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					                        Windsor Minor
                      Hockey Association
                                  Player – Coach Contract
As a Player, I agree to:

1.   Always play by the rules.
2.   Never argue with an official. I will let my Coach or Team Captain handle it.
3.   Play for the fun of the game. Winning or losing is only part of the game.
4.   Work at all times on doing my personal best.
5.   Show appreciation for good plays, even when it’s by my opponents.
6.   Control my temper and not be a showoff.
7.   Play fair at all times.

As a Coach, I agree to:

1. Always treat my players with respect and to lead by example of fair play.
2. Ensure that each Player has an equal opportunity to play.
3. Provide Players with an environment that will encourage them to improve
   their level of play.
4. Teach Players the value of good sportsmanship and stress it in practices and
5. Ensure that at the end of the season, the true measure of success will not be
   the collection of awards or trophies, but in the friendships made and the fun
   they will have had.

Wishing us both a successful season:

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COA-09                                                                    May 2006
                           Windsor Minor Hockey Association