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					                                       Logic Model of: 7-3-3-1, Healthy Families Having Fun (After School Initiative)
                                       Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle Anchor Program 11/2006
Situation Statement: In Prince George’s County, 31% of youth 2-19 years are overweight, and only 56% of youth 6-19 engage in moderate physical activity.
Overweight adolescents have a 70% chance of becoming overweight or obese adults. Physical inactivity and poor nutrition are major risk factors for overweight and
obesity. The University of Maryland’s Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) collaborated with the Prince George’s County Public Schools: Before and
After School Extended Learning Program (BASELP) to implement a nutrition education program to help reduce and prevent overweight/obesity in youth. The 7-3-3-1:
Healthy Families Having Fun nutrition curriculum was adapted for implementation in after-school settings and was used to encourage children to consume more fruits and
vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat/non-fat milk, and increase physical activity.

Outcome Summary:
Children will learn the basic concepts of 7-3-3-1 and change their behavior to increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat/non-fat milk, and
increase their physical activity and decrease their physical inactivity (e.g., screen time).

              Inputs                                                Outputs                                                                 Outcomes – Impact
                                              Activities                           Participation                 Short Term                       Medium Term                          Long Term
What we invest:                            What we do:                       Who we reach:                What the short term              What the medium                     That the ultimate
                                                                                                          results are:                     term results are:                   results are:
EFNEP/MCE program                          Work with after school            Children who participate     At least 50% of the children     Develop and implement at            Reach all public schools that
supervisor/faculty member                  supervisor on developing a        in an after school           per site will show increased     least one parental class for        have an after school program
                                           calendar of classes and list of   program setting              knowledge of the 7-3-3-1         each after school site              within 3-4 years
EFNEP nutrition assistants and/or          sites for staff to teach at                                    concepts from pre to post-test
other MCE nutrition/physical                                                 Parents/families whose       during each series               Develop and provide a list of       At least 50% of the
activity instructors                       Disseminate consents/flyers       children participate in an                                    nutrition tips for the after        children’s parents at each
                                           to after school coordinators      after school program         At least 30% will                school staff to use to reinforce    school will attend at least
After school program supervisor                                                                           demonstrate intent to change     the key nutrition and physical      one parent class
                                           Train instructional staff on      After school                 their behavior from pre to       activity messages on a
After school coordinators/site staff       curriculum for classroom          staff/personnel              post-test, such as increasing    continual basis, after the series   At least 50% of the parents
                                           education and delivery                                         their consumption of fruits      has been completed                  who attend the parent class
After school facilities/sites                                                Other staff: interns from    and vegetables and low                                               will increase their knowledge
                                           Purchase 'kits' of non-           the university or other      fat/non fat milk, and            Integrate gardening and             about health eating and will
Homework review                            expendable supplies for 7-3-      MCE staff (e.g., 4-H,        increasing their physical        financial management to the         show a positive intent to
giveaways/incentives                       3-1 classes; materials and        FCS-Finance)                 activity                         after school curriculum for a       change their behaviors from
                                           facilities for classes must be                                                                  more comprehensive program          pre to post-test.
Curriculum and evaluation                  acquired in timely manner                                      Collect at least 30% of the      .
materials, supplies, snacks -                                                                             surveys from parents                                                 EFNEP/MCE program
EFNEP/MCE staff                            For each series, after school                                                                                                       supervisor or faculty member
                                           staff will:                                                    EFNEP/MCE staff will                                                 will hire sufficient staff to
                                              disseminate consent forms                                  complete a total of at least 5                                       expand and sustain the
                                              to parents for parental                                     series of classes with the                                           program for several years
                                              consent                                                     children who participate in an
                                              Convene children when                                      after school program during                                          EFNEP/MCE program
                                              classes are to begin at a                                   the course of a school year                                          supervisor or faculty member
                                              particular site                                                                                                                  will publish the data from the
                                              Supervise children while                                   Provide the series of classes                                        program evaluation in
                                              classes are in session                                      to at least 20 schools per                                           journals and/or conferences
                                              Disseminate parent                                         school year
                                              materials on a weekly basis
                                     For each series, EFNEP/MCE
                                     staff will:
                                        Conduct four to six 1-hour
                                        classes over a 4-6 week
                                        period and repeat the series
                                        as many times as possible
                                        throughout the school year
                                        Provide snacks and
                                        incentives to children
                                        Evaluate and report data
                                        Disseminate graduation
                                        certificates to children at
                                        the end of the series

                                     Submit IRB paperwork;
                                     approval needed for program

                                    Assumptions                                                                                     External Factors

Program will attempt to address the needs of the children and their families within a                   Collaboration with community-based organization that has a strong
particular geographical area.                                                                           commitment to working with children in after school environment.

Program will focus on skill building relative to food choice and physical activity.

                                                Evaluation - How will you measure and report your outcomes?
Pre/Post assessments will be obtained during each series at every site by EFNEP/MCE to measure knowledge and skills for healthy living as promoted by the 7-3-3-1

Parent surveys will be obtained to determine the effectiveness of the parental materials, their interest in participating in at least one parental class during the series, and to
determine if their children discussed the program with them.

Evaluation results will be published and presented in nutrition and public health journals and at professional conferences (e.g., Society for Nutrition Education and
American Public Health Association)
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