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					                             SANTA FE COUNTY FAIR

                                                                    August 5-9
County Fair Entry Deadlines                                                                                                   County Council
                                                                                                                              The next County Council meet-
           4-H Horse Show                                        July 15                                                      ing will be August 1, 2009 follow-
                                                                                                                              ing the second fair clean-up.
           4-H Indoor                                            July 22                                                      Pizza will be provided for all in
           4-H Livestock                                         July 22                                                      attendance as a reward for all of
                                                                                                                              your hard work preparing the
           4-H Small Animals                                     July 22nd                                                    grounds for fair week! Remem-
                                                                                                                              ber to come wearing your favorite
           Open Indoor Youth                                     August 4th
                                                                                                                              sports team apparel; the Spirit
Do not forget to complete and turn in a Santa Fe County                                                                       Stick for this meeting will be
Fair Code of Ethics form with your entries!!                                                                                  “Favorite Sports Team”.

Mandatory Fair Clean-ups
Plan on attending at least one of the fair clean-ups to help
                                                                                                                                            Inside this issue:
prepare our grounds for fair week; July 25th and Au-
gust 1st, approximately 9am-Noon. Any 4-Her that                                                                                Indoor Exhibits                                             2
plans on entering a 4-H indoor exhibit, horse, livestock, or
small animal is required to attend at least one of these                                                                        Concession                                                  3
clean-up days. Do not forget to sign-in when you arrive to
ensure that we have record of your attendance. If for                                                                           Livestock News                                              4
some reason you cannot make either of these dates you
must contact Jacki or Christina prior to July 25th to                                                                           Club News                                                   5
schedule a make-up appointment.

New Mexico State University is an equal opportunity employer. All programs are available to everyone regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap, or national origin. New Mexico State
                                                              University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture cooperating.
                                      Indoor Exhibits
Indoor Youth Helpers Needed!
A huge thank you to Cheryl Stumpff, who has once again agreed to fulfill the huge responsibility
of indoor youth superintendent!!! This very time consuming and demanding job cannot be done
alone! We will need adult and youth volunteers to assist with check-in and registration of all
youth indoor exhibits Tuesday, August 4, 3-7pm as well as judging assistants Wednesday, Au-
gust 5, 4-7:30pm. Please call the extension office and leave a message with the secretary’s if this
is something you are willing and available to help with!

Online Entry for Indoor Exhibits
Online registration for 4-H indoor exhibits is open!!! We are strongly encouraging all 4-Hers
that have the ability to register online to do so. Please visit our website at click on the 4-H Youth Development tab on the left hand side
of the screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the 4-H book, entry forms, and a link
to online registration. Follow the online instructions. If you register online you will not need to
turn in any registration forms or Code of Ethics forms.

If you have questions contact Jacki, 471-4711 or

The Golden Grill Award
The “Golden Grill” Award is an incentive for each club to go above and beyond what is ex-
pected of them in terms of following all kitchen health and safety regulations, customer service,
and attitude while working their club’s shift at the concession stand. The winning club’s name
will be added to the plaque that is hung in the kitchen every year during fair time and receive
first shift pick for the next year’s concession stand schedule!

The criterion for this award includes:

•   Club must be familiar with all kitchen rules
•   Club must know how to prepare all food items properly
•   Club must be organized (i.e. have all orders logical; first order in, first order out)
•   Food must be top quality (i.e. no undercooked food items)
•   Must leave kitchen cleaner than when you started your shift
•   All preparations for the next shift must be completed
•   Service with a smile
•   Positive Attitude (i.e. No complaining!!!)

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                                           LIV EST OCK NEWS                                FAIR 2009
                               Concession Stand
Concession Stand
Just a few reminders!!!
• All 4-H families are required to contribute to the fair concession stand, not just those partici-
    pating in fair. Money earned at this time is used to cover all County Council functions
    throughout the year including meeting activities, camps, scholarships, and end-of-year
• If you are not able to work your club’s designated shift (see schedule below) please call or e-
    mail Jacki for alternate options. Please keep in mind, if everyone were to seek an alternate
    option we would not have enough man power to run the concession! Please request an alter-
    nate option as a last resource.
• Each club’s designated shift manager must attend the MANDATORY concession stand train-
    ing August 1, 10-11am.


