3rd Grade Literacy Mini Lesson Using Context Clues

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					                         Using Context Clues
                    Comprehension Strategies - 3rd Grade 2007

      Attached sample sentences

Using the sample sentences provided below, the teacher will model the use
of context clues by thinking aloud. Context clues – or the words around an
unknown word – can give a reader clues as to the unknown word’s meaning.
Readers can use their background knowledge/schema in conjunction with
context clues to give unknown vocabulary meaning. Tell students that
context clues are an important strategy for readers to use to help them
understand text.

Following the teacher’s modeling, students attempt to use context clues and
schema to define unknown words in text. Teachers/students may use the
samples below.

Students can practice using context clues at a workstation using the samples
below. Students write their predicted meaning of the underlined word by
using their schema and the context clues. Additionally, students can find or
make their own sentences which may require their classmates to use context
clues to figure out unknown words.

At literacy share time, students can share the sentences they explored at
the station, telling the class how context clues and schema helped them to
understand the unknown word.
Sample sentences:

     The wagon wheels bumped along the rutted dirt road, shaking the
      wagon to and fro.

     The red-faced track team member ran across the finish line, wheezing
      and gasping for air.

     Beneath a blue umbrella
      a melon seller sat,
      selling yellow melons,
      succulent and fat.
      From: BENEATH A BLUE UMBRELLA by Pretlutsky

     The precocious toddler ran through the house singing and yelling,
      getting into trouble wherever he went.

     Johnny squeezed a concertina
      Fanny played a flute,
      Benny tooted a horn
      and Winnie strummed a lute.
      From BENEATH A BLUE UMBRELLA by Pretlutsky

     They laughed and sang and shouted,
      what a jolly noise they made,
      as they frolicked in New Orleans
      at the Mardi Gras parade.
      From BENEATH A BLUE UMBRELLA by Pretlutsky