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A brief introduction

          nce again the world is on the verge of

O         dramatic change. One of the compo-
          nents that will effect this change will
 be the Renaissance of Ancient Cultures and
 Traditions. Renaissance is a French word
 that means “rebirth”. Historians consider the
 Renaissance to be the beginning of modern
 history (around 1450 AD). When the Italian
 cities traded with the Arabs, ideas were
 exchanged along with goods. These ideas,
 preserved from the ancient past, served as
 the basis of the Renaissance.
    The International Centre for Cultural
 Studies was set up in May 1996 to facilitate
                                                                The premises of ICCS at Nagpur
 and undertake research on ancient traditions
 and cultures around the world. In fact the ancient traditions and cultures.
 beginning was made in 1994 when Dr                    The ICCS provided platform for the schol-
 Yashwant Pathak, after spending some                   ars to pursue their research in the field of
 years in African countries, returned                        ancient and modern history, sociolo-
 to Nagpur and discussed the idea           Our Mission         gy, anthropology, philosophy, reli-
 of setting up a “Centre for Afro-                               gion, archaeology, language, fine
                                            Meet common
 Hindu Studies.” The idea was                                      arts, folk lore, folk media, sci-
                                           challenges and          ence and other related fields.
 well received by the intelligen-
                                       problems, to serve as a        The ICCS tries to keep live
 cia of Central Indian City of
 Nagpur, which incidentally            meeting ground, and to contacts and communication
 happens to be the focal point of        strengthen ancient        with scholars of ancient tradi-
 cultural renaissance in Modern            cultures of the       tions all over the world besides
 Bharat (India).                                               working with like minded organi-
    This centre organized its first confer-                 zations to foster collaborative efforts
 ence on “Afro-Hindu Cultural Similarities” in that draw indigenous knowledge. The ICCS
 1995 at Nagpur in which scholars from vari- is having highly qualified and experienced
                  ous parts of Bharat and African faculty members who motivate and inspire
                  students from Nagpur partici- students and scholars to undertake and pur-
                  pated.                            sue research.
                    This Centre was rechristened       The Centre is committed to provide new
                  as International Centre for       avenues of enquiry and thorough critical
                  Cultural Studies (ICCS) under examination of ancient traditions and cul-
                  the commendable guidance and tures. The ICCS organizes conferences, semi-
                  direction of the late Prof. S W nars, workshops, orientation courses, and
  Dr S W Bakhle, Bakhle,     former Head of publish deserving research works, journals
                  Department of Philosophy, etc. besides conducting lecture series to facil-
Founder President

 Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur itate the fulfillment of its objectives.
 University. Under the able leadership of Dr           The ICCS has opened its center in the USA
 Bakhle, the ICCS initiated studies on various under the leadership of Dr R S Dwivedi.
 ancient cultures of the world in fulfillment of Centers have also been opened in Kenya,
 its objective of strengthening the relationship South Africa, Lithuania, Australia and New
 between people who respect and practice Zealand and some European countries.
   International conferences:
  To bring on a common platform the various
individuals, groups and communities practic-
ing ancient traditions and cultures world
over, the ICCS floated a forum called “World
Council of Elders of the Ancient Traditions
and Cultures” (WCEATC) and under the aus-
pices of this forum the International Centre
for Cultural Studies has so far organized
three global conferences in India very suc-
  The 1st International conference was held
at Mumbai in 2003 with the underlying
theme “Metakuye Oyasin” meaning “We are
                                                           Hungarian delegates in their traditional attire at the
all related” (A Native American saying). The
                                                                   3rd WCE held at Nagpur in 2009
conference was attended by 167 delegates
from all over the world. The participants             ious aspects of all-inclusive ancient cultures
adopted a “Mumbai Manifesto” at the end of            and traditions still in vogue in different parts
the five-day international event of its kind.         of the world. In all the three conferences the
  The 2nd International gathering saw                 participants performed various religious ritu-
increased participation of 257 delegates from         als and surprised to find the striking similar-
various countries across the globe. This con-         ities in them. The delegates adopted unani-
ference was held at Jaipur in Rajasthan in            mously the “Nagpur Manifesto” during the
2006 with the theme “Spirituality beyond              Nagpur Conference.
Religions”.                                              The ICCS organizes national conferences
  The 3rd World Conference of Elders was              also which prominently include:-
organized at Nagpur in Central India in 2009             1. Afro-Hindu Cultural Similarities
which was centered around the theme of                   2. Global Cultural-viability & desirability
“Renaissance of Ancient Traditions and                   3. Decolonizing the Mind
Cultures: Challenges and Solutions”.                     4. Indo-Native American Cultural
                                                         5. Role & Place of Culture in 21st
                                                         6. Cultures of South Asia & Pacific
                                                         7. Preservation of Ancient Cultures and
                                                             Globalization Scenario (Waikato
                                                             University New Zealand)
                                                         8. Man and Nature Relationship in Indo-
                                                             Australian Aboriginal Culture and

