idea can be rendered worthless if it is     other gifted professors have devoted
                                  important: substance      not communicated well with the right        countless hours on top of their regular
                                  or style? That’s the      delivery.                                   responsibilities to organize and
                                  question we wrestled                                                  coach the teams that SFU sends to
                                  with recently as          Developing good presentation styles is      competitions in Montreal, Hong Kong,
                                  we returned from          a difficult process. It requires students   and Austin. And more can still be
                                  the McComb’s              to step outside of their comfort zones.     done.
                                  International             Students would be critiqued not only
                                  Business Challenge        on their analysis or their application of   Training for and participating in the
                                  (MIBC) at the             knowledge, but also on their ability to     McComb’s International Business
                University of Texas. It’s a question that   communicate using visuals, speech,          Challenge at the University of Texas
                SFU business students are not asked         and body language. We must face—            was a learning experience in countless
                often enough.                               and, in some cases, overcome—               ways. One true eye-opener was just
                                                            aspects of our individual natures that      how much power a strong presentation
                The average business student gives          we may not want to acknowledge              style can exert—and the extent of the
                about a dozen presentations by              like sweaty palms when we speak to          impact the lack of it can have even on
                the time she or he graduates, and           more than two people we don’t know,         strong substance.
                witnesses scores more offered up by         or not knowing what to do with our
                friends and peers. The presentations        hands, unconsciously swaying from           We four team members are in our
                may range from masterpieces with            one foot to the other, or scratching our    final semesters at SFU and we want
                flow and clarity worthy of a junior-        heads or other parts of our anatomy         to pass this lesson on to those who
                grade Barack Obama, to clumsy,              and worse, total paralysis. The             may follow us. There is no reason for
                wooden, boring, or even totally             opportunity to embarrass ourselves          you to learn the hard way. This is why
                incomprehensible disasters that would       before an audience is endless.              we encourage our fellow students to
                be laughed out of show and tell in                                                      not only seek opportunities to better
                Grade 3.                                    The upside gain of improving                their presentation styles, but also to
                                                            presentation skills through practice        create more opportunities where these
                If you ask poor presenters what kind        can appear disproportionate to the          skills can be learned: more internal
                of feedback they received, they will        downside risk of humiliation in front of    case competitions, a Toastmasters’-
                likely respond that they were told that     the pack. The silver lining is that good    like club aimed at providing a forum
                they “answered the question” or that        presentation style can be taught and        for students to develop confidence
                their “ideas were good.” No one has         learned, and it’s a process in which        in public speaking, and other similar
                been straightforward enough to tell         the payback is directly proportionate       ideas can be spearheaded by students
                them: “Don’t present again until you’ve     to the courage and effort put in. The       who have a passion for getting the
                attended Toastmasters at least five         more you stand in front of others and       most from their education. Increased
                times.” The focus is on the substance       present, and the more open you are          student participation in the wonderful
                of the presentation. The ineffective        to honest and constructive criticism,       workshops that Ginger Grant holds
                style is largely ignored.                   the better your presentation skills will    every Friday from 4:30 till 7:00 at
                                                            become.                                     the Surrey campus, and greater
                Granted, the classroom may not                                                          competition for case team positions
                be the proper place to critique             According to one of our friends, SFU’s      can only be beneficial to the collective
                presentation skills. After all, the         team at our next major business             caliber of presentation of SFU
                fundamental goal of the course              competition should comprise of one          Business students.
                and the professor is to teach the           strong business undergrad and
                student the subject matter in the           three top theatre students trained          We students need to rise to the
                curriculum. But we cannot neglect the       in business jargon—after all, didn’t        occasion. We need to recognize
                development of good presentation            Michael Douglas deliver a convincing        that we are selling ourselves short
                skills, which should also be an             ode to greed in Wall Street? But what       by not developing style and flair
                important component of a university         if we SFU biz students complement           to accompany and showcase our
                education.                                  our business know-how with some             analytical skills. We need to find
                                                            basic “theatre” skills, and learn to        the courage to get out in front of an
                The power of style should not be            present our stuff in a way that will        audience to better ourselves and to
                underestimated. Upon graduation,            make even the fellow in the last row        help one another overcome shyness,
                many of us will generate a great idea       of the auditorium sit up and really         fear and lack of experience in public
                that can change our organization or         listen to what we’re presenting? After      speaking. It may be sad but it is true:
                start up our own Google—that is,            the countless hours we’ve invested          sometimes a good idea presented
                come up with an idea rooted in the          in a first-rate business administration     badly will be beaten by a bad idea
                foundation of business knowledge            education, we owe it to ourselves to        presented well. Learn how to present
                and critical thinking provided by our       go that extra mile and improve our          well, and there will be one less barrier
                education. But if we do get one or          presentation style.                         to fully leveraging that great idea that
                two of those great ideas, they still                                                    may come to you some day.
                need help. They need an investment          The resources are already
                from a venture capitalist, a loan           available. Student-run external             Dylan can be reached at dvokey@sfu.
                from the bank, or backing from the          case competitions such as JDC               ca.
                                                            and CaseIT are open to all SFU’s

