Ben Franklin Gardengardeners'winnings at the County Fair by gox54152

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	                                                           September 2009                                                                        Volume 31; Number 7

 Ben Franklin Garden/gardeners’ winnings at the County Fair
       The Community Garden                           Lisa Young is the Garden Committee’s                                                                     Sandy Worona of OBCDC’s staff made
             by John Jenkins                     secretary and one of the best-kept secrets of                                                           our signs and labels, with last-minute assis-
     The Cuyahoga County Fair has been an        the garden. She has been a gardener for the                                                             tance from Sheila Walter, also of OBCDC.
important summer event for the last 113          past thirty years (she started when she was in                                                                 The garden committee plans to enter
years. Many Ben Franklin gardeners,              kindergarten at Ben Franklin School). Lisa’s                                                            the Fair again next year. Our goal is to win
myself included, have been exhibiting pro-       love of gardening continued to increase with                                                            first place with a 100-point score.
duce at the Fair for decades and have won        age. Her working hours are spent as legal
blue (the top prize) as well as red, white and   secretary for the law firm of Buckley King;
yellow ribbons in the vegetable and/or fruit     after work she heads to Ben Franklin for R                                                                  The Community Gardeners
categories,      floral     displays       and   & R and some weed-pulling for exercise.                                                                            by Tom Sargent
preserved/canned foods categories..                   The County Fair rules require a mini-                                                            
     Finding the experience stimulating, I       mum of five gardeners for a Community
have for some years recommended that Ben         Garden. This year we had nineteen partici-                                                           Once again, Benjamin Franklin
Franklin Community Garden enter the Fair         pants, nearly four times the number needed.                                                     Community Garden gardeners gave a great
as a Community Garden. In the summer of          Lisa and Jeff gathered the vegetables and                                                       accounting of themselves at the recently
2008, Tom Sargent, the garden coordinator,       coordinated this year’s display.                                                                concluded 2009 Cuyahoga County Fair.
took the initiative and approached six or             We were overwhelmed with donations                                                              Veteran “Benji” gardeners and Fair
seven gardeners to donate some of their veg-     and we had more produce than we had                                                             participants Ed Rompala, Jeff Kostura,
etables for a Community Garden entry. To         assigned space to exhibit, even though we                                                       Linda Dole, Jim and Ken Lewandowski,
our delight, we won the First Place Blue         received permission to use three feet of floor                                                  Teresa Clark and Donna Lenz, Kim
Ribbon for our efforts.                          space. The variety of produce was broad,                                                        Hageman and Neal Wilds garnered a total
     This year, the Ben Franklin Garden          the selection diverse, and the quantity large.                                                  of ninety-one ribbons. Included in these
Operating Committee voted to again enter         Selecting the items to display was a difficult                                                  numbers were thirty-four Blue Ribbons
The County Fair as a Community Garden.           task but we tried to feature something from                                                     (First Place), twenty-nine Red Ribbons
Lisa Young was appointed the team leader         each donor. The theme of our display was                                                        (Second Place), seventeen White Ribbons
and Jeff Kostura the assistant team leader.      Benjamin Franklin Community Garden -                                                            (Third Place), and eleven Green Ribbons
Their job was to organize and coordinate our     Diverse Producers of Vegetables.                                                                (Honorable Mention).
entry.                                                We’ve now won first place two years in                                                          Ed Rompala, competing in both the
     Jeff Kostura was featured as “Gardener      a row. (Is that an indication of a trend?) The                                                  Open and Senior Divisions, won three Blue
of the Month” in a past edition of the Old       prize/premium amounted to $100. We were                                                         Ribbons for his house plants, white potatoes
                                                 awarded 96 points (out of 100), and the                            Photo by Rosemarie Jenkins
Brooklyn News.                                                                                                                                   and beets. He also won four Red and three
                                                                                                  Our first-place Community Garden display. White Ribbons for a total of ten awards.

 Ward redistricting changes apparent                                                              judge(s)’ written comments were “appearance         Competing in the Open Division, gar-
                                                                                                  of produce healthy”; “very well prepared and dener Jeff Kostura garnered nine Blue
in upcoming primary/general elections                                                             cleaned”; “ love the variety”; “love the inte- Ribbons, five Red Ribbons, two White
                                                                                                  gration of flowers and tools”; “very much so Ribbons and two Green Ribbons for a total
            by Lynette Filips                                                                     representative of a community garden”.         of eighteen Ribbons.                                                                        The Garden Committee thanks all those          The Father/Son duo of Jim and Ken
                                                                                                  who donated produce, materials, labels, time Lewandowski, both experienced gardeners
     By now, all Brooklyn Centre residents
                                                                                                  and labor. Special thanks to Mary Ann and Fair participants, received a total of
and many Old Brooklyn residents have
                                                                                                  Young (Lisa’s mother) for the very generous twenty-four awards for vegetables grown at
probably received postcards from Cleveland
                                                      Brian Cummins has decided to run in         donation of fabrics for the display, and to Benjamin Franklin Garden. Counted among
City Council notifying them of changes in
                                                 the new Ward 14, the neighborhood in which       Lisa Young and Jeff Kostura for their time these were eleven Blue Ribbons, eight Red
the ward lines which will affect them in the                                                                                                     Ribbons, four White Ribbons and one Green
                                                 he and his family reside. Because six other      and efforts.
upcoming primary election on September
                                                 individuals have decided that they would              Produce was donated by Phyllis Crespo, Ribbon.
8th and the general election on November                                                                                                              Once again displaying her canning and
                                                 also like the same position, Brian and they      Mary Jo Fodor, Clarence Eastwood, Joyce
                                                 will be in the primary election on September     Halasa, Mark Tapajna, Kim Hageman, David preserving prowess as well as her vegetable
     As a result of voter approval of a char-
                                                 8th.                                             Kuebler, Neal Wilds, Jeff Kostura, John growing skills, Linda Dole won three Blue
ter amendment on last November’s ballot,
                                                      The others who are vying for the new        Jenkins, Hallie Forcino, Tracey Nichols, Ribbons, five Red Ribbons, one White and
the current Wards 15 and 16 in Old Brooklyn
                                                 Ward 14 spot are Joe Santiago, the current       Kimberly Repinski, Lisa Young, Tom one Green Ribbon, for a total of ten ribbons.
and Brooklyn Centre are being restructured                                                                                                            Teresa Clark and co-gardener Donna
                                                 Ward 14 councilperson; Nelson Cintron,           Sargent, Bill Wallace, Galen and Debbie
and renumbered. The changes which                                                                                                                Lenz were awarded a total of six ribbons,
                                                 Jr. (the former, two-term Ward 14 coun-          Alexander, and Denise Wiltsie. (Excess pro-
reduced the number of Cleveland City
                                                 cilperson); Rick Nagin, a writer and former      duce and any items still fresh after the Fair two of which were Blue, and four Red.
Council seats by two will go into effect on                                                                                                      See County Fair winnings page 4
                                                 Cleveland City Council aide; James               were donated to a hunger center.)
January 4th, 2010.
     On that date, Ward 16, currently repre-     D’Amico, a former Cleveland Municipal
sented by Councilman Kevin Kelley, will          Court deputy bailiff; Moises Torres, a for-
                                                 mer City contract compliance officer; and             Happy Labor Day!
become Ward 13. Ward 15, currently repre-
                                                 Gary Horvath, a boxing coach. Only two            Cleveland National Air Show - Sat., Sept. 5
                                                                                                                                                             Inside the OBN
sented by Councilman Brian Cummins, will
                                                 of them — the victors in the September 8th        - Mon., Sept. 7; Burke Lakefront Airport,
be eliminated, with the constituents divided
                                                 election — will be running against each           Downtown.                                              Community Spotlight; Desk of
among four other wards — the new Ward
                                                 other in November.                                Cleveland Peace Show - Mon., Sept. 7; 12               the Executive Director     2
13, the new Ward 3 (currently Ward 13),
Ward 14 (this Ward number will remain                 Joe Cimperman, the current Ward 13           noon, Free Stamp, Willard Park, E. 9th St. &
                                                 Councilperson, will also be representing part     Lakeside Ave., Downtown                                News & Events; Community
unchanged) and Ward 12 (this Ward number
                                                 of Brooklyn Centre in January. Because he                                                                Meetings                 3
will also remain unchanged).                                                                       54th Annual Hungarian Scout Festival -
     The new Ward 13 will stretch a bit          is running unopposed, he, like Councilman         Sun., Sept. 6, 1 - 11 pm, German Central
                                                 Kelley, will not be in the primary election                                                              OBCDC House on Tampa;
north of the old Ward 16 to also include the                                                       Park, 7863 York Rd., Parma.
                                                 and will be listed by himself on the                                                                     Brooklyn Centre Naturalists            4
Zoo and surrounding areas.                                                                         Octoberfest - Fri., Sept. 4 - Mon., Sept. 7;
     The new Ward 3 will run north to Lake       November ballot as the sole candidate for         Cuyahoga County Fair Grounds, Berea.
                                                 the new Ward 3.                                                                                          Town Crier; St. Procop Closing          5
Erie (downtown, Tremont) and the part of                                                           Polish Cultural Festival - Fri., Sept. 4 -
Brooklyn Centre east of Pearl/West 25th St.,          The Ward 12 councilman, Anthony
                                                                                                   Sun., Sept. 6; St. John Cantius Church,                Commercial News                         6
south to Henninger Ave.                          Brancatelli, will not need to be on the pri-
     The new Ward 14 will add Brooklyn           mary election ballot either, because only one
                                                 person is running against him. Olga               St, Elias Church Festival - Fri., Sept. 4 -            Community Toolbox                      7
Centre on the west side of Pearl Rd., south to                                                     Mon., Sept. 7; 8023 Memphis Ave.;
the Zoo, to the former Ward 14, which cov-       Sarbinowska, from Slavic Village, will be
                                                 on the ticket in November.                        Brooklyn.
ered the Clark-Metro area.                                                                                                                                Italian American Article;
                                                      In addition to their Cleveland City          St. Rocco’s Festival - Thur., Sept. 3 - Mon.,          Theater Notes                           8
     In addition to Slavic Village, the new
                                                 Council representatives, Brooklyn Centre          Sept. 7; St. Rocco Church, 3205 Fulton Rd.,
Ward 12 will cover the southeast corner of                                                         Near Westside
                                                 and Old Brooklyn residents who vote in the                                                               Family Fun                             9
the old Ward 15, including the South Hills
area.                                            primary election will also be interested in       Taste of Cleveland - Fri., Sept. 4 - Mon., Sept. 7;
                                                 the five mayoral candidates for the City of       Time Warner Cable Amphitheater, Tower                  Senior & Church Notes                 10
     Because he is running unopposed,
                                                 Cleveland. In addition to incumbent Frank         City.
Kevin Kelley will not be on the ballot in the
                                                 Jackson, Kimberly Brown, LaVerne                  Veterans Memorial Bridge and Subway                    Classified & Service Directory 11
primary election, but he will be listed as the
sole choice for the Council seat in the new      Jones Gore, Robert Kilo and Bill Patmon           Tours - Sat., Sept. 5th, 9 am - 3 pm; northeast
                                                 See Ward redistricting page 4                     corner of W. 25th St. & Detroit Ave.                   Photos of Summer Events               12
Ward 13 in the general election.
PAGE 2                                                                                                    OLD BROOKLYN NEWS                                                                            SEPTEMBER 2009

                                                                                                                                   From the desk of the
                                                                                                                                    executive director
                                                                                                                                             by Robyn Sandys

