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									                2005 Annual Report

                          Level 1 - 301 Brunswick St
PO Box 731 Fortitude Valley QLD 4006 Phone 07 2357 2211 Fax 07 3257 2311
Vendran Knezevic
                      CONTACT Inc was formed as                    framed in peace-building language.
                      an incorporated association                  The underpinning artistic direction of
Image credit – Leva
                      in 1989 called CONTACT Youth                 the company is stimulated via cross-
                      Theatre, a company driven by a               cultural and cross art-form contexts and
                      philosophy and practice based                philosophies, and is firmly grounded
                      on the social justice principles             in CONTACT Inc’s Third Place Policy.
                      of access and equity.                        The Third Place Policy was initiated by
                                                                   CONTACT Inc in 1990 and has become
                      The company’s primary focus was on           pivotal to the work of CONTACT Inc.
                      supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait
                      Islander young people as participants        CONTACT Inc has a strong history of
                      in a youth theatre context. During the       delivering high quality productions
                      first few years of operation CONTACT          and outcomes over the past 16
                      Inc experienced strong community             years. CONTACT Inc will continue
                      demand for inclusion of young people         to build on this success to deliver
                      from culturally and linguistically diverse   innovative cross-cultural and cross-
                      backgrounds. Addressing issues of            artform products with young people,
                      racism and cultural conflict was a            particularly from Aboriginal, Torres
                      priority for these communities. At the       Strait Islander, Polynesian and refugee
                      same time CONTACT Inc also began             and migrant communities. In the past
                      experimenting with various art forms to      few years CONTACT Inc has shifted
                      meet the cultural and artistic needs of      to framing this work in a PEACE-
                      young people and their communities.          BUILDING context, which represents
                                                                   a strategic and exciting move for
                      In 1996 the company formally shifted its     CONTACT Inc and will ensure the
                      focus to a broader cross art-form focus      company retains its position as an
                      on youth arts and cultural development.      innovative and relevant community
                      This resulted in the company changing        cultural development organisation.
                      its name to CONTACT Inc – Youth
                      Arts and Cultural Development. The
                      ethos of social justice remains a corner
                      stone of CONTACT Inc, which is now
Chair ........................................................... Lenine Bourke
Treasurer ................................................... Michael Fenech
Members .................................................... Stephanie Daveson (until Nov 2005)
...................................................................... James Muller
...................................................................... Ally Wakefield
...................................................................... Sandra Fields (until October 2005)
...................................................................... Sandra Gattenhof (until July 2005)

Artistic Director ....................................... Zoe Scrogings
Artistic Director ...................................... Kara Beavis (until March 2005)
General Manager ................................... Debra York
General Manager/secretary ................. Katie Walters (until March 2005)
Program Support Officer ...................... Bianca Gilchrist
Project Officer ......................................... Leah Copedo (until July 2005)
Program Coordinator South West ...... Karrina Nolan
Administration ........................................ Cassidy Watts (until April 2005)