November 2008                                                                                                          November 2008

by: Alan Margovskiy

This is officially my final article for The   Unfortunately, this tiny percentage of        be easy, I’ve met some great people
Buzz EVER! It’s been 2 years, and             business students, who are involved in        during my time at SFU. I’ve tried it all
25+ articles since I first joined this        clubs and think they run the world, are       too-clubs, tutorials, group projects,
little magazine and since then, I’ve
developed some loyal readers, some
                                              the reason every other faculty thinks
                                              BBAs are all a bunch of lame, douchey
                                                                                            living in Res, lectures and co-op jobs.
                                                                                            What works the best? For me, though                                       When you can
haters and everything in between and          bastards. It’s sorta like the Bush            I’ve met some great people through
I thank you all. I’ve also learned many
things during my time at SFU, so I
                                              administration for the United States.         all of these avenues, I find that closest
                                                                                            friends I’ve met here have been through
                                                                                                                                                                      make numbers speak,
                                                                                                                                                                          the world listens.
figured I’d end my time as a columnist        Of course, I’m not talking about all of       the most natural of means. The best
by sharing a few of these with you.           you involved in clubs, so don’t get your      friends I have from SFU, I’ve probably
                                              panties in a bundle. For example, I hear      met (or gotten to know better) either in
My BBA Marketing Degree                       SFU Ace (Editor’s Note: now known as          lectures, or during co-op, when I was
                                              SIFE Simon Fraser.) is all about actually     surrounded by other co-op students my
As much as I don’t regret choosing            doing useful things, rather than being        age (CRA is great for this).
Marketing, I wish the Marketing               snobby and cliquey. Unfortunately, I
program at SFU was actually remotely          can’t say I’ve heard the same about           Taking a Gigantic Dump at SFU
applicable to the workplace. You see,         BASS or SMA. And what in the fuck is
there are two routes you can take in          BLAH? Is there like, a MEH as well? Or        Here’s one of the most important things
Marketing (or in any concentration)           an ARG?                                       I’ve learned at SFU: when you’ve gotta
upon Graduation: a small to medium                                                          take one and you’ve gotta go big, go for
sized company you can learn from or a         BBA Email Spam                                the 4th+ floor bathrooms of the WMX.
bitch job at a huge company where you                                                       It’s where Profs and TA’s go when they
look at reports all day, but eventually       On a related note, the spam emails I          gotta do their thang, so there isn’t piss
can advance.                                  get from clubs are even more ridiculous       all over the floor. The bathrooms are
                                              than the clubs themselves. For                also clean, never occupied, close to
I prefer option A, but unfortunately, a       example, I got this one email promoting       your business classes and have this
Marketing Degree offers little in helping     CMC once, where it convinced me that          nice little checker pattern on the walls-
me get a job. Employers want Graphic          I can be like an executive by providing       very soothing if you know what I’m
Design Skills, 1-2 years of related           CMC with some input via a survey or           saying.
previous Marketing experience, SEO/           something. Apparently the logic was
internet marketing skills etc. Now, I         that because I get free food (like a          Take it Easy
have a tiny bit of all of these, but it’s     corrupt exec), a chance to win $50 (big
damn sure not because of my degree.           exec bucks, bling bling) and I get to         If you don’t know what direction to go
It’s because a) I currently have a            provide input about CMC (i.e. “list some      academically, if you’re worried about
Marketing-ish job which I found myself        jobs that won’t underpay me or require        your future or that you’re not getting
and b) upon realizing that I need to          knowledge of a cash register”), I can         enough from your education or if you’re
know Photoshop, SEO etc., I started           feel like an executive. Right. Here’s a tip   freaking out about your grades, stop         Make a statement.
reading “___ for dummies” online              for sending out an email: if your email       worrying so much. Try new things, do
books off the SFU Library website like a      starts off by asking me a question,           some self-studying outside of school
motherfucker.                                 you’ve already failed. Go to the SFU          (tip: library’s online resources), get a
                                              website and search for “HTML emails”          part-time related job (tip: craigslist job
BBA Clubs                                     and read up the basics of how not to          sections) and meet new people from           Chartered Accountants are leaders in business – respected
                                              be ignored by your audience. Here’s           all sorts of backgrounds and areas.          professionals who are essential to the success of the country’s
I find that Business clubs are cliquey        another tip: most students either delete      Don’t fret if you have no idea what          foremost organizations. Your CA designation will make a powerful
and exclusive as shit, no matter what         or don’t read these emails. Sending the       you’re doing, as this is normal. And if      statement about you. About the value of your abilities and ideas.
they will tell you. They’re often full of     same email to me three times won’t            you’re worried about your career, just       About the exceptional standards to which you hold yourself. And
douche bags who think they have               help your cause. Perhaps your should          remember: for pretty much everything,        about all that you stand to accomplish throughout your career.
power because they organize some              look for alternative means of promotion.      it’s not your grades or experience or
bullshit event nobody attends or cares                                                      qualifications, but how you present
                                                                                                                                         For more information, please visit our website at
about. Then they claim that the reason        Making Friends at SFU                         yourself. So learn to be cool.
the same people attend each event is
because Business students don’t care?         Though I first came here doubtful that
Get a reality check…PLEASE.                   making close friends at University would

November 2008
10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               11