       Two volunteers contribute to                                                                                                    I would gather that no one can believe the
                                                                                                                                 months of July and August is behind us for this
                                                                                                                                                                                     involved in a process.
      success of rain barrel program
                                                                                                                                 year. Am I the only one who thinks that time is
                                                                                                                                 moving faster and faster, like a wind turbine             And boy did people get involved. The
                                                                                                                                 spinning from a giant lakeshore gust! I under-      process included participants presenting their
                by Lori A. Peterson                            scious.” Because of his full-time job and his                     stand that happens as we age, since I am writ-      ideas on various routes to sustainability. One
                                familial obligations, he is installing the divert-                ing this on my 57th birthday (no I am not           group presented on how to make Cleveland
                                                               ers in his spare time.                                            embarrassed to announce my age although             more reliant on local produce grown both in
      If the level of interest in rain barrels is any                OBCDC had over 120 names on the rain                                                                            the City, suburbs and the countryside. They
                                                                                                                                 maybe I should be) I can attest to the fact that
indication, then Old Brooklyn and Brooklyn                     barrel list and coordinated the installation of                                                                       borrowed a motorized cart from the
                                                                                                                                 life catapults us forward whether we like it or
Centre are very environmentally conscious.                     the diverters and rain barrels with the home-                                                                         Convention center, decorated and loaded it up
                                                                                                                                 not in directions that we think we have control
      The City of Cleveland’s Office of                        owner, the City of Cleveland and the volunteer                                                                        with pretend fruits and vegetables made out of
                                                                                                                                 over and at a pace that moves faster than a road
Sustainability, the Northeast Ohio Regional                    (sometimes resulting in a logistical nightmare).                                                                      balloons and pipe cleaners. They then floated it
                                                                                                                                 runner. Also as we age we reflect on our work,
Sewer District (NEORSD) and Green City Blue                    The residents on the list who were unable to                                                                          by the audience as they presented how by 2019
                                                                                                                                 family, and personal accomplishments.
Lake Institute (GCBL) allowed each neighbor-                   get rain barrels this year will be moved up the                                                                       the entire City will be fed with produce pro-
                                                                                                                                       Last week I attended the Sustainable
hood to receive 20 rain barrels. However, due                  list for next year. With any luck next year, we                                                                       duced right here and most likely in part from
                                                                                                                                 Cleveland 2019 Summit which was designed
to the keen interest, long waiting list, lack of               will be able to get 80 rain barrels!                                                                                  our very own Ben Franklin Garden.
                                                                                                                                 to bring people together to help build
interest in other neighborhoods and exceptional                      If you are interested in learning more                                                                                I hope you get the picture. In a follow up
                                                                                                                                 Cleveland’s future. Sustainability can mean
volunteers, the Old Brooklyn Community                         about volunteer opportunities that can benefit                                                                        letter from Mayor Jackson he indicated that
                                                                                                                                 different things and can be hard to define. “The
Development Corporation (OBCDC) obtained                       the community, please call Lori Peterson at                                                                           there will be numerous opportunities for you
                                                                                                                                 most popular definition of sustainability can be
60 rain barrels!                                               216-459-1000.                                                                                                         (all) to remain engaged to help us transform
                                                                                                                                 traced to a 1987 UN conference. It defined sus-
      Youth from Youths Opportunities                                                                                                                                                Cleveland’s economy and make Cleveland a
                                                                                                                                 tainable developments as those that “meet
Unlimited (Y.O.U.) worked for the City of                                                                                                                                            green city on a blue lake. I love that motto.
                                                                                                                                 present needs without compromising the
Cleveland to build and install rain barrels for                                                                                                                                      When I learn more on how to get involved I
                                                                                                                                 ability of future generations to meet their
area residents at no charge. And two very hard-                                                                                                                                      will let you know. If you go to the City of
                                                                                                                                 needs”(WECD, 1987). Robert Gillman, editor
working and dedicated volunteers in the Old                                                                                                                                          Cleveland’s home page,
                                                                                                                                 of the In Context magazine, extends this goal
Brooklyn neighborhood installed the diverters.                                                                                                                              you will
                                                                                                                                 oriented definition by stating “sustainability
      None of this would have been possible                                                                                                                                          learn more about this event. Also check out the
                                                                                                                                 refers to a very old and simple concept (The
without the help of these two volunteers. They                                                                                                                                       Mayor’s tour of the Ben Franklin Community
                                                                                                                                 Golden Rule) onto future generations as
installed the diverters in their free time and                                                                                                                                       Garden on August 15th It was the first and
                                                                                                                                 you would have them do onto you.” (Quoted
used their expertise and equipment.                                                                                                                                                  main stop on the Urban Harvest Garden Tour.
                                                                                                                                 from       the      following      web       site
      Ed Persinger of E & S Construction and a                                                                                                                                       Photos from that event are in this issue of the
lifetime resident of Old Brooklyn installed the                                                                                                                                      paper. There is also a story on the garden win-
first 24 diverters for Old Brooklyn and                                                                                                                                              ning the Blue Ribbon for best Community
                                                                                                                                       This event was an accomplishment for the
Brooklyn Centre residents. In the sweltering                                                                                                                                         Garden at the 2009 Cuyahoga County Fair.
                                                                                                                                 City and I was glad I participated. It was excit-
heat and between rain drops he spent two days                                                                                                                                        What an amazing accomplishment. Kudos to
                                                                                                                                 ing to be there with 500 or more colleagues and
cutting downspouts and installing the diverters.                                                                                                                                     all involved.
                                                                                                                                 friends from the Cleveland area. I have known
      Ed has actually volunteered with OBCDC                                                                                                                                               Coming up in September is the start of
                                                                                                                                 the Mayor and his immediate staff and depart-
for the past two years. In 2007, he painted a                                                                                                                                        rehab work on our Tampa home, article on
                                                                                                                                 ment heads for a long time from working in the
senior citizen’s entire house and paid two of                                                                                                                                        page 4. In October on the 1st is our
                                                                                                                                 community development field over the past 12
his employees to assist him. Ed grew up in Old                                                                                                                                       Community Picnic at Brookside Reservation.
                                                                                                                                 years. This event was one of the best contribu-
Brooklyn and purchased a condemned house                                                                                                                                             Please join us for good food, fun and friends.
                                                                                                                                 tions they have made to this City. It was a for-
next door to his parents to rehabilitate it and                                                                                                                                      Also in October on the 20th is our Annual
                                                                                                                                 ward thinking creative explosion of ideas. I
move into. It is residents like him who make                                                                                                                                         Meeting, more on that in the October OBN.
                                                                                                                                 was so impressed with the intelligence and
Old Brooklyn a better place to live.                                                                                                                                                       Continually check out our Facebook page
                                                                                                                                 energy in the room from people who really
      Michael Munoz, another outstanding vol-                                                                                                                                        under Old Brooklyn Community Development
                                                                                                                                 care about our future. The summit used a
unteer and Old Brooklyn resident, is donating                                              Photo by Lori Peterson                                                                    Corporation. Until next month, have a happy
                                                                                                                                 process called Appreciative Inquiry, which is a
his time and energy to install the remaining 40                                                                                                                                      September!
                                                              Ed Persinger installs a diverter at the                            fancy name for getting people motivated and
diverters. He works for Reader Tinning and
Roofing and feels that it his “privilege to install           Benjamin Franklin Community Garden.
                                                                                                                                      Photo by, Steve Gusky
the diverters especially if so many people are                Because of the large amount of water needed to
                                                                                                                                 City of Cleveland photographer
interested in being environmentally con-                      irrigate all the gardens, the City of Cleveland
                                                              gave Ben Franklin four rain barrels.

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 Thursday, September 3rd - Monday, October 5th          ed dales. Foods & snacks cooked over open                     Saturdays, Sept. 26th, Oct. 3rd & 10th            cate. Applications will be completed & deliv-
      Greater Cleveland Wetland Tours                   fires. Non-stop entertainment across the 75-                Escape On The Underground Railroad                  ered to Dept. of Jobs & Family Services. Other
Sponsored by Friends of Big Creek. One hour tours       acre grounds. Learn crafts with hands-on                  Bedford Reservation, Hemlock Creek Picnic             outreach services available; call for details.
with representatives of five different types of urban   instruction. Tickets $2.50 children 6 - 11, $9            area, off Button Rd. east of Dunham Rd. in
wetland projects, one potential restoration area &      adults12- 59, & $8 seniors 60 & above.                    Walton Hills; 7 - 9:30 pm. Adults & children            West Side Ecumenical Ministry (WSEM)
one high quality rural wetland. Free & open to the      Children 5 & younger free.Visit www.yan-                  15 - 17 years old with an adult. Experience              Enrolling for Early Childhood Education
public (children accompanied by an adult). Rain or for more info.                     escaping on the Underground Railroad. Space           All locations for ages birth through age five.
shine; dress for inclement weather. All tours begin                                                               limited; registration required - 216-341-3152.        WSEM offers infant & toddler care, Head Start,
at 6:30 pm.                                                        Monday, September 14th                                                                               the Early Learning Initiative (ELI) program as
Thurs., Sept. 3, Valley Forge High School, court-           Cuyahoga Valley Genealogy Society                                     Every Saturday                        well as a home-based program to meet the needs
yard wetland, 9999 Independence Blvd., off York         Independence Civic Center, White Oak Room,                      Brooklyn Centre Farmers Market                  of area families. WSEM offers free services to
Rd., Parma Heights. Meet at front doors.                6363 Selig Blvd., 7:30 pm. Dianne Kauffman                Convenient Food Mart, 3720 Denison Ave.,              eligible families, health & developmental
Thurs, Sept 10, Brooklyn “Oxbow” area, potential        speaking about “Women Spies in the Civil                  10 am – 1pm. Cleveland Corner Store Project           screenings, comprehensive services to address
wetland restoration sites. Parking behind new           War”. All welcome; coffee & refreshments                  sells fruits & vegetables from local farmers.         educational, health, dental, nutrition, social,
Brooklyn Fire Station, 8400 Memphis Ave.                served. Call president John Stoika, 216-524-                                                                    mental health & special needs. Variety of pro-
Mon, Sept 14, Tinkers Creek headwaters, high            3472, for more info.                                             Tuesdays, now thru October 20th                gram options & locations. Accepts county
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Brooklyn Memorial United Methodist Church.                     5th Annual Rusyn Day Picnic                        more than 100 forms of arthritis call the Arthritis            St. Leo Preschool Registrations
Visit for more info.            Shrine of Mariapoch, 17486 Mumford Rd,                    Answers helpline, 216-831-7000, ext. 114, or                         2009-2010 School Year
                                                        Burton, 2 - 8 pm (rain or shine); 2 pm Slavonic           800-245-2275, ext. 114. An Arthritis Answers          St. Leo Preschool is located at 4940 Broadview Rd in
           Thursday, September 10th                     Liturgy followed by Panachida (Memorial                   information specialist can provide information        the Parish Community Center. The preschool offers
      Antique Collectors Club Meeting                   Service), 3:30 - 8:30 pm. Rusyn performances;             about free educational brochures; locations of tai    programs for skill development & kindergarten readi-
Busch Funeral meeting room, 7501 Ridge Rd.,             kitchen opens after liturgy; pirohy, kielbasa,            chi, water & land-based series classes; details       ness for 3 & 4 year-old children. A full-day 8 am.-
7 pm. Patt Papesh speaking about hatpins & hatpin       haluski & bacon fry. Bring a dessert.                     about volunteer opportunities; chapter advocacy       2:30 pm. Mon. - Fri. program is available, with after
holders; guests welcome.                                Children’s activities. Call Bonnie, 440-729-              efforts; & special events. Visit   school care at an additional charge. In addition to the
                                                        2045 or Marcia, 440-331-3856, for more info.                                                                    full day program, Mon., Wed., Fri. half-day classes
              Friday, September 11th                                                                                           Volunteers Needed for                    are available for 4 year-old children. Tues., Thurs.,
  10th Annual Playhouse Square District Block                      Saturday, September 26th                             Mentoring and Tutoring Program                  half-day classes are available for 3 year-old children.
                   Party & Tour                         Migration Mania at the Dike 14 Nature Preserve            Denison Elementary School, 3799 Denison Ave.          Children must be of age by Sept. 30. County vouch-
Star Plaza, 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm. End of summer            (one of Cleveland’s hidden treasures), Gordon             Volunteer mentors & tutors needed for the             ers are accepted. A $50 nonrefundable fee & a copy
annual outdoor party for district neighbors,            State Park area of Cleveland Lakefront State              upcoming school year. The Experience Corps            of the child's birth certificate are required at the time
friends & co-workers. Business site tours,              Park, E. 72nd St. & N. Marginal, 7:30 am - 2              tutoring & mentoring programs provide a great         of registration. For more info., call Jeanne Sabol at
entertainment & samplings from area restau-             pm; free. Dike, normally closed to the public, is         benefit to participating children & schools, as       216-661-5330.
rants, grilling by Taste of Excellence, cash bar &      home to over 280 of Ohio’s 431 identified bird            well as to the volunteers giving of their time &
food items from Johnsonville, Orlando, Shearers &       species. Walking tours; one mile self-guided              experience once or twice a week. Call Carol             St. Mary Byzantine School Registration
the Wyndham Hotel. Entertainment at Star Plaza          hikes. Look for native Ohio plants, trees & ani-          Hasek, Mentoring Coordinator, 216-391-9500,           St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Elementary School,
presented by the Downtown Cleveland Alliance            mals; opportunity to access the lakefront. Visit          ext. 125, for more info.                              4600 State Rd., now accepting applications for pre-
Sparx Concert Series, the official kick-off of the for more info.                                                                                   school - grade 8. Before/after school services avail-
Sparx City Hop. Block Party tour sites include                                                                               WSEM Food Center                           able. Local tuition assistance available to all families;
recently renovated Wyndham Cleveland Hotel at             Saturday, Sept. 26th & Sunday, Sept. 27th               WSEM Food Center at Brookside, 3784 Pearl             participates in Cleveland Scholarship & Tutoring
PlayhouseSquare, first floor space of Liggett                    Brooklyn Historical Society                      Rd., 216-749-4295. Food service available             Program. Updated computer lab, interactive Smart
Stashower, M Lang Attire & Lounge & a visit to the                  Shunpike Shoppe Sale                          Monday - Friday, 10 am - 2 pm. Resale shoppe          Boards in all classroom, instrumental music & art
Dance Showcase in the Ohio Theatre. Party guests        At the Museum, 4442 Ridge Rd., Sat., 10 am -              open Mon, Wed. & Fri., 9:30 am - 2:30 pm.             instructor, athletics & more. Call 216-749-7980 or
can win prizes of an “Overnight Theater Package         3 pm; Sun., noon - 3 pm. Hand-quilted "Patch              Call 216-749-4295 for appointment for help            visit
for Two” & clothing certificates from the Wyndham       in Time" patchwork quilt raffle. Also herb &              with completing food stamp applications or
& M Lang. Tickets - $25, on sale at playhous-           specialty breads, homemade bakery, herb vine-             walk-in & ask to speak to an outreach advo- or by calling 216-241-6000.                 gar, Amish jellies, hand-loomed rugs, pothold-
                                                        er towels, plastic bag holders, knitted & fabric
      Sat. & Sun., September 12th - 27th
Thirty-Sixth Annual Yankee Peddler Festival
Clay's Park Resort, Canal Fulton. Entrances off
                                                        scarves, handmade stationery, cloth purses,
                                                        nursery crib/wall hangings, baby items, house-
                                                        plants, perennials, bulbs, lavender & catnip
both State Rts. 93 & 21. 10:30 am - 6 pm. Visit
pioneer America with master artists & crafters
setting up rustic shops along streams & wood
                                                        bags, fresh parsley & white elephants. Quilting
                                                        & rug loom demonstrations; museum tours.                         Councilman Brancatelli
                                                                                                                                                   for Ward 12
        COMMUNITY MEETINGS                                                                                                                       on November 3rd
Brooklyn Centre Community Association                   ing about his experiences photographing rock
meeting, Sept. 24th (& every fourth Thurs.),            and roll stars. Refreshments. Business meeting
6:30 pm, Brooklyn Memorial United
Methodist Church, 2607 Archwood Ave. (cor-
ner of Archwood and Pearl).
                                                        follows. Prospective members welcome; call
                                                        president Connie Ewazen, 398-8969, with ques-                                                                             Honesty
                                                        tions about the group.
Brooklyn Centre Naturalists meeting, Sept.
12th, 2:30 pm. Cleveland Public Library, 3706
Pearl Rd.; topic - Action plan meeting for 2010;
                                                        Old Brooklyn Community Development
                                                        Corporation board meeting, Sept. 22nd (&                                                                                  Commitment
Tom Romito, facilitator. Contact Brooklyn               every fourth Tues.), 7:30 pm, OBCDC meet-
Centre Naturalists,,            ing room (3344 Broadview Rd., upstairs).
                                                        Meetings open to public for review & com-
for more info.
                                                        ments, but board reserves right to close por-
Brooklyn Genealogy Club - Brooklyn Branch               tions of meetings from public. Call 216-459-
Cuyahoga County Public Library, 4480 Ridge              1000 to confirm date.
Rd., Sat., Sept. 19th, 2 - 4 pm. Paul Hartman
speaking about his German research experiences.         Second District Police Community
                                                        Relations meeting, Tues., Sept 8th (& every                                                                               Knowledge
Brooklyn Historical Society monthly meeting             second Tues.), 7 pm, Applewood Center, 3518
at the museum, 4442 Ridge Rd., Wed., Sept.              W. 25th St.
30th, 7 pm. Nick Jelenic speaking about "I
Love Old Tube Radios". Vintage radios &
                                                        Southwest Citizens Area Council meeting,
                                                        Sept. 3rd (& every first Thurs.), 7 pm, Gino’s,
                                                                                                                      "I am dedicated to serving ALL of Ward 12."
books available for viewing & discussion. (If
                                                        1314 Denison Ave.
you have an old one, bring it along.) Program
followed by refreshments; all welcome. Call             Ward 15 Democratic Club meeting, Tues.,                            For a yard sign or to volunteer for the campaign,
Barb, 216-941-0160, for more info.                      Sept. 22nd (& every fourth Tues.), 6:30 pm,
                                                        Estabrook Recreation Center, 4125 Fulton Rd.                                   please call 216-390-3154.
Historical Society of Old Brooklyn meeting,
7 pm, Fri., Sept. 11, Pearl Road United                 Ward 16 Democratic Club meeting Tues.,
Methodist Church, 4200 Pearl Rd. (Use rear              Sept. 15th (& every third Tues.), 7 pm, Gloria                                 Paid for by Friends for Brancatelli, Clark Broida, Treasurer
entrance off parking lot.) George Shuba speak           Dei Lutheran Church, 5801 Memphis Ave.                                                  6927 IndianaAve., Cleveland, Ohio 44105
PAGE 4                                                                                        OLD BROOKLYN NEWS                                                                          SEPTEMBER 2009

