PEDICURE PARTY OUTLINE
Wash basins                   Subtle Tanning Lotion                        Veggie Bags/Plastic Twist Tie
Marbles (optional)            Cotton balls                                 Spa Line Products
Strainer (if using marbles)   Coffee beans in cup                          Mints/Peppermint Patties
Towels (hand towels)          Demo Roll up bag (Ultimate Miracle)          Mineral Make-Up/MP Foundations
Nail Polish Remover           Perfumes and Colognes (Men and Women)        LipGlosses
Sets Sheet                    Profile cards and pens

Pre-party-Set out spa and fragrance products and have customers fill out profile cards.

   1. Fill tubs with water. Give hostess special treatment with pillow, marbles and special towel.

   2. Once their feet are soaking, welcome guests-thank hostess for having class. Emphasize her hostess
      perks (marbles, towel, etc) and give her gift. Explain your hostess promotion (both $75 for $35 and %
      of class sales). Have each person say their name, how they know the hostess and the best or most
      exciting thing in their life. Explain agenda…pampering your feet, letting you try some of our spa
      products, hand facials and bronze goddess summer glamour, relax and have fun. Great way to have a
      class-quick, easy and fun. Explain other types of classes, skin care, etc. Book 2nd appointment to try
      new look, share your Color Insider Book. Do your I-story, offer for them to come to a meeting, watch a
      DVD, hear more information.

   3. Hand each guest their profile card, pen and towel. Have them write down their favorite products on the
      profile card as they try them.

   4. Begin Foot Soak. Have customer rub extra emoillent night cream and moisture rich mask (optional) on
      feet. Wrap in veggie bags and put back in warm water.

    5. While those products are working pass around the spa deo sprays
Spa Line
Lotus and Bamboo-clean invigorating scent
Loofah Scrub Removes surface impurities and restores skin to its natural radiance. The L&B cleanser is made
with mineral-rich bamboo powder and kiwi seeds
Nourishing Body Lotion Feel the dryness disappear as emollient sunflower oil, rich in nutrients, conditions the
skin. L&B lotion mildly cooling
Deo Mist Freshen and deodorize your skin with this clean, invigorating scent.
Red Tea and Fig
Loofah Scrub Delight in the Red Tea & Fig cleanser with macadamia nut, raspberry seeds and kiwi seeds.
Lightly sweetened by fig notes, the scent surrounds you in its warmth.
Nourishing Body Lotion With a nutrient-rich mix of botanicals, this Nourishing Body Lotion leaves skin feeling
nourished and moisturized. Feel the dryness disappear as emollient sunflower oil, rich in nutrients, conditions
the skin. This lightweight formula also includes vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. Lightly sweetened by fig
notes, the scent surrounds you in its warmth.
Deo Lightly sweetened by fig notes, the scent surrounds you in its warmth.

   6. Have them pick scrub and wash in the scent they love and apply to feet and rinse off.

   7. Allow them to pick Energizing Foot Lotion or Spa Scent in Lotion to finish feet.
   8. Pass around or put in basket at center of the table the fragrances in a pretty basket with price tags and
      descriptions (below)

Fragrance Line
Bella Belara The exuberant floral fruity eau de parfum captivates immediately. The senses are first treated to a
delectable medley of apricot and red nectarine. At its heart, dew-covered rose petals and Moroccan jasmine
unfold, while a delightful mix of creamy blond woods and cool moss linger.
Belara-An invigorating blend of luminous florals and creamy musk (musky floral) $34
Same Category-Fluer Diva, Noa, Ocean Dreams
Journey-A sheer blend of white floral scents $36
Same Category-Pleasures, Polo Sport
Elige-A sheer oriental blend with exotic wood undertones $40
Same Category-Allure Contradiction
Velocity-A euphoic fruity-floral scent $28
Same Category-Happy, Lauren, Liz Clairbourne, Romance
Affection- is a modern oriental chypre that awakens the senses with sparkling pink peppercorn. At its heart is
the surprising sweetness of Chinese osmanthus and white peony. Finally, the warmth of amber woods delivers a
lasting impression.
Domain-dreamy mix of lavender and oak moss $34
Velocity for Men $28
High Intensity for Men $38

9. Ultimate Miracle Set/Hand Facial
Eyeliner on the back of your hand
TW Cleanser- comes in clothes, combo/oil and dry/normal
Microderm-Refine/Replenish-Cut up facial cloth squares to wipe off.
Day or Night Solution
TW Moisturizer
Mineral Powder Foundation

10. Bronze goddess look. Bronzing powder, highlighting powder or eyecicles, mascara and lipgloss $62.
Pass around mineral makeup and lip glosses

11. Satin Hands Set and Visibly Fit and Subtle Tanning Lotion-one on each arm.

12. Pass out Top 10 Set sheet or insert from company. Go through all items in roll up bag, using sets from
company, or your set sheet. Purchase 5 sets, get roll up bag for free-can swap out products for spa/fragrance
items.. Tell them to write on profile card desired sets. Explain types of payments you accept, MasterCard, visa,
discover, payment plans, husband unawareness, etc.

13. Do individual consultations, take order, book class, etc.

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