 Marketing Team WHO?                                                                                      1.   Marketing is dynamic and fun. It’s always different and             to do some more research and started emailing some                    see so many friendly faces.
 BASS’s marketing committee has come together and collaboratively                                              it allows you to be creative. I look forward to working in          executives from last years. As I got responses I got more
 thought up of answers to some of those questions that you may                                                 a career that is always changing and incorporating new              and more interested. And then for some reason (even              4.   Cleaner bathrooms, more food options (although we’ve
 wonder about...                                                                                               technological advancements.                                         though I knew no one and was never involved in BASS) I                been doing pretty good as the years go by) and more
                                                                                                                                                                                   ran for elections!!! It was so scary because I did not know           involved students!
                                                                                                          2.   I kept seeing BASS posters everywhere and kept                      one single person in BASS. But it goes to show that even
                                                                                                               wondering what it stood for. Finally, one day as I was              though I knew no one I was still elected and now writing         5.   Egypt. I must see those pyramids.
 1.    What do you like about marketing?                                                                       suppose to be doing homework I decided to search the                this article ;)
 2.    How did BASS grab your attention?                                                                       website to see what it was about. Unfortunately, that                                                                                6.   Ideally, I would be working in fashion. I would love to work
 3.    What is your favourite thing about SFU Business?                                                        semester I didn’t go to any General Meetings because           3.   The people. After getting involved with BASS I have met               for some prestige designer and run photo shoots that end
 4.    If you could change something about SFU what would it be?                                               to be honest I was scared. I knew no one and had no                 so many students, faculty and staff on a non-academic                 up in high end magazines. So let’s see what happens...
 5.    If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?                                                real incentive to go. I hated being on campus, so as                level that meeting these people have changed my entire
 6.    What do you want to be when you “grow up”?                                                              soon as my classes ended I usually left school as fast as           university experience. Sometimes school can be so hard
                                                                                                               I could. So finally when elections came around I started            with midterms and finals. it’s nice to come to school and

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1.   Like everyone else, the creativity is also part that draws me to marketing.
1.    I like the creative aspect of it and seeing how           1.   I love the creative energy, the strategies, and the fun
      people respond to what you’ve worked hard to put               design applications in marketing. It is a nice balance                                                                                                     2.   During SFU open house. Watching the team promoting BASS and their
      out there.                                                     between art and business.                                                                                                                                       values inspired me to get involved.

2.    I Heard about BASS during frosh! I knew I wanted          2.   I met many BASS executives during FROSH and                                                                                                                3.   I would love to say people, but three in a row just seems like copying.
      to get involved; and BASS seemed like a great                  their friendliness and enthusiasm                                                                                                                               Something else that I really love about SFU Business are the events! There
      place to start! I went to their first general meeting          helped me recognize BASS                                                                                                                                        is so much happening whether it is held by clubs for learning, networking,
      and heard about different opportunities (the pizza             as a very good influence on                                                                                                                                     or fun, held by the school from competitions to information sessions. There
      was great). I got hooked ever since ;)                         them. Interested to find out                                                                                                                                    is no end to the guidance, knowledge, and entertainment you can obtain
                                                                     what BASS was all about,                                                                                                                                        through them.
3.    My favourite thing about SFU Business is the                   I attended one of their
      relationships you build! Everyone is so close and              general meetings, and                                                                                                                                      4.   Less distance between the campuses! Between surrey and Burnaby I can’t
      the people are GREAT! I also like how you can                  it was spectacular. I                                                                                                                                           choose which I like more.
      try out different aspects of Business before finally           learned a lot more
      figuring out what you really want to do in life. There         about the various                                                                                                                                          5.   Rome. I don’t know why, but I’ve always wanted to go there and Asia just
      seems to be no rush to graduate, which makes                   clubs available to                                                                                                                                              seems too typical.
      staying in school for 4-plus years not seem like               business students
      such a bad thing.                                              through BASS than                                                                                                                                          6.   I want to be in a position that lets me travel the world.
                                                                     from clubs day. This
4.    Hmmmm... I would have to say, heated walk ways                 motivated me to become more involved and so I                                                                        1.   I agree with everyone, it lets you to be creative.
      from the AQ to WMX ! It would really be nice for               joined the BASS marketing committee!                        1.   I can relive elementary school by being
      those students like me who end up frozen after one                                                                              imaginative and creative again.                     2.   I wanted to get involved little by little. So I started being
      of those gruelling walks.                                 3.   I love the close-knit relationships SFU business                                                                          on the BUZZ team. Since BUZZ is BASS, I got interested
                                                                     students are able to have among themselves.                 2.   Like Jane, I joined the BUZZ team and                    in it as well because of all the cool stuff they did and the
5.    SPAIN. I’m just in love with their culture and                 Everyone is so supportive of each other it really                noticed all the cool opportunities/events that           opportunities to be involved.
      language. I’ve always wanted to dine with matadors             feels like a big family.                                         BASS offered.
      while snacking on plate of tapas.                                                                                                                                                   3.   BASS (how everyone is so keen on all the events and
                                                                4.   The stinkin’ bathrooms. They need to GO! Or                 3.   We’re better than UBC Commerce and of                    activities) and money (who wouldn’t want to make more
6.    Yeah! I’ve always wanted to work in the Business               maybe we can fundraise for some air fresheners :D                course the Co-Op opportunities and the                   money).
      side of fashion! Ideally I wanted to be a designer,            anybody with me?                                                 flexibility to take courses year-round.
      but that dream was shattered when I realized I                                                                                                                                      4.   Cleaner bathrooms, and better internet services for us rez              ...So there you have it some random facts
      couldn’t Sketch for my life.:( then I realized I could    5.   Hawaii. I could swim the oceans for those                   4.   Offer ski-rentals so students can ski down               people!                                                                 about the Marketing Committee. Although
      still be involved in the industry without having to put        macadamia nuts!                                                  the hill when they’re trapped on campus on a                                                                                     we have the same passion of marketing we
      pencil to paper.                                                                                                                snow day.                                           5.   Go back to GERMANY to see my friends again, and travel.                 are all so different and that’s what makes
                                                                6.   I want to be the person that designs advertisements,                                                                                                                                              our team unique and special! Come check
                                                                     films commercials, and creates successful                   5.   The North Pole to see Polar Bears and the           6.   I want to work for a fashion magazine place doing anything              out our meetings if you would like to meet
                                                                     campaigns to brand and promote certain                           South Pole to see Penguins.                              that’s related to marketing/advertising. And I’m gonna be               these fantastic individuals.
                                                                     companies/products.                                                                                                       best buddies with whoever’s in charge of all the photo shoot
                                                                                                                                 6.   Since grade 4, I wanted to be a newsreporter/            stuff (designer clothes, handbags, SHOES, etc!!!!!) so he/she           Contact Natasha at
                                                                                                                                      journalist.                                              can gimme whatever I want for free!!!!! hehe...

