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                        Organisation            Delegate Name / Contact Details
Power EMB                               0151 252 6048
Power EMB                                       Betty Gildea
Power EMB                                       Arthur Littlewood
Power EMB                                       Susan Wilson
Power EMB                                       Matt Branigan
Power EMB                                       Graham Houseby
Power EMB                                       Linda Hesketh
Power EMB                                       Steve Brougham
Power EMB                                       Ernie Walker
Power EMB                                       Carolyn Garlick
Leathermarket EMB                      02075251600
Leathermarket EMB                               Di Trescher
Leathermarket EMB                               Sarah Hatchard
Leathermarket EMB                               Andy Bates ( + 1 )
Leathermarket EMB                               Ade Lasaki
Leathermarket EMB                               Christine Parsons
London Borough of Southwark                     Michael Preston
Digmoor EMB                                      01695 51014
Digmoor EMB                                     Elizabeth Bowden
Digmoor EMB                                     Margaret Nind
Digmoor EMB                                     Frances Green
London Borough of Camden                0207 924 6153
London Borough of Camden                        Kim Thompson
London Borough of Camden                        Idham Ramadi
Druids Heath TMC                                 Alison.ob’ 0121 3036413
Druids Heath TMC                                Jean Briggs
Druids Heath TMC                                Alison O'Brien
Windsor Albion Co-op                    0161 736 8809
Windsor Albion Co-op                            Suzanne Hall
Windsor Albion Co-op                            John Flynn
Rosemary Gardens TMO                    07908 125114
Rosemary Gardens TMO                            Ossie Smith
Rosemary Gardens TMO                            Joyce Lindsay
Rosemary Gardens TMO                            Beverly Allison
Rosemary Gardens TMO                            Pauline Rodney
Rosemary Gardens TMO                            Maria Williams
Brenchley Gardens MO                    0207 564 1258
Brenchley Gardens MO                            Sheila Hayman
Brenchley Gardens MO                            Sue Stacey
London Borough of Hackney               0208 3562131
London Borough of Hackney                       Conor McAvinchey
Wisewood EMB                            0114 2853046
Wisewood EMB                                    Chris Girlow
Bacup and Stacksteads TMO               01706 872235
Bacup and Stacksteads TMO                       John Challinor
Bacup and Stacksteads TMO                       Edi Challinor
Bacup and Stacksteads TMO                       Frank Evans
Bacup and Stacksteads TMO                       Elaine Evans
Bacup and Stacksteads TMO                       Rod Smith
Bacup and Stacksteads TMO                       Bill Pearson
Friday Hill TMO                         020 8523 9433
Friday Hill TMO                                 Georgina Webb
Friday Hill TMO                 Pamela Hayes
Friday Hill TMO                 Jeremy Carson
NFTMO                   01704 227053
NFTMO                           Trevor Bell
NFTMO                           Tony Brankin
Suffolk Estate Co-op    02079233774
Suffolk TMO                     Griffith Quartey
Burrowes Street TMO     01922 746949
Burrowes Street TMO             Terry Edis
Burrowes Street TMO             Joan Berry
Burrowes Street TMO             Cynthia Daley
Burrowes Street TMO             Richard Worrell
Burrowes Street TMO             Tom Fernival
Bushbury Hill EMB      01902 551628
Bushbury Hill EMB               Ken Spilsbury
Bushbury Hill EMB               Kate Spilsbury
Bushbury Hill EMB               Ann James
Bushbury Hill EMB               Betty Peck
Bushbury Hill EMB               Bill Heywood
Bushbury Hill EMB               Helen Norton
Bushbury Hill EMB               Karen Williams
Bushbury Hill EMB               Juliet Davies
Bushbury Hill EMB               Merv Brookshaw
Bushbury Hill EMB               Di Brookshaw
Bushbury Hill EMB               Rose Busby
Bloomsbury EMB         0121 359 1741
Bloomsbury EMB                  Roy Read
Bloomsbury EMB                  Mark Lolley
Bloomsbury EMB                  Peter Harrison
Delves East TMO         01922 861712
Delves East TMO                 Val Nicholls
Delves East TMO                 Kath Instones
Haddonhall Residents TMO 0207 403 6640
Haddonhall Residents TMO        George Arkless
Loughborough EMB        0207 926 8800
Loughborough EMB                Ann Hoad
Loughborough EMB                Jason Wyatt
Loughborough EMB                Phyllis Holloway
Angell Town EMB        0207 737 0412
Angell Town EMB                 Cathy Valentine
Angell Town EMB                 Tina Echebima-Johnson
Lordship South TMO     0208 211 8363
Lordship South TMO              Sara Rance
Lordship South TMO              Beverley Gale
Walpole EMB             0208317 4599
