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Disabled Persons Community Resources by saj38576


									                                 Disabled Persons Community Resources

                               Board of Directors

                   Minutes of Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
                Disabled Persons Community Resources
                     1150 Morrison Drive, Suite 110
                               5:00 – 7:00
                                  Board Members

         Name of Member             Present         Regrets       Absent
Allen, William                         X
Black, Joan                            X
Cole, Matthew                          X
Duross, Wendy                                         X
Horibe, Frances                       X
Joseph, Collinda                                      X
Kroitor, Yvanna                       X
Lalonde, Réjeanne                                                   X
MacCallum, Barbara                    X
McIntyre, Wayne                       X
Moretton, Brian                       X
Morris, Bill                          X
Polnicky, Luc                         X
Ruest, Richard                                        X
Romain, Randy                         X
Smith-Worthylake, Keven               X


Name of Staff Member                Present
Blauer, Cathy                          X
Gilhen, Terry                          X
Kruk, Kim                              X
Riera, Jennifer                        X
Simpson, Tracey                        X
Tomlinson, Teena                       X

              1150 Morrison Drive, Suite 110 Ottawa, ON K2H 8S9
                  Phone: 613-724-5886 Fax: 613-724-5889
Luc Polnicky chaired the meeting in Wendy Duross’ absence.

1.    Approval of Agenda
      Item 2 – Minutes of April 14th, 2009 should be reflected as Minutes of May
      12th, 2009.

      The revised agenda was approved on a motion by William Allen. Seconded
      by Keven Smith-Worthylake.

2.    Minutes of May 12th, 2009
      The minutes of May 12th, 2009 were approved on a motion by Wayne
      McIntyre. Seconded by William Allen.
3.    Executive Director’s Report
      Teena reported on the following:

      Annual General Meeting
      DPCR’s AGM will be held on Wednesday, June 17th at 6:00 p.m.. We will be
      launching our new brand and have changed our video’s end to reflect this

      Client Family Member
      A family member of a DPCR client is celebrating their 35 years of service at
      the place of employment and is having her recognition acknowledged by a
      donation to DPCR.

      The City of Ottawa is continuing to look for space.

      Upon discussion, Bill Allen moved that DPCR investigate finding space in our
      present administrative office building and utilize money from our reserve.
      DPCR will then advertise and fundraise to offset costs. The financial situation
      of SNEES will be brought back to the Board in June of 2010 for review.
      Seconded by Randy Romain.

      Annual Reconciliation Report (ARR)
      Keven Smith-Worthylake moved that Wendy Duross, President will sign the
      ARR which will reflect a surplus of $67,104 which will be eligible for
      retrievable from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for the 2008/2009
      year. Seconded by Bill Allen.

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4.   Committee Reports

     a)   NRD Committee
          Teena presented the following Board of Directors slate for the
          upcoming year:

          New Members
               Gray, Helen

          Returning Board Members
                Allen, William
                Black, Joan
                Cole, Matthew
                Duross, Wendy
                Horibe, Frances
                Joseph, Collinda
                Kroitor, Yvanna
                Mc McIntyre, Wayne
                Moretton, Brian
                Morris, Bill
                Polnicky, Luc
                Ruest, Richard
                Romain, Randy
                Smith-Worthylake, Keven

          Executive Committee
                Wendy Duross, President
                Luc Polnicky, Vice-President
                Matthew Cole, Past-President
                Wayne McIntyre, Secretary/Treasurer
                Joan Black, Executive Member at Large

     b)   Evaluation Committee
          Barbara MacCallum presented the following two documents for review
          and approval:
              Client Evaluation of the Housing Program
              Staff Survey of the Housing Program.

          Upon discussion, William Allen moved to accept the two documents as
          presented. Seconded by Keven Smith-Worthylake.

     c)   Marketing & Communications Committee
          William Allen reported that now that we have completed the work on
          the new brand, the Committee will be looking at next steps involving
          communications plan involving the communication of our new name
          and brand and also advocacy protocols of the agency.
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d)   Research & Development Committee
     Bill Morris reported on the Committee’s working collaboratively with the
     other attendant care provider’s in Ottawa to complete a survey and
     focus group on the human resource challenges that agencies in the
     Ottawa community are facing. A letter has been forwarded to Dr.
     Robert Cushman, CEO of the Local Health Integration Network
     outlining our concerns and challenges.

     Teena further reported that the Ontario Community Support
     Association is also conducting a province wide survey surrounding
     human resource issues in the community and will then be advocating
     directly with the Ministry of Health on behalf of the Ontario community
     agencies as a whole.

e)   Health & Safety Committee
     Kim had nothing new to report.

f)   Housing Committee
     In Richard Ruest’s absence, Kim reported on the following items from
     the last meeting held on May 25th, 2009:
            The new Metcalfe site at the old Beaver Barracks site has
            broken ground with a target date of August 2010 for completion.
            Reviewed the 09/10 workplan;
            Discussed the Research Project human resource challenges
            that the Research and Development Committee has
            Reviewed the quarterly statistics for turnover, attendance, and
            staff shortages.
            Terms of Reference
            Upon discussion, Randy Romain moved to accept the revised
            Terms of Reference for the Housing Committee as presented.
            Seconded by Frances Horibe.

           Extension of Terms for Housing Committee Members
           Upon discussion, Keven Smith-Worthylake moved to extend the
           membership of Tamra Moretton, Brian Moretton and Matthew
           Cole for a one-year term. Seconded by Randy Romain.

           Client Feedback
           Kim provided copies of a letter received from a client at the
           Clarence site highlighting the excellence performance of the
           staff. Upon discussion, it was recommended that a letter be
           forwarded by the President commending the good work they are
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5.   Other Business
     a)    Board Member Evaluation.
           Barbara MacCallum reminded and encouraged Board members to
           complete by July 6th, 2009, their paper copy or to go on-line to
           complete the evaluation.

6.   Next Meeting
     Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 at 5:00 p.m.

7.   Adjournment
     The meeting adjourned at 6:00 on a motion by Barbara MacCallum.

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