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					 DEPARTMENT H-11 (JUNIOR RABBIT)                                                  ENTRIES CLOSE JULY 5, 2010

 Check-in Tuesday July 27, 5:00 - 9:00 p.m.                          Judging Thursday, July 29, 10:00 a.m.
 Check-out Between 10:00 p.m., Saturday, July 31 and 6:30 a.m., Sunday, August 1.
 ENTRY FEE: $2.50                           PEN FEE: $1.00           Exhibitor Pass Required

 PREMIUMS: (Except Best):                   1st-$6.00    2nd-$5.00    3rd-$4.00   4th-$3.50                5th-$3.006th-$2.75

 BEST CLASS:                 Entry Fee: 0    Premiums          1st-$10.00                 2nd-$5.00

 (by experience)
 Earl Hagemeyer, Esmond, Superintendent Phone 815-393-4523         Larry & Avolene Stengel, Mt. Morris
 Heather Timmerman, Genoa, Asst. Supt. Phone 815-970-0269          Wayne Timmerman, Genoa
 Deb Sweeny, Monroe Center                Bambi & Jeff Dillavou, Mt Morris         Kris Sible, Byron

  1.      All General Rules and animal Department Rules apply. Consult the 2010 Exhibition Health Requirements about
          information about health papers.
  2.      All rabbits will be inspected by a Rabbit Committee member prior to placing them in the cages. The Rabbit Committee
          reserves the right to reject any entry. Rabbits with colds, ear mites or sore hocks will not be accepted.
  3.      All rabbits must have either temporary or permanent ear I.D. markings.
  4.      All exhibits must be brought in from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., July 27 and will not be released until 10:00 p.m., July 31.
          Animals penned before check-in or taken out before release time will forfeit awards unless agreements have been made
          in advance with the Rabbit Superintendent or Assistant. Animals must be removed by 6:30 a.m., August 1.
  5.      Only one entry per class.
  6.      Exhibitors must be present during judging.
  7.      Rabbits must be entered on the livestock entry form.
  8.      Single fryers should weigh 5 lbs. or less and be 70 days or less.
  9.      Cages will be furnished on a first come, first served basis, after that each Junior Exhibitors must furnish their own.
          Exhibitors must provide their own dishes & proper waterers. The cages (pens) will be checked twice daily for adequate
          food and water and cleanliness. A list of requirements will be listed in the barn. After second offence premium will be
 10.      Rabbits in class 630 must be brought to the fairground Dressed with heart & liver intact. The committee will not be
          responsible for dressing. Exhibitors should plan to bring their own appropriate storage containers (coolers). Animals
          should not be less than 3 ½ lbs., nor more than 5 lb. live weight.
 11.      Each exhibitor is responsible to feed & water their rabbits each day they are kept at the Fair. The committee DOES NOT
          assume this responsibility.
 12.      PEN MEAT RABBITS includes 3 rabbits--each weighing 5 lbs. or less per rabbit and may not be over 70 days old.
          Rabbits will be weighted.
 13.      All Junior Exhibitors must clean up after removal of the rabbits. Exhibitors will not be released until their cage areas
          have been checked.
 14.      Rabbits will be judged according to ARBA Guidelines..

  Department 11            Section 1                         RABBIT CLASSES
Class 630    Dressed Rabbit Class                               Class 644  Senior Buck (All other breeds)
Class 631    Pen Meat Rabbits                                   Class 645  Junior Doe (Lop)
Class 632    Single fryer (maybe any Rabbit 5lb or less)        Class 646  Junior Buck (Lop)
Class 633    Junior Doe (Californian, New Zealand, or Satin)    Class 647  Senior Doe (Lop)
Class 634    Junior Buck (Californian, New Zealand, or          Class 648  Senior Buck (Lop)
             Satin)                                             Class 651  Production Class - Mother and offspring (3
Class 635    Senior Doe (Californian, New Zealand, or Satin)               babies required, not less than 4 weeks old and
Class 636    Senior Buck (Californian, New Zealand, or                     not more than 3 months old)
             Satin)                                             Department Section 2
Class 637    Junior Doe (Mini-Rex & Netherland                  11
Class 638    Junior Buck (Mini-Rex & Netherland)                Class 649  Best of Breed
Class 639    Senior Doe (Mini-Rex & Netherland)                 Class 649A Best of Lop
Class 640    Senior Buck (Mini-Rex & Netherland)                Class 649B Best of Mini-Rex & Netherland
Class 641    Junior Doe (All other breeds)                      Class 649C Best of Californian, New Zealand, or Satin)
Class 642    Junior Buck (All other breeds)                     Class 650  Best of Other
Class 643    Senior Doe (All other breeds)
OGLE COUNTY FAIR                   one sheet per ANIMAL species                                ENTRIES CLOSE JULY 5, 2010

Mail entries with checks payable to: Ogle County Fair Association,
                                                  PO Box 142,                           # of            Animals         # of
                                                  Oregon, Illinois 6l06l                Head                            Stalls
Please Print                                                                            (NOT                            or
DATE _____________                                                                      ENTRIES)                        Pens
SOCIAL SECURITY                                                                                         Beef-Breeding
NUMBER (REQUIRED) _________________________________                                                     Beef-Market
EXHIBITOR’S NAME _______________________________________                                                Goats
ADDRESS _____________________________________________                                                   Rabbits
CITY __________________ STATE __________ZIP_________
TELEPHONE (____________)_______________________________

BIRTHDATE (Month-Date-Year)                _______________________

         Age as of January 1st ____________

                                                 USE ONE LINE PER ENTRY

     Dept     Dept     Section   Class      Class Name                                Animal       Premise ID       Entry Fee
     letter   number   Number    Number                                               Birth Date   Breed & Tattoo
1    H
2    H
3    H
4    H
5    H
6    H
7    H
8    H
9    H
10   H
11   H
12   H
13   H
14   H
                                          Total Pen & Stall Fees
                                          Exhibitor Passes Required      $15.00             (Limit 2)
                                          1 TIME PER YEAR Administrative Fee      $2.00 per exhibitor

                  Total amount this page

Do not write on back of form, if you need more space use plain paper and attach
Submission of this entry form indicates acceptance of Rules that apply to each class entered as stated in premium book
Please write plainly and give all information.
Entries with Class Number(s) only will not be accepted.