  OBCDC’s house on Tampa ready for rehab                                                                           Brooklyn Centre Naturalists learn "Thinking
             by Robyn Sandys
                                                 house with all new everything including the
                                                 kitchen, bathrooms, carpeting, wood floors,
                                                                                                                  Out of the Box" ways to create backyard habitats
                                                 paint and so on. On the outside there will be a                                by Gloria Ferris                      flowers attract butterflies. An old cookie sheet
     Old Brooklyn Community Development          new roof, as well as repairing the siding and                                                                        or terra cotta saucer with a rock in the middle
Corporation (OBCDC) owns a home at 2915          front porch area. The back yard is wonderful as                        The August meeting of Brooklyn Centre         can be a water source. Dogwood trees and
Tampa Ave., pictured with this article. It is an well with mature trees and just enough space                     Naturalists (BCN) was packed full of tips and       berry bushes are good sources of cover.
adorable bun-                                                                for a family and a                   tricks from Terry Duncan, a Certified Habitat       Mature trees offer a place to raise young.
galow with a                                                                 pet, since the yard                  Steward volunteer for the National Wildlife               The Brooklyn Centre Naturalists have
lot more room                                                                is fenced.                           Federation. Terry shared easy and inexpensive       teamed with Ohio Prairie Nursery to hold their
inside than it                                                                   To date several                  ways to transform backyards into wildlife habi-     first NATIVE PLANT SALE on Labor Day
seems because                                                                people         have                  tats.                                               weekend, Saturday, September 5th and
the basement                                                                 expressed interest                         Four things are needed to become a back-      Sunday, September 6th at the Archwood Street
adds two more                                                                in purchasing the                    yard habitat- - food, water, cover and a place to   Fair. They'll be in front of Brooklyn Memorial
rooms, a bath-                                                               home. The first step                 raise young. Terry's first and foremost tip was     United Methodist Church's Habitat garden
room, a laun-                                                                for those interested                 to begin thinking about the balance of nature       between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. both
dry room, and                                                                is to get pre-                       and how it all works together to form a work-       days.
plenty of stor-                                                              approved for a                       ing system.                                               Plants native to Ohio are easy to grow,
age      space.                                                              mortgage. If any-                          For instance, one of the most effective and   require low maintenance and provide many of
There is also a                                                              one needs help with                  healthful ways to ban mosquitoes from back-         the things needed to become a backyard habi-
lot of light                                                                 doing that, please                   yards is to invite birds and toads to lunch.        tat. Anyone desiring more information about
because it is A bungalow at 2915 Tampa Ave. is awaiting a new owner. contact the Old                              Many people think that adding a water feature       the native plant sale or how to transform
more of a walk-                                                              Brooklyn CDC. The                    such as a bird bath or small backyard pond          his/her yard into a backyard habitat should
down basement. There are two bedrooms and a      expected price of the home will be in the low                    (which can be half a barrel above the ground or     email or call 216-
bathroom on the first floor and an additional    $60s, an incredible price for a like new home in                 sunken into the ground) will be a haven for         351-0254.
bedroom or playroom on the second floor.         a good safe neighborhood.                                        mosquitoes. But actually, the opposite is true.           In other BCN news, The Brooklyn Centre
     This month we will be starting extensive         For further information contact OBCDC                       Creating a water source in a garden for the         Naturalists are sponsoring a neighborhood tire
rehab on the inside of the home. When com-       at 216-459-1000 or email robyns@oldbrook-                        birds makes that garden become one of the           clean up on Saturday and Sunday, September
pleted it will be like living in a brand new                                                         birds' stops during their day. They will visit      26th & 27th, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.
                                                                                                                  frequently and eat the mosquitoes! Thus             Residents can bring their unwanted tires and
                                                                                                                  adding activity and beauty to a yard becomes        tires from vacant lots in the neighborhood for
                                                                                                                  an effective way to fight mosquitoes.               disposal, to the Brooklyn Memorial United
                                                                Old Brooklyn CDC                                        When developing a backyard habitat,           Memorial Church, 2705 Archwood Avenue,
                                                                  Now accepting                                   think small and unique. A broken piece of pot-      Cleveland, Ohio 44109. Please, no business's
                                                                                                                  tery nestled in the corner of a garden can          or garages. For more information, contact
                                                                nominations for the                               become a home for a toad. Bright, colorful
                                                                Board of Directors
                                                                                                                  County Fair winnings from front page
         The Old Brooklyn Community Development Board of Directors is now accepting nominations to
                                                                                                                        The fair entries from the garden of the
  fill seats that will be vacated by the Directors whose terms end this fall. Please submit your contact infor-
  mation (including email) and a biography of yourself to:                                                        Rev. Neal Wilds resulted in a total of nine rib-
                      Old Brooklyn CDC, 3344 Broadview Rd. Cleveland, OH 44109                                    bons. He received one Blue Ribbon, three Red
                                         Attention: Lynea M. Reindel                                              Ribbons, five White and five Green Ribbons.
         You may fax the information to 216-459-1741 or email There are                       Kim Hageman, the grower of large
  3 categories: residential, commercial and institutional.                                                        watermelons, one of which was featured in the
         For further information about the CDC, please go to The Board of                    Benjamin Franklin Garden entry in the
  Directors link includes a copy of the CDC's Code of Regulations which describes the criteria for each           Community Garden competition, amassed a
  category. Additional information will also be posted in upcoming editions of the Old Brooklyn News.             total of nine ribbons, five of which were Blue.
         You must also be a member in good standing, which means your membership dues are up to                   She also received two White and two Red
  date. Membership information is also available on the web site.                                                 Ribbons.
                                                                                                                        Noticeably absent from this Fair competi-
                                                                                                                  tion was Bill Wallace, who in years past has

     Joe Gigante & Sons                                                                                           accumulated hundreds of awards, including
                                                                                                                  many Best of Shows. Bill is still gardening and
                                                                                                                  still donating hundreds of pounds of his veg-

                               t             t
                       4 Generations of Gigantes                                                                  etables to Senior Center Resources. He indi-
                                                                                                                  cated that he may enter next year’s event.

                                   in Old Brooklyn
                                                                                                                  Ward redistricting           from front page                          Photo by Johanna Hamm
                                                                                                                  would like to be mayor of Cleveland. Only           “Farmer Matt” is a regular at the Brooklyn
                                                                                                                  two of them will be on the November ballot,         Centre Farmers Market on Saturdays from
                                                                                                                  and the September 8th primary will decide           10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Convenient Food
                                                                                                                  which two.                                          Mart, 3720 Denison Ave. The wide selection
                                                                                                                        Voters need to know their correct ward,       of locally grown produce is fresh and eco-
                                                                                                                  precinct and voting location before election        nomically priced.
                                                                                                                  day because they are required to vote in their
                                                                                                                  correct voting location and precinct.                    To see the exact Ward boundaries as
                                                                                                                        In addition to the postcard from the City,    defined by the City of Cleveland’s redistrict-
                                                                                                                  all voters affected by these changes will also be   ing map, visit
                                                                                                                  receiving a Voter Location Notification                  (Voters who do not have computer access
                                                                                                                  (V.L.N.) card from the Cuyahoga County              should call the Voter Information Hotline, 216-
                                                                                                                  Board of Elections informing them of their          443-3298, and ask for their ward, precinct and
                                                                                                                  new precinct, and in some cases, their new          voting location.)
                                                                                                                  ward and/or voting location.                             Both the changes in the size of Cleveland
                                                                                                                        Voters can also confirm their precinct and    City Council and the number of precincts are
                  Front row L - R: Tom, Mark, Joe, Max the dog, Andrea, Joey
                                                                                                                  voting location by visiting the Cuyahoga            designed to save government funds. The
                           Back row L -R: Anthony & Uncle George
                                                                                                                  County Board of Elections website at                precinct reduction program alone is expected
                 RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL                                                                Click on the             to lower the cost of elections for municipalities
                                                                                                                  blue “Voters” button and following the              and Cuyahoga County by over $2,000,000. In
                                                                                                                  prompts to find the voting location and             January, 2009, there were 1,436 precincts in
             DRIVEWAYS                                                                                            precinct information. New precinct maps can         Cuyahoga County. That number is being
           WATERPROOFING                                                                                          also be found on the website.                       reduced to approximately 1,100 precincts.

                            Emergency                             MASONRY                                                 Valley Road Villa                                           Senior Citizens
                           Sewer Repair                           GARAGES                                                                                       1 Bedroom              $494 - $560
                                                               ROOM ADDITIONS                                                                                   2 Bedrooms             $608 - $689
                            TOTAL HOME RENOVATION                                                                          4146 Valley Road             Call (216) 398-4430 TTY 800-750-7300
                                                                                                                                                                        for more information
                               LIGHT DEMOLITION
                                                                                                                               Some applications available for immediate rental.
                                                                                                                                      Others taken for waiting list.    Section 8 available

                216-351-0000                                                                                                                                INCLUDES
                                                                                                                          All Utilities Carpeting Electric Range Refrigerator Beauty Shop
                                                                                                                              Visiting Nurse Monthly Party & Game Rooms Cable Available
               Free Estimates Senior Discounts                                                                                         Library Planned Social Activities Pets Allowed

                 Licensed Bonded Insured                                                                                     SMC MANAGEMENT CO.                           Office Hours: Mon - Fri 9-5
SEPTEMBER 2009                                                                     OLD BROOKLYN NEWS                                                                                           PAGE 5
                                                        What I’m hearing from friends who sub-          offensive merchandise is allowed.                   shown “dependability, cooperation, leadership,
                                                  scribe to the Sun is that there’s no news about             Parking for customers is available on the     patriotism, and clean speech and habits” are
                                                  Old Brooklyn in it (except for garage sale ads).      street or in the nearby lots at Rite Aid and        Cody Beyer, Michael Cray, Brittany
                                                  When resident Old Brooklyn resident Lorene            Cavalon Cleaners.                                   DiSiena, Amanda Hahn, Alex Jovanovic,
                                                  Bowles called the Sun to inquire, she was told              To reserve a space or for more informa-       Gabrielle Jurcak, Jordan Krueger, Bethany
                                                  that due to further budget cuts, Brooklyn, but        tion, call Fred at 216-401-7671.                    Mackey, Adam Storc, Brianne Yarborogh
                                                  not Old Brooklyn, would be included in the                  As usual, school is back in session and we    and Chris Zimmer.
                                                  Independence/Parma edition.                           are still mentioning student awards from the             We’ll try to seriously catch up with more stu-
                                                          The Sun cited the poor economy and            last academic year. This month we’ll share          dent news next month, and we also want to report
                                                  fewer ads from local businesses as a reason for       some of the news St. Leo the Great School           about some of the new church congregations
                                                  their consolidation. While we at the Old              sent to us --                                       which have been opening in our neighborhood.
                                                  Brooklyn News are still receiving adequate ad               The Western Reserve Society of the Sons       Please send whatever information you have about
     Toward the beginning of the summer,          support, this is a good time to remind readers to     of the American Revolution gives a Good             those topics or anything else to: Lynette Filips,
when it seemed like really warm days would        patronize our local businesses. And the situa-        Citizenship award to eighth graders. This year,     The Town Crier, c/o the Old Brooklyn News, 3344
never come, I heard someone quip that it would    tion at the Sun seems to increase our obligation      the St. Leo students whom they determined had       Broadview Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44109.
“probably get hot when it was time for the kids   to get neighborhood information to you.
to go back to school.”
     It looks like that may be just what hap-
                                                        In last month’s OBN I mentioned an idea
                                                  which Jack Amburgey had for an indoor flea             Farewell to our neighbor, St. Procop Church
pened, but I won’t complain. A late-arriving      market at his Gavin Lee Party Center,                              by Lynette Filips
summer may mean that autumn and winter will       requesting that interested individuals call him.                        men’s shelter named Procop House which
be late in arriving, too. So plant some fast -    Although he has received some calls, Jack                                                                 operates in St. Procop’s former convent.
growing seeds and hope for a cool-weather         would still like to hear from more people, so               The tears continue to flow in the ongoing         St. Augustine Church in Tremont has taken
Indian summer crop next month.                    we repeat his phone number this month -- 216-         saga of Roman Catholic church closings across       on the responsibility of St. Procop’s soup
     In more than one column this year I’ve       533-4893.                                             the Diocese. Although the ultimate reality of a     kitchen and a United Church of Christ near St.
written about new publications which have               Meanwhile, right down the street, Fred          church actually closing its doors forever has       Procop’s has agreed to host the AA meetings
been popping up in Brooklyn Centre, Tremont       Manson of Fred’s Breads, 2330 Broadview               not yet hit Old Brooklyn or Brooklyn Centre,        which had been meeting there.
and Ohio City. Just recently I’ve become          Rd., has been thinking along the same lines.          this weekend it will be affecting one of our              Although the St. Procop community is
aware of another which isn’t so new but is        After securing a variance from the Board of           closest neighbors. After 117 years of spiritual     small, they’d managed to pay all their bills,
nonetheless worthy of mention.                    Zoning Appeals, he hosted his first outdoor           and physical ministry, St. Procop Church, 3181      both their assessments to the Diocese and their
     The new-to-me quarterly, published in        flea market on Sunday, August 23rd. To get the        W. 41st St., will say its final prayers on the      other obligations. But given the size of their
February, May, August and September, is           ball rolling, last week and this upcoming             west side of Cleveland.                             extraordinarily beautiful, Italian-Byzantine
Kamm’s Corner’s Magazine. It’s put out by         Sunday, too, Fred offered vendors free space.                Bishop Richard Lennon will be at St.         style church and all the other large buildings on
Kamm’s           Corner’s        Development      Fees will begin in September.                         Procop’s on Sunday, August 30th, to offer the       their property, their winter heating bills were
Corporation.                                            Weather permitting, Fred will be operat-        9:30 Mass which will officially close the           astronomical.
     More and more it’s obvious that              ing the flea market from April through                parish. By then, all St. Procop’s sacramental            After their closing was initially announced
Community Development Corporations                October. Although he didn’t have a full house         records will have been sent downtown to the         and their appeal to Bishop Lennon denied, St.
(CDCs) know -- Kamm’s for seventeen years--       the first Sunday, his parking lot can accommo-        Diocesan Archives for safekeeping.                  Procop parishioners decided not to appeal to
that magazines and newspapers focusing on         date up to forty vendors.                                   It was Bohemian/Czech immigrants who          Rome. Although they were profoundly sad,
local news are a great way to market their              Some of the other details of Fred’s flea        built St. Procop’s back in 1872. Although we        they searched for another parish where they
neighborhoods. Kamm’s spring issue caught         market are:                                           have not yet discussed that ethnic group in our     thought they’d fit in, and asked the Diocese for
my eye because “our” Jim Rokakis, the                   It’s open on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 5           series about Cleveland’s immigrants and the         a closing date before they’d again be saddled
speaker at their CDC’s upcoming Town              p.m. Set up begins at 8 a.m. and take down            churches they established, they are still on “the   with high heating bills.
Meeting, was pictured on the front cover.         must be completed by 6 p.m.                           list”. Even though St. Procop’s will be closed            The parish with which many St. Procop
     On a sad note, I’ve also become aware of           Fred also has permission to conduct             by then, at some future date we will tell their     parishioners hope to ally was also founded by
cost-cutting moves at the Sun Newspapers          Monday to Saturday flea markets, from 9 a.m.          story and talk about the contributions they         Bohemians; it’s Our Lady of Lourdes on E.
(now owned by the Plain Dealer) which have        to 6 p.m., again with an hour on either side of       made to our community.                              53rd St. St. Procop’s music ministry will take
resulted in their no longer publishing the        those times for set up and take down. There is               At least for the time being, some of the     on the Saturday afternoon Mass there.
Brooklyn Sun. July 30th was the last issue. It    a seven-vendor limit during the week.                 groups which use the buildings on St. Procop’s         For those who can’t travel that far for week-
had been serving Brooklyn and Old Brooklyn              A vendor space is approximately 9’ x            property will be allowed to stay. These include     end Mass, the other parishes in St. Procop’s
since 1920.                                       16’ (the size of a standard parking spot). A lim-     a charter school which operates in St. Procop’s     cluster -- St. Stephen’s, St. Colman’s, Our Lady
     The last issue of the Brooklyn Sun prom-     ited number of spaces with 110 electric service       former school building (at one time, St.            of Mount Carmel and La Sagrada Familia --
ised readers that news of our neighborhood        are available, as are tables to rent. No illegal or   Procop’s had a parish high school, too) and a       will continue to serve the neighborhood.
would be included in the Parma Sun Post each
week, and in its header, the new Parma Sun
Post, which debuted August 6th, proclaims that
it has served Independence, Parma, Parma
Hts., Seven Hills and Brooklyn since 1948.

