Air Force Declassification Office (AFDO)

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					       Air Force Declassification
                   Office (AFDO)

Air Force Declassification Office (AFDO)
      Ms. Linda Smith – Director

    Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                  The Overview

 Mission/Goals/Organization
 AFDO Product/Deliverables
 Life Cycle Management/Processes
       Retrieval and review
       Quality Control
   Progress toward 31 December 06 deadline
   Public Interest Initiatives
   Building Blocks to the Future

             Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                        Mission & Goals
 Ensure EO 12958, as amended, ―Classified National Security Information‖
Section 3.3, is implemented
 Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO)—Directive No. 1—sets information
security requirements
     Review Air Force originated information determined permanently valuable
    and 25 years old, or older (rolling review)
     Respond to mandatory reviews, Congressional searches, and Freedom of
    Information Act Request, as requested
     Pre – 1982 ―permanently valuable‖ records - Dec 31 2006, or they will be
    automatically declassified
       Review referrals from other government agencies (OGA’s)
       Determine appropriate decisions – Pass/Fail
Represent Secretary of the Air Force Senior Security Official on declassification
working groups (External Referral Working Group, Automated working Group)
DoD 5200.1R, ―Info Security Program,‖ and Air Force Instruction 31-401: Air
Force Declassification Plan

                  Integrity - Service - Excellence
                          AF Security Enterprise

      Air Force Security Enterprise           A1- Manpower
                                              A2 – Intelligence*
     Secretary AF (SAF)     Chief of Staff    A3 – Air, Space and
         Mr. Wynne          Gen Moseley       Information Ops
                                              A4 – Logistics
           SAF/AA              A7S            A5 – Plans
         Mr. Davidson         Security
                                              A6 – Communications
                                              A7 – Installations &
             AFDO               A7SI
                                              Mission Support
            L. Smith
                                              A8 – Strategic Plans
                                              and Programs
*Coordination                                 A9 – Analyses, Lessons

                Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                  The AFDO Process

Retrieve                                         No
25 yrs                          Authority?
AF Record
                                         Yes   Exclude
                                Review         d

                Yes               AF
Remain                         Exemption?
             No other                          Other Agency
             agency equities            No     Equities

Declassify                                          Refer

         Integrity - Service - Excellence
          Retrieve – Requires Life Cycle
          Management Processes

                     RECORD             Federal RECORD
RECORD   USER      RECORDS Centers      Records Center
                   Transfer             (Storage)



          Integrity - Service - Excellence
                 Retrieve – Where’s the
Records -- include all books, papers, maps,
photographs, machine-readable materials, or other
documentary materials, regardless of physical
form or characteristics, made or received by an
agency of the United States Government under
Federal law or in connection with the transaction
of public business and preserved or appropriate
for preservation by that agency or its legitimate
successor as evidence of the organization, functions,
policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other
activities of the Government or because of the
informational value of the data in them (44 U.S.C.

        Integrity - Service - Excellence
              Retrieving & Review Tools

   INFORM Report – Federal Record Centers
   Multiple Listing Registry – National Archives
   Information Retrieval Indexing System – IRIS at
    AF Historical Research Agency
   Document Declassification Support System
   National Archives Declassification, Review and
    Redaction System (ADRRES)

           Integrity - Service - Excellence
                              Air Force Repositories

National Archives II
Washington National Records

                                   Air Force Historical Research Agency, Maxwell
                                   AFB, Alabama

RG 340 – Secretariat                   RG 342 – Field Activities –
                                       MAJCOM/Base Histories
RG 341 – Air Staff

                Integrity - Service - Excellence
Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                  Process – Review
                             To Identify Exemptions

   25X1: Intelligence sources and methods (SC & MT)
   25X2: Use of weapons of mass destruction
   25X3: Impair cryptologic systems or activities
   25X4: Impair the application of state-of-the-art technology
   25X5: Actual U.S. military war plans that remain in effect
   25X6: Foreign government information that demonstrably impairs
    relations with other countries
   25X7: Protection of President/Vice-President etc
   25X8: Emergency preparedness plans or reveal current vulnerabilities or
    systems, installations, infrastructures, or projects relating to national
   25X9: Violate a statute, treaty, or international agreement

                Integrity - Service - Excellence
                        Quality Control Process
   Three tier review
      Real-time automated feedback loop to reviewer/supervisor if errors in
      ―Hands-On‖ document application and automated standardization
      Full-time training officer (senior reviewer)
   Air Force partnerships with other government agencies for equity
    recognition training
      Full-time Training Officer: interagency training and equity recognition
      Host annual ―Equity Recognition‖ declassification
      2007 will co-host with NARA
      Host an interagency classified/unclassified Community of Practice
       (CoP) website
   Routine inspections: ISOO/Department of Energy (DOE), Air
    Force Information Security Office and Air Force ―Eagle Look‖

               Integrity - Service - Excellence
         Progress: Production 1995-
            2006 (millions of pages)

                                  Total Declassified
8.52                              Total Exempted
                                  Total Excluded
                                  Total Referred


       Integrity - Service - Excellence
                Public Interest Initiatives

   Southeast Asia records declassification – AF
    Historical Research Agency – 10 mil pages
   Gulf War Records ―Illness Syndrome‖ Reviews –
    2 million pages
   Roswell Incident study – 1994
   Cuban Missile Crisis
   SAC Histories
   Other

   AFDO historian – Mr. Michael Binder

           Integrity - Service - Excellence
            Building Blocks to the Future

   Institutionalization – The seamless integration of life cycle
    management and training: Records Management –
    Integrated Process Team underway
   Credibility – The acceptance of training for the benefits and
    values it provides – needs Commander emphasis
   Education and Awareness – Instruction of declassification
    management program requirements and benefits, and their
    responsibilities. See
   Training – The providing of necessary training and skills
    development to staff at all levels
   Communications – All of us: security, warfighters, public
    affairs, historians and records managers are our outreach.
Source: Dept of Energy Records Management Program: Aug 95

               Integrity - Service - Excellence

Secure                                          Release
 Yes                                             Yes

            Air Force Declassification Office
                Ms. Linda Smith - Director

          Integrity - Service - Excellence