Senior Project Research Paper Outline -- Extras by katiebelonga


									Senior Project Research Paper Outline -- Extras
Boolean searches:
    Look this phrase up on Google and you will find instructions on different kinds of Boolean qualifiers
    Use “quote marks” around your search string and Google (or other search site) will search ONLY for that exact phrase.
    Use a + sign to add words in combination; for example, [snow + bird] will find every document containing both of those
    Combine the “ “ and the + to REALLY narrow your search.

Outline requirements:
     2-3 pages
     Detailed entries—don’t write whole sentences, but use phrases that let me know where you are going
     Full references listed for each piece of proof you mention in the outline
     80% complete
     Include an intro if you want
     In the sections you are still unsure of, outline the info you WANT to provide there and mark it so I know you haven’t found
         that info yet. I might be able to tell you where to look.

Do the best you can with the information you have so far. You will receive credit for turning it in on time. The more info you have,
the better I am able to help you. If you are struggling, STILL turn in what you have. I can help.

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