  OUR PRICES”                                           of yesterday’s cemetery with its
                                                     individual above-ground monuments
Class 1 Pavers & Remodelers                       and magnificent landscaping. The peace and
                                                            solitude of such a setting
       Asphalt & Concrete                           was always comforting and reassuring.

 Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Windows                         There is still such a place
                                                              with ample space
        Kitchens & Baths
                                                         Riverside Cemetery is now in its
           Porch Repair                            second century of serving Cleveland area
                                                          residents of all faith. Choice
                                                      selections are available in either our
                                                       traditional sections where personal
                 216-397-6349                      planting and above-ground memorials are
                                                   permitted... as well as our flat head stones
             Financing Available                             memorial park sections.

                                                             Baby and Youth Areas
                 Joyful Keyboard                         Section for Cremated Remains
                 Learning/playing piano                Pre-Need Planning is sensible...
                    private sessions                       Pre-Pay and save 5%
                  Virginia E. Collins             by selecting and pre-paying fully for space
                 Piano/Music Instructor               at this time, a 5% discount applys.

                       216-398-7743                     Or an interest-free payment plan
                        can be arranged, if you wish.

                   1607 Cook Avenue                    Pre-Need Burial Trusts Available
                  Cleveland, OH 44109               Hours: Mon. - Sat. 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

                                                     NATIONALLY REGISTERED 1876
 Virginia E. Collins                              STONE CHAPEL AVAILABLE FOR SERVICES.
          Certified Yoga Instructor
             Yoga Alliance Registered                                                            

                        Group or individual
                        encompassing many
                        needs; all ages.

                  216.398.7743 or 216.375.9466
 In-the-Now Yoga
        Body-Mind-Spirit Integrative      
PAGE 6                                                                        OLD BROOKLYN NEWS                                                                       SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                businesses. They produced a map (shown                 Shoppers are highly mobile today.            Access Home and Bike Tour. They raised
                                                below) that continues to be in distribution       They will move about in a community if they       enough funds from the participating business
                                                because a self-guided tour can also be self-      know what is available and where to go. The       sponsors to cover the cost of the map.
                                                scheduled and repeated.                           Old Brooklyn merchants map allowed sever-         Building upon the initial success they are
                                                      Each participating business was identi-     al hundred visitors to do just that.              about to contact business again with a new
                                                fied by a common All Access Tour sign                  Some of these businesses are competi-        idea for an autumn theme for Old Brooklyn
                                                which also helped guide people along the          tors but that did not hinder the spirit of pro-   businesses.
                                                tour route. The stores and shops were             moting Old Brooklyn as a destination point.            John Young, owner of Speed
                                                encouraged to do something unique or spe-         The reality is that Old Brooklyn and              Exterminating, and Don Workman, owner of
                                                cial to have the visitors stop. Knowing that      Brooklyn Centre surround the Cleveland            Ameriflag, are developing a low cost fall dis-
                                                everyone who passed by that day, even if not      Metroparks Zoo. That is the single largest        play that area businesses can purchase. They
                                                on the tour, was a potential customer, the        visitor destination point in the entire county.   will be obtaining small bales of straw and
                                                businesses welcomed everyone.                     It averages 1.3 million visitors a year, every    pots of mums to display outside or in store
                                                      At least two businesses placed grills in    one one of which must use a local street to get   windows. The cost will be minimal, just
            by Tom Collins                      front of their stores and offered hot dogs or     to Wildlife Way. With that many visitors it       enough to cover the cost of the materials.                    sausages and soft drinks. A bakery offered        only makes sense that the business communi-            The idea is to visibly create a common
                                                complimentary cookies and an ice cream            ty identifies itself as the Gateway to the Zoo.   merchant theme that people will notice and
          Build Upon Success                    shop offered complimentary cake in celebra-                      What Next?                         respond to. Imagine driving down Pearl Rd.,
     One of the nice things about communi-      tion of its 35th anniversary. Many business-           Two business owners led the effort to        State Rd., Broadview Rd. or Memphis Ave.
ty events is that they continue to grow good    es offered special sale items and coupons to      create a merchants map and link it to the All     and seeing multiple stores all displaying
things after the date of the event. The All     bring the customer back on another day.                                                             bales of straw and mums, plus whatever the
Access Home and Bicycle Tour on July 18               The lasting value is that a diverse group                                                     individual merchant adds. As a visitor or
continues to produce value for Old Brooklyn     of businesses recognized that by jointly pro-      CLEVELAND STOREFRONT                             consumer you would take note and say, “I
and Brooklyn Centre.                            moting the area as a destination point for                                                          should stop there because there is something
     Twenty-one merchants in Old Brooklyn       unique shops and stores they can increase            RENOVATION PROGRAM                             going on.” And we all hope that you do!
sponsored a self-guided bicycle tour the day
of the All Access event. They recognized
                                                retail trade. This is important in an older
                                                urban neighborhood like Old Brooklyn
                                                                                                              40% Rebate
that by promoting the community they            where there is no longer a concentration of           for pre-approved renovations
would in effect be promoting their individual   shops in its downtown area.                                           on eligible
                                                                                                                                                          Re$tore Cleveland
                                                                                                                                                      Progress for the Commercial Districts of
                                                                                                                       buildings.                      Old Brooklyn & Brooklyn Centre
                                                                                                                                                       For more information contact
                                                                                                                                                        Tom Collins, OBCDC
                                                                                                                                                      Commercial Program Manager
                                                                                                                               $25,000                      216-459-1000
                                                                                                          Call Old Brooklyn                       ,
                                                                                                        Community Development                                      Supported by:
                                                                                                            Corporation                                Cleveland Neighborhood Development
                                                                                                            216-459-1000                              Coalition Ohio & Erie Canal Association

                                                                                                     James Ford Rhodes High School re-opens with
                                                                                                    dedication ceremony sponsored by Junior ROTC

                                                                                                                                                                       Photo by George Shuba
                                                                                                  For the first time in five years, when the students at James Ford Rhodes High School went
                                                                                                  back to class at the end of last month, they were all housed in the same building. The mega-
                                                                                                  renovation of the school -- new windows, cleaning, painting, relocation and reconfiguration
                                                                                                  of some of the rooms -- is complete and no one is at the William Rainey Harper annex. Just
                                                                                                  a small percentage of students and parents were in attendance at the pre-opening dedication
                                                                                                  ceremony on Monday, August 24th, so to provide the Old Brooklyn News with a more inter-
                                                                                                  esting photo, after the formal segment, tours and refreshments were finished, administrators
                                                                                                  agreed to pose with some of the musical instruments in the new music room. Here (left -
                                                                                                  right) Lisa Willliams-Locklear, tenth grade principal; Jason Tidmore, 9th grade principal;
                                                                                                  Diane Rollins, principal; Dr. Charlene Hilliard, twilight principal; Mary Marshall, social
                                                                                                  studies department chair; and Donald Strinka, 11th & 12th grade deputy principal, ham it
                                                                                                  up with some of the instruments that members of the school orchestra use.

                                                                                                               September 11th is Patriot Day
                                                                                                          On December 18, 2001 President Bush signed Public Law
                                                                                                           No. 107-89 designating September 11th as Patriot Day.
                                                                                                                                      The people of the United States are asked
                                                                                                                                      to observe Patriot Day with appropriate
                                                                                                                                      programs and activities to honor the
                                                                                                                                      individuals who lost their lives.
                                                                                                                                      In observance, U.S. flags should be displayed
                                                                                                                                      at half-staff from Sunrise until Sunset.
                                                                                                                         This reminder is courtesy of AMERIFLAG, INC
                                                                                                                       3307 Broadview Road, Cleveland * 216-661-2608
SEPTEMBER 2009                                                                      OLD BROOKLYN NEWS                                                                                            PAGE 7
                                                                                                        People have experienced rats, birds, frogs,          like a decorative fountain.
                                                                                                        wasps and bees leaving at high speeds once                 There are also magnetic sponges available
                                                                                                        they start removing a clog, and the last thing       that stick to the side of the downspout and
                                                                                                        they want to have happen is an eye injury.           absorb water to stop the dripping sound. In
                                                                                                              Rake Off Roof: Rake all debris off the         place of a sponge, people have tried using
                                                                         C     x
                                                                      CD    lbo                         roof first. Otherwise, the next rain will wash all   men’s underwear and socks in downspouts, but
                                                                    OB y Too
                                                                     nit                                the debris down into the clean gutter, clogging      that is not recommended.
               "It's about your home;                              mu
                                                                Com                                     it up again. Also, debris left on the roof can             Clean Gutters Two Times A Year: Make
               it's about your neighborhood."                                                           lead to water damming up in valleys or around        sure gutters are cleaned at least twice a year,
                                                                                                        the chimney, which, over time, can cause ero-        once in the fall and again in the spring. A main

