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					Vero Construction and Engineering

Expert knowledge and innovative delivery
       Vero Construction and Engineering
Construction                                           Engineering                                 Surety bonds
Contract Works and Legal Liability                     Engineering Machinery Breakdown,            Vero offers a range of commercial
Contract Works and Legal Liability                     Boiler Explosion and Computer               and contract bonds products. Managed
provides comprehensive cover for most                  Insurance                                   by Vero Construction and Engineering,
construction risks.                                                                                surety bonds are underwritten by
                                                       Our engineering products provide cover      our specialist underwriting agency
                                                       for most machinery, boiler and computer     - AP Surety (a Suncorp company).
We deal with annual or single project
                                                       installations.                              Established in 1994, AP Surety
policies for builders, contractors or
principals covering:                                                                               specialises in construction contract
                                                       We protect plant against damage caused
                                                                                                   bonding in Australia and New Zealand.
                                                       by mechanical, electrical or electronic
▼   construction of buildings and
                                                       failure and explosion. Extensions           The range of contract and commercial
    other structures
                                                       available include:                          bonds available include:
▼   erection and installation of                       ▼   business interruption                     bid bonds
    machinery, plant and equipment                                                                 ▼

                                                       ▼   deterioration of refrigerated           ▼ performance bonds
▼   dry and wet civil works
                                                           goods following insured damage          ▼ maintenance bonds
▼   legal liability                                                                                ▼ advance payment bonds
                                                       ▼   media restoration
▼   advanced loss of profits                                                                       ▼ retention release bonds
                                                       ▼   increased cost of working.              ▼ off-site materials bonds.
▼   advanced loss of rental
▼   delay in start up
                                                       Contractors Plant and Equipment             Bond wording can also be tailored to suit
▼   holding costs and standing                                                                     specific contracts.
                                                       Vero Construction and Engineering
                                                       Contractors’ Plant and Equipment policy
                                                       provides cover for damage to plant and      Making life simpler
Alliance Contracting Risks                             equipment, and up to $30m cover for         For information on our online quote and
Alliance Wrap                                          road risk liability.                        bind facilities visit
                                                       Benefits include:                 
Vero Construction and Engineering’s
Alliance Wrap addresses the unique risks               ▼ escalation in the value of plant during
associated with the alliance contract                    the policy period
delivery mechanism, by providing                       ▼ transportation of damaged plant

Professional Indemnity, Material                         costs
Damage and Legal Liability covers.                     ▼ removal of debris

                                                       ▼ costs for expediting repairs
This approach to risk transfer removes
                                                       ▼ lease payout protection.
the requirement for a third party
compensation demand to trigger the
policy. Instead, the alliance can make
a claim on the policy resulting from a
professional services error, without the
need for a third party demand.

Vero Construction and Engineering is a division of Vero Insurance Limited
ABN 48 005 297 807

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