Walpole EMB                     Jenny Dimmock
Glebe Court MO          0208 286 7575
Glebe Court MO                  Julian Smith
Beechwood and Ballantyne CBHA 0151 677 2048
Beechwood and Ballantyne CBHA   Violet Croft
Beechwood and Ballantyne CBHA   Eileen Turner
Cooper Close           0207 620 1041
Cooper Close                    Stella Muttock
Cooper Close                    Christine Rowand
Ackroyden East TMO     0208 7887317
Ackroyden East TMO          Caroline Collins
Ackroyden East TMO          Blasé Lambert
PETRA TMO          01708 475358
PETRA TMO                   Mike Davis
PETRA TMO                   June Kight
PETRA TMO                   Becky Yarnell
PETRA TMO                   Paul Taylor
METRA Co-op        0208 769 2500
METRA Co-op                 Peter Lawrence
METRA Co-op                 Maisie Williamson
Carpenters TMO     020 8430 6955
Carpenters TMO              Fatou Gaye
Carpenters TMO              Rohan Fraser
Carpenters TMO              Pauline Pappoe
Torridon Co-op      0207 625 8433
Torridon Co-op              Terry Lake
Torridon Co-op              Lissa McKenzie
Torridon Co-op              Sue Price
Torridon Co-op              Lenny Smith
Torridon Co-op              Geraldine Smith
Watling Gardens TMO          0208 208 9005
Watling Gardens TMO         Kieron Bradley
Watling Gardens TMO         Alan Milner
London Borough of Lambeth 0207 926 3401
London Borough of Lambeth   Martin Dumont
London Borough of Lambeth   Annelie Sernevall
CCH                         Nic Bliss
Myatts Field North TMO 02079268346
Myatts Field North TMO      Mary Owusu-Frimpong
Carlton Vale RMO   020 7624 0643
Carlton Vale RMO            Kay McCormack
Carlton Vale RMO            Lily Burbidge
Carlton Vale RMO            Anne Maguire
Cowley EMB         0207 926 0690
Cowley EMB                  T Ritson
Cowley EMB                  Lena James
Blenheim Gardens RMO        020 7926 0158
Blenheim Gardens RMO        Anton Monickam
Heath Town EMB      01902 551856
Heath Town EMB              Marcus Dingwall
Heath Town EMB              Valerie Evans
Bentley House       078837 64103
Bentley House               Mike Brennan
Bentley House               Cae Os
Bentley House               Mike Murray
Unwin and Friary TMO 07930 340507
Unwin and Friary TMO        Ms Francesca Abozzi
Unwin and Friary TMO        Lorenzo Modde
Unwin and Friary TMO        Thalia Brown
Unwin and Friary TMO        Rose Ilene
Holland Town TMC   020 7926 0672
Holland Town TMC            Mr. Alhajie Alhusaine
Holland Town TMC            Mrs. Florence Stoute
Holland Town TMC            Mrs. Myrtle Gibson
Holland Town TMC                           Ms. Cindy Pencille
Holland Town TMC                           Ms. Maureen Baugh
Holland Town TMC                           Ms. Ira Edwards
Holland Town TMC                           Dr. Davidson Ughanwa
Holland Town TMC                           Nat. Stevens
Hackenthorpe TARA                           C/0 Open Communities
Hackenthorpe TARA                          Eric Staniland
Hackenthorpe TARA                          Liz Staniland
Hackenthorpe TARA                          Norman Sellars
Hackenthorpe TARA                          Mavis Sellars
Havelock Ind Res Org.             0208 571 7274
Havelock Ind Res Org.                      Osman Musani
Co-op Homes                                Ron Bartholomew
Charfield Court TMC               020 7266 0978
Charfield Court TMC                        Richard Tarling
Agar Grove TMC                   
Agar Grove TMC                             Paul Anderson
Agar Grove TMC                             Douglas Bateman
Holland Rise and Whitebeam Close TMO Ltd 078888 19181
Holland Rise and Whitebeam Close TMO Ltd   A Adeyemi
Holland Rise and Whitebeam Close TMO Ltd   T Morson
Holland Rise and Whitebeam Close TMO Ltd   M Gould
Lillington and Longmoore Gardens RA 020 7828 0056
Lillington and Longmoore Gardens RA        Barry Henderson
Small Heath                        0121 772 0063
Small Heath                                Mark Crooke
Small Heath                                Doug Austin
South Acton Residents Action Group 020 8992 5462
South Acton Residents Action Group         Kenneth Campbell
Two Towers TMO                    0207 237 6737
Two Towers TMO                             Godson Agomuo
Speakers and Workshop Leaders
Reidvale Community Housing Association     Rob Joiner ( contact via NFTMO )
Derby Homes                                Dennis Rees -
PPCR                                       Liz Michael -
Social Landlords Crime & Nuisance Group    Tim Winter -
Acclaim Consulting                         John Frankis -
Open Communities                           Tom Hopkins -
Partners in Change                         Paul Lusk -
Law Commission                             Richard Percival
First Business Support                     Henry Young -
Witton Lodge Community Association         Linda Hines -
CNLRQ                                       Via NFTMO
CNLRQ                                      Bernard Everarere
CNLRQ                                      Zinn-Din Boukhenaïssi
CNLRQ                                      Guy Dumontier

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