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					United Way of Metropolitan Dallas
Serving	Dallas,	Collin,	Rockwall	and	
Southern	Denton	Counties	

Presentation Outline and Speaking Points
    opening (ceo/manager/campaign volunteer)
         •	   Thank	guests	for	attending.
         •	   Talk	about	the	company’s	support	of	United	Way.
         •	   Introduce	the	volunteer	team	and	provide	details	about	the	campaign	effort.

    middle (united way speaker)
         •	   Briefly	describe	how	United	Way	improves	lives	in	our	community.
         •	   	 xplain	how	individuals	can	contribute	to	the	Community	Investment	Fund,	which	is	the	best	
              way	to	ensure	their	gift	is	doing	the	most	good	in	the	community.

    middle (agency speaker)
         •	   Broadly	explain	the	services	the	agency’s	programs	provide.
         •	   Describe	examples	of	families	or	individuals	helped	by	the	programs.
         •	   	 emonstrate	how	the	agency	works	with	other	United	Way	partner	agencies	to	ensure	that	
              people	receive	social,	emotional	and	economic	support	to	make	it	on	their	own	and	support	
              the	building	blocks	of	a	good	life:	education,	income	and	health.

    closing (campaign volunteer)
         •	   Recap	the	value	of	United	Way.
         •	   Make the ask to give,	to	advocate	and	to	volunteer.
         •	   G
              	 ive	instructions	about	the	upcoming	deadlines	for	pledge	card	collection.
         •	   R
              	 ecognize	any	United	Way	volunteers	at	the	event	and	encourage	the	audience	to	seek	them	
              out	with	any	questions	they	may	have	regarding	United	Way	and	the	company’s	campaign.
         •	   Thank	the	audience.

                     the 25-minute campaign kickoff planner
 program item                                                            speaker            minutes
 Welcome/Endorsement of United Way Campaign                                 CEO                5
 Introduction of Campaign Team/Campaign details                             CEO                5
 Community Needs                                                    United Way Speaker         5
 Agency speaker                                                       Agency speaker           7
 Closing Remarks: Ask and thank you                                         ECC                3
                                                                       Total Minutes          25

S P E A K I N G               P O I N T S
                                        TELLING THE UNITED WAY STORY
Elevator Speech
“United Way partners with community organizations to deliver hundreds of programs and services that touch the lives of North
Texans more than one million times each year. These programs target specific needs in the areas of education, income, and health.
Supporting United Way means that you’re part of a powerful movement to make North Texas a better place to live and work. I hope
you join me in an ongoing effort to Live United!”

A Quick Look at the Work of United Way
United Way leads a powerful movement to create a good life for all members of our community. We work with community partners, dedicated
volunteers and compassionate donors to deliver programs and services that build strong, successful families and a better North Texas.

United Way programs target community needs in the areas of education, income, and health—the building blocks of a good life.

 United Way focus areas             Our work:                             How you can help:                   United Way’s results in action:
 Education                          United Way is committed to            In Dallas County, nearly 40         Destination: Graduation
 Helping Children and Youth         helping young people begin            percent of freshmen don’t           More than 750 parents and
 Achieve Their Potential            and end school successfully,          graduate with their classmates.     650 students have participated
                                    graduating on time and ready          Your support of United Way          in Destination: Graduation in
                                    for the pursuit of advanced           benefits programs that help         Dallas and Collin counties. This
                                    education.                            young people experience             program improves graduation
                                                                          academic success, learn how to      rates and the pursuit of advanced
                                                                          overcome challenges and make        education in select populations.
                                                                          positive life choices.
                                                                                                              Born Learning
                                                                                                              This new initiative will soon
                                                                                                              complete a successful launch
                                                                                                              year. Born Learning helps
                                                                                                              parents become excellent
                                                                                                              providers of high quality early
                                                                                                              learning experiences of children
                                                                                                              ages four and under.
 Income                             Join United Way’s efforts to          Your gift to United Way is          Last year, United Way invested
 Promoting Independence and         create a good life for all by         invested in programs that help      more than $10 million in
 Financial Stability                helping families who are              people get and keep jobs,           programs and services to help
                                    struggling to make ends meet.         promote English and financial       North Texans become financially
                                                                          literacy, and help families learn   stable or independent. For
                                                                          how to save for the future.         Example: In We All Read, a
                                                                                                              United Way program that
                                                                                                              provides educational support,
                                                                                                              ninety-four percent of children

                                                                                                                                                   S P E A K I N G
                                                                                                              participating passed the reading
                                                                                                              and writing section of the TAKS.
 Health                             United Way needs your help to         Your gift to United Way can         Last year, United Way invested
 Improving Health in our            ensure that more families have        support programs that provide       millions in programs and
 Community                          access to affordable health care,     basic health care for the           services that help North Texans
                                    seniors remain independent,           uninsured, empower seniors to       live healthier lives. For Example:
                                    and people struggling with            remain in their own homes, and      United Way-supported Meals
                                    disabilities or chronic illness get   help children and adults living     On Wheels helped nintey-eight
                                    the assistance they need.             with disabilities.                  percent of participating seniors
                                                                                                              remain living independently in
                                                                                                                                                   P O I N T S
                                                                                                              their own homes last year.

                                            Give, Advocate, Volunteer. LIVE UNITED!
The United Way experience is about more than financial contributions. It’s also about advocating for a cause you care about and
volunteering your time. Visit www.unitedwaydallas.org to learn more about how you and your family, colleagues, and friends can

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas
Serving	Dallas,	Collin,	Rockwall	and	
Southern	Denton	Counties

1800 N. Lamar • Dallas, Texas 75202
Phone 214.978.0000 • Fax 214.922.8232