Promoting social cohesion and good community relations through

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                                                                                                                                              Promoting social cohesion
                                                                                                                                              and good community relations
                                                                                                                                              through understanding and
                                                                                                                                              personal experience

Derby Open Centre
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43 Pear Tree Road
Derby DE23 6PZ
Tel: 01332 360737

We are grateful to Derbyshire Humanists ( for funding this leaflet
     ince it was established as          Many organisations use our               Our services are used by:
     a charity in 1981, tens of          services as part of their Equality and
     thousands of pupils and adults      Diversity training because a visit to    ●	 Schools – as part of RE and Citizenship
have benefited from the services         the Open Centre can bridge the
                                                                                  ●	 Other educational establishments: colleges, university, nurseries
provided by the Open Centre.             gap between theory and personal
                                         experience.                              ●	 Public sector organisations: Police, Fire Service, PCTs, City and
Prejudice comes from fear and                                                        County councils, Prison Service, Probation Service, Social Services,
fear comes from ignorance. Our           The Open Centre is not a faith-             Magistrate training etc.
aim is to replace ignorance with         based organisation and its unpaid
understanding and fear with              Trustee Directors include religious      ●	 Private sector companies and organisations
welcome.                                 and non-religious individuals from a     ●	 Local groups interested in good community relations
                                         range of communities.
Social cohesion is a high priority
for all public institutions, including   Our staff are members of the
schools which now have a legal           different communities that make up
obligation to promote it throughout      our city. They are all CRB (Criminal     Our services include:
the curriculum. However, this            Records Bureau) checked to work
extract from a recent Ofsted report      with children and they are all           ●	 Visits to places of worship: Islamic Mosque, Hindu Mandir,
on a Derbyshire school shows that        trained to provide the information          Sikh Gurdwara, black-led Christian churches, rural churches
there is still much to be done:          about our different communities in          and chapels.
                                         a sympathetic way pitched at the
    “There are no                                                                 ●	 Workshops on a wide variety of topics including: Asian food, Asian
                                         correct level for those visiting us –
                                                                                     costume and dress, Hindu and Muslim wedding ceremonies, Mehndi
    opportunities to link to             from 5 to 95!
                                                                                     (henna) hand painting, African-Caribbean food, black history.
    the wider community                  Demand for our services is very          ●	 Speakers for school assemblies and lessons as well as for talks, debates
    through fieldwork and                high. We do make a charge but               and panel discussions for schools and adult groups.
    contact with local                   our income never quite covers our
    religious groups”                    costs so we are always searching for
                                         additional funding.
The Open Centre is here to help
all local schools meet Ofsted’s                                                   Booking our services
                                                                                  Please see our web site for the most up to date list of our services, our
                                                                                  current price list and a form to make an on-line booking enquiry.


                                                                                  We look forward to welcoming you to Derby Open Centre.