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considered,” it adds. “Developed coun-       • The revision of guidelines on human      noses of cancer per year will almost
tries should, to the extent possible, pro-     organ and tissue transplantation to      double by 2030 (from 12.7 million
vide technical and financial assistance        include two new principles. “The         cases in 2008 to 21.4 million). Like-
to developing countries and countries          first improves safety, quality and       wise, the number of cancer-related
with economies in transition aimed at          efficacy of both donation and trans-     deaths is projected to jump from 7.6
strengthening health systems, including        plantation procedures — as well as       million to 13.2 million.
health personnel development.”                 the human materials used. The sec-          Taking into account that developing
    But the code quickly notes that the        ond increases transparency, while        nations are growing more rapidly and
right of health workers to migrate is          ensuring the protection of the           aging more dramatically, the Interna-
inviolate. “Member States should take          anonymity and privacy of donors          tional Agency for Research on Cancer
into account the right to the highest          and recipients.” — Emily Panetta,        expects the trend toward higher rates of
attainable standard of health of popula-       Ottawa, Ont.                             cancer in the developing world to con-
tions in source countries, individual                                                   tinue.
rights of health personnel to leave any                                                    Wild said the statistics currently pro-
country in accordance with applicable        Cancer becoming more com-                  vide the most accurate view of the
laws, in order to mitigate the negative      mon in developing world,                   “global cancer burden” and will “form a
effects and maximize the positive            WHO says                                   vital foundation to future responses to
effects of migration on the health sys-                                                 the UN resolution on noncommunicable
tems of the source countries. However,                                                  diseases.” — Elyse Skura, Ottawa, Ont.

nothing in this Code should be inter-                he incidence of cancer in the
preted as limiting the freedom of                    developing world is rising,
health personnel, in accordance with                 according to new data from the
                                                                                        Reducing alcohol-related
applicable laws, to migrate to countries     World Health Organization (WHO
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