6:30-10:30                       Eldorado Buckaroos/               Rhonda Williams/
                                 Rough Riders                      Mercedes Kavanaugh
10:30-2:30                       Trailblazers                      Sue Crazyhorse

2:30-6:30                        The 5 Star Club                   Tammy Montoya-Sanchez


6:30-10:30                       Turquoise Trail Wranglers         Rick Iannucci &
                                                                   Nancy De Santis
10:30-2:30                       Howling Coyotes                   Audrey Connolly

2:30-6:30                        Mustangs                          Erica Kippe


6:30-10:30                       Wide Horizons                     Renell Roybal

10:30-2:30                       High Dessert Rustlers             Mary Doherty

2:30-6:30                        Northern Stars                    Anne Martinez


6:30-10:30                       Four Seasons                      Deanna Runer

10:30-2:30                       Edgewood Chaparrals               Kelly Jones

2:30-6:30                        Los Amigos                        Windie Burns

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                                          Livestock News
Tips for Exhibiting Livestock
As we get closer to County Fair there are a few things that every livestock exhibitor should keep
in mind.
• Read your Fair Book! Bring it with you to the fair and become aware of all rules and any
   changes that have taken place.
• Get your entries in on time!
• Know the show schedule! There have been some changes made to the show schedule.
   Please see your fair book for more information.
• Be prepared! Pack all tack and supplies that you will need for the duration of the fair. This in-
   cludes feed, grooming equipment, and cleaning supplies. It is strongly encouraged that you
   bring a wheel barrow to the fair if you have one so you can keep your pens clean.
• Be familiar with the regulations set by the NM Livestock Board. You may call the CES office or
   the livestock board if you have any questions about this.

Remember, not knowing is not an excuse! If you have any questions about County Fair or your
livestock projects please feel free to call Christina!

NM Livestock Board Requirements
Below are a few major requirements set for ALL livestock in the state of NM. For more details please call the CES
office or the NM Livestock Board at 505-841-6161.
• Steers and sexually intact, 4 months and older, require a negative TB test prior to showing.
• Steers: one test will be sufficient for the 2009 show season.
• Proof of ownership must accompany the animal (NMLB “form 1” inspection certificate) and must be presented at
     all livestock shows attended.
•     All health and ID requirements must be met.
• All swine from out-of-state must receive an import inspection (an NMLB “form 1” inspection certificate), based
     on the original official certificate of veterinary inspection and import permit. If not an original certificate, the
     copy must be verified and stamped by an NMLB inspector.
• Proof of ownership must accompany the animal (NMLB “form 1” inspection certificate) must accompany the ani-
     mal when traveling out of district and is strongly recommended even in district. This will help assure that all
     requirements are met well before fair time.
• At least one of the following requirements must be met:
          Be tattooed with approved 4-H, FFA, or owner’s tattoo
          Have current owner’s recorded ear tag
          Have current owner’s recorded earmark
• Sexually intact Sheep and goats must have a current scrapie tag or registration tattoo.
• Due to the nature of the disease, sheep do not require a TB test.
• Sexually intact goats must have a negative TB test within 60 days of any exhibition, including the New Mexico-
     State Fair, with the following exceptions; within 90 days of the Southern New Mexico State Fair; within 90 days of
     the Eastern New Mexico State Fair.
• Proof of ownership must accompany the animal; either an NMLB “form 1” certificate of inspection, or a 1-H per-
     manent inspection card.
•     A current negative Coggins test, performed within the preceding twelve months, must accompany the animal.

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                                                                                        FAIR 2009
                                  Club News
Northern Stars
This is the report for the Northern Stars 4-H Club’s June 6th meeting at Santa Cruz Lake. The
meeting was called to order by Avery Rowlison at 11:55 am. The secretary’s report was read by
Eric Paige. Jennifer Paige gave the treasurer’s report. We discussed old business. We re-
capped the Dog Show we held in May. We discussed any ideas for improving our web site
( New business discussed was who is doing what for the Horse Fun Day, July
25th at 1:00 pm. We also told everyone to spread the flyers for Horse Fun Day. We then went
Reported by Eric Paige

Turquoise Trail Wranglers
Stay In The Saddle Clinic
For our May meeting we were fortunate to have working Oklahoma rancher, trainer and clini-
cian Janel Brookshire and her husband Dale conduct
one of their renowned "Stay in the Saddle" Horse-
manship clinics. Dale and Janel worked with Wran-
gler club leaders Rick Iannucci and Nancy De Santis
last year during spring branding and over the next
year planned what turned out to be a fantastic day on
horseback for our club. Topics covered everything
from saddling, mounting to walking, trotting and lop-
ing your horse and all with proper cues, alignment
and "seat". Our wranglers were horseback for many
hours and by the end of the session everyones hard
work was evident in the way they were riding.

