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An Environmental Management Plan relating to (define) that by jakebiles


									hi               ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH, SAFETY &

                                   SUSTAINABILITY COMMITTEE

                               Terms of Reference

(a) Membership (voting)

      3 to 5 members of the Board of Governors
      Community Members as Appointed by the Board of Governors on the
       recommendation of the Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability
       (EHSS) Board Committee
      Board Chair and President as ex-officio members, not counted for the
       purpose of establishing quorum

(b) Officials (non-voting)

      General Counsel, Corporate Secretary
      Director of Risk Management or designate
      Director, Campus Infrastructure or designate
      Other administrative officers as required

(c) Quorum

      50% of the voting membership, excluding the Board Chair and President

(d) Duties

      To assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with respect to
       due diligence and risk management in the development and implementation
       of systems and programs for the management of environmental, health,
       safety, social responsibility and sustainability with a view to ensuring the
       University maintains best-in-class practices.
      Monitor compliance with applicable law and University policies related to
       environment, health, safety and social responsibility.

      Reviews and recommends to the Board for approval an environmental,
       health, safety and sustainability Guiding Principles and related policies which
       reflects the University’s desire to:
              (I)    Ensure the health and safety of students, and; staff
              (ii)   Protect the physical environment; and
              (iii)  Increase the awareness of environmental issues on campus.

      Reviews and recommends to the Board for approval an Environmental,
       Health, Safety and Sustainability Plan(s) which:

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                (i)    Establishes core goals for the protection of the health and safety
                       and sustainability of the University’s human resources and the
                       physical environment;
               (ii)    Establishes policy to provide guidance to administrators in
                       reaching academic, research and operational decisions with
                       respect to health, safety and environmental protection and
               (iii)   Reviews the Sustainability Guiding Principles document
                       annually; and
               (iii)   Identifies strategies and resource requirements to support the
                       core goals.

       Reviews and recommends to the Board for approval an Environmental,
        Health, Safety and Sustainability Implementation Plan to accomplish the core
        goals, including a process for periodic review to ensure the Implementation
        Plan is implemented, followed and effective.

       Receives regular reports from the Environmental and Health Safety and
        Sustainability Units of the University.

       Encourages, assist and counsel Management in maintaining and improving
        environmental, health, safety, sustainability and social responsibility

       Reviews and collects data on best practices and compliance standards for
        environment, health, safety and sustainability issues and governance

       Prepares reports to the Board and ensures Liaison between the Board and
        Administration on environmental, health, safety and sustainability issues.

       Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, monitors and approves or
        recommends to the Board, as appropriate, all matters and compliance issues
        pertaining to environmental protection, health, safety and sustainability.

Approved by the BG Executive Committee: March 27, 2006
Approved by the Board of Governors: April 21, 2006

                       COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP LIST 2006-07
Voting Members

   Dr. William A. Tilleman, Chair
   Mr. Brian J. Bass
   Mr. David Day
   Mr. Charlie W. Fischer
   Mr. Randy Gossen
   Mr. Brian MacNeill, ex officio
   Mrs. Barbara Sparrow
   Dr. Harvey Weingarten, ex officio

Officials (Non-Voting)

   Mrs. Linda Barry-Hollowell, University General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
   Mr. Steve Dantzer, Associate Vice-President(Campus Infrastructure)
   Ms. Rae Ann Aldridge, Associate Director, Environmental Health & Safety

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