November 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           November 2008
12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     13

Let’s Create a Done List!                                                                                                                Let’s Create a Done List!
                                                                                                                                         Continued from page 8
                                                                                                                                                                                     and will be even more exciting once RW
                                                                                                                                                                                     takes its launch!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Many thanks to the rest of SIFE’s 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Project Managers:
by: Ashish Gurung                               at what these project managers have
                                                                                                                                         keep in contact with.                       Kaitlyn Wilbee, Daniel Igali                 Steffi Chua:
SIFE, President                                 to say:
                                                                                                                                         Cody Watson, Venture Labs                   Foundation Fun Run (FunRun)                  LIFE
                     As students, we are                                                                                                 Student Business Incubator                  The first annual FunRun is a non-
                                                Jennifer Ells, Recruit & Retain
                     engulfed with things                                                                                                Through this experience, I have learned     competitive five kilometre run with the      Vladimir Terletsky, Amy Lin,
                                                (R&R, January ’08)
                     to do. We create a                                                                                                  how to deal with an external organization   goal of raising awareness for a Nigerian     Daniel Lee:
                                                I worked with a team of individuals
                     nice long scary list                                                                                                and negotiate with them in order to         School while also promoting the benefits     R&R
                                                on an HR-focused consulting project
                     called the “to-do” list.                                                                                            develop something that is good for          of an active and healthy lifestyle. The
                                                for a local retail clothing store. Since
                     But sometimes, we                                                                                                   the students. Once Venture Labs has         FunRun has been a great opportunity to       James Avendano:
                                                graduating from SFU, I landed a
                     just need to sit back                                                                                               been launched, I hope to see all of my      flex each and every one of my business       SFU Entrepreneur of the Year
                                                great job working in Management
                     and reflect on how                                                                                                  hard work pay off in the form of many       muscles from project management to
                                                Consulting for Accenture. Not only did
                     much we have done                                                                                                   successful student businesses being         marketing to human resources while           Edwin Wong:
                                                my experience with SIFE set me apart
and create a “done list” instead. We’re                                                                                                  developed out of SFU!                       helping out a fantastic cause.               SMG
                                                from other applicants in the recruitment
nearing the end of the year, so we might        process, but it also allowed me to “try
as well reflect on the things we’ve done                                                                                                 Pong Yang, Money Management                 Sabaina Saif, Dream Auction                  Gavin Norquay, Andrew
                                                out” a potential career, making me
in 2008.                                                                                                                                 (M2)                                        I am so excited to be managing a project     Delbaere:
                                                more confident in my choice to pursue
                                                                                                                                         M2 educates youths at the Kla-how-eya       of this calibre for a good cause. I hope     SFUEL
                                                Management Consulting.
And so, the other day at the SIFE                                                                                                        Aboriginal Centre on how to prepare for     that it is a big success and that future
Executive meeting, we created a ‘done                                                                                                    interviews, manage their budget more        members are able to run this event           David Daniels:
                                                Maria Sandjaja, Learning
list’ to sum up our 2008 year. We listed                                                                                                                                                                     with even more       Case workshops
                                                Important Fundamentals in
36 items and gave ourselves a pat on                                                                                                                                                                         success. I think
                                                Ethics (LIFE, April ‘08)
the back. Sometimes, creating a done                                                                                                                                                                         that we as SIFE      Andrew Clements:
                                                When I joined SIFE this year as a first
list will give you more motivation to finish                                                                                                                                                                 members are          PM 101
                                                year student, I decided to manage
off your to-do list.                                                                                                                                                                                         always looking to
                                                my own project and launched LIFE,
                                                                                                                                                                                                             improve things and   Please contact me at if
                                                workshops delivered to high school
The done list was not only completed by                                                         Jeff Bachman with                                                                                            make them bigger     you have any questions about SIFE or
                                                students. I have been working and
the 11 Execs that sat in that room, but it                                                                                                                                                                   and better than      visit us at
                                                competing with some of the finest            SMG’s Client, Surrey Urban
was also completed by the dedication of                                                                                                                                                                      before.
                                                student entrepreneurs, which certainly           Farmers Market
all our associate members and project           taught me several skills that I often
managers. I’d like to take this time to                                                      having learned about leadership and                                                                          Michelle Ngai,
                                                apply at school and the community.
thank each and every one of our Project                                                      the importance of understanding each                                                                         MADrenegade
Managers who have worked on over 22
projects in 2008. They have worked long
                                                Kevin Wang, Financial Literacy
                                                Week (FLW, Spring ’08)
                                                                                             client’s unique needs in the marketplace.

