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            Business Process Outsourcing
Business processes have to change

In today’s economy, businesses are searching for
more efficient ways to recover and build new and
better approaches in computing and workflow
systems without cutting creative services and top
talent. The initiatives to build a larger customer
base with better margins is the priority.
To stay competitive and to be positioned for
growth (without the growth spending) companies
are taking a harder look at outsourcing the
majority of their back-office support. In fact, more
agencies have already engaged and committed to
this process.

Today’s model is costly and less

•One of the biggest challenges faced by business
 today is the rising cost of processing paper.
• Basic data entry processes are performed by high paid
• EDI is still not 100% in the marketplace and can often
  create more problems than it solves
• As new clients are added, employers are usually faced
  with a backlog of paperwork and need to increase
  staffing and facility space
• Simple errors in data entry can greatly increase the
  overhead and time required.

                      The common options typically used

                          Business Process Evolution

    Option                Option               Option             Option                  Option
      1                     2                    3                  4                       5

  IN-HOUSE                  TEMP             OUTSOURCE           OCR (Optical         EDI (Electronic
    LABOR                 SERVICES           TO U.S. DATA         Character           Data Interface)
                                            ENTRY CENTER         Recognition)
   High Cost of          Lesser Cost of      Higher Cost of    Upfront investment Low cost but other
      Labor                  Labor                                          TEXT factors involved.
                                                 Labor           in technology
     Backlog              Dependability     High turnover in   Not 100% accurate    80% of radio, 40%
                        issues and errors
Lack of Scalability                            workforce       – needs review and    of TV and 90% of
                        Management and      creating quality         rework         print, outdoor and
Less than optimal
                         training time          issues                              digital are not EDI.

A better process and its benefits

  Business Process Outsourcing Team


                  SECURITY AND
                    SERVICES                    TEXT
          Duplicate disaster recovery systems
          Stringent compliance, security and
            highest levels of confidentiality
           FTP SSL Federal Encrypted Sites

         Benefits gained by this partnership

Increased Profits          Increased Workflow        Increased Support

  • Competitive edge in        • Reduce related labor    • Full virtual support
    gaining new business         hours by 40-60%           24/6
  • Reduced costs on           • Absorb new business     • Local assigned
    labor, overhead,             without added labor       support team
    benefits and IT
                               • 99.9% accuracy with     • Stringent compliance
                                 guarantee under 48-       of security with
  • Integration with new         hour turn-around          highest levels of
    technologies without                                   confidentiality
                               • Elimination of double
    capital expenditures
                                 entry and re-work       • Training and

Achieved through partnering together

MD&A, Inc. - Dallas Headquarters

n.tefāc International – a Division of MD&A

LANPRO Technologies – Dallas & Atlanta

OutsourceBiz – Kolkata, India

  A collaborative relationship of experts and companies allied together to
     provide complete support for BPO for optimum service to its clients.
(Full credentials and information provided in separate hand-outs as part of this presentation.)

                          Proven service providers join together

•   Business
    specialist with                        MD&A, Inc. - Dallas
    over 25 years
    experience in
    advertising                Areas of expertise include financial and
                               accounting, multiple software systems, training,
• Full team support
  to integrate and             operations, organization and management.
  implement the
  outsourcing                  Practice and experience that supports enhances
  program                      company’s overall business needs and goals.
 Supervise, plan              Full understanding of the unique situations and
  and document
  workflow process             pressures of advertising business environment to
  to ensure success,           help in the development of effective strategic
  speed and
  accuracy                     plans and solutions.
• Excellent
  interpersonal                Ability to relate operating budget, capital budgets
  skills and ability to        and cash flow forecasts to operations,
  work well within
  all levels of an             management decisions and strategic plans within
  organization.                advertising and media services agencies.