Acting Artistic Director ........................ James Muller (April & July 2005)
Acting General Manager ....................... Sunny Drake (April 2005)
Conducted                                     Appeared in the following media                Researched
78 Workshops in the following projects:       • 4ZzZ community radio Birthday                •   peace building theory and practice
•   Murri HIP – Inala Dreaming                    Celebrations                                   as part of The Peace Initiative Model
    with a Backflip                            •   Free Riders & Mild Tace Live to Air Sets       Development
•   Refugee HIP at Yeronga SHS                •   Bianca, Zoe & Queenie Co-Host segment
•   The Peace Initiative                      •   James interview about Contact and The      Partnered with
    ‘Symphony of Survival’                        Peace initiative
                                                                                             Vulcana Women’s Circus, Inala Wangara,
•   Yeronga SHS Multicultural Day workshop    •   National TV segment on Toasted TV,
                                                                                             Kooemba Djarra, Access Arts, The Annex,
•   Hip Hop workshops around                      Channel 10 – Mild Tace
                                                                                             Inala Community, Brisbane Powerhouse,
    Brisbane featuring the                                                                   QPASTT, Mt Gravatt PCYC, Brisbane Youth
    Laydeez Love Hip Hop Crew                 Published in                                   Service, Albert Park Flexi Service, Transit
•   Arts and skills development               •   Lowdown article titled                     Lounge, Youth Arts Queensland, Visible Ink
    workshops as part of the                      ‘Symphony of Survival’                     Valley, SpeakOut, Sunnybank Scout Hall,
    Troupe program                            •   Asia Pacific Journal of Performance         Brisbane City Council, Stylin Up Community
                                                  Studies article written by DR Mary Ann     Crew, BEMAC, Yeronga SHS and the
Participated in                                   Hunter featuring discussion on Contact     Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict
•   Team Impact – Youth Management                Inc’s work titled ‘Of Peacebuilding and    Studies UQ
    Team, planning and contributing to            Performance: Contact Inc’s ‘third space’
    the youth ‘stream’ of Ignition 05             of intercultural collaboration’            Employed
    Symposium                                                                                4 people on a permanent basis 1 person
•   Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict   Presented at                                   on CDEP 34 artsworkers on a project basis,
    Studies, University of Queensland, two                                                   of whom
                                              •   Ignition 05 Community Development
    day think tank exploring the
                                                  and Youth Arts Symposium –                 •   3 were from Torres Strait Islander
    intersections between art, culture and
                                                  QCAN / YAQ                                     backgrounds
    peace-building for PeaceMAP – (Peace
                                              •   ‘Backing Our creativity’ - National Arts   •   3 were from Aboriginal backgrounds
    through Music Art & Poetry)
                                                  and Education Symposium Melbourne          •   6 were from Polynesian backgrounds
•   Community Partnerships Scoping Study
                                                  - Third Place Poster Presentation          •   1 has a Sudanese background
    QLD working group
•   NACA – National Arts and                                                                 •   1 was from Non-English Speaking
    Cultural Alliance                         Attended                                           background
                                              •   Transformations Culture and the
                                                                                             10 of these were emerging artsworkers
Produced                                          Environment in Human Development,
•   The Troupe – F-Squad 3 track CD
                                              •   Risk Management for Artsworkers            Received funding from
•   Symphony of Survival CD/DVD
                                                  training course                            Arts Queensland
•   Murri Hip DVD
                                              •   Fuel For Arts - Leading Voices 'Not for    Australia Council for the Arts
•   The Girls Group DVD
                                                  the Likes of You' workshop                 Brisbane City Council
•   Contact Inc Promo
                                                                                             Australia Council for the Arts Theatre Board
                                              Had an Audience of over 10,000                 UNESCO
Performed at
•   Stylin Up                                 Supervised                                     And continued
•   NAIDOC week                                                                              to grow peace with young people and their
                                              •   A CDEP job placement
•   Bungo the Money God –                                                                    communities by providing spaces where
                                              •   3 volunteers
    Brisbane Powerhouse                                                                      cultures can safely and meaningfully meet.
•   BEMAC Harvest Festival
•   Ignition 05 Symposium, CCD &
    Youth Arts by QCAN & YAQ
•   4ZzZ Birthday Celebrations
Image credit – Vincent Long

                              What a massive year of transitions for Contact Inc! When
                              transitions occur it is a good time for reflection and
                              consolidation and that's what happened in 2005.
                              There were some major staff changes as we said goodbye to Kara Beavis as Artistic
                              Director. I would like to thank Kara for her energy, commitment and long term love
                              of Contact Inc and wish her well in her future career directions. We welcomed Zoe
                              Scrogings to the position, who has a long history of working in community cultural
                              development and with young people. We look forward to seeing her vision merge
                              with Contact Inc's new directions.

                              We also farewelled our previous General Manager Katie Walters, who had been
                              with Contact Inc for 4 years and we would like to thank her for her commitment
                              and ongoing support of the organisation. We look forward to seeing where her
                              career takes her in the future. We welcomed Debra York to the position of General
                              Manager, who had previously been at the Beenleigh Neighbourhood Centre, and
                              has worked across a number of agencies in business and administration roles.

                              During this time James Muller (a Contact Inc arts worker and Co-director of Earth
                              Base Productions) and Sunny Drake (Former AD of Propel Arts in WA) joined the
                              team as interim staff to get us over the transition hurdle. We hugely thank them
                              for jumping in head first to support Contact Inc and for their great skills in doing
                              anything when it needed to be done.

                              continued over page.
Project worker, Leah Copedo had to leave the team to have her second child and
continue her journey with her family. We thank her for her long term work with
the Peace Initiative and her commitment to Contact Inc and wish her all the best.
More recently Karrina Nolan, joined the team and has a background in community
development, activism and music - welcome.

