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					The New Statesman is the weekly current       decision-makers. We are also reaching out
affairs magazine for the politically,         beyond this market, identifying and
environmentally and socially engaged. Our     capturing the thoughtful but passionate
readers are people who actively make a        new readership that has deserted much of
difference, not mere spectators!              the daily media.

Advertising in the New Statesman puts your    Founded in 1913, the magazine has always
message in front of strong-minded people      changed with the times, while keeping true
who enjoy debate and appreciate a             to its traditions. Now we are taking a giant
convincing argument. New Statesman            leap forward with an evolution in design
readers choose the magazine for hard-         and content that breaks new boundaries in
hitting and provocative content, wit and      the current affairs market.
                                              The New Statesman, a treat for the mind
We have a core readership of opinion-         and eye that readers opt for week after
formers and influential figures from the      week.
public, private, voluntary and academic
sectors. High achievers, they are             Be part of our evolution, don’t just
commercially astute and publicly minded       spectate.

“Think.                “Never afraid to       “The New                 “The New Statesman
Read New               speak out on the       Statesman...             is foreplay for
Statesman.             issues that matter.”   the magazine more        the intellect.”
Think again.”          Kate Allen, Amnesty    likely to be found       Julian Clary
Rory Bremner           International UK       on ministerial
                       Director               coffee tables.”
                                              The Observer
Readership analysis
Active, successful and informed…
● 62% earn more than £50k per annum
● 24% earn more than £75k per annum
● 8 out of 10 have a Bachelor degree or higher
● 74:26 male:female
● 76% own a house with a value greater than £120k
● 75% fly up to 8 times a year for business or pleasure
● 24% hold an elected position

Powerful decision-makers and opinion formers…

Influence                                        Politics
Over three-quarters of our entire                More than half our readers are members
readership are either professionally             of a political party:
qualified or work in senior management.
                                                 63% are involved in political affairs
They have achieved positions of influence        including local politics
and power within the following sectors:
                                                 22% are active in policy development
Public 45%
Corporate 47%                                    79% take part in political debate on a
Voluntary 8%                                     regular basis

Sophisticated, discerning and loyal…
Lifestyle                                        Reading
Our readers have expressed a strong           ● The average reader spends almost
interest in the following areas:                2 hours per week reading every issue
                                              ● Over 88% read the magazine
Leisure activities 95%                          every week
Literature 86%                                ● Two-thirds have been reading the
Purchasing original works of art 25%            New Statesman for over 5 years
                                              ● Total pass on readership of 60,000
9 out of 10 readers attend the theatre,         each week
opera, classical concerts and art events at   ● 39% were introduced to the magazine
least once a month                              through personal recommendation
Source: Readership survey 2006
Advertising rates
Standard positions
                DPS         Full page    Half page       Third page   Quarter page Sixth page Eighth page
Four colour     £5060       £2640        £1386           £1012        £760         £510       £390

Special positions
                Cover sites          Cover DPS                First rhp                Solus site (Eighth page)
Four colour     £4290                £6070                    £2900                    £450

Classified rates
                Full page            Half page                Quarter page             Eighth page
Four colour     £2585                £1375                    £760                     £390

Single column cm £35, min 3cm
Events listings: £30 per standard listing, max 50 words, plus £20 for coloured box or logo.

                Subscribers                                   News stand
                Under 10g           Over 10g                  Under 10g                Over 10g
Loose           £50 per '000        £55 per '000              £44 per '000             £48 per '000
Bound-in        £75 per '000        £80 per '000              £75 per '000             £80 per '000

Mechanical specifications (display)
                              Type area: width x depth                                 Type area: width x depth
Double page spread            436mm x 258mm                Quarter page (vertical)     83mm x 127mm
Half Page DPS                 436mm x 127mm                Arts and books sizes
Full page                     206mm x 258mm                Third page (vertical)       66mm x 258mm
Half page (horizontal)        206mm x 127mm                Quarter page (horizontal)   136mm x 98mm
Half page (vertical)          83mm x 258mm                 Sixth page (vertical)       66mm x 127mm
Third page (horizontal)       206mm x 83mm                 Twelfth page                66mm x 61mm
Eighth page                   83mm x 61mm

Mechanical specifications (classified)
                              Column widths                                            Standard sizes
1 column                      48mm                         Full page                   206mm x 240mm
2 column                      101mm                        Half page (horizontal)      206mm x 117mm
3 column                      153mm                        Half page (vertical)        101mm x 240mm
4 column                      206mm                        Quarter page                101mm x 117mm

Advertising contacts
Richard Rowe Tel: 020 7881 5657 e-mail:
Jonathan Gerlis Tel: 020 7881 5651 e-mail:
Leon Parks (Production) Tel: 020 7881 5679 e-mail:

Agency commission: 10% (rates exclusive of VAT)
Cancellation: 30 days before the closing date