Sample Donation Agreement Letter

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					                        Sample Donation Agreement Letter

Donee (School) Name
Vehicle No.                                            Description of Vehicle:
Donation No.
Serial No.

The Donee, listed above, hereby acknowledges receipt of the Vehicle listed above, identified as
donated by (Manufacturer Name).

In consideration of such donation, Donee agrees to the following:

1.    This Vehicle will be used solely by the Donee and solely for education purposes and will not
      be sold or otherwise transferred for noneducation purposes;

2.    This Vehicle is not certified to comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations
      or U.S. Motor Vehicle Safety Standards;

3.    This Vehicle will not be licensed, titled or operated on any public or private road or highway;

4.    This Vehicle is accepted by Donee “as is”, it being understood that this Vehicle is not covered
      by any warranty, either express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or
      fitness for a particular purpose;

5.    (Name Of School) expressly disclaims, and Donee expressly releases the (Name Of School)
      from any and all liability associated with this Vehicle, and Donee indemnifies and agrees to
      hold harmless the (Name Of School) from any liability associated with this Vehicle.

6.    When Vehicle is no longer useful for training, as a complete operating unit, major assemblies
      may be removed for ongoing training purposes; the Vehicle will be scrapped at Donee ex-

7.    The Vehicle must be towed or transported on a truck at the Donee’s expense.

8.    The Vehicle will not be driven under any circumstances, except as required within the training

Donee hereby acknowledges that the conditions described above have been communicated to, and
are understood by, all Donee personnel who have access to the Vehicle.

                 Superintendent                                         Instructor

Please Note: This is a sample agreement only. Do not adopt without the advice of your school’s
             legal counsel.