We also said goodbye this year to Selina Toleafoa who had been a long-term member
of the Peace Initiative in Sunnybank, we wish her well on her future endeavours
– stay in touch! Also thank-you to Cassidy Watts who finsished her CDEP placement
with Contact, we wish her all the best with her new plans and hope to see her
continue as an artsworker.

And during all these changes, Bianca Gilchrist stayed a stable base as our Program
Support Officer – we couldn't have done it without you!

Breathe! Now you see why the heading is in capitals and bold.

We also had some management committee changes in 2005. We said goodbye to
Stephanie Daveson, after 5 years on the committee, and thank her for her dedication
and ability to play a number of roles for the organisation. Jonathon Cheyne joined the
committee bringing legal skills and enthusiasm for our work. We also said goodbye
to Sandra Gattenhoff and Sandra Fields, but both remain connected as Contact
friends and volunteers for various new initiatives – thank you both for your energy
and contributions. Finally, Ally Wakefield joined the committee she has worked
in partnership with Contact Inc through her work at QPASTT and on The Peace
Initiative for several years. Michael Fenech, an accountant, is our new treasurer, and
is keen to more fully understand all of our acronyms!

Ok, you get the picture about staff and committee - so now about the work!

The fantastic thing that occurred last year was that our multi year funding from
Australia Council and Arts Queensland was approved!!! The two tiers of government
funded our new business plan, which streamlines our work in peace building and
arts and cultural development, into a three-part program. This program grew out
of reflection on the company's 15 years history in CCD and 5 year history in strong
peace building practice. This work will also focus in three distinct communities
Sunnybank, Inala and Ipswich and continue to be documented and strengthen as a
cultural practice to share with others.

As you can see Contact has been through some massive transitions, and it is a
testament to all those who have played a part – good work team! The fact is we
are standing here today in a strong position because of these changes. I have the
feeling as things are stabilising – that some truly amazing work will grow out of this
culturally rich and vibrant space.

As Chair I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who have
given time, energy, ideas and inspiration to Contact Inc over the last year, and we
look forward to continuing our work into the future.

Lenine Bourke
Image credit –Zoe Scrogings

                              'Power to the people who wanna make a
                              difference – we've got faith in freedom and
                              we're striving to survive' lyrics from Symphony Of Survival.
                              2005 was encapsulated in the title of The Peace Initiative DVD/CD 'Symphony of
                              Survival'. As an organisation Contact Inc triumphed in the face of some significant
                              challenges. In particular the axing of the Community Cultural Development Board
                              and New Media Board of the Australia Council for the Arts, sent shockwaves
                              throughout the community cultural development (CCD) sector both at a National
                              and International level.

                              The changes proposed by the council indeed ignited the sector to come together as
                              a consolidated force, stepping forward to have 'our voice heard'. The consolidated
                              front formed under the banner of NACA – National Arts and Culture Alliance made
                              great progress in advocating for the value of CCD resulting in a national Scoping
                              Study into the depth, breadth and sustainability of CCD practice in Australia to be
                              conducted in 2006.

                              continued over page.
This set the tone for the coming year, especially in the process of developing our
2006 – 2008 Business Plan. Facilitated by Sunny Drake the plan was developed
from information, visions and strategies formulated during seven planning sessions
and various meetings involving Contact Inc committee members, staff, arts workers,
young program participants, industry and community partners and funding bodies.
Approximately 100 people were involved including 60 young people. The input of
key Contact Inc interest holders has been essential in ensuring the business plan
reflects the aspirations of those it will impact upon.

An outstanding team effort saw our success in receiving Triennial Funding from The
Australia Council for the Arts and Arts Qld for 2006 – 2008! A heart-felt thank-you to
all of our stakeholders who supported us in this process. A special acknowledgement
must go to Sunny Drake who provided so much passion, energy and skill in this

Our work in communities continued in Inala, with a substantial arts and cultural
development partnership between the Inala community, Inala Wangara, Stylin Up,
Vulcana Women's Circus, Kooemba Djarra and Access Arts called Inala Dreaming
with a Backflip. The yearlong workshop process with young people included
performances at Stylin Up and NAIDOC week leading into a large-scale production at
the Brisbane Powerhouse in December. Inspired by an urban dreaming story written
by Uncle Herb Wharton the performance - 'Bungo the Money God' was a unique
fusion of circus, dance, storytelling, physical theatre, music and design.