                                                                                             Ivy So, SIFE Consulting
                                                                                                                                                                                                          MADr is a micro-
                                                                                                                                                                                                          business within
hours, coordinated teams, implemented           Many talented professionals were invited
projects and created impact which                                                            (August ’08)                                                                                                 SIFE, which
                                                to talk about topics ranging from how
enabled us to be a Top 10 SIFE team in                                                       SIFE Consulting provided me with the                                                                         stands for Media
                                                to start investing to the benefits of an                                                                  Teresa Quach giving the
Canada (out of 52 teams). Have a look                                                        opportunity to connect SIFE teams from                                                                       Advertising and
                                                entrepreneurial mindset. My experience                                                                         LIFE workshop to
                                                                                             around Canada with small business                                                                            Design. MADr
                                                                   with SIFE was a real                                                                 Queen Elizabeth Secondary
                                                                                             owners across the country. SIFE teams                                                                        serves local
                                                                   eye-opener - you’re
                                                                                             would then provide business owners                                                                           businesses by
                                                                   working with some of
                                                                                             with free consulting services. We                                                                            providing media
                                                                   the brightest and most
                                                                                             enabled SIFE teams to gain experience       wisely and construct more appealing        and design services, including print,
                                                                   ambitious classmates
                                                                                             in consulting and get profiled on CBC       resumes. I am looking forward to gaining web design and new media. The
                                                                   and constantly thinking
                                                                                             Radio’s Sounds Like Canada program.         valuable knowledge and sharing it to       ultimate goal I have for MADr is for it
                                                                   of how to add value
                                                                                                                                         make significant positive impacts on       to be recognized as the place to go to
                                                                   to the community. It’s
                                                                                             Flora Lee, Social Events (August            people’s lives.                            within SFU for professionally designed
                                                                                             ’08)                                                                                   materials.
                                                                                             I put together several events including:    Josephine Gunawan,
                                                                  Anoop Aulakh,
                                                                                             clubbing and bowling nights, camping,       Renegade Wear (RW)
                                                                  SIFE Marketing
                                                                                             and new member orientation. Organizing      RW is looking to launch its first line of
                                                                  Group (June ’08)
                                                                                             these events allowed me to learn            edgy, college humour t-shirts by the
                                                                  I worked with a talented
                                                                                             about event planning, promoting and         end of the month! In this position, I have
                                                                  team to provide
                                                                                             organizing events. Most importantly         stretched and increased my capacity
        Kla-how-eya Aboriginal Centre                            marketing consulting
                                                                                             though, by being involved in SIFE, I’ve     in project and people management. It’s
   offering a Certificate of Appreciate for                      services for our
                                                                                             made some good friends whom I still         been a great learning experience so far
                                                                 client. I walked away
          Recruitment & Retention
                                                                 from this experience
                                                                                                                Continued on page 9

November 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    November 2008
14                                                                                                                                                     15

                Mixer Tur nout
                by: Awin Ye                                  students were very satisfied with the foods,   With the semester almost to an end, MISA
                                                             drinks and services provided by the host.      will have newly elected directors for Spring
                MISA, Director of Finance
                                                                                                            2009. If you are a student who is looking
                                     On a Thursday           Not onlydid students concentrating in MIS      for new talented friends and leadership
                                     night, (October 29,     coame to the event, but. sStudents with        opportunities, I highly recommend you to
                                     2008), MISA has         focusinges inon Accounting, Marketing          join MISA and take on some leadership
                                     hosted a signature      and Human Resources came to talk to            roles. You don’t have to be a director at the
                                     event for SFU           the company representatives as well.           beginning. You can help out oin things like
                                     Business students       There were lots of great conversations, fun    project managing events from Photoshop
                                     in Century House at     activities, and prizes at the event.           tutorials for 20 students, to a MISA
                                     Downtown. It was a                                                                    signature event – a dinner with
                                     casual networking                                                                     industry representatives and
                event for students to mingle with                                                                          students of over 150 people.
                industry professionals in technology and
                Management Information Systems.                                                                          Good luck onin your final
                                                                                                                         exams! Enjoy the holiday
                The turnout was great. We had about                                                                      season with your friends, your
                fifteen industry professionals coming to                                                                 family, and/or your computer.
                talk to about forty students. In addition,
                companies like Active Network, Business                                                                    Awin Ye can be contacted at
                                                              Sponsor CGA representative (middle)
                Objects, and CGA came with great
                                                              with MISA Executive Henry (left) and
                information and engaging speakers. The
                unlimited appetizers were delicious and      Project Manager of Mixer Lukas (right)