                                                        Lecture Series:
                                                               The ICCS organizes Dr S W Bakhle
                                                             Memorial Lecture Series every year on
Foreign delegates enjoying camel ride during a procession to
mark the 3rd International conference at Nagpur              understanding cultures and cultural coopera-
                                                             tion. Dr S W Bakhle was the founder
   This conference witnessed participation of President of the ICCS and was a scholar of
 over 300 delegates from 32 countries repre- great repute.
 senting 25 ancient traditions and cultures                    Eminent scholars in their respective fields
 across the globe. The participants presented including Dr Shyam Singh Shashi, Dr Dixit,
 over 75 research papers highlighting the var- Dr R Ganesh, Professor Sharad Deshpande,
                                                           circulation in India and
                                                           abroad with researchers
                                                           immensely benefitting
                                                           from them. The major
                                                           publications include:
                                                              1. Ancient Afro-
                                                                  Hindu Cultural
                                                              2. Indo-Native American Cultural
                                                              3. Decolonizing the Mind
Sri B G Murthy from Pune delivering Dr S W Bakhle Memorial
                                                              4. Role & Place of Culture in 21st
                  Lecture in 2008 in Nagpur                       Century
                                                              5. Indo-Aztec Cultural Affinity
Dr Srinivas Tilak, Dr Andrew Foss, Principal
                                                              6. Indo-Inca Cultural Panorama
Ram Shewalkar, Sri Anand Hardikar, Sri B G
                                                              7. Maya-Hindu Hermonas
Murthy, Dr Subhash Chandra and Dr
                                                              8. The Afghan Connection
Shankar Abhyankar have delivered the
                                                              9. Indo-Sumerian Culture.
Bakhle Memorial Lectures so far.
                                                              Besides the ICCS publishes its Quarterly
   Besides, noted scholars, Ambassadors,
                                                           News Bulletin in Jan, Apr, July and Oct.
social and cultural leaders from various coun-
tries have paid visit to ICCS and interacted                  Riwatch:
with the members from time to time.                           The Research Institute of World’s Ancient
   The ICCS has formed Overseas Study Traditions,                          Cultures    and    Heritage
Groups to interact and accelerate research                 (Riwatch),is an ambitious project of ICCS.
studies for different regions of the world.                The first Riwatch is set up at Roing in
   Research facilities & Library                           Arunachal Pradesh under the guidance of Sri
   The ICCS has a well equipped library of its Vijay Swami and Dr Joram Begi, Director,
own with nearly 3000 rare books on different Higher & Technical Education, Govt of
cultures of the world such as African, Native Arunachal Pradesh. There is a plan to set up
                                       Americans and such centers in different countries in the
                                       Asian. A good future. Setting up Riwatch at Nagpur is also
                                       number of schol- under consideration.
                              ars have gener-          An Appeal:
                              ously     donated       The ICCS is a non-profit, non-governmen-
                              their    personal     tal autonomous body which encourages and
                              collection     of     provides facilities for research in ancient cul-
                              books to ICCS         tures and traditions for creating an atmos-
                              library. Besides,     phere of cultural cooperation amongst the
     The rich library of ICCS
                              the      research     nations of the world. We, therefore, appeal to
scholars can have easy access to the excellent      the large hearted, generous philanthropists
collection of over 30,000 books of the Hindu        and individuals to extend all possible help
Dharma Sanskriti Mandir library.                    and cooperation to ICCS.
  Fellowships                                          Executive Committee of ICCS Nagpur
   The ICCS awards fellowships to scholars to          President-         Virag Pachpore
conduct research in culture, religion, polity,         Vice-President-    Dr V S Deshpande
etc. This exercise is aimed at involving the           Secretary-         Vijay Bhagdikar
scholars in study and understanding differ-            Jt. Secretary-     Dr Shailaja Deshpande
ent cultures of the world and to find our sim-         Treasurer-         Vinay Bakhle
ilarities between them.                                Members-           Dr Vinod Indurkar
  Publications:                                                           Dr Leena Gahane
                                                                          P M (Manan) Deshpande
  The ICCS has published following journals
                                                                          Shrikant Gadge

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