The Peace Initiative in Sunnybank continued into its third year, focusing on skills
development for emerging arts and cultural workers who teamed up with professional
artists in the delivery of the workshop program. Over 45 young people from diverse
cultural backgrounds collaborated each Wednesday afternoon from 4-6pm at the
Sunnybank Scout Hall. The outcome was - 'Symphony of Survival' a DVD/CD that
was launched over two spectacular evenings at the Brisbane Powerhouse in July.

We also embarked on Phase 1 of The Peace Initiative Model Development that
consisted of research, consultation and documentation of the learning's from The
Peace Initiative over the past 3 years. The outcome is a paper, which begins to articulate
Contact Inc's model of practice within a peace-building framework. The process has
been instrumental in developing our newest partnership with The Australian Centre
for Peace and Conflict Studies – University of QLD. We are excited and pleased to
have this connection and look forward to deepening our relationship.

This initial research has uncovered a deeper need to strategically expand upon our
local successes and vulnerabilities by broadening our practice to be aligned within
an International context. This is reflected in our exciting new goal area The Art Of
Peace-building in a Global Context.

Our partnership with QPASTT continued in the delivery of 16 weeks of workshops
with 10 young women from Sudanese backgrounds at Yeronga State High School.
Culminating in a DVD made by the young women in collaboration with Speakout,
exploring personal stories of journey to Australia and life back home.

Over several weekends in August the F-SQUAD a newly formed Hip Hop outfit
consisting of young men from Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Liberia and Sudan collaborated
with artsworker Luke O'Sullivan. The outcome was the production of a CD of 3
songs that explore the hopes and struggles the young men have in making a new
life in Australia. The F-SQUAD launched this CD at BEMAC (Brisbane Multi-cultural
arts Centre) - Harvest Festival and at the Ignition conference presented by QCAN and
Youth Arts QLD.

continued over page.
Contact Inc was proud to support a series of Hip Hop workshops around Brisbane
by the Ladies Love Hip Hop Crew from Melbourne featuring Brisbane's own and
familiar Contact artsworker Alana Smith.

It was also a wonderful year for professional development – Congratulations to
Queenie Pelesa for the successful production of her CD as part of Y.A.Q's Youth Arts
Mentoring Program. Congratulations to Debra York our newly appointed General
Manager who received a Scholarship to study at QUT where she will undertake a
Graduate Certificate in Business (Philanthropy and Non-profit Studies).

A huge thank-you to the Contact Inc Management Committee and in particular our
super Chair Lenine Bourke who's expertise and dedication to Contact Inc has been
instrumental in supporting Contact Inc to remain a dynamic and evolving presence.

Another huge thank-you also goes to the staff of Contact Inc, General Manager Debra
York and Program Officer Bianca Gilchrist have worked with dedication and care in
an often-challenging environment. Welcome to Karrina Nolan as Program Coordinator
South West and farewell to those who have gone on to new creative challenges;
Kara Beavis Artistic Director, Katie Walters – General Manager, Leah Copedo – Project
Coordinator, Cassidy Watts - Administration and Selina Tolefoa – Artsworker.

Acknowledgement and respect to our team of exceptional artsworkers including;
Tony Drew, Lisa Fa'alafi, Fez Fa'anana, Shaun Garland, Christian Griffiths, Aaron
Niumata, Julie Knox, Tane Matheson, James Muller, Gary Newton, Tom Ofanoa,
Luke O'Sullivan, Douggie Patrick, Queenie Pelesa, Leah Tilney, Selina Tolefoa, Moses
Tugun, Cassidy Watts, have made Contact Inc maintain it's place as a remarkable
youth arts and cultural development company.

Of course a big, thank-you to all of the amazing and talented young participants
and their families, who have provided enthusiasm, inspiration and ideas in making
Contact Inc strong, resiliant and true.

As newly appointed Artistic Director I am proud to continue to build upon the
innovative and visionary work of Contact Inc in the creation of spaces where cultures
can safely and meaningfully meet. Contact Inc is more than ever vital in today's
globalised world, it is our moral obligation to respect and value the unlimited
wisdom and wealth offered in our cultural diversity and creative expression of this.
A sentiment echoed in the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity and
Artistic Expression which is implicit in its imperative and conviction that peace can
best be guaranteed by inter-cultural dialogue – 'The cultural wealth of the world is
it's diversity in dialogue'

Viva La Contact!