Just wanted to let you all know that our Wranglers and the Horses for Heroes Draft horse drawn
wagon won the Mayors First place award at Saturdays Rodeo de Santa Fe parade. Our club
dressed their western best and rode as outriders with
the wagon which carried Veterans from the therapeu-
tic riding program as well as some of our younger
club members.
Despite the steady drizzle all morning spirits were
high and a good time was had by all. The trophy and
the cash award will be dedicated to the Horses for He-
roes program as part of our community service out-

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(only 1 Exhibitor per form)

                                       4-H INDOOR EXHIBITS
                                       REGISTRATION FORM
                                                 For additional forms call 471-4711

    Exhibitor Name:___________________________________________Age:______________



    Circle One:            CLOVERBUD                         NOVICE                        JUNIOR                     SENIOR

    Return by: ____July 22, 2009__________

                                               Santa Fe County Extension Office
                                                      3229 Rodeo Road
                                                     Santa Fe, NM 87507

    TAG #           CLASS # Project Name                               Description of Article                       PLACING OUT

The Santa Fe County Fair Board will take every precaution for the safety of visitors and exhibits, but assumes no liability for the personal injury or
                          loss or damage to any property of the exhibitor or patron due to theft, fire or other causes.

 Each exhibitor shall indemnify the Santa Fe County Fair against all claims or demands or any kind or nature that may grow out of any
injury occasioned by the exhibit owned. The Santa Fe County Fair will not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained in any way to
                                            exhibitors, entertainers, vendors or spectators.
                              Santa Fe County Fair Code of Ethics
               Exhibitors of the Santa Fe County Fair will agree to the following guidelines:

   •   I will read and seek to understand the rules and guidelines directing county fair participation as set forth
       by the Santa Fe County Fair Book. I ask that parents, fair officials, fair board members, etc. not break
       the rules or make exceptions on my behalf.

   •   I will conduct myself in a positive manner at all times while participating in the Santa Fe County Fair.

   •   I will do my own work, appropriate for my age and physical and mental development. I will be honest
       and not take unfair advantage of others. All exhibits will be a true representation of my work.

   •   I will keep my fair exhibit area and myself neat, clean, and well groomed. I will dress neatly and
       appropriately for the occasion.

   •   I will be willing to take and follow instructions as directed by those responsible for me and my exhibit.

   •   I will exhibit good sportsmanship, being modest in winning and generous in defeat. I want my exhibit to
       be an example of how to accept the good and the bad, and how to live and learn from the outcome.

   •   I will refrain from loud, boisterous talk and swearing. I will refrain from drinking, smoking, using
       illegal drugs and sexual misconduct.

   •   I will show respect for the rights of others and be courteous of others opinions at all times.

   •   If I am a parent or guardian, I will be responsible for the actions of my children involved in the county
       fair. If I am not on the fairgrounds, it is my responsibility to identify adult supervision for my children.

The Santa Fe County Fair board and fair officials expect courteous and orderly conduct by exhibitors at all
times. Harassment, profanity, or un-sportsmanlike conduct toward officials, judges, superintendents, or other
exhibitors will not be tolerated. A violation of these rules may result in the violator and his/her exhibit being
removed from the grounds, with a possible forfeit of awards.

I have carefully read and understand the Santa Fe County Code of Ethics and agree to accept them.

__________________________                ________________________                _______________
Participant Signature                     Parent or Guardian Signature            Date
                                          (if participant is a minor)

_________________________________________________________                         ________________
Address                                                                           Phone

List an alternative name and phone number in case of an emergency:

______________________________________________                                   __________________
Name                                                                             Phone
(only 1 species per form)
            Santa Fe County Fair Livestock Entry Form
                                               Species: (circle one)
                                   Cattle       Sheep        Goat       Swine

                         See the Santa Fe County Fair Book for rules and regulations.
                                           Form due July 22, 2009

       Circle one:                              Booster        Novice      Junior       Senior

       TELEPHONE #:                              4-H CLUB NAME:

               Tag #     Class Description

       Showmanship:         Yes ____        No ____

       Remit payment ($5 per market animal $2 per breeding animal) with entry form.

