High Sensitivity Detection System by qjk18715


									 High Sensitivity Detection System
 FastSense                     TM

F e a t u r es
 •	   advanced	laser	Technology
 •	   ClassiFire™	artificial	intelligence	software
 •	   Patented	‘Wastegate’	system
 •	   in-built	bar-graph	and	smoke	level	display;	and	
      programming	(available	only	with	the	FastSense	PLUSTM)
 •	   apollo	Protocol	interface	card	interface	(aPic)		provides	
      portal	for	indication	and	control	of	FastSense	detectors	
      at	ampac’s	FireFinder™	Fire	alarm	control	Panel                                FastSense 25 T M             FastSense 100 T M
 •	   Pc	based	remote	software
 •	   remote	display	Unit	(rdU)
 •	   SenseNet	graphical	display	and	control
 •	   FastSense™	matrix	system
 •	   PipeCalculator	installation	design	software
 •	   extensive	range	of	fittings

System Description
FastSense	 TM is an aspirating system that adopts laser
technology making it extremely sensitive, thus providing
the earliest warning to the slightest traces of smoke.
FastSense	TM is available in 3 models:                                                                FastSense PLUS T M
FastSense	25	TM,	FastSense	100	TM,	FastSense	PLUS	TM
The FastSense	 25	 TM accommodates sampling pipe up
to 25 metres in length while the FastSense	 100	 TM	 and                             FASTSENSE MODELS            25         100       PLUS

                                                                                                                                               FIRE DETECTORS
FastSense PLUS	 TM has total sampling pipe capacity of

                                                                                                                                                 AND DEVICES
100 metres and 200 metres respectively.                                              Voltage	                  27	Vdc	    27	Vdc	 27	Vdc
All FastSense detectors incorporate the patented artificial                          Quiescent	current	        250ma	     400ma	 400ma
intelligence software ClassiFire	TM. ClassiFire	TM continually
monitors the environment and internal contamination,                                 DIMENSIONS (mm)
then adjusts the sensitivity of the detector for optimum
performance. The FastLearn feature is automatically initiated                        Height	                    215	        220	       372
on power up facilitating quick set-up on commissioning.                              Width	                     140	        300	       427
FastSenseTM detectors when networked can be                                          depth	                      85	         90	        95
programmed from a single nominated point and when
used in conjunction with an Apollo Protocol Interface Card,                          RELAY OUTPUTS         (all	NOrmallY	OPeN	1	amP)
provides control and indication at the Ampac FireFinder	
    Fire Alarm Control Panel. Up to 126 detectors can be                             Fire	1	                  Optional	   Optional	   Fitted
installed on a network data bus.                                                     Fire	2	                  Optional	   Optional	   Fitted
A Remote Display Unit (RDU) provides bar-graph and smoke                             Pre-alarm	               Optional	   Optional	   Fitted
density status indication of its associated detector. It is                          auxiliary	               Optional	   Optional	   Fitted
installed on a FastSense	TM network data bus.                                        Fault	                   Optional	   Optional	   Fitted
A FastSense	 PLUS	 TM detector fitted with a command
module will offer the single point programming function of                           No.	of	Pipe	inlets	         1	          2	         4
a networked system.                                                                  max.	Pipe	length	          25m	       100m	      200m
FastSense	25	TM and FastSense100	TM are both supplied                                sensitivity	range
with an easy to install docking station. The docking station                         minimum	                   25%	        25%	     25%
is available with or without the pipe exhaust port.                                  maximum	                  0.03%	      0.03%	 0.03%
A range of sampling pipes and fittings complement the                                data	Bus	                 1.2km	      1.2km	   1.2km
FastSense detector.
                                                                                     iP	rating	                 iP50	       iP50	    iP50
                                                                                     Operating	temp.	             	 -10°c	to	+60°c
Order Code Description                                     Compliance Approved By    Humidity	                    	 	to	90%	non-condensing
230-0001	 FastSense 25 TM			 detector	&	docking	station	   as1603.8	   ssl           Weight	                   1.7kg	      3.8kg	   5.2kg
230-0002	 FastSense 100 TM	 detector	&	docking	station	    as1603.8	   ssl
230-0008	 FastSense 25 TM	 detector	&	docking	station	NZ	 NZ54512	     OPUs
230-0009	 FastSense 100 TM	 detector	&	docking	station	NZ	 NZ54512	    OPUs
230-0011	 FastSense PLUS TM detector	                      as1603.8	   ssl
230-0012	 FastSense PLUS TM	detector	+	command	module	     as1603.8	   ssl
230-0010	 FastSense PLUS	 detector	NZ	                     NZ54512	    OPUs

NB: FastSense	deTecTOrs	are	NOW	Fm	aPPrOVed                                         REFER TO DATA SHEET: PDS230-00

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                  High Sensitivity Detection System
                  FastSense                   TM
                                                   (cont.)                                                 SenseNET

