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Misc by tyndale


          One I, Two Eyes                                   CPT 166 – 1/-2 CD / 2-LP

               Tracklisting CD                                    Tracklisting Vinyl

                   Tracklisting CD
 01. If You Fall (Sky Broken) 5:29                    A1 If You Fall (Sky Broken) 5:29
 02. Never Le Me Down New Version 5:19                A2 Light 4:46
 01. CHOSEN feat. 7.41
 03. New Paradise Ernesto 3:13                        A3 Fire 6:00
 02. TIDES feat. Bajka 7:12
 04. Dream 6:22
 03. SOMEONE Places 6:19
 05. Faces And LIKE YOU feat. Ernesto 5:46            B1 New Paradise 7:46
 04. Mr. PARK 5:06
 06. Fire 4:49                                        B2 Loneliness 6:12
 05. Light 4:44 YOU feat. Ernesto 5:36
 06. HOME feat. Bajka 6:34
 08. Heaven 5:54                                      C1 Dream 6:24
 09. The Only Way 7:10                                C2 Pray For Peace 5:32
 08. KISS feat. Ernesto 5:08
 10. Dream 3 5:19                                     C3 Never Let Me Down New Version 5:27
 09. WELCOME feat.5:30
 11. Pray For Peace Marzenka 6:54
 12. Clouds 4:35
 10. CARGO7:06                                        D1 The Only Way 7:16
 11. 15&8 4:21                                        D2 Dreams 3 6:25

    “Awesome release. Dope!” says Monsieur Laurent Garnier on first single „Faces And Places“, CPT 164-1

WEI –CHI is Raoul Walton´s vision of a new approach to urban “soulful Computer Jazz” as he so lovingly
calls the mixture of classic modal jazz with pop and techno elements, mixed thru the blender of high-power
programmers and remixers with vocals by Merit Ostermann. If you turn the page you can check Raouls
musical history and you´ll see that this man is more than far from being unproductive and in fact has always
been busy as hell being among the most important session musicians of Germany!!!

Raoul, a musician who has studied with legendaries such as Barry Harris, writes songs the “classical” way,
on a piano and with pen and paper. Arranged in a way that could be played by a traditional three-piece
combo, with sequenced parts and a bunch of top producers weaving it for the clubs. This unique way of
working created a sound is undeniably Wei-Chi !


-Moonstarr on “New Paradise”
-Fauna Flash on “Faces And Places”
-Osunlade on “Dream”
-Beanfield on “Pray For Peace” and “Light”
-Ben Mono on “If You Fall (Sky Broken)”, “Never Let Me Down”, “Fire”, “The Only Way”, “Dream 3”,
“Clouds” and “Loneliness”

The majority of tracks on “One I, Two Eyes” have been in co-production with Ben Mono, also laying his
hands on programming, providing keyboards and the sound design. His album “Dual” (on Compost CPT
135) has hit the streets with much praise. Another contributing artist is Moonstarr from Canada who is
responsible for the future-minded ”New Paradise” which will leave other DJs drooling with elect. Kevin was so
turned on by the WEI –CHI sound, he asked Compost boss and executive producer of the record Michael
Reinboth to remix the track. Two songs were produced by the masterminds of collage, Beanfield. Their
current album “Seek” (CPT 160) is enticing people and a real smasher. The Afro-Funk roller coaster “Light”
utilises the dense harmonic vocabulary of John Coltrane, stripped down to the bones and pumping it up in a
Hip Hop kinda way whereas the ballad “Pray for Peace” was recorded entirely with acoustic instruments.
Then there´s Fauna Flash to fulfill your demands and surprise with the fabulous “Faces And Places”. For
those who can’t get enough of the lads the third Fauna Flash album is coming up in 2005! No other than
Osunlade A.k.A. Jerry Rodriguez from Puerto Rico has taken over“Dream”. And it’s resulting in a potpourri
of deepness!

Raoul studied painting and music at the noted Laguardia School Of Music and Art of Manhattan / New York
and started off heavy jamming with jazz musicians like Kenny Kirkland, Marcus Miller, Aierto, Tito
Puente or Sam Rivers to name but a few. When moving to Europe he worked with Fusion pioneers
Kjöl,Tom Van der Geld (ECM) Benard „pretty“ Purdy, Doug Hammond and with the late legendary
Conny Plank (Can)! Playing bass on oh so many German rock, funk, and Avant Garde projects was leading
to work with artists as diverse as Brian Eno, Holger Chukay, Andy Thoma (Mouse on Mars), 5 AM,
Loophole, Klaus Dinger (Neu!), Mousse T, Milk And Sugar or Waldeck. Ever since 1996 Raoul´s been
playing bass for Fauna Flash and is featured on Trüby Trio`s latest album, “Elevator Music” (CPT 140).
Gilles Peterson came to notice WEI –CHI when Rainer Trüby advised him dwelling upon the track “Don´t
Know” which he fell totally in love with and got heavy rotation in his radio show. Due to a sort of chain
reaction Michael Reinboth promptly offered Raoul to donate more music and released “Heaven” and “Never
Let Me Down”.

Merit Ostermann is the perfect intensifier of WEI –CHI melodies and its philosophy. A vision of a new world
based on principles of love and an all compassing intregation of spiritual values, trancending the cages of
religion as we know it. Merit started singing in church, later studying opera and classical theory in Munich.
Born with a natural talent, she easily integrated the vocabulary and tradition of jazz. This led to her working
with the grand jazzer Kenny Wheeler. Her combination of light feathery, floating vocal technique and spot on
intonation delivers the distinctive sound and space to the music of WEI –CHI.

:Special attention for the vinyl version of “One I, Two Eyes” as only there the exclusive bonus track
“Loneliness” can be found!:

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