       TOTAL NUMBER OF ANIMALS: _____ x entry fee ________ = $ ____________

       Boosters must have raised their animal to qualify to show.
       Club organizational leader signature states that the member is certified active and in good standing
       within the 4-H club.

       Organizational Leader Signature

       I have read and agree to abide by the rules and regulations set by the Santa Fe County Fair Board.

       _________________________________                     __________________________________
       Participant Signature                                 Parent/Guardian Signature

                                       For Superintendent Use Only
                                         Check Out?
                                         Clean up fee?
                                         $25 Y ___ N ___
                             RABBIT REGISTRATION FORM
                         For additional forms and information, call (505) 471-4711
                                        Only one exhibitor per form

Exhibitor Name:

Mailing Address:                                                                Phone:

Club:                                              Circle one:   Booster    Novice    Junior   Senior

Note: Animal Check-in times                                      Return by July 22, 2009 to:
Wednesday, August 5, 2009 8:00 am – 6:00 pm                      Santa Fe County Extension Office
                                                                 3229 Rodeo Road
                                                                 Santa Fe, NM 87507
Remit payment ($2 per animal or $2 per meat pen) with entry form.

Total # of animals _________ x entry fee _________ = $ __________.

                                                                                     Official Use Only
EAR      BREED VARIETY SEX              AGE       4 OR 6    FUR       WOOL      # IN      PLACE SPEC
#              (COLOR)                  CLASS     CLASS     CLASS     CLASS     CLASS

                                                         Leader Signature ___________________________
 SHOWMANSHIP          YES        NO
                 For additional forms and information, call 505-471-4711

Exhibitor Name: ________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________________Phone: _______________

Club: _____________________________ Circle one: Booster Novice Junior Senior

Note: Animal Check-in times                     Return by July 22, 2009
Wednesday, August 5, 2009                             Santa Fe County Extension Office
8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.                                 3229 Rodeo Road
                                                      Santa Fe, NM 87507

Remit payment ($2 per animal or $2 per meat pen) with entry form.

Total # of animals _________ x entry fee _________ = $ __________.

Only one exhibitor per form. Forms may be copied.

  SPECIES      BREED       VARIETY        SEX        OVER 1         UNDER 1   BAND #
                           (COLOR)                    YEAR           YEAR

Showmanship: _____ Yes      _____ No
                                         Leader Signature _____________________
New Mexico State University
Cooperative Extension Service                                                                     ORGANIZATION
Santa Fe County                                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE PAID
3229 Rodeo Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87507
                                                                                                    SANTA FE, NM
                                                                                                   PERMIT NO. 222
Phone: 505-471-4711
Fax: 505-471-6076

     Your Source For 4-H News and Events.

       Jacqueline S. Baca, 4-H Home Economist

           Christina M. Turner, 4-H Ag Agent

             Four Seasons                                Wide Horizons                      High Desert Rustlers
          Meets 2nd Friday at SF                     Meets 1st Tuesday at SF             Meets 1st Monday at Stanley
              Fairgrounds                                  Fairgrounds                       Community Center
         Deanna Runer 471-3626                       Cheryl Stumpff 982-9157              Annabell Wall 281-1977

     Turquoise Trail Wranglers
      Monthly meetings vary.                                                  Los Amigos (Stanley Area)
     Rick Iannucci 474-5425                                                     Windie Burns 286-3802

                The Five-Star Club                                                  Northern Stars (Pojoaque Area)
         Meets 3rd Saturday at Member’s                                             Meets 3rd Sunday at Member’s
                      Homes                                                                     Homes
            Jeremy Turner 670-8741                                                      Ann Rowlison 455-3503

     Trailblazers (Cochiti Area)                        Howling Coyotes
Meets 2nd Saturday at the Crazyhorse                                                         Rough Riders
                                                    Audrey Connolly 466-0224
             Residence                                                               Mercedes Kavanaugh 474-4352
     Sue Crazyhorse 465-2375

                                                             Mustangs                      Edgewood Chaparrals
          Eldorado Buckaroos                         Meets Last Thursday of each         Meets 2nd Monday at Edge-
  1st Tuesday at Eldorado Fire House                            month                     wood Community Center
  John & Rhonda Williams 466-3378                      Mandy Hunt 466-7459                  Kelly Jones 286-0519