                Passion in Vancouver
                by: Eunice Koh                               I looked down to the middle of the             and of course, the Biblical references
                Chair                                        stadium, where the ice of our beloved          were lost on me. What was crystal clear,
                                                             Canucks was replaced with a floor filled       however, was that everyone at the
                If I hadn’t known otherwise, I would have    with a sea of bodies, eager to get as          conference was united by their faith, and
                walked into the GM Place stadium on          close as possible to the stage. All eyes       I thought it was such a beautiful thing to
                October 6th, and glanced at the sea of       were glued to a seemingly invisible spot,      witness.
                faces, thinking that the 14,000 people       and there was a noticeable buzz of
                (don’t quote me on this, it’s just a rough   excitement in the air. When Chris Tomlin       I was born in Singapore, and my
                estimation) before me were gathered          came up to stage, I guess I shouldn’t          parents and relatives are Buddhists.
                together waiting for someone like Jason      have been surprised that everyone              However, if you were to ask me if I am
                Mraz to appear on stage.                     (except yours truly) sang along to             a religious person, I would probably say
                                                             every single song. Being one of the            no. Sure, I don’t eat any red meat, like
                I was somewhat close. Replace Jason          most celebrated Christian artists in the       my father and grandparents, but my
                Mraz with singer and songwriter Chris        WORLD has that effect. Although I’ve           choice is purely for lifestyle and health
                Tomlin, the object of many Christian         never heard these songs ever before, I         reasons. I’ve been to Buddhist temples
                girls’ fantasies. Throw in the David         found myself singing along.                    for Chinese New Year celebrations; I’ve
                Crowder Band, with a sound that makes                                                       visited Christian churches for Easter
                them the holy version of The Killers, and    After the concert was over, a white-           service. I love being exposed to religion,
                there you have it—an interesting medley      haired man of small stature came to            even though I’m not devout in any one
                of Christian talent…                         the stage, and his voice and powerful          faith. I appreciate any opportunity to
                                                             message filled every corner of GM              look at something from a whole different
                After I sat down, I think I spent a good     Place. Pastor Louie Giglio told us the         perspective.
                five minutes just gaping at the massive      true story of a young woman named
                arena, mesmerized by the idea that           Ashley who had touched his heart. I was        Passion Vancouver. The name
                thousands of young adults were               moved to hear of Ashley’s tumultuous           itself gave it away. Even before I
                gathered together for such a powerful        journey in accepting God into her life,        arrived, I knew that I would be in for
                purpose. Actually seeing the proof right     which was abruptly cut short by a tragic       an unexpected experience. I wasn’t
                in front of me was even more amazing.        accident. I didn’t quite comprehend            disappointed.
                                                             everything Louie was talking about,

November 2008                                                                                                                November 2008
16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             17

Pangaea is Coming                                                                                                                         The Murder of Romance
                                                                                                                                          by: Christie Chow                               me they had feelings for me in person         were Facebook stalking their crush and
by: Raman Gill                                 a company must conduct a thorough            Pangaea will be held at the Fairmont
                                               cultural analysis. Can you imagine           Hotel Vancouver. Attendees are                Columnist                                       was in elementary school. The current         realized in horror that he already has a
IBA, Gala Chair                                                                                                                                                                           trend for both boys and girls now is to       girlfriend. This could often be observed
                                               if McDonald’s entered India without          encouraged to come in their own cultural
                     Two hundred and                                                                                                                         One of the killers           use MSN and text messages to express          from the “relationship status” or other
                                               studying the culture and learning that       attire in order to escape the traditional
                     fifty million years ago                                                                                                                 of romantic-ness is          their true feelings.                          obscene photos of their crush and his
                                               cows are sacred? These are just a few        business suit. The event will consist of
                     the world consisted                                                                                                                     definitely technology.                                                     girlfriend posted online.
                                               example of how culture affects business      a delicious around-the-world appetizer
                     of one connected                                                                                                                        As a female being            This is because the use of MSN,
                                               decisionsand will be further explored at     buffet, two cultural performances
                     super continent                                                                                                                         living in the 21s            Facebook and the cellular phone               I will admit that I have had similar
                                               the IBA Gala on January 28, 2009.            and speeches from the three distinct
                     known as Pangaea.                                                                                                                       century, I have              has made it much easier for us to             experiences meeting a cute guy and
                                                                                            international professionals.
                     Just imagine, you                                                                                                                       observed that most           communicate with one another.                 being disappointed after I added him
                                               With three keynote speakers who have
                     could actually walk                                                                                                                     men nowadays rely            Therefore, many rely excessively on           on Facebook to realize that he is in a
                                               experience working around the world          Early bird tickets for students are $25
                     from South America                                                                                                                      heavily on technology        technology instead of using face-to-face      relationship with a girl named Sarah
                                               as expatriates, Pangaea will provide         until January 9th, after which the price
to Africa, without having to worry about                                                                                                 to express their “feelings”. Unfortunately,      communication to express themselves.          Marshall for example. Technology has
                                               both students and professionals the          will be $30. Tickets can be bought online,
the big gap that is now the Atlantic                                                                                                     from my perspective, this is not very            Scenes from The Notebook would                allowed us to learn more about the
                                               opportunity to learn about how culture       from the ticket booth which will be set
Ocean. By using your imagination, one                                                                                                    romantic. As technology advances, the            probably not happen in this era because       other person within a shorter time span.
                                               affects business decisions. These            up starting the first week of classes
can see how this is occurring again                                                                                                      world is become decreasingly romantic.           Noah would probably just be able to get       Obviously, this means that people no
                                               speakers represent three distinct regions    in January at the usual spot across
today. Accountants in Canada are               of the world, Latin America, Europe and      Ravens or by contacting me (rsg3@                                                             a reach a hold of Allie through Facebook      longer can fantasize about the cute girl
partnering with accountants in India                                                                                                     Courtship in the past seemed much                from the beginning instead of having to       or hot guy that they just recently met for
                                               the Middle East, and will give insights on For more information visit www.
to have 24 hour work days. The Gee                                                                                                       more romantic and formal. Like in Little         write 365 letters to her. Of course, if you   long periods of time because the use of
                                               the importance of cultural understanding
Biz International Business Competition                                                                                                   Women, men used to arrive at the house           have seen the movie, the letters never        technology can shatter these fantasies in
                                               in these regions.
unites students from around the world                                                                                                    of the woman they wanted to marry to             got to her because they were intercepted      an instant.
to formulate a business plan using                                                                                                       propose. Nowadays, it is very rare to find       by Allie’s mother which means Facebook          .
Facebook, MSN Messenger and Skype.                                                                                                       someone that would still write love letters      may have saved the day.                       If the reliance on technology continues,
This interconnectivity and collaboration                                                                                                 with pen and paper. It is rare to find                                                         it could be very possible that in the near
we are witnessing today allows one                                                                                                       someone that would have the guts to tell         Aside from this, I am receiving more          future, people will be able to maintain a
to see how the world is once again                                                                                                       their crush that they like them in person.       and more calls from my girlfriends            marriage through cyber space.
“connected” today.                                                                                                                       In fact, I think the last time that a guy told   crying over the phone about how they

