Community Resources for Elderly in Hillsborough County by saj38576


                                                                 food pantries continued
                                              St. Patrick’s Share Program
St. Joseph Community Services                 34 Amherst Street, Milford                     Resources
395 Daniel Webster Hwy, Merrimack             673-1311
424-9967                                      Nashua Christian Bible Food Pantry
                                                                                           for Elderly in
                                              205 Manchester Street, Nashua
New Horizons for New Hampshire                Nashua Adult Learning Center                    County
199 Manchester Street, Manchester             4 Lake Street, Nashua
668-1877                                      882-9080 x221
    HILLSBOROUGH PSMs                         Salvation Army Food Pantry
                                              1 Montgomery Avenue, Nashua
Parish Social Ministries, a program           889-5151
of NH Catholic Charities responds to
unique community needs such as setting        Harbor Homes Shelter Food Pantry
                                              14-1 Maple Street, Nashua
up homeless shelters, food pantries,
support groups, crisis response initiatives
and many other services. They assist          Corpus Christi Food Pantry
the NH Food Bank in monitoring 350            43 Franklin Street, Nashua
agencies throughout the state.                882-6372

Br. Paul Crawford (serving Manchester,        Tolles St. Mission Ministries
                                              52 Whitney Street, Nashua
 Auburn, Bedford, Candia, Goffstown,
        Hooksett, and Litchfield)
      752-1325 (p) • 752-6174 (f)             Harbor Homes Vet First Food Pantry
                                              12 Amherst Street, Nashua
   Ramon Andrade (serving Nashua,             594-8951
   Hudson, Merrimack, and Milford)
     889-9431 (p) • 880-4643 (f)              St. Vincent de Paul
                                              Sacred Heart Food Pantry
      New Hampshire Food Bank                 15 High Street, Greenville
         62 West Brook Street                 878-9096
        Manchester, NH 03101
                                              Open Cupboard Food Pantry
            669-9725 (p)
                                              47 Maple Street, Wilton
             669-0270 (f)                     654-6547
Community Resources for Elderly in Hillsborough County
        FOOD PANTRIES                 Blessed Sacrament Food Pantry
                                      14 Elm Street, Manchester
St. Patrick’s Church                  622-5445
10 Greenfield Road, Bennington
588-2180                              St. Raphael’s Church Food Pantry
                                      103 Walker Street, Manchester
Salvation Army Outreach               623-2604
26 Long Pond Road, Dunbarton
774-1021                              St. Vincent de Paul
                                      Ste. Marie’s Church Food Pantry
Goffstown Network, Inc.               133 Wayne Street, Manchester
No. Mast Road, Goffstown              622-4615
                                      Parish of the Transfiguration
Greenfield CCC Food Pantry             107 Alsace Street, Manchester
12 Depot Drive, Greenfield             623-4715
547-3626                                                                     Shiloh Christian Fellowship
                                      Westside Lighthouse Food Pantry        55 Edmund Street, Manchester
Antrim Bennington Food Pantry         New Beginnings Assembly of God         627-7729
Antrim Baptist Church, Antrim         130 Conant Street, Manchester
588-6614                                                                     New Horizons for New Hampshire
                                      641-2961                               199 Manchester Street, Manchester
St. Vincent de Paul                   St. Vincent de Paul                    668-1877
St. John the Evangelist Food Pantry   St. Augustine Food Pantry
27 Library Street, Hudson                                                    Manchester Christian Church
                                      383 Beech Street, Manchester           1308 Wellington Road, Manchester
882-3603                              625-5655                               622-9677
Salvation Army Food Pantry            St. Vincent de Paul
121 Cedar Street, Manchester                                                 St. Joseph Community Services
                                      Sacred Heart Food Pantry               395 Daniel Webster Hwy, Merrimack
627-7013                              205 South Main Street, Manchester      424-9967
First United Methodist Church         625-9525
962 Valley Street, Manchester                                                Riverside Christian Church
                                      Manchester Community Resource Center   17 Depot Street, Merrimack
622-8863                              177 Lake Avenue, Manchester            424-1711
St. Andrew’s Church Food Pantry       647-8967
                                                                             St. John Neumann Food Pantry
102 North Main Street, Manchester     The Way Home Food Pantry               708 Milford Road, Merrimack
622-8632                              214 Spruce Street, Manchester          880-4689

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