Flash Lite Mobile Technology

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					   Flash Lite
Mobile Technology

      Alessandro Pace
 Flash Lite R&D at VeriSign
          Flash Lite technology
• Adobe Flash Lite is the Mobile version of
  Flash for the Web

• Flash Lite for Mobile Phones
  – Runs on different mobile platforms
     •   Symbian
     •   Brew
     •   Windows Mobile 5
     •   Mobile browser
     •   Proprietary OS
      Flash Lite implementation
• Flash Lite content
  –   Standalone: games and applications
  –   Wallpapers
  –   Screensavers
  –   Sub-LCD
  –   Browser
  –   Animated Ringtones
  –   Menus
  –   User Interfaces
  –   And more…
           Flash Lite versions
• Flash Lite 1.1 based on Flash 4, AS1
  – Simple content creation
  – Largest install base
• Flash Lite 2.x based on Flash 7, AS2
  – Allows more complex content creation
  – Growing install base
• Flash Lite 3.0: Flash Video
  – Still in beta
  Flash Lite and mobile phones
• There are currently more then
  300 Flash enabled devices

• Over 250 millions Flash Lite
  enabled devices

• 1 billion Flash Lite enabled
  handsets by 2009
       Flash Lite development
• Adobe Flash IDE + Device Central
Flash Lite development
Flash Lite content examples
  Flash Lite content distribution
• Nokia Market Place, Handango,
  Clickgamer, Mobibase etc.

• Flash Lite ecosystem on Verizon
  – Flash Lite 2.1 player and content is
    delivered via OTA
         Flash Lite resources
• Adobe Mobile and Devices
  – www.adobe.com/mobile
  – Flash Lite dedicated forums
  – Free download Flash Lite 2.1
• Adobe Mobile and Devices User Groups
  – Boston, Australia, Brazil, Rome, India, Spain, UK
• Yahoo Flash Lite User Group
• Forum Nokia Wiki: Flash Lite