Pangaea of the 21st Century: Bridging

                                                                                                                                         A List of Things to do Before Graduating
the Gap Between Cultures, has been
chosen as the title for the 2009 IBA gala
as a metaphor for the interconnectivity
of the world today. Due to the effects
of globalization, world has once again
                                                                                                                                         from SFU
                                                                                                                                                                                              and long lasting friendships at               GPA! So, you won’t have to feel bad
become a single continent, or so it                                                                                                      by:Norbert Hung
seems. However, it is 2008 and most of                                                                                                                                                        SFU. In addition, you will get to             partying every weekend instead of
                                                                                                                                         Student                                              network with industry professionals           studying for your exams.
us know what globalization means and
how it is occurring (if you don’t go to the                                                                                                                   In mythe first couple           and representatives at the events
“HM” section of the library and pick up                                                                                                                       of years at SFU, I              organized by the clubs. There is          •   Get into the Co-op Program:
any book). The side of globalization that                                                                                                                     hadve written down              a club for everyone, since there is           IgnoringBesides the ridiculous co-
has not been brought to the forefront                                                                                                                         a list of things I              an association for each of the five           op fees, there are many reasons to
is the need for cultural awareness and                                                                                                                        wanted to do before             major business concentrations:                get into this program. While working
understanding when working in the                                                                                                                             my convocation. I               Accounting (ASA), Finance                     for a company, you will get practical
new global village. Contrary to what                                                                                                                          wanted to enrich                (Finance Club), HR (HRSA),                    and real-life experience, get paid
you may learn in class, understanding                                                                                                                         my university                   Marketing (SMA), and MIS (MISA).              bi-weekly, enrich your resume, and
culture goes far beyond locating where                                                                                                                        experience by doing                                                           last but not least -, no midterms or
a country ranks on Hofstede’s cultural                                                                                                   various activities that didoes not involve       •   Apply for an International Exchange:          final exams forafter four months!
dimensions.                                                                                                                              attending classes, doing homework and                Going on an exchange will be the              This is also a great way to spend
                                                                                                                                         studying for exams.                                  best decision that you will make              your summer if you don’t want to
Culture has much more meaning                                                                                                                                                                 in your university career. The                take classes at that time of the year.
and a huge affect on the world of                                                                                                        As my university career is coming to an              international exchange program
international business. For example,                                                                                                     end this semester, I would like to share             allows you to go basically anywhere       •   Sign Up for Case Competitions:
without understanding the interlocking                                                                                                   my list with you. I am proud to say that I           in the world. During the exchange,            Besides being challenging and
relationships of the Japanese keiretsu                                                                                                   have completed or made an attempt to                 you will get to meet and work with            rewarding at the same time, this
system, a company will be destined                                                                                                       complete all of the things on my list!               people from all over the world. In            is a great way to enhance your
for failure. Prior to entering a country,                                                                                                • Join Student Clubs: This is the                    addition, the grades that you get
                                                                                                                                             best environment to makeeet new                  overseas will not count towards your                        Continued on page 17

November 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           November 2008
18                                                                                                                                                                                                                        19

Love & Fear: Which will you Choose?
by: Mel Chua                                      The themes of fear and love, are not only     As stated above, the themes of love and
Student                                           present in politics, but are also prevalent   fear are essential tools in political, religious
                                                  in world religion. In Judeo-Christianity,     and even romantic leadership; they are
There are two primary emotions                    God was to be both feared for his             therefore also immensely important in all