Zoe Scrogings
Artistic Director
                                 Yeronga SHS Multicultural Day

                                 Celebrating the cultural diversity of it’s students, Yeronga SHS holds a Multicultural
                                 Day. In its second year, Frances Orford (Multicultural Day Coordinator) recognised
                                 Contact Inc as a leader in supporting cross-cultural harmony and invited us to hold
                                 a workshop for students to participate in. As Program Support Offer I coordinated
Image credit –Bianca Gilchrist   a team of emerging artsworkers Queenie Pelesa, Aaron Nuimata and Moses Tugen,
                                 to build a workshop that reflected the tone of the day. The emerging artsworker
                                 crew decided to hold music/hip hop workshop around the broader themes of

                                 The workshop began with the Peace Potion DVD playing as the 35 participants
                                 arrived generated a lot of excitement as many students recognised their friends
                                 and started feeling the ‘vibe’. To start the session off, emerging artsworkers Moses
                                 Tugen and Aaron Nuimata lead the students by asking them to start thinking about
                                 different ways of communicating through games. The large group was then split
                                 in two, where students developed lyrics around the theme of multiculturalism. The
                                 workshop generated a lot of interest in Contact Inc with the majority of participants
                                 asking to be put on the mailing list to receive formation about future projects.

                                 4ZzZ 30 year Birthday Celebrations

                                 Contact Inc participated in local community radio 4ZzZ’s 30 year birthday celebrations.
                                 We were involved by co-hosting a segment and had two crews – Mild Tace and Free
                                 Riders – perform live to air on the Slack Bastard Show.

                                 I coordinated the segments and picked up Mild Tace members Ejay and Arnold from
                                 Inala. On the way to the studio we were listening to 4ZzZ and the boys from Mild
                                 Tace got so excited when they heard Trace, the announcer, say that “Mild Tace were
                                 coming into the studio”. They were saying “I feel like such a star” and rang their
                                 family and friends telling them to tune in.

                                 Afterwards everyone was pumped up and kept asking “when can we do this again”.
                                 They had so much energy and were really grateful for the opportunity to participate
                                 in the 30 year birthday celebrations. We even got ‘fan e-mails’ from people who were
                                 listening and wanted to say it was rocking! And that “the young people sounded
                                 awesome, the messages conveyed were powerful, the energy was contagious
                                 - that’s what community radio should always be about. Good on you guys!”

                                 In peace
                                 Bianca Gilchrist
We all need a place       “CONTACT creates a sense of
                          multi-cultural warmth”
                                                                       projects is fulfilling enough, but then
                                                                       financially it just enables me to live and
to tell our stories.      Wade Schaare, artsworker (2005)
                                                                       to keep creating work for myself.”
                                                                       Fez, artsworker, The Peace
If we don’t have a        Before I started out with CONTACT Inc I
                                                                       Initiative (2005)

space, we will find a      was going through a really rough stage
                                                                       Well CONTACT Inc is important
                          in my life. At the time I felt isolated
way to do it, through     and at times not being able to speak         because I love to sing and when I
                          my mind. CONTACT Inc is really good          bring my big sister along it has made
whatever means are        in the way of providing a chance… to         mine and her friendship better”

available – illegal,      speak out about the issues of racism,
                          discrimination, crime and violence that
                                                                       Dana Dornbusch, participant,
                                                                       The Peace Initiative (2005)

dangerous…The need        takes place in their environment and the
                          surrounding neighbourhood. I thought         Basically, I came from a war zone, so
arises out of pure        being involved in something like this        I think its better when we have peace
                          would be silly at first. But after that
desperation. Sewing       first day I turned up to CONTACT and
                                                                       instead of war. So therefore I will
                                                                       stop at nothing to progress peace.
                          spat my first rhyme, it felt really good.
your lips together is a   Making music with meaning is what I          Participant The Peace Initiative (2005)

powerful expression       like doing. In the 2005 Peace Initiative
                          I became an artsworker helping to            It brings out our hidden talents. It
of one’s story.           promote and encourage peace.                 gives us the opportunity to show
                          Tom Ofanoa, artsworker, The                  what we are capable of doing.
Wesley Enoch a founding   Peace Initiative (2005)                      Participant The Peace Initiative (2005)
member of CONTACT Inc