                     Highest level of service and security

• Owner has over
  30 years
                         Lanpro Technologies & OutsourceBiz
  working in the
  US in National          Fully staffed center with college educated
  Corporate               workforce
• Center operates         Security and confidentiality protocols to ensure
  24 hours/day, 6
  days a week
                          protection of all sensitive client data
• Efficiency and          Dumb terminals with no hard drive access and
  speed in data
  entry achieved          no CD or Floppy Drive installed
  through proven
  technological           No media or paper allowed in or out of office
• Maximum                 Magnetic Picture ID cards for every employee
  accuracy through        with access controlled secured facility
  Dual Validation
                          No scanners, printers or fax machines
                          accessible to data entry operators

                      The team presents a global solution

• Free market             Business Process Outsourcing to India
• Structured
  similar to U.S.
  (local, state and
• Established,
  large and
  thriving middle
• Highly educated
  and motivated
• US American
  Business                 India is the largest outsourcing destination on
  Chamber of
  India creates                      earth and the most stable democratic
  strong alliance                                government in the world.

We provide a better BPO solution

Other OSP Companies
   There are hundreds of            We have purposely teamed
    outsource providers for           together to address a need
    thousands of business types      Our rates are competitive
   It may be tempting to find        and OutsourceBiz India pays
    the cheapest service              above market wages
   You get what you pay for         Accuracy and fast turn-
    and mistakes are expensive        around are guaranteed
   Some OSP companies               OutsourceBiz SOP uses a
    outsource to other OSP’s          model that understands U.S.
   Misunderstanding of your          business needs
    business requests                Work directly with your
   Language barrier issues           assigned U.S. Team
   Relevancy to the industry        We specialize in advertising
                                      and marketing

Data Entry: Dual Validation

                        DATA SET
Each set of data is
entered by
2 operators from 2
different terminals.

                         SERVER /

Data is software                YES

verified and
accepted ONLY            Match?
if there is                      NO
100% MATCH.
                       RETURN TO DATA

                  Data Workflow Process

                           Client sends paper
 Client scans paper                                      Client loads data files       OSB loads data files
                               to OSB for
    at local office.                                         into System.              into Client System.

Client uploads scanned      OSB scans and                     Client downloads            OSB logs onto
        paper to           uploads images to                   data files from            Client System
 Secure FTP Server.        Secure FTP Server.                Secure FTP Server.             Remotely.

      Secure Data Transfer                                        Secure Data Transfer

            BPO Center downloads                   OSB                   BPO Center exports
            scans from FTP server                 Paper                 data files and uploads
            and begins processing.                                      to Secure FTP Server.
                                                ~ 48 Hrs ~

Professional implementation promises

 No charge until systems up and running

 Continuous support and maintenance

 Easy transition and training

 Real time access to data and reporting

Easy start up ~ all you need for equipment is quality scanning capabilities.

Change your momentum for growth by:

 Controlling capital costs

 Increasing accuracy and efficiency

 Reducing labor costs and mgmt. time

 Focusing more on core business

Software programming, call centers, research and other services available
  provided at half the cost of dollars typically charged by U.S. providers.

Where we are now

  We process spot and national television and
   radio media affidavits and are developing
   programs to process newspaper and outdoor
  We quickly convert hard copy data to mail-
   merge or other csv documents.
  We program from exported system data to
   create custom reporting needs accessed
   through a simple desktop application.
  We provide online business research (OBR).
  We offer website search engine optimizers.

Plans for our future

  Digital/internet media is being reviewed to
   determine the smartest approach for
   standardizing to your own agency’s needs.
   This would include breakouts by market,
   digital media types, demographics, click-
   throughs, animated banners, streaming video
   ads as well as the processing of ads on a
   multitude of sites and placements.
  It’s not a question of can this be done but
   rather a matter of how efficiently it can be

Goal for the future

  Our goal is to partner with your company in a
   way that will improve your efficiencies,
   increase your capacity and services and to
   provide your back office services (including
   accounting support as needed). This is done
   at a price point between 40-60% savings of
   your current cost of doing business in these

                      Join the team and grow into the future.

In the advertising
industry your
company will have a
competitive edge as
well as provide
                                         MD&A, Inc.
better services in               and   N.TEFAC
the area of media
and accounting
reporting services
and overall quality                                   YOU!
support of the
client’s business

Embrace the                LANPRO TECHNOLOGIES
concept and engage
MD&A, Inc. ~ and            and OUTSOURCE BIZ
relax a little!

For more

Mim Davis,
MD&A, Inc.

Irving, Texas