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                                                                              Seed Records
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Digital press release, MP3 and pack shot available:

Artist: Sleeps In Oysters
Title: We kept the memories locked away like the beetles of our childhood, or How to appreciate
someone who’s always around.
Release Date: 24 November 2008
Label: Seed Records
Format: Limited edition CD
Cat. No: SEEDCD16
Style: Alternative/Folk/Pop/Electronica

Sleeps in Oysters‟ debut mini-album on Seed Records is the sound of a ne plus ultra -granny's strawberry alarm-clock
going off under her tie-dyed wig or for the aurally impaired, the colour splash of a fruit farm sliding down a rainbow into a
exotic lagoon lit with fireflies and as seen through a kaleidoscope. It is music made with levers, by little people, flowers,
bugs, steam and rusty toys all sprinkled with fairy dust and brought to life under a very special magical spell...and this, by
the way, only happens once in a lifetime when the weather is just right.

Having won plaudits from BBC Radio Berkshire and Channel 4 Radio’s New Music Download to performing astonishing
live shows alongside Danish post psych-poppers Efterklang, quirktronic luminary Leafcutter John and gypsy bon vivants A
Hack and a Hacksaw, Sleeps In Oysters represent the new crest in freak folk inspired electronics as previously espoused
by artists such as Tunng and Goodiepal. Fresh flesh and highly desirable blossom, they are - without doubt - a
compassionate energy to be reckoned with in this, the burgeoning nu-folksy homestead populated by pop-electronic
playthings and whimsical hybrid beasts such as Paavoharju and The Dodos; yet at the same time they manage to plough
an entirely different and original furrow equipped with retrofitted tractors that talk when tickled and a startling imagination of
their very own. It is quite simply, idiosyncrasy inspired.

The following 7 tracks of exquisite splendour will take you on a delightful trip through the grasses and reeds, beneath the
soil and finally spout you out into the company of a happy family made from straw and twigs and cakes and cups of tea
playing on the enchanted carpet of their faraway lighthouse. Do enjoy the ride...

Track listing

1.       Moths‟ wings for Lisa
2.       The tiny lives of flies
3.       My heart, a hive for bees
4.       No time like the spiders, Part 1: Where do you go to my lovely?
5.       No time like the spiders, Part 2
6.       The birds, the bees, the bells and Richard Brautigan
7.       Moths‟ wings for John

Editors Notes:

250 limited edition mini-album CD and 5 bespoke postcards parcelled in paper, tied with string and sealed with
wax, housed in handmade fabric sleeves, lovingly embroidered and individually numbered. Priced at £9.99 per
unit and containing a bonus track, „The birds, the bees, the bells and Richard Brautigan‟ not available as an MP3 download.
For high-res photos, packshots & further information please see or

Seed Records are distributed by Cargo Records,17 Heathmans Rd, Parsons Green, London, UK, SW6 4TJ

Please contact: for further distributional enquiries.

"Experimental Record of the Month"

"Freak-folk electronics...Link of the Day"
The Wire

"Post-Aphex beauty"
Plan B

"A beautiful, beautiful thing"
Stuart Maconie, 6 Music 'Freak Zone'

"Avant folktronica...admirably adventurous"
Time Out

"Excellent. Love everything about it, except the food coverage"
The Organ

„Recorded they have a sound infused with Broadcast, Fourtet, a less arrogant Regina Spektor, maybe even Pram, but yet
only pieces and moments of all I‟ve mentioned, but live all this carries across with loads more, dark brooding edges of
atmosphere creeping in over soft vocals, tracks descend into dirty post-AFX noise grinding to a sudden stop.‟
Dan le Sac, Lex & Sunday Best

„Consistently thought provoking, if crazed at times‟
Tom Ravenscroft, Channel 4 Radio

„Stylistically diverse...more than enough material to sink ones teeth into‟

„An original and quality piece of work‟

'Imagine a pop song, then re-imagine it stretched, mangled, quirkified and stuck back together with all the imagination of the
best electronica you have heard and buckets of childish charm. Oh and toy ukuleles and glockenspiels. Ok, now you are
close to Sleeps in Oysters.'
Oxford Contemporary Music

„Sleeps In Oysters have an EP called My Face Is All Bricks and Stone which I love. I don't know if they're signed or not, but
they should be.‟
Christ, Benbecula Records

'Sleeps in Oysters are at the point where music needs to get to: where laptop music thinks about it's place in the real world,
where electronic music faces up to an audience, and where songwriting makes the most of what's available rather than the
least it can get away with. If you were surprised to find the Radiohead of Kid A more interesting than The Bends, listen on.'
Dai Griffiths, Musicologist and Author

 “Every once in a while something so stunning stumbles across our path that at first glance we don't even notice, because
we've never been subjected to such beauty before. Sleeps In Oysters‟ music is just that, music to regress to, music to turn
you into a child once again. Now, we all fancy a bit of that!”
Bruce McClure (their manager)