                                                                                                                                                   See How A CPA Designation
motivating us. One is “love”, the other           greatness and loved for his compassion.       forms of leadership. If you have ever been
“fear”. These are the two most powerful           In Buddhism, love assuages the fear and       involved with a club executive team, you
and primal of human emotions. At their            suffering of life. According to Buddha,       will be, at some point, put in a leadership
extremes, you may choose to sacrifice
your life for someone out of love, or to
                                                  the Four Sublime States consisting of
                                                  “love, compassion, rejoicing in another’s
                                                                                                position. In order to get things done, you
                                                                                                have to be able to influence and motivate
                                                                                                                                                   Can Improve Your Global Opportunities
kill your neighbour because of fear. A            success and a balanced mind,” are the         your peers to work together and complete
quick survey of human history shows               counters to fear and human suffering.         tasks with punctuality and efficiency.
overwhelming evidence.
                                                  These themes can also been seen on            Effective leaders rely on the support of
Very recently, we witnessed to a changing         a more personal level in terms of dating      the people they works with. On the one
of the guard during the US presidential           and relationships. Specifically, how do       hand, a leader could take a Machiavellian
elections. The move from Bush to Obama            couples choose to enter into and stay in      approach and create a strict work culture
signified a shift, in both paradigm and           relationships? I know of many couples         using zero-tolerance policies, and on
rhetoric, from a politics of fear to a politics   who stay together purely because              the other hand he could develop a work
of respect. Running his campaign as one           they are too scared that they won’t find      culture based on mutual respect, whereby
of hope and change, Obama charmed the             anyone else. The dominant partner             his team follows his requests out of loyalty
hearts of American voters, raising more           may even propagate that emotion by            and respect. How would you prefer to be
than $600 million from private donations,         verbally attacking the other by forcing       led?
more than any presidential candidate ever         their partner to thinking that there is
has in the history of the country.                no one better out there (Beyonce’s            As business students, you will inevitably                                                                       Live
                                                  Irreplaceable is an anthem of sorts against   have to learn how to lead a team or an                                                                        Online
After 8 years of control by the fear of the       it). These relationships are those types of   organization. What kind of leader will you                                                                   Self-Study
elusive threat of terror. how Obama will          relationships that always seem to be on       become? Will you develop the respect                                                                          Classes
raise a kneeling superpower from those            the brink of nuclear meltdown. I’m sure       of our employees and peers, or will you
weights remains to be seen. But the               you can give many examples.                   espouse a more draconian rule, where
battered American people have definitely                                                        fear creates discipline? Or could fear and
felt a shift.                                     Regrettably, I know just a few couples who    love possibly exist together?
                                                  are held together because of love.

A List of Things To Do Before Graduating from SFU                                                                                                  2-Year College Diploma with 7 Accounting Courses
Continued from page 16
   presentation and communication
   skills because you will receive
                                             group study rooms on the second
                                                                                                     example would be Alan’s monthly
                                                                                                     pointless rants. Just kidding! I enjoy
                                                                                                                                                                    – You Qualify!
   intense training from elite SFU faculty • Go to the Gym: Make use of SFU’s                        reading what he writes and the Buzz             • Free Information Session
   members. An added bonus is that you       gym facilities because you paid for                     also has a lot of other well-written and
   will get a chance to travel to another    it along with your tuition! Go take a                   informative articles.                           • Personalized One-on-One Help with State Selection
   city or another continent to compete      swim before class, attend drop-in
   at the competition!                       basketball or badminton in between                 So, what’s the point of this article you             • Becker Students Pass the CPA Exam at Double the Rate of
                                             classes, or go for a run on the                    ask? Well, instead of going through the
• Borrow a Projector from the Library:       treadmill after class. If you forgot to            daily routine of transporting up to SFU
                                                                                                                                                       Non-Becker Candidates
   Besides laptops, a lot of students        bring your badminton racquet or a                  and coming back down immediately after               • The US CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Designation is
   are not aware that the library also       basketball, you can simply borrow                  class, you should start getting involved
   lends out projectors. This piece          thisese sports equipment at the gym                with other aspects of university life and              the Best Value-Added Designation for All Canadian Accountants
   of equipment is not only great            for free! Joining SFU intramurals (e.g.            do some of the things I mentioned above!
   for practicing and preparing for          Biz Challenge) is also a great excuse              Trust me… It will definitely make your

                                                                                                                                                   Prepare to Succeed •
   presentations, but it also makes a        for you to start exercising regularly!             university career a lot more interesting and
   great party equipment inside the                                                             rewarding!
   library. Just follow four simple steps: • Write an aArticle for the Buzz: Only
   Book a room, gather a group of            the Buzz will publish your pointless               Norbert can be reached at
   friends, borrow a projector, and watch    articles on paper and distribute them                                            Toronto                 Montreal                  Vancouver
   a movie on the wall inside one of the     to all SFU Business students! A great
                                                                                                                                                    416-289-0909            514-428-9392              604-588-6322
November 2008                                                                                                                                       866-646-0909            877-428-9392              888-988-6322
                                                                                                                                                                                                         November 2008

                        The Buzz team sincerely wishes everyone

                        Starting January 1st, 2009, you will be covered by an extended
                        health plan provided by your proud Simon Fraser Student

                        Society. If you are already covered by a parent or an employer, remember to opt
                        out online at between January 5th-28th.


Sudoku is a logic-based placement
puzzle. The aim of the puzzle is to enter a
numerical digit from 1 through 9 in each cell
of a 9 x 9 grid made up of a 3 x 3 subgrids
(called “regions”), starting with various digits
given in some cells ( the “givens”); each
row, column, and region must contain only
one instance of each numeral
                                    - Wikipedia
                                                                                                          Difficulty: Easy
Try to get the solution in the least amount
of time!

November 2008

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