                          It has really widened my way of              Power to the people who wanna
                          thinking. I guess it just challenges me      make a difference…We’ve got faith
                          to think, feel and see things differently.   and freedom …And we’re restrivin to
                          The whole experience was rewarding           survive… Make the best of what you
                          as we each learnt to respect each other      have…Cause you don’t know when
                          and what each of us has to offer...          your life will end … We’re all here
                          It’s not everyday you get a chance to        together and were strivin’ to survive
                          work with other people and through
                          the Peace Initiative workshop we were        Lyrics – Sympohny of survival
                          able to do that knowing we were just
                          one step closer to a peaceful world.         ‘we get feedback on what’s going on
                          Tracey, participant, The                     in the community, what’s needed to be
                          Peace Initiative (2005)                      done and what methods participants
                                                                       like to use to get their opinions and
                                                                       voice heard. Once the ‘idea process’
                          I started out as a participant about 10
                                                                       is over it then gets busy with the
                          years ago… in a small performance
                                                                       workshops to make the ideas happen.”
                          project. Since then I’ve developed as a
                          performer and CONTACT has supported          Selina – Artsworkers
                          my practice by employing me as an
                          artsworker and working with new
                          participants in projects… I’ve been an
                          artsworker with CONTACT for about 4
                          years… To engage young people easier
                          it’s valuable to have that experience
                          behind you and it not be so far away
                          from you… Just being able to do
                          these workshops and be part of these
Image credit – Zoe Scrogings

                               This collaborative project was between the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander
                               community in Inala and several of Brisbane’s leading arts and cultural development
                               companies. Vulcana Women’s Circus, Kooemba Jdarra and Contact Inc provided
                               workshops in partnership with Inala community organisations Inala Wangarra,
                               and The Annex (off campus facility of Glenala State High School). The project
                               utilised community cultural development approaches in the development of a
                               New Work that incorporated storytelling and the physical art forms of circus and
                               dance. The project was also supported by Access Arts through their Regional
                               Indigenous Project Officers.

                               Part One of the project involved professional artsworkers in circus, performance,
                               dance and costume design working in collaboration with Inala Wangarra and The
                               Annex to provide a series of workshops for participants to produce community
                               based performances for the Stylin’ Up Festival and NAIDOC Week celebrations
                               in Inala, July 2005. The participants were recruited through Inala Wangarra’s
                               extensive connections throughout the community and through the students at
                               the Annex School.

                               continued over page.
Part Two of the project continued to develop skills with the
participants with a focus on devising and rehearsing a new
work using the performance skills of circus, story telling,
physical theatre and dance, inspired by the urban dreaming
story, ‘Bungo the Money God’ by Uncle Herb Wharton
(Elder, writer and story teller).

Contact Inc supported Lisa Fa’alafi to mentor emerging
artsworker Renee Bani by providing ‘hands on’ training in
workshop facilitation in the delivery of dance workshops
for the under 12’s at CJ Greenfields. A huge thank-you to
Lisa and Renee for putting in a fantastic effort in providing
such a quality experience for the little ones.

Artsworker Luke O’Sullivan focused on sound production in
particular working with with Inala based hip hop crew Mild
Tace to create original music for the show. These young
men were originally involved in the first part of the project
through the Annex school and further developed their skills
and experience in songwriting and performance. Music
production workshops were also conducted with the Inala
Elders Choir who opened the performance each night at
the Powerhouse. Other community groups also performed
including the Wakka Wakka dancers

Some wonderful outcomes of the project have been the
establishment of a sewing circle consisting of Aunties and
mothers of young participants who worked with costume
designer Tanja Beers to develop some of the costumes for
the show. With the equipment and resources provided
through the project there is enthusiasm within the sewing
circle for it to continue beyond the project.

Bungo the Money God included performances by children
through to elders as they weaved together the story of
Bungo through deadly original music and the spectacular
skills of circus, dance and physical theatre at The Brisbane
Powerhouse Theatre 30 – 2 Dec. The performance was
received with enthusiasm and positivity over the three
nights with many community members inspired and proud
of the talent from Inala.

‘The show was deadly!
Inala has so much hidden talent!
I can’t wait for next year!’
Community member
          Contact Inc gratefully acknowledges the continued support of the
Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, it’s arts funding advisory body;
  the QLD Government through Arts Queensland; Gambling Community Benefit Fund,
                         UNESCO and Brisbane City Council.

    Contact Inc also acknowledges The Brisbane Powerhouse, QPAC, QPASTT, BEMAC,
          Australian Centre For Peace and Conflict Studies UQ, Inala Wangara.

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