                 P r o d u ct Information
                  SenseNET is a Windows™ based program that provides
                  central management and monitoring of up to 126 detectors.
                  The computer running the SenseNET program can
                  communicate with a network of FastSense detectors, via a
                  SenseNET control unit or Command Module.
                  While the SenseNET control unit is an external desk-top
                  stand-alone device that provides the interface between
                  the computer and the network of FastSense detectors,
                  the Command Module is normally installed in a specific
                  FastSense detector. This nominated FastSense detector will
                  also be featured with a larger LCD display to facilitate menu
                  The SenseNET graphics displays maps, produces warning
                  sounds and spoken instruction message which may be                               Screen capture of SenseNET Display
                  unique to each detector. Detectors may be grouped together
                  in zones, and represented by a zone map thus allowing
                  alarms and faults to be quickly and easily located.
                  SenseNET has the ability to scan all detectors on the
                  communications bus and read configuration settings. This

                  feature is called SiteScan™. To facilitate installation and

                  commissioning global changes may be executed over the
                  SenseNET communications bus.
                  Detector to detector communication uses standard RS485
                  protocol. Maximum distance between detectors is 1.2
                  The proprietary SenseNET operates on a dedicated
                  communications bus. Apart from the Control Unit and
                  Command Module, other devices can also operate and
                                                                                                               Contact Monitor
                  communicate on this communications bus. These devices
                  1. Contact Monitor – Ideal for alarm and fault status
                     of third party products to be monitored. The Contact
                     Monitor can accommodate four (4 ) alarm, fault and two
                     (2) additional inputs
                  2. Remote Display Unit (RDU) – The bar graph (10 levels)
                     and smoke levels (6 levels expressed as obscuration/
                     metre) of a FastSense detector can be remotely displayed
                     using the RDU. Fire, Pre-Alarm, Auxiliary and Fault status
                     are also displayed.

                                                                                                        Remote Display Unit 9”
                                                                                                   (shown mounted in a wall enclosure)

                                                                                      Order Code   Description
                                                                                      230-0031	    SenseNET		control	unit	c/w	power	supply	   	
                                                                                      230-0032	    SenseNET		contact	monitor	                 	
                                                                                      230-0033	    SenseNET		software	cd	+	dongle	            	
                                                                                      230-0034	    SenseNET		remote	display	Unit	19”	board	   	
                                                                                      230-0035	    SenseNET		remote	display	relay	board	      	
                                                                                      230-0036	    SenseNET		single	rdU	wall	enclosure	       	

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High Sensitivity Detection System
FastSense                   TM
                                  (cont.)                                                                   Ancillary Devices

FastSense™ Apollo Protocol Interface Card

 F e a t u r es
 •	   The	apollo	Protocol	interface	card	(aPic)	provides	the	interface	between	the	
      FastSense	detector	and	the	ampac	FireFinder™	Fire	alarm	control	Panel	(FacP).
 •	   Only	one	(1)	aPic	is	required	in	a	stand-alone	or	networked	FastSense	configuration.
 •	   Up	to	126	networked	FastSense detectors	can	be	interfaced	with	the	FacP	through	
      the	use	of	the	aPic.	The	operator	has	control;	and	can	interrogate	the	status	of	each	
 •	   Two	(2)	sets	of	8-way	diP	switches	provide	the	facilities	for	correct	addressing.	
 •	   Power	to	the	aPic	is	derived	from	the	host	FastSense	detector	via	interconnecting	
      ribbon	cable.
 Order Code

                                                                             REFER TO DATA SHEET: PDS230-00

FastSense™ Air Heater Box

 F e a t u r es

                                                                                                                                FIRE DETECTORS
                                                              Voltage	             230	Vac

                                                                                                                                  AND DEVICES
                                                              Quiescent	current	   1	amp
 •	   The	FastSense air	Heater	Box	should	be	                 dimension	           265H	x		138W	x	160d	mm
      used	in	applications	where	the	ambient	                 Weight	              3.2	kg
      temperature	is	below	0°	centigrade.
 •	   The	air	heater	box	warms	the	sampled	air	
      before	it	arrives	to	the	FastSense detector	
      thus	minimising	the	problems	with	surface	
      condensation	and	ensuring	components	are	
      operating	within	the	specified	temperature	
 Order Code

FastSense™ Wire Burn / overload Unit

 F e a t u r es                                               Voltage	             230	Vac
                                                              Quiescent	current	   1	amp
 •	   The	Wire	Burn	/	Overload	Unit	is	used	to	               dimension	           115H	x		145W	x	22d	mm
      provide	a	consistent	method	of	testing	the	             Weight	              4	kg
      FastSense detector.
 •	   special	wire	(230-0045)	should	be	used	in	
      conjunction	with	the	Wire	Burn	/	Overload	
      Unit	to	ensure	consistent	smoke	source	
      when	testing	the	FastSense detector.

