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					                                              SAC minutes
                                            October 13, 2008

Attendance: Robert Bentz, JD Cattel, Doreen Chonko, Deborah Covert, Bill Feininger, Malla Kolhoff,
Caleb Lane, Kathi Lettre, Christine Lowry, Maureen Lyons, Linda Martin, Eduardo Pages, Judy
Pocklington, Pam Pravetz, Diane Sparks, Sandie Spicciati, Christen Tonry and Sameera Vangara.
Guest Speaker: Andrea Weaver.

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Doreen Chonko. She reported that Dr. Allen has the North
County Superintendent Advisory Committee meeting tonight. Denise Beers could not be present
because her nominee for corporate sponsor of the year won an award from the NEA. Scott Applebaum
sent an email saying he had family business to attend to.

Minutes from last meeting: Mrs. Lowry made a correction to the September 8, 2008 minutes in regards
to night school. Minutes were corrected and Bill Feininger motioned to approve minutes as corrected.
Mala Kolhoff seconded.

Principal’s Report: Report was given by C. Tonry. Ms. Morris and guidance hosted a college evening for
all parents. Information was given regarding financing college with and without Bright Futures. Each
counselor spoke about plans for post secondary careers. UF Admissions officer was here tonight to
discuss admissions requirements. Ms. Morris also had St. Petersburg College here on another night.
FCAT retakes took place this week: over 100 students did the retake reading test and about 40 in math.
PSAT will be administered on Wednesday October 15, 2008. Eleventh graders need to take the PSAT to
be considered for national merit scholarships.

Community School: Ms. Lowry reported. For the first time in the history of PHCS, all in and out of center
locations have a crisis plan. They are part of the Community School Teacher Handbook and were
developed with input from all of our staff. Each program site has a GO BAG which is used for
emergencies. Several out-of-center sites were also provided with Weather Alert radios. Computers were
replaced in the ESOL lab. Students will soon be able to do the ESOL test online. She is looking to expand
information advertising free GED and free English classes. The response has been good from the

Student Report: Caleb Lane and Sameera Vangara reported the swim and dive teams are doing well.
Football won the homecoming game. The King was Bryan White and Queen was Amanda Degregoire.
Soccer tryouts are this week. Yearbooks are on sale. The Eye had its first publication this week. The
school has a new mascot named “Stormy,” and a committee is working to get the costume made.

PTSA Report: Pam Pravetz gave an update. PTSA had a T shirt design contest and they received a few
entries. On November 5th PTSA will be hosting a Safe and Drug Free School program. Seven speakers will
be in the cafeteria from 6 to 8p.m. The goal of the evening is to educate parents. We’ve been identified
as a school that has a lot of binge drinking. Parents from all over north county will be invited.
School Improvement Plan/Funds: Andrea Weaver reported on the school improvement plan. It can be
found on the state website. Goals include science, math, reading with emphasis on reading. All teachers
are asked to push reading and writing in their subject areas. A new goal added under school safety is to
hire a full time nurse. We now have several students with severe medical issues. We presently have a
proposal to hire a nurse starting 4 hours a day, 2 days a week. She is dispensing medications and
keeping track of the students with serious medical issues. Due to the Grayson lawsuit every school in
the county had to write separate goals for African American students to help them raise their
achievement levels and these goals have been added to the plan. The budget was cut from $10 a
student to $5 a student, which gave us a total of $9900 to spend in school improvement funds. We also
had $7000 in reserve. Teacher requests totaled $22,000 and had to be trimmed down several times.
The A+ committee was asked to fund some of the requests to make up the difference. A+ money will
pay $4000 to guidance for FCAT assistance, science software and teacher conference registrations. In
addition, The WOW (school improvement team) needs to attend training for accreditation which comes
up next school year. The team will attend training this summer in Orlando. Bob Bentz talked about the
use of all reserves. School improvement and A+ money needs to be spent in March so it does not go
back to the state. New requests will be submitted in the spring for next year. Bob suggested we look up
how much money will be needed for the recertification and also suggested that no money be returned
to the district. Bob requested that Andrea report back to us in May and tell us what wasn’t spent and
what can be rolled over for next year. Bob Bentz moved accept the budget and Bill Feininger seconded.

Andrea gave a brief summary about the new WOW (Working on the Work) Committee. It is modeled
after a book the committee read this past summer. The committee is spreading knowledge to help
teachers and students that are struggling. They meet once a month all day, to work on the school
improvement plan and the budget. We need to keep AP teachers trained so that students keep working
at a high level as well as training teachers to address the needs of the L35 students.
JD Cattell requested a copy of the budget and names of the teachers on the committee.
 Teachers on the committee are: Laura Tabajdi, Lisa Rose, Doug Blackburn, Dave Rowland, Andrea
Weaver, and Paula Gunn. Andrea passed out a copy of the budget.

A+ Recognition Funds: Christen Tonry represented Steve Price who facilitated the A+ committee. The
committee gathered information and gave staff 2 choices from which to vote. Staff voted that each full
time employee receive a $1000 bonus, the part time employees a $500 bonus, and itinerant employees
would get a bonus of $150. This leaves $10000 to help with school improvement and about $3000 for
technology. The budget was cut from $100/student to $85/student.
Bob Bentz moved to accept the plan as presented. Bill Feininger seconded. All approved.

2009 Legislative Program Approval: Doreen Chonko presented the program for approval. Bill Feininger
motioned to accept and Maureen Lyons seconded.
Open Discussion: JD Cattel questioned what will happen with the budget which he had heard is $20
million short. He emphasized that he does not want to see any more layoffs of personnel. Discussion
Kathi Lettre has a safety concern about cars lined up to turn left into the north entrance to the school
when it is dark and students are walking from the Hidden Lake subdivision. There is a lack of lighting.
JD Cattel brought up a concern from a parent that he was not accommodated when he came in his
wheel chair for Back to School Night. Christen Tonry responded that Doc is aware of the concern and
they plan to make some changes.
Doreen Chonko demonstrated how to access the new SAC webpage on the school’s website. She will
post agendas and minutes.

Sandie Spiccati motioned to adjourn, seconded by Kathy Lettre .

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Next meeting date: November 10, 2008

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