                  Gutter Cleaning Tips                                                                  sion and roof leaks.
                                                                                                              Rubber Shoes: If walking on the roof is
                                                                                                                                                             reason for cleaning gutters is to eliminate the
                                                                                                                                                             possibility of water damage from rainwater
                                                                                                        necessary to perform gutter cleaning, it is good     runoff due to a clogged gutter. Another reason
      With summer coming to a close, it’s time     hands to clean debris from the gutter.               to use rubber-soled shoes. Rubber soles tend to      is to reduce the possibility of rust corrosion.
to think about fall house maintenance. Past        Oftentimes, it is this stretching and reaching       adhere best and prevent slipping and falls.          Even though it may not rain during the sum-
articles have provided checklists of fall main-    for that last scoop of debris that lands a person    Rooftops tend to be moist in the morning, so it      mer, if there is debris in the steel gutters, the
tanence duties. This year the OBN will provide     in the hospital. Last, if at all possible, have      is best to walk on the roof after the sun is well    rusting process can speed up. It’s difficult for
gutter cleaning information.                       someone hold the ladder to provide additional        up in the sky and has dried up all the moisture.     rust to speed up with clean gutters. The faster
      The following information is provided by     safety while climbing.                               Late mornings or early afternoons are the best       the rusting process, the sooner new gutters will
Robert Lenney, who’s been a professional gut-            Garden Hose: To use a garden hose with         times to walk on a roof.                             be necessary.
ter cleaner in northern California since 1996.     normal water pressure (30-40 psi - the standard            For wood shake roofs, an excellent option            Power Line Hazard: When cleaning gut-
He and his business partner, John Lewis, own       for municipal water services), simply attach a       is to wear special spiked roofing shoes called       ters around a power line cable that drops from
Commercial Gutter, Inc., and every year they       pistol-grip trigger spray nozzle. This type of       Korkers, which have small, metal spikes simi-        the power pole to the roof of a home, visually
offer gutter cleaning tips so homeowners can       spray nozzle allows a person to adjust the           lar to golf shoes, helping attain a good grip        inspect the electrical cable where it connects to
be more aware of proper safety practices and       water pressure with the use of just one hand.        when walking on the roof. However, if the gut-       the roof. This will ensure that the protective
cleaning techniques.                               This style of spray nozzle comes with a handy        ter cleaning project is bad enough to warrant        wire insulation hasn’t rubbed off through years
      “At its best, gutter cleaning is a tedious   pistol-grip trigger, allowing it to be easily hung   Korkers, it is probably best at that point to use    of wear-and-tear by weather and nearby trees.
and disgusting task. At worst, it can be scary     over the front edge of the gutter while moving       a professional gutter cleaning company.              If the cable appears to have damage, do not
and downright dangerous. One slight misstep        the ladder or using a gutter scoop.                  Wearing Korkers can be tricky, and slips can         attempt to repair it. Call a licensed profession-
and you are heading to the hospital with a bro-          Spraying out the gutter is generally best      still occur.                                         al electrical contractor to fix it.
ken bone and bruised ego,” stated Lenney.          when most of the larger debris has already                 Downspouts Unclogged: Make sure the                  If it’s raining and there is an electrical
      Each year, Consumer Reports states that      been removed. It’s difficult to spray out leaves     downspouts (leader pipe) are clear. After all the    wire problem, do not attempt to clean out the
about 180,000 homeowner accidents and fatal-       and pine needles that have piled up over the         gutters are cleaned out, run the water hose          gutters until the wires are fixed. Water is a dan-
ities occur that are ladder related. That is why   summer and fall. Spray toward the downspout          down the downspout at full pressure. If the          gerous conductor of electricity. Whether or not
it’s best to be prepared to do the job right.      (leader pipe) so that the small, murky debris        water backs up from the top, a clog is present.      it’s raining, it’s a good idea to have the electri-
Here, then, are Lenney’s suggestions for safe      flows down the downspout. If the downspout is        Normally, it can be unclogged by tapping on          cal wiring repaired before cleaning the gutters.
and effective gutter cleaning:                     connected to an underground drain that goes          the side of the downspout. But if that doesn’t             It is not advisable to use a metal ladder
      Ladder Safety: Always let someone            out to the street, the base of the downspout         work, the downspout and back need to be              near power lines when cleaning gutters. A
know that you will be using a ladder to work       needs to be disconnected so that the debris can      removed, and it should be flushed from the           fiberglass ladder is safer.
on your roof or gutters. Use a safe and sturdy     be released at this point. This should prevent a     bottom. If a clog is present, and the downspout            Lenney and his staff have found an amaz-
ladder, preferably one with a small shelf strong   potential clog further down the system under         is connected to an underground drain, it is best     ing variety of items cleaning gutters — men’s
enough to hold a five-gallon bucket to collect     the lawn or driveway.                                to disconnect the bottom of the downspout            underwear, diapers, socks, pigeon droppings,
gutter debris. Make sure to secure the bucket            Gutter Scoop: Scooping out the leafy           from the underground drain. Otherwise, the           golf balls, tennis balls, syringes with sharps,
with a lanyard. A four-legged step ladder for a    debris seems to be the best overall method for       clog may move to the underground drain.              dead animals, aluminum cans, children’s toys,
single story home and an extension ladder for a    cleaning out the gutter. An excellent tool for       CAUTION: When unclogging the downspout,              live adult rats with babies in the nest, small and
two-story home is recommended. An orchard          this job is the bright orange plastic “Gutter        make sure protective eyewear is being used,          large frogs, wasp and bee nests, books, news-
ladder is not recommended because it has only      Getter” scoop, which can be purchased at most        because anything can escape from the down-           papers, nails and tile pieces. These are in addi-
three legs for support and they can become         hardware stores. This tool is unique because         spout at high speeds once the clog is being          tion, of course, to the usual debris - leaves, pine
unbalanced.                                        the front scooping edge is very thin and it          removed.                                             needles, seed pods and sand grit.
      A wooden ladder is also not recommend-       forms itself to the bottom of the gutter trough,           Downspout Chain: If the downspout                    Although Lenney can’t turn this annual
ed because they are often wobbly and difficult     making it easy to scoop out even the toughest        makes an annoying dripping sound during or           job into a Disneyland experience, the job can
to safely balance. Fiberglass ladders seem to be   of debris in any size gutter system.                 after a rain storm, a special decorative chain       be easier thanks to his cleaning and safety tips.
the sturdiest, but are also the heaviest. If you         Stay away from using a metal scooping          can be installed to hang down in place of a tra-     Keep them in mind the next time that dreaded
are cleaning gutters for hours upon hours, mus-    tool because the bottom of the gutter and seams      ditional downspout. The rainwater runs down          request, “Honey, it’s time to clean out the gut-
cle fatigue can set in from moving the heavy       can be damaged. Scraping the bottom of a steel       the chain gracefully and looks rather beautiful,     ters,” is heard!
ladder numerous times. If this is the case, you    gutter can introduce areas to rust, and if the
should try using an aluminum ladder, which is      bottom of the gutter is already rusting, the rust-
the second-choice option for strength and sup-     ing process could speed up. Using a metal
port.                                              scooping tool can also damage seams in the
      Inspect the ladder for defects, dents or     gutter because the motion of scraping out the
loose parts before climbing. If your ladder is     bottom of a gutter with a metal tool can dam-
fastened together with screws and bolts, make      age the caulking (the “seam”) that seals the
sure that all parts are tightened. When opening    pieces of a gutter together.
a step ladder, make sure that the extension-             An extension pole can also be attached to
hinge arms are fully extended and locked in        the gutter scoop for reaching farther, thereby
place.                                             reducing the number of ladder moves.
      Before climbing the ladder, lightly jump           Wear Gloves: Gloves can help protect
on the first rung a few times to make sure that    hands against dirty, rotting leaf debris that
the ground is secure. Sometimes the soil is soft   often contains bird, pigeon and squirrel drop-
or there might be a gopher hole underneath one     pings that are ridden with bacteria. Gloves can
of the ladder legs. Either condition could cause   also prevent painful cuts from the torn metal
the ladder to collapse with the combined           shards of an old, ragged gutter. Thick, suede
weight of the ladder and a person. A piece of      gloves are recommended because the material
half-inch plywood can be placed under the lad-     is superior to cotton, thin leather or rubber.
der legs to keep it level and steady.              Cotton gloves can soak up dirty water that
      When climbing the ladder, always             exposes skin to bacteria. Leather gloves are not                                                                             Photo by Lori Peterson
remember the “Three Point Rule”.                   as maneuverable and tend to shrivel up when
As much as possible try to have both legs and      they dry after cleaning. Rubber gloves can get       Six Baldwin Wallace students (left - right; Steven Mueller, Eric Wilkes, Shelby Tate, Reante’
one hand firmly secure on the ladder at all        poked or torn by metal shards in the gutter.         Brown, Mark Pauley & Rachael Korns) gave their time and energy to paint a fence and weed an
times to provide stability and balance while             Protective Eye Wear: Eye protection is a       abandoned garden at the Benjamin Franklin Garden. As part of BW’s Discover Cleveland,
cleaning. Conversely, do not lean out from the     must because one never knows what might fly          before orientation and classes begin, new students participate in community service projects at
ladder balancing on one leg while using two        out of the downspout when cleaning gutters.          Cleveland non-profits. Mark & Rachael were the student leaders for the Ben Franklin program.

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PAGE 8                                                                            OLD BROOKLYN NEWS                                                                             SEPTEMBER 2009

    Italian-Americans continue to celebrate their heritage this month
            by Lynette Filips                             And so, I propose, that “You’re so Italian their descendants have moved east along                          some of the men — as well as the                     if…”                                                Mayfield Rd. from “Little Italy” to Lyndhurst        women — in your family kiss each other on the
                                                              “la famiglia” (the family) is of prime and Mayfield Hts.;                                      cheek when they greet each other;
      “The Feast” (of the Assumption of Mary)       importance to you, and well-prepared food is a              Alta House, the settlement house estab-               you understand the reason that not all
in Little Italy is past history for another year,   close second; thus, the first                                               lished in 1895 at 12510      Italians have dark eyes and dark hair, that those
but three more events for fans of everything        word you spoke was                                                          Mayfield Rd., played         whose ancestors came from the north of Italy
Italian are on the calendar for this month – St.    “Mamma” and the second                                                      an important role in         are fair-skinned and light haired;
Rocco Church’s Italian Festival, “A Taste of        word was “mangia”;                                                          helping your Little                  the continued existence of Italian organ-
Little Italy” and the Cleveland Italian Film                 in addition to calling                                             Italy ancestors get set-     izations like the Italian American Brotherhood,
Festival.                                           your mother “Mamma”,                                                        tled in Cleveland;           the Italian American Brotherhood Club, the
      St. Rocco’s Festival will take place on the   you call your father                                                                 your other east     Italian American Club Ladies Auxiliary, the
church grounds at 3205 Fulton Rd. over a long       “Pappa”; your grandmother,                                                  side ancestors settled in    Italian Sons and Daughters of America, the
                                                    “Nonna”; your grandfather,                                                  the             Woodhill     Italian American Cultural Foundation, the
Labor Day weekend, Thursday, September 3rd,
                                                    “Nonno”; your aunt, “Zia”;                                                                               Italian Cultural Garden Foundation, the
through Monday, September 7th. In addition                                                                                      R d . / C e d a r
                                                    and your uncle, “Zio”;                                                                                   Northern Ohio Italian American Foundation,
to the usual “carny” food, games of chance and                                                                                  Av e . / F a i r m o u n t
                                                                                                                                                             the Federation of Italian American Societies of
opportunities for adult gambling, other high-               the surnames in your                                                Rd./E.107th St. neigh-
                                                                                                                                                             Northern Ohio, and the Wickliffe Italian
lights of the Festival include inside dining at     family end in the vowels –                                                  borhood (St. Marian
                                                                                                                                                             American Club is very important to you;
the “Villa”, a Mass at noon on Sunday fol-          a, e, i and o;                                                              Church);               in
                                                                                                                                                                     funerals for your west-side family mem-
lowed by a procession along neighborhood                       your aunts have                                                  Collinwood         (Holy     bers are held at Ripepi’s or Coreno’s; funerals
streets with many of the Church’s statues, and      names like Annunziata,                                                      Redeemer Church); in         for your east-side family members are held at
a greased pole climbing contest at 2 p.m. on        Carla, Carmella, Caterina,                                                  the area near Luna Park      Conti-Vitantonio’s, Dicicco’s, Fioritto’s,
Monday.                                             Concetta,           Filomena,                                               (Our Lady of Mount           LoPresti’s, Vicchiarelli’s or Vito-Nero’s;
      Pre-registration is necessary for the pole-   Francesca,               Gina,                                              Carmel          Church);             you display the red, white and green flag
climbing contest. Anyone wanting more infor-        G r a z i a / G r a c e ,                                                   around E. 116th St. and      of Italy on important days like the Feast of the
mation about it or the festival in general should   Josephine/Josie,          Lisa, John Grabowski, Ph.D., used a picture Corlett Ave; or in                 Assumption and Columbus Day;
call 216-961-8331.                                  Maria,       Mona,       Rosa, of the Feast in Little Italy for the cover Wickliffe (Our Lady of                 when you were young, you (and many
      “A Taste of Little Italy” is scheduled for    Theresa, Vera, Victoria and of the booklet he wrote about Mount Carmel-East                              of the other girls in your family) have been on
3 to 7 p.m. on Sunday, September 20th, at Holy      Zita;                           Catholicism and community in Church);                                    the Assumption Day float, pinning dollar bills
Rosary Church, 12009 Mayfield Rd. Tickets                     your uncles have Northeastern Ohio.                                        your west side      to it near the statue of Mary as it’s carried
are $70 in advance or $75 at the door; the price    names like Aldo, Angelo,                                                    ancestors settled in the     through the streets of Little Italy;
covers Italian food and wine that afternoon.        Antonio/Tony, Bartolomeo/Bart, Biagio/Bill, Italian neighborhoods on Detroit Rd. at W.                           even if you don’t attend church regular-
      Music and silent and live auctions will       Bruno,        Constantino/Connie,      Dominic, 70th St., near Our Lady of Mount Carmel-West             ly, you like having religious pictures and stat-
also be part of the event, which will benefit the   Filippo/Phil, Gino, Giovanni/John, Julius, Church, and at Fulton Rd. and Clark Ave., near                ues in your home, especially of Mary and Jesus
Montessori School at Holy Rosary. This is the       Giuseppe/Joe, Luigi, Mario, Natalino/Nat, St. Rocco Church; some have since moved to                     and St. Anthony, the miracle worker of Padua;
twelfth time that they’re putting it on; the hon-   Pasquale,        Paulo/Paul,     Riccardo/Rick, Parma and beyond;                                        you’re especially fond of St. Francis, the
orary co-chairs this year are Bishop Anthony        Salvatore/Sal, Samuele/Sam, Vincenzo/Vince                 many of these immigrants found work in        peacemaker from Assisi, too;
Pilla and former Cleveland Browns coach Sam         and Vito;                                           Cleveland’s once-thriving garment industry                   one of your favorite parts of the August
Rutigliano.                                                 your family follows the traditional nam- (companies like Joseph & Feiss and Printz-              15th celebration in Little Italy is listening to
      The Cleveland Italian Film Festival will      ing patterns, with each child (depending on Biederman); others became barbers, cooks,                    the authentic musicians playing on the street
run on three consecutive Thursday evenings,         his/her gender) named after the eldest living musicians and cigar makers or worked at Ohio               corners along Mayfield Rd.;
beginning on September 24th. The location is        relative, starting with the man’s family;           Macaroni Company;                                             your family’s musical instrument of
the Cedar Lee Theater, 2163 Lee Rd. in                       in a corner of your attic you still have           today, some of the men in your family        choice is the accordion, with its close relative,
Cleveland Hts. Showtime is 7:30 p.m., but           the trunk in which your immigrant ancestors work with cement, and nothing gets a few of                  the concertina, being a close second; nothing
there’s also a pre-show party from 5:30 to 7        brought their most cherished possessions when them on their feet faster than the announce-               quite compares to hearing Lady of Spain or
p.m. each week. Advance purchase of tickets         they came here from Italy;                          ment, “Cement truck’s here!”;                        Return to Sorrento played on the accordion;
is necessary; call 440-527-0644.                              you know that St. Maron’s Church                  you understand the meaning of words                   Eh, Cumpari, Funiculi, Funicula; It’s
      After the article about upcoming Italian-     (Maronite Catholic rite) at 1245 Carnegie Ave. for relationships beyond family –                         Amore, Mamma, Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu, O
                                                    was originally an Italian church dedicated to compare (in the “boot” of Italy) -- the best man           Sole Mio, Santa Lucia, Ti Amo and Volare are
American events ran in last month’s Old
                                                    St. Anthony of Padua;                                                                                    among your favorite songs;
Brooklyn News, we received a call from a                                                                at your wedding or a very good friend;
                                                             some of your ancestors settled in the padrino (in the “boot” of Italy) -- your or your                  your family’s political heritage is to be
member of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church
                                                                                                                                                             part of the Democratic party, and that’s the
– West, 6928 Detroit Ave., reminding us that        now-extinct neighborhood of “Big Italy” child’s godfather;
                                                                                                                                                             ticket your friends and relatives in public office
for 83 years, they’ve had an annual festival,       (Woodland and Orange avenues between E. 9th comare (in the “boot” of Italy) -- the maid or
                                                                                                                                                             run on;
too. It’s always in July, on a Wednesday            and E. 40th streets); many of them, like the matron of honor at your wedding or a very
                                                                                                                                                                      your mother collected Capodimonte
through Sunday close to their parish patron’s       Catalanos, were green grocers, and your rela- good friend;
                                                                                                                                                             porcelain, Murano glass and/or hand-painted
feast day, which is July 16th. We’ll try to         tives may still have fruit and vegetable stands madrina (in the “boot” of Italy) -- your or your
                                                                                                                                                             pottery which has “Italy” written on the back
remember to publicize it at the appropriate         at the West Side Market;                            child’s godmother;                                   of it;
time next year.                                              your other male ancestors were grave cumpari (in Sicily) -- your or your child’s god                   October In Cleveland promises still more
      Also since last month’s article ran, I        diggers, gardeners and stone cutters (some, like father, the best man at your wedding or a good          activities with an Italian theme -- two addition-
learned a bit of additional information regard-     the Carabellis, opened marble and granite friend;                                                        al screenings at the Italian American Film
ing some of the “You’re so Italian if…” propo-      monument businesses), who settled on the east cumari (in Sicily) -- your or your child’s god-            Festival, and Columbus Day and its accompa-
sitions which I’d stated. Since we only had         side of Cleveland near Lakeview Cemetery and mother, the maid or matron of honor at your                 nying parade.
room for five entries last month. I’ve included     established Holy Rosary Church; eventually wedding, or a neighbor who likes to gossip;                          The Old Brooklyn News will publicize
them again this month.                              their work extended into the Heights; many of goombah (slang variation of compare) -- an                 those events, as well as continue the listing of
                                                                                                        older friend who acts as a patron, protector or      characteristics of Italian-Americans in another
                                                                                                        advisor;                                             article next month.
                                                                                                        paesani -- fellow villagers in Italy who also        (Acknowledgments - Numerous Italian friends
                                                                                                        came here, expanded to mean friends;                 have taught me what I’ve shared this month,
                                                                                                        padrone -- In Ellis Island times, men who            especially my Italian relative-through-mar-
                                                                                                        exploitatively employed or found work for            riage, Alma Aftoora Czajkowski Barth.)
                                                                                                        Italian immigrants;