 Order Code      Description
 230-0044	       FastSense Wire	Overload/Burn	Unit
 230-0045	       FastSense 100m	wire	for	Burn	Unit

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                 High Sensitivity Detection System
                 FastSense                   TM
                                                   (cont.)                                                    Fittings


                  F e a t u r es
                  The	FastSense TM detectors	are	complemented	by	a	range	of	
                  light	grey	fittings	intended	to	ensure	that	the	system	will	suit	
                  most	applications.	‘The	clever	alternative’	extends	beyond	the	
                  detectors	and	includes	fittings	with	unique	features.	These	
                  features	include:
                  •	 Pipes,	printed	with	red	markings,	have	‘bell’	ends	for	easy	             230-00           230-002       230-003
                       fit	to	the	next	pipe,	thus	saving	time	and	material	(less	need	
                       for	coupling	for	pipe	joins).
                  •	 T-piece	is	available	with	friction	or	lock	fitting.
                  •	 The	friction	fit	sampling	points	are	aesthetically	designed	
                       and	have	an	easy	fit	‘finger	twist’	lock	nut.
                  •	 resilient	snap-on	conduit	saddle	clips	and	collars,	are	a	               230-005           230-00       230-00 
                       boon	for	installers.
                  •	 sampling	kits	are	available	with	either	friction	or	locking	T-
                       Piece	and	also	includes	a	one	(1)	metre	sampling	tube	and	
                       sampling	point.
                  •	 sampling	pipe	plug	available	for	extending	sampling	point	
                       whilst	being	unobtrusive.                                              230-00           230-00       ENC 4 5 -A
                  Order Code      Product
                  FASTSENSE GREY FITTINGS – 25MM
                  230-0061	   Pipe	(4	metre	length)
                  230-0062	   Pipe	coupling	–	standard

                                                                                             ENC 45-A          230-002       230-003

                  230-0063	   Pipe	coupling	iP65	“Press	Fit”
                  230-0065	   small	90°	bend	–	standard
                  230-0066	   small	90°	bend	iP65	“Press	Fit”
                  230-0067	   large	90°	bend	–	standard
                  230-0068	   end	cap	25mm
                  230-0071	   socket	Union	(requires	2	x	eNc1457-a	adaptors)
                  eNc1457-a	  sleeve	adaptor	27–	25mm	Grey	Fastsense25/100                    230-004           230-005       230-022
                  eNc1458-a	  sleeve	adaptor	27–25mm	Black	Fastsense	PlUs
                  230-0088	   solvent	cement	–	250ml
                  230-0072	   Pipe	clip	-	saddle	type
                  230-0073	   Pipe	clip	-	collar	type
                  230-0074	   Pipe	clip	mounting	rail	(fits	up	to	4	pipes)
                  230-0075	   Pipe	clip	-	metal	ring	with	6mm	thread	
                                                                                              230-0099          ENC 4-A      230-009 5
                  230-0087	   Pipe	clip	stand	off	support	–	m8	x	60mm	stud                    230-000          ENC 40-A      230-009
                  230-0121	   sampling	Hole	Pipe	labels	–	200	per	roll
                  SAMPLING POINT KITS
                  230-0081	   sampling	Point	Kit	10mm	–	friction	fit
                  230-0082	   sampling	Point	Kit	10mm	–	locking
                  230-0083	   sampling	Point	Kit	8mm	-	friction	fit
                  230-0084	   sampling	Point	Kit	8mm	-	locking                                230-00          ENC4-A       230-0
                                                                                              230-002          ENC4-A       230-02
                  eNc1468-a	  sampling	Point	T	Piece	(friction	fit)	-10mm	tube                230-003                          230-03
                  230-0096	   lock	Fitting	for	eNc1468-a	–		10mm	tube                         230-004                          230-00 4
                  eNc1470-a	  sampling	Point	T	Piece	(friction	fit)	-	8mm	tube
                  230-0095	   lock	Fitting	for	eNc1470-a	–	8mm	tube
                  230-0111	   Tube	–	10mm	(1metre	length)	natural                                                    LAB 549
                  230-0112	   Tube	–	10mm	(100	metre	roll)	natural
                  230-0113	   Tube	–	8mm	(1metre	length)	natural
                  230-0114	   Tube	–	8mm	(100	metre	roll)	natural
                  eNc1466-a	  sampling	Point	Head	(friction	fit)	-	10mm	tube
                  eNc1467-a	  sampling	Point	Head	(friction	fit)	-	8mm	tube
                  laB1549	    sampling	Point	labels	“red”
                  230-0099	   sampling	Point	Bulkhead	Fitting	-	10mm	tube
                  230-0100	   sampling	Point	Bulkhead	Fitting	-	8mm	tube
                  eNc1451-a	  sampling	Point	Plug	for	Bulkhead	Fitting
                  eNc1452-a	  sampling	Point	Plug	-	10mm	tube
                  eNc1453-a	  sampling	Point	Plug	-	8mm	tube

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