                                                                                                               THEATER NOTES
                                                                                                                   Beck Center of the Arts
                                                                                                               17801 Detroit Ave. 216-521-2540                  Playhouse Square
                                                                                                                                                                     1501 Euclid Ave.
                                                                                                                    “Fiddler on the Roof                       216-241-6000
                                                                                                                 September 19 – October 18,
                                                                                                                                                                    “Dixie's Tupperware Party”
                                                                                                        Fri., Sept 19, - Sun., Oct. 18; Fri. & Sat., 8       14th Street Theatre, Sept. 30th - Oct 18th.
                                                                                                        pm; Sun., 3 pm. Tickets: $28, adults; $25,           Wed, Thurs, & Fri, 8 pm; Sat, 5 & 9 pm.; Sun,
                                                                                                        seniors; $17, students; (includes $2 service         2 pm. Tickets: $10 - $35.
                                                                                                        fee). Reservations encouraged; box office
                                                                                                        extension is 10. Visa & Mastercard accepted.          Also too many other touring shows to list;
                                                                                                                                                             visit website for dates & times. Also look for
                                                                                                                                                             “Smart Seat” icons; some shows have limited
                                                                                                               Great Lakes Theater Festival                  number of high balcony seats for $10 each
                                                                                                            2067 E. 14th St. bet. Euclid & Prospect          (plus handling charge).
                                                                                                                                                                 First Thursdays at Playhouse Square
                                                                                                               “The Mystery of Edwin Drood”                  Sept. 3rd. New monthly after-work series, to
                                                                                                        Hanna Theatre, Playhouse Square, Sept. 24th          attract area office workers at day’s end to patio
                                                                                                        - Nov.1st. Thurs. & Fri., 7:30 pm; Sat., 1:30 &      bars & restaurants. Live entertainment by the
                                                                                                        7:30 pm; Sun., 3 pm. Tickets: $15 - $49. ($11        Sparx Concert series & happy hour specials
                                                                                                        for students with I.D.)
                                                                                                                                                             from 5 pm – 7:30 pm at Bricco, Blue Bar at the
                                                                                                                                                             Wyndham, Otto Moser’s, Moko Café, Star
                                                                                                                        Liminis Theatre                      Restaurant & Hanna Restaurant & Au Bar.
                                                                                                               2438 Scranton Rd. 216-687-0074
                                                                                                                 (one block west of Lincoln Park              Tremont’s Lincoln Park “Arts in August”
                                                                                                             in the historic Tremont neighborhood)           Verb Ballot - Fri. & Sat., Aug. 28th & 29th,
                                                                                                                                                             8:30 pm; free. Bring a blanket, cushions or
                                                                                                                  “Finn in the Underworld”                   lawn chairs. Picnic suppers welcome. Log
                                                                                                        Sept. 18th - Oct. 17th; Thurs, Fri. & Sat., 8 pm.    onto or call Tremont West Dev.
                                                                                                        Tickets: $15, adults; $12, seniors & students.       Corp., 216-575-0920, for more info.
SEPTEMBER 2009                                                                        OLD BROOKLYN NEWS                                                                                              PAGE 9

                                                                       FAMILY FUN!
              Art House                               Hour-long program, 11 am & 12:30 , 2 & 3:30         $8 or $16. For more information, contact                        Grand Pacific Junction
      3119 Denison Ave., 216-398-8556                 pm. Up to 18 people per voyage. Life jackets,       Community Arts Department, 216-707-2483,                Mill St & Columbia Rd., Olmsted Falls
                        educational fun & a safe environment provid-        or                                       440-235-9277
All Ages Family Open Studios - 3rd Sat of             ed. Cost - $5; registration required.                                                                     Harvest Festival - Sat. & Sun,Oct 3rd & 4th.
every month; 1- 3 pm. Sept. 1, Oct. 17 (clay                                                               Cleveland Museum of Natural History                  Arts & Craft booth, harvest produce, family
day); free. Make individual pieces or family                    Cleveland Metroparks Zoo                         1 Wade Oval Dr. 216-231-4600                   entertainment. Art on the bridge – Berea Fine
art works. Each month has a theme; Art House                        3900 Wildlife Way                                                     Arts Club on Sat. Free.
provides the materials. Children must be                       216-661-6500                 Kids Health Fair - Sat., Sept. 12, 11 am - 3
accompanied by an adult. Visit website for            Professor Wylde’s Animal Show - Now thru            pm. Free health screenings & info on nutrition,                 Great Lakes Science Center
more info or other programs.                          Thurs., Sept. 7th; daily, 11:30 am, 1:30 & 3:30     fitness & dental health. Experts available to                601 Erieside Ave. 216-694-2000
                                                      pm in the Zoo’s Amphitheater; free with Zoo         answer questions & provide demonstrations;              
       Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation                  admission. Weekend shows run through the            hands-on activities & crafts for kids.                Steamship William G. Mather Museum -
        CanalWay Center, E. 49th St.                  end of Sept.                                        Museum - Mon. – Sat., 10 am – 5 pm; Wed. to           Working Great Lakes freighter; built 1925.
      between Grant Ave & Canal Rd.                   Flutter - Now thru Sun., Sept. 13th; free with      10 pm; Sun., noon – 5 pm. $9, adults; $7, ages        Restored stem to stern -- huge cargo holds,
                  216-206-1000                        Zoo admission. Hundreds of free-flying butter-      7-18, college students with IDs & seniors 60          brass & oak pilot house, elegant guest quarters
Treasure Hunt Adventure - GPS for begin-              flies from South America, Africa & Asia.            yrs. or older; $6, children ages 3-6; free for age    & 4-story engine room. Hours: Sept. & Oct. -
ners of all ages, Fri, Sept. 4t or Tues., Sept. 15,   ZOOm In: A Digital Camera Scavenger                 2 & under. Wed. evening admission, $5 after           Fri, Sat. & Sun., 10 am - 5 pm.
9:30 or 1 pm. High tech adventure & an out-           Hunt - Sept. 12, 9 am - noon. Family programs       5 pm; Tues. & Thurs., 3-5 pm, children 12 &
door treasure hunt. Cultural History Interpreter      include Meet-the-Keeper opportunity & a             under admitted free. (Check out the new, life-        Darwin: Now thru Sun., Sept. 18th, Mon. -
Doug Kusak gives brief history of GPS                 chance to get close to small education animals.     sized cast of a T. Rex dinosaur skeleton while        Sun., 10 am - 5 pm. Fascinating collection of
(Global Positioning System) & introduction to         All family groups must have a least one adult,      there!)                                               specimens, artifacts, manuscripts & memora-
geocaching - worldwide treasure hunt for fun          aged 18 or older. Discover the heaviest animal      Planetarium Program: The Telescope's Top 10           bilia related to one of the most influential sci-
that can be enjoyed in your own backyard.             at the Zoo, find out what a rhinoceros's horn is    First ever International Year of Astronomy, cel-      entists the world has known. Tickets: $5.50 -
Learn GPS basics & head out to find hidden            made of, act like a monkey & catch it all on        ebrating 4 centuries of telescope observing &         $17.95. Free admission for members.
geocaches in Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation.           camera! Bring your own team , as well as your       top 10 discoveries made with every make &
Bring own GPS unit or borrow one (limited             own digital camera no cell phone cameras, join      design of telescope. Sept. & Oct., Mon - Fri,                      Hale Farm & Village
quantity; requires valid driver's license for         in the hunt as we travel the Zoo in search of       2:30 pm; Wed, 8 pm; Sat, 10:30 am, 12:30, 2 &                  2686 Oak Hill Rd, Bath, Oh
duration of loan, not to exceed two hours).           answers, photo opportunities & everything in        4 pm; Sun, 12:30, 2 & 4 pm. Members, free;                    330-666-3711
Excellent activity for whole family.                  between. Enjoy awards for all family partici-       non-members, $4.                                      Fun on the Farm Preschool Program -
Registration required; space limited.                 pants & a chance to win fabulous prizes. Cost                                                             Forge, Fire & Anvil, Sept. 25 & 26. Kids
                                                      - members: $15, adult; $8, child;                        Cleveland Public Library, Brooklyn               with adults. (Adults admitted only when
      Children’s Museum of Cleveland                  Nonmembers: $18, adult; $12, child.                         3706 Pearl Rd. 216-623-6920                   accompanied by a child.) One-hour program
      10730 Euclid Ave. 216-791-5437                  Teddy Bear Day - Sat., Sept. 26, 10 am - 2 pm.      Play and Learn! – Every Fri., 10-11 am. Join          consists of a craft, a story & a visit to a farm                  Kids with a teddy bear or plush toy of any          other caregivers & toddlers; have fun with a          site. Program times -- 11am & 1 pm.
Hours: Mon. - Sun.; 10 am - 5 pm. Exhibit             species receive free Zoo admission with a paid      variety of books & learning toys.                     Members of WRHS: $10, adult; children free.
areas close 15 min. prior to Museum closing.          adult admission. See how the Zoo takes care of      Preschool Story Time – Every Fri., 11–11:30           Nonmembers: $10 ,adult; $5 per child. Groups
Cost - $7, children ages 1 - 12; $6, adults 13 &      one of the largest collections of bear species in   am.. Stories & songs for children ages 3-5. Call      of 15 or more: $9, adult; $5, child. Book 3 pro-
over. Under 11 months, free.                          North America during special Meet-the-Bear-         for specific program requests or more info.           grams, get 1 free. Reservations required; fee
                                                      Keeper programs.                                                                                          also includes all day visit to Hale Farm &
         Cleveland Botanical Garden                                                                        Cleveland Public Library, South Brooklyn             Village. To reserve a place, call 330-666-3711,
      11030 East Blvd. 216-721-1600                          Estabrook Recreation Center                          4303 Pearl Rd. 216-623-7067                   ext. 100.
                                           4125 Fulton Rd.                      Preschool Storytime - Every Tues., 1:30 pm.
Dog Days of Summer - Every Sun. thru Sept.                            216-664-4149                        Interactive stories, rhymes, songs & other            International Women’s Air & Space Museum
27, noon - 5 pm. Bring a dog & explore 10             Mon. - Sat. Pool, gym, outdoor sports. Pick up      activities for children ages 3-5. Call to register.         1501 North Marginal Rd. Burke
acres of outdoor gardens. Water & treats avail-       schedule at desk in front of Rec Center.            Toddler Time - Every Tues., 10:30 - 11:30                   Lakefront Airport 216-623-1113
able. Weekly demonstrations. Call or visit                                                                am. Interactive stories, rhymes, songs & other             
website .for more info.                                Rocky River Nature Center/Frostville Museum        activities for children ages 1-2. Call to register.   Flight To Fame: The Life & Legacy of
                                                         Rocky River Reservation 24000 Valley             Play and Learn - Every Fri., 11- 12 pm. Join          Amelia Earhart, now thru Sept. 14, 10 am - 4
            Cleveland Metroparks                          Pkwy., North Olmsted 440-734-6660               other caregivers & toddlers. Have fun with a          pm; free. Parking - $6 in municipal parking
           Walking Works Program                      Cedar Valley Settlers Celebration & Music           variety of books & learning toys & make new           lot. Exhibit located throughout lobby & west
Now through October, hike at least 8 of 13 desig-     Festival - Sun, Sept. 20, 11 am - 5:30 pm; free.    friends. Call to register.                            concourse.
nated trails on your own. After completing each,      Try a variety of pioneer activities, inc. candle-
date Walking Works form. Complete 8 walks &           stick dipping, basket weaving, playing with                 Cuyahoga Valley National Park                     Lake Erie Nature & Science Center
return form to Cleveland Metroparks to receive        pioneer toys, rug weaving, Dutch oven cook-               Visitor Information 216-524-1497                 28728 Wolf Rd. Bay Village 440-871-2900
this year's Walking Works shield. Display shield      ing, butter churning, working the two-man saw                                         
on your own walking stick or purchase a Walking       & more! Sample traditional foods like               Start your visit to the Cuyahoga Valley               Fall Wild Things - Session I: Sept. 4, 11 &
Works walking stick at any EarthWords Nature          fire–roasted turkey, biscuits with freshly-         National Park at one of these facilities. Meet        18; Session II: Nov., 6, 13 & 20. Fri. 9:30 -
Shop. Also naturalist-led hikes along some desig-     churned butter, apple cider, apple butter, etc.     staff, get questions answered. Learn about            10:30 am or 11 am - noon. For children ages
nated trails August through October. Register to      Pioneer–costumed folks & storytellers will          scheduled events & places to visit. Pick up rel-      1 - 5 with one adult, cost for each 3-week ses-
receive monthly Walking Works E-letter with           share stories from a by-gone era. Mini-             evant brochures, maps & passport stamps.              sion is $40 ($25 for members); one class at a
walking tips & special EarthWords Nature Shop         encampment of pioneer excursion camp also           Happy Days Lodge, 500 West Streetsboro Rd.            time, each class is $15 a child or $10 for a
offers.     Email     walkingworks@cleveland-         part of the festivities. Entertainment with live    (SR 303), Peninsula,330-657-2909, ext. 119;           member’s child. Explore the wild things of or call 216-635-3204 with              musical performances, storytelling & square &       Boston Store Visitor Center - 1548 Boston             autumn --critters, colors & maybe the creek.
name, address & email address.                        contra dancing.                                     Mills Rd, east of Riverview Rd, Peninsula;            Meet an animal, make a craft & get wild with
                                                      Second Saturday Storytelling - Sat, Sept. 12,       Canal Visitor Center - 7104 Canal Rd, inter-          nature. Choose a complete session or sign up .
 Cleveland Metroparks Brecksville Reservation         7:30 - 9 pm. Barb Sutton tells traditional tales.   section of Canal & Hillside Rds, Valley View;         Advance registration required.
            Meadows Picnic Area                       Live entertainment, the way families knew it        Frazee House - 7733 Canal Rd, 4 miles south
                 440-526-1012                         before radio, television or the iPod.               of Rockside Rd, Valley View;                          Fall Rain Barrel Workshop - Wed., Sept. 9, 6
Car and Camera Quest - Sun., Sept. 6, 1 - 4           Refreshments after the storytelling program.        Hunt Farm Visitor Information Center -                - 8 pm. Families & children ages 8 & older.
pm. Scavenger hunt to find various locations                                                              2054 Bolanz Rd, between Riverview & Akron             Cost: $80 for first rain barrel; $50 for addition-
within the park. Bring along digital cameras to                 Cleveland Museum of Art                   Peninsula Rds, Peninsula.                             al barrels for the same family. Make your own
photograph areas on this driving adventure.                  11150 East Blvd. 216-421-7340                Hours for above Parks’ visitors centers, 10           rain barrel to take home & begin using water
                                                      Hours: Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun, 10 am. - 5 pm.        am - 4 pm daily. (Parks open till dark.)              straight from Mother Nature to water your gar-
FallFest: 18th Century Festival. Sun., Sept.          Wed. & Fri., 10 am - 9 pm. Closed Mon.                                   ***                              den & lawn. Adults only will operate tools used
27, 11 am - 5 pm; free. Variety of hands-on           Chalk Making & Street Painting Workshop             NPS Park Headquarters - 15610 Vaughn Rd,              in constructing it. Bring your own drill and jig-
early settlers arts & crafts, inc. candle dipping,    Wed., Sept. 9, 6 - 8:30 pm. $25 individual; $75     intersection of Vaughn & Riverview Rds,               saw, if you have them. Instructor is Joe Reitz,
quilting, stenciling, quill pen writing, reed         family (includes materials & reserves a square      Brecksville. Year-round: Mon. through Fri., 8         Engineering Manager for the City of Avon
ornaments, carding wool, dying wool with nat-         for the festival).                                  am - 4:30 pm.                                         Lake. Advance registration required.
ural dyes, & more. Sample 18th century tradi-         20th Annual Chalk Festival - Sat., Sept. 12,        Peninsula Depot Visitor Center - 1630 Mill
tional foods, enjoy a colonial magician &             11am - 5 pm; Sun, Sept. 13, noon - 5 pm. Fine       Street, off Akron-Peninsula Rd, north of SR
folksingers, dance to Mud in Yer Eye Band.            Arts Garden. Enjoy chalk artists & entertain-       303, Peninsula. Mon. & Tues., 10 am. - 4 pm.;
Demonstrations by Brigade of the American             ment at no charge. Chalk your own squares -         Wed. - Sun., 9 am. - 7 pm.
Revolution. Visit website for times of events.

Cleveland Metroparks Garfield Park                    Free Estimates               Senior Discounts
Nature Center 11350 Broadway Ave.
                216-341-3152                          ALLIANZ BUILDERS, INC.
Ol' School - Sun, Sept. 13, 1 - 3 pm. Come to
"Miss Margaret's Little Red School House" &
                                                       INTERIOR & EXTERIOR REMODELING
find out what old classrooms were like in the
1800s. Call for more info.
                                                        Decks * Porches * Garages * Windows
  Cleveland Metroparks - Hinkley Lakes                  Drywalling * Painting * Plaster Repair
          Boathouse 216-206-1000                       Kitchens * Bathrooms * Cabinets* Doors
Voyageur Canoe Paddle - "Voyageur Canoe                 GREG COOK                JOHN MARELLA
Paddles", Sat. & Sun., Sept. 12 & 13, 26 & 27.          216-459-1163               216-749-3872


   9-30-09             $
                           4.00 OFF YOUR NEXT CAR WASH
PAGE 10                                                                                    OLD BROOKLYN NEWS                                                                               SEPTEMBER 2009

                        SENIOR NOTES                                                                                                    CHURCH NOTES
     Senior Citizen Resources (SCR)                     Healthy Living Group - Fri., 11:15 am;                          Wednesday, September 2nd & 16th                grimage devotion, blessing at Shrine, Stations
   (Must be 60 and over ) 216-749-5367                  Estabrook.                                                                Senior Meetings                      of the Cross, coffee & donuts & hot lunch at
                                                                                                                  St. James Lutheran Church, 4771 Broadview            the Melting Pot. Call Julia, 216-351-9970.
                                                        Healthy Choices - Thurs., 11 am; Deaconess-               Rd., upstairs, noon. Sept. 2nd, make a fall craft
Bocce Ball - Tues., 8:30 am; Estabrook.                                                                           & have a health check-up; bring $1 & a bag                        Sunday, October 11th
                                                                                                                  lunch; beverages provided. Sep. 16th, free lunch;                      Concert
Book Club - Call 216-749-5367 to register.                                                                        presentation about winterizing your home. All        Dr. Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran
                                                          For more info on the following call                     seniors invited.                                     Church, 4470 Ridge Rd. Featuring selections
                                                                          216-749-5367                                                                                 by J.S. Bach, performed by Organist Jeffrey
Chair Exercise - Wed., Thurs., 11:30 am;                                                                                      Sunday, September 13th                   Sawders & Soloist Laurie Vorobcj. Reception
Estabrook.                                                                                                                        Sunday School                        will follow.
                                                               Wednesday, September 16th                          St. James Lutheran Church, 4771 Broadview
                                                        Bible Walk Tour - Must be 60 yrs. Cost: $62.              Rd., 9:15 am. in the church basement. Children
Chair Volleyball - Mon., 10:45 am,
Deaconess-Krafft; Wed. & Thurs., 10:30 am;
                                                                                                                  3 years old & older invited; parents can attend
                                                                                                                  on first day. Call the church office, 351-6499,
                                                                                                                                                                         As I see it...
                                                         Thursdays, September 17th & October 15th
                                                        Autumn Leaves Fall Dances - 1 - 3 pm. Cost:
                                                                                                                  with any questions.                                           by
                                                        $5; Estabrook.                                                        Sunday, September 13th
Craft Classes - Tues. & Thurs. 9:30 - 11:30                                                                                     Cookin” for Christ                         Pastor Jerry
am; Deaconess-Krafft.                                          Wednesday, September 23rd                          St. James Lutheran Church, 4771 Broadview               “It needs more skill than I can tell, to play
                                                                                                                  Rd.; menu includes ham tetrazzini, vegetable
                                                        Kent State University Museum Tour - Cost:                 medley, pistachio fruit salad & cherry cake.             the second fiddle well.” Anonymous
Crochet Klatch - Tues., 9:30 - 11:30 am;                $7.                                                       Tickets: $7, adults; $4, children under 10. Call
Estabrook.                                                                                                        church office no later than Thurs., Sept. 10, to            Andrew, a disciple of Jesus Christ,
                                                                  Monday, September 28th                          register -- 216-351-6499.                             knew that well. He introduced his broth-
MetroHealth Lite & Easy Exercise - Mon.,                Hartville Tour - Cost, $47.                                          Sunday, September 20th                     er, Simon Peter, to the Lord. Andrew
Wed. & Fri., 9:30 - 10:30 am. Light exercise                                                                                    "Family Fun Day"
class with a certified fitness instructor; $2 per
                                                                                                                                                                        always played it far more “low-key”
                                                               Wednesday, September 30th                          St. Mary's Crystal Chalet, 3600 Biddulph Ave.
class; Estabrook.                                                                                                 (corner of State & Biddulph). Sponsored by St.        than his fiery brother. Peter was an
                                                        Granny’s Closet - 10 am - 12:30 pm;
                                                        Deaconess-Krafft.                                         Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church, noon - 5            extrovert who enjoyed the limelight and
“SCR Strollers” - Walking group, Tues., 10                                                                        pm. Italian sausage sandwiches, hot dogs,             being the center of attention. Andrew,
                                                                                                                  hamburgers, cabbage & noodles, pirohi,                on the other hand, always stood in the
am; meet at Estabrook.                                            Thursday, October 8th                           stuffed cabbages, desserts, coffee, tea, soft
                                                        Stuffed Cabbage Dinner - 4 - 7 pm;                        drinks & beer at very reasonable a-la-carte           background.
Corn Hole - Tues., 9:45 am; Estabrook.                  Deaconess-Krafft.                                         prices. Limited number of stuffed cabbage din-              Once, while riding on a train,
                                                                                                                  ners (two stuffed cabbages, mashed potatoes,          General Robert E. Lee was seated at the
Wii Games - Fri., 11 am; Deaconess-Krafft.                                                                        vegetable, dessert & beverage) available for $7       rear of a car. An elderly, poorly dressed
                                                                                                                  each. "Take Outs" OK on all food items.
                                                           MetroHealth’s/Macy’s Oasis Program                     Several "free" activities, inc. adult & kiddie        woman boarded the train. As she stum-
              Fun & Games                               Macy’s, 8001 W. Ridgewood Dr., Parma, 440-                cornhole toss, fun for kids & Magician "Brad          bled down the aisle, not one seat was
Canasta - Mon. & Wed., 12:30 pm;                        886-1157. Weekday classes in many topics --               the Great". "Stingrays" performing for listen-        offered to her. General Lee quickly
Deaconess-Krafft.                                       history, computers, health, art, music & more.            ing & dancing. Tickets on sale for raffle with
                                                                                                                  cash prizes. Call church/school office, 216-          stood up, offering her his seat. Other
                                                        Open to individuals 50 years & older. Must be                                                                   men then rose and offered the General
                                                                                                                  749-7980, for more info.
Fruit Bingo - Mon., 11:30 am, Estabrook;                member to take classes; membership is free;                                                                     their seat. “No, gentlemen,” Lee said,
Wed., 10:30 am; Deaconess-Krafft.                       most courses have a fee. Read class schedule                          Tuesday, September 22nd
                                                                                                                               Widows & Widowers                        “if there is no seat for the lady, there is
                                                        & register online at www.oasisnet. org/cleve-
                                                                                                                  St. James Lutheran Church, 4771 Broadview             no seat for me.”
Snack Bingo - Fri., 11:30 am; Estabrook.                land; mail & in-person registration, too. Also            Rd., noon. Italian pot roast, mashed potatoes,              If an orchestra has no second fiddle,
                                                        sponsored by Mature Services.                             corn pudding & broccoli salad. Cost: $3 per
Horse Racing for Fun - Fri., 10:30 am,                                                                            person. Contact church office, 216-351-6499,          it lacks harmony.
Deaconess-Krafft; Mon., 11am; Estabrook.                            Senior Living Guide                           to register.
                                                        Provides professionals & consumers with                            Wednesday, September 30th
                                                        comprehensive & current information about                                                                              Jerry Madasz is the pastor of
Pinochle Playing - Tues. & Fri., 12:15 pm;                                                                                 Sorrowful Mother Shrine
Deaconess-Krafft.                                       long term care resources & facilities.                    Depart Our Lady of Good Counsel Church,                  St. Luke’s United Church of Christ
                                                        Distributed quarterly. For a free copy, stop in           4429 Pearl Rd., back parking lot, 8 am.; return                       4216 Pearl Rd.
                                                        at Old Brooklyn CDC, 3344 Broadview Rd.                   approx. 4 pm. Cost $50. Package includes                (at the corner of Pearl & Memphis)
Line Dancing - Tues., 1 pm; Deaconess-
Krafft.                                                                                                           roundtrip luxury motorcoach fare, Mass, pil-

                                          Our Churches Welcome You
                   Sponsored by the GREATER BROOKLYN MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION. If your Church would like to be included in this ad or changes in this ad are desired, PLEASE CALL (44O)845-5128

                    ANGLICAN                              2503 Broadview Rd. & W. 28th St.                         Phone: 216-398-6990
                                                          Phone: 216-661-821 cont’d                                Sun.: 11 am - 1 pm, Mon. & Wed.: 7-9 pm.                      SWENDENBORGIAN
        Westside Anglican Fellowship                      cont’d                                                   All invited & encouraged to attend!
   2607 Archwood Ave. (Worship Brooklyn Memorial UMC)     Email:                                                                               Swedenborg Chapel
   Father David Smith, Jr. Holy communion,                Pastor: Jeff Doeringer & Charlie Collier                    Kingdom Come Church Minsistry                   A New Christianity 4815 Broadview Rd,
   Sun., 1 pm. Coffee fellowship following serv-                                                                   2136 Broadview Rd. Phone: 216-526-5258             Phone: 216-351-8093
   ice. 440-871-6201 (St. Barnabas office)                                                                         Pastor: Ronald D. Roy Sr. 216-269-6931             Pastor: Rev. Junchol Lee                                               LUTHERAN                                 Sunday worship: 11 am. Bible study, Thurs.         Sunday Worship: 11am
                                                                                                                   7 pm. Experiencing god in His House                Adult Bible (non-denominational): Sun.,10 am
                      BAPTIST                              Dr. Martin Luther Ev. Lutheran Church                                        Non-Denomination Weddings- 216-351-8093
                                                          4470 Ridge Rd. Phone: 216-749-5585                                                                          A Warm Welcome Awaits You.
          Broadview Baptist Church                        Pastor David W. Bennett. Sunday worship,                                Palace of Praise
   4505 Broadview Rd. Over 80 yrs. of worship             Traditional service 9 am. Praise service                 4274 Pearl Rd. Phone: 216-741-9322
   Pastor: Rev. Brent Richards,                           10:30 am. Sunday school, 10:30 am.                       Pastor: Rev. Joseph Terry                        UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST
   Asst. Pastor: Dr. John Wood                                         Sunday Worship: 10:30 am
   Phone. 216-351-8414 or 216-431-3515                                                                             Wednesday Service: 7 pmMiracle Service:              Archwood U.C.C.
   Sun. School: 9:45 am. Sun. Worship: 11 am                Gloria Dei Lutheran Church E.L.C.A.                    Friday, 7 pm                              2800 Archwood Ave. Phone: 216-351-1060
                                                          5801 Memphis Ave. Phone: 216-741-8230                                                              Rev. Stephen Adams, Interim Pastor
   Wednesday Night Bible Study: 7 pm                      Sunday Worship & Sunday School: 10 am.                         POLISH NAT’L CATHOLIC                                                                                                                       Sunday: 11 am (ASL Interpreted) Nursery
   website:                         Immanuel Lutheran Church                                       St. Mary’s Church            provided ages 1-5. Children's Sunday school
                                                          Scranton & Seymour Ave. Phone: 216-781-9511              Corner Broadview & Wexford, Parma         11:15 am Multicultural Open & Affirming.
      Bethel Free Will Baptist Church                     Pastor: Rev. Horst Hoyer & Rev. John Hoyer               Pastor: Rev. Roman Misiewicz
   3354 Fulton Rd. Phone: 216-631-9199                    German Worship: Sun. 9 am. English 10:30 am                                              
   Rev. Freddie Ray, 216-355-2137                                                                                  Phone: 216-741-8154
   Sunday School: 9:30 am Service: 10:30 am                  Parma Evangelical Lutheran Church                     Sunday Masses: 9 am English, 11 am Polish         Brooklyn Heights U.C.C.
   Sunday evening service: 6 pm                           5280 Broadview Rd. (North & Tuxedo Ave.)                 Sunday School: 10:00 am
                                                                                                                                                             Rev. Dr. Lee Holliday
   Thursday evening Bible Study, 7 pm                     Phone: 351-6376 Pastor: Donald E. Frantz II                                                        2005 W. Schaaf Rd. Phone: 216-741-2280
   Good gospel singing & preaching                        Sunday Worship 10:20 am Sat. 5:15 pm.                                ROMAN CATHOLIC
                                                          Sunday School: 9 - 10 am. Coffee, 8:30                                                             Nursery with adult supervision
          Harmony Baptist Church                                                                                     Our Lady of Good Counsel Church Sunday Worship & Church School: 10 am
   4020 Ridge Rd., Brooklyn                                     St. James Lutheran Church                          4423 Pearl Rd. Phone: 216-749-2323
                                                          4771 Broadview Rd. Phone: 216-351-6499                   Pastor: Fr. LeRoy J. Moreeuw, C.PP.S.
   Pastor: David Wojnarowski                              Pastor: Paul W. Hoffman                                  Masses: Sat. 4:30 pm; Sun., 8:30 & 11am           Brooklyn Trinity U.C.C.
   Phone. 216-351-3740                                    Sunday Worship: 8 & 10:30 am / Sat. Serv: 5 pm.          Weekday Masses: Mon.-Sat., 8 am           8720 Memphis Ave: Phone: 216-661-0227
   Sunday Worship: 11am & 6 pm.                           Sunday School & Bible Class: 9:15 am                     School Phone: 216-741-3685                Pastor: Rev. Robert Z. Lahr
   Sunday School: 9:45 am; Wed. Prayer 7 pm               Website:                                                                          Sunday School & Worship: 10:30 am
                                                                                                                          Church of St. Leo The Great
             BYZANTINE CATHOLIC                                 St. Marks Lutheran Church                          4940 Broadview Rd.
                                                          4464 Pearl Rd. Phone: 216-749-3545
                                                                                                                   Phone: 216-661-1006                                         St. Luke’s U.C.C.
                                                          Pastor: Richard E. Kurth                                                                                 4216 Pearl Rd. (corner Memphis Ave.)
    St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church                    Sunday Worship: 10:15 am, Sat. - 5 pm.                   Pastor: Fr. Russ Lowe
   4600 State Rd. Phone: 216-741-7979                     Sunday School & Adult Bible Study, 9 am                  Masses: Sat., 4 pm. Sun., 8 am, 10 am & 12 noon Phone: 216-351-4422
   Pastor: Very Rev. Steven Koplinka                      Elementary School: grades K - 8                                                                          Pastor: Gerald Madasz
   Father Deacon: Joseph Hnat, 216-233-4118.                                                                                  Saint Barbara Church                 Saturday Evening service 5 pm
   Divine Liturgies: Sat. Vigil, 4 pm.; Sunday,                    Unity Lutheran Church                           1505 Denison Ave.                               Sunday Worship: 10:15 am
   11 am; Holy days, 9 am. Crystal Chalet                 4542 Pearl Rd. - Phone: 216-741-2085                     Phone: 216-741-2067
   Phone: 216-749-4504                                    Rev. Peeter Pirn - Worship Service: 9:30 am              Administrator: Fr. Lucjan Stokowski                        UNITED METHODIST
   School #: 216-749-7980 Pre-School #: 216-351-8121
                                                          Sunday School & Adult Study: 11am                        Masses: Sat., 4:30 pm;
                                                          Preschool/Day Care 3-12 yrs. www.unity-                  Sun., 9 am, 11am (Polish)
                                                                                                                                                     Brooklyn Memorial UMC
                   CHARISMATIC                                                                                                                                      2607 Archwood Ave. Phone: 216-459-1450
                                                                                                                             Corpus Christi Church
                                                                  NON-DENOMINATIONAL                                                                                Pastor: Rev. Pamela Buzalka
       Good News Ministires Church                                                                                 5204 Northcliff Ave.,
                                                                                                                                                                    Sun. Worship: 10:45 am. Sun. school 10 am
   3705 West 36th. (W. 36th & Mapledale Ave.)                                                                      Phone: 216-351-8738
                                                             Circle of Inner Light Spiritual Community             Pastor: Fr. Russell Lowe                         Tues., Weekday wonders bible study, 11 am.
   Phone:216-398-4913                                                                                                                                               Everyone welcome!
   Pastor: Ernie Green.                                   4815 Broadview Rd. Swedenborg Chapel.                    Masses: Sat., 4:30 pm; Sun., 10 am.
   Sunday Worship, 11 am                                  216-398-7743. Ministers, Rev. Virginia Collins           Weekday Mass: Mon. & Wed., 9 am.                  Pearl Rd. United Methodist Church
   TV - Tues. 6:30 pm. Ch.21- 9 pm Ch. 26.                Spiritualist services, prayer & healing circle, study                                                     4200 Pearl Rd. Phone: 216-661-5642
   Fri. 6:30 pm, Ch 21 Time Warner Channel.               classes, ceremonies (marriage, memorial, etc.) Life                   PRESBYTERIAN                        Pastor: Rev. Paul Wilson
                                                          coaching, Yoga.                                                                Sunday Worship & Sunday School: 10 am
                                                                                                                     Brooklyn Presbyterian Church (USA) Adult Study & Coffee Hour: 11 am
                                                                                  4308 Pearl Rd. at Spokane Ave.                   Free hunger meal Thursdays: 6 pm
                   Grace Church                              Institute Of Divine Metaphysical Research             Phone: 216-741-8331 Rev. Adrienne Lloyd
    Sunday Worship: 10:00 am. (Cafe Oasis following)      4150 Pearl Rd. Free Public Lectures.                     Sun. Worship: 10:30 am. Sun. school 10:15 am
                                                                                                                   Parking at Busch Funeral Home
SEPTEMBER 2009                                                                             OLD BROOKLYN NEWS                                                                                                       PAGE 11

          APPLIANCE REPAIRREPAIR                                      HANDYMAN                                      HEDGEMAN TRIMMING SERVICES. For                               MAKKOS PAINTING & DECORATING.
METRO APPLIANCE REPAIR. Low serv-                     HANDYMAN. Minor electrical & plumbing,                        all your trimming needs. We provide the follow-               Interior and Exterior painting - ceiling and dry-
ice charge, senior discounts all work guaran-         locks changed, concrete repairs, roof repair &                ing services. Free estimates, hedgetrimming,                  wall repairs - staining - ceiling texturing - faux
teed. Washers, dryers, ranges, refrigerators &        gutters, painting, drywall. Call Porter, 216-                 weeding, mulching, light landscaping, low cost.               finishes - quality work guaranteed - free esti-
dishwashers. Call 216-741-4334.                       326-9993, for free estimate.                                  For spring clean-up call Joe at 216-906-1963.                 mates, insured. Call Jeff Makkos, 216-661-8234.

             AUTO PARTS
             AUTO PARTS                                        HOME IMPROVEMENT                                     JOHN’S LAWN SERVICE. Lawn mowing &                                           PLUMBING
BRING TOOLS, pull parts, save money!                  CUSTOM PAINTING & REMODELING                                  trimming. General yard maintenance. No con-                   A1 AFFORDABLE PLUMBING. All plumb-
Pearl Road Auto Wrecking, 5000 Pearl Rd.              by John Zitiello Interior/ Exterior Painting                  tracts necessary. Very reasonable rates with                  ing problems. Water heaters, gas lines, sewers
216-661-8410. Hours are: M-F, 8-6, Sat., 8-4.           Affordable bathroom renovations/new con-                    reliable service. Free estimates. Call John                   & drains. 216-688-1288.
                                                      struction of basement bathrms Drywall instal-                 440-888-4842.
             AUTO REPAIR
             AUTO REPAIR                              lation/ Finishing Roofing, layovers, tear offs                                                                              BEN FRANKLIN PLUMBING (Formerly
PARKWAY AUTOMOTIVE 4129 Pearl Rd.                     Fully insured, bonded & licensed. Senior dis-                 OLD      BROOKLYN         LANDSCAPING                         B. McDermott Plumbing Co.) 4th Generation
at Henninger. Come see Earl now on Pearl.             count. Call 216-324-JOHN (5646).                              Serving Old Brooklyn for over 35 yrs. Spring                  of Master Plumbers. Bonded & insured. All
216-741-0750.                                                                                                       clean-up, lawn maintenance, dethatching &                     phases of plumbing -- new, repair, alterations.
                                                      OLD TYME RESTORATION. Home                                    aeration, shrub removal & installation, hedge                 Call 216-741-5131.
                                                      remodel & rehab. Commercial storefront.                       trimming. Call Chuck at 216-661-6013.
    CONCRETE SLAB LEVELING                            Cabinet installation. Painting, masonry, roof-
DeVite’s CONCRETE LEVELING - raising &                                                                                                                                            SOUTH HILLS HARDWARE. Complete
                                                      ing, locks changed, plumbing & electrical.                     MAIDS AND CLEANING SERVICES      SERVICES                    plumbing services. Hot water tanks installed.
lowering of concrete slabs. No holes drilled.         Free chimney inspection. Chimney relining.
Sidewalks, driveways, patios. All leveling                                                                          INCREDIBLY CLEAN - “NO job too big or                         Drains cleaned. 216-749-2121.
                                                      No Job too small! 216-318-0006.                               too small” Commercial & residential. One
guaranteed. Free estimates. Call 216-269-7000.
                                                                                                                    time, by weeekly, weekly & monthly. reason-                                      REMOVAL
                                                                                                                                                                                              TREE REMOVAL
                                                      JOES COMPLETE HOME CARE - sewer &
       DEMOLITION/HAULING                                                                                           able rates. Over 10 yrs. exp. Call 216-351-000                TREE SERVICE. Cut down trees, stump
                                                      foundation work, siding, windows, doors, roof-
HAULING - ALL TYPES. Garage demolition.                                                                             or 440-390-9134.                                              removal. Free estimates. Call Richard’s, 216-
                                                      ing, interior & exterior painting. All general
Call Richard’s, 216-661-7608.                         repairs & demolition. 20 yrs. experience, satis-                                                                            661-7608.
                                                                                                                    MAID YOUR WAY - Whole house cleaning.
                                                      fation guaranteed. Call Joe at 440-342-0944.                  From ceiling to baseboards. Move outs, move
HAULING - Real Estate Rental & Rehab-ing                                                                            ins.. Weekly, bi-monthly, monthly. Baths, tub
Services. Call Tony 216-372-1241.                                    INSURANCE                                      & tile, kitchens. Green cleaning products.                        CLASSIFIED
                                                      NATIONWIDE INSURANCE is now offer-                            Senior discounts. Call Joy 216-398-6432.
             DESIGN- SPEC                                                                                                                                                                       FOR RENT
                                                      ing Auto, Home, Life, & Business insurance
RESIDENTIAL DRAFTING - Energy                                                                                                                                                     FURNISHED OFFICE - 600 sq ft. $425 per
                                                      policies as low as $35 a month. Call a local                          PAINT & ACCESSORIES
Calucaltions. (“RES’-check) Building Code                                                                                                                                         month. Memphis Ridge area. Contact Ginny -
                                                      agent at 216-351-5700 today!!!                                ATTENTION          Painting      Contractors,
Consultations-Home Inspections. Call 330-                                                                                                                                         216-635-1971.
                                                                                                                    Building & Homeowners. Quality paint &
687-1666 or email                                 LANDSCAPING                                     accessories. Large inventory as low as $5.99
                                                      CRAIGS SIMPLY TURF -Fall clean-ups lawn                                                                                     FURNISHED OFFICE - 300 sq ft. $225 per
                                                                                                                    per gallon. Name brand paint & hardware                       month. Memphis Ridge area. Contact Ginny -
                 ELECTRICIAN                          aeration, lawn cutting, trimming, edging, shrub               closeouts. Wallpaper specials $2.99 a roll. 4199
ELECTRICIAN FOR HIRE – Trouble-shooter.               pruning, free estimates, Senior discount. Call                                                                              216-635-1971
                                                                                                                    Pearl Rd. @ Broadview. 216-661-7446.
Install outlets, fixtures, fans, switches & panels.   Craig 440-667-4311 cell or 440-845-5932 home.                                                                                              HELP WANTED
Reasonable, licensed. Call Dale, 216-883-8934.                                                                                                                                    NOW HIRING: Companies desperately need
                                                      DESIGNED LANDSCAPING BY OSH.                                                                                                employees to assemble products at home. No
                                                                                                                    FRESH LOOK PAINTING - Interior paint-
ELECTRICAL - UPGRADES - New circuits.                 Most of your needs. Light tree work, shrubs,                                                                                selling, any hours. $500 weekly potential. For
                                                                                                                    ing/cleaning. Excellent work - references
Violations corrected. Panel - Sub panels. EL12170.    mulch & topsoil, edging, low voltage lighting,                                                                              more info, call 1-985-646-1700, Dept. OH-6505.
                                                                                                                    Insured. Other services available. Call Bob at
Licensed, Bonded, Insured. Free estimates. Call       garden ponds, patios. Fall clean-up. Home
Bill Stanton at 216-398-5306 or 216-392-4276.         216-398-9868. Business, 216-402-2861 Senior                                                                                                   WANTED
     EXTERIOR MAINTENANCE                                                                                                                                                         CHIPPEWA LAKE & PRODUCERS MILK
                JOE OLDJA                                                                            Federal and state laws state that no person shall be discriminated against
                                                                 THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS while seeking to buy, lease or rent housing regardless of race, color, reli-             ITEMS WANTED. Dinnerware, milk bottles,
WIND & ICE DAMAGE. Repairs & rebuild                             TO THE FAIR HOUSING LAWS gion, sex national origin, handicap or familial status. This newspaper                  uniforms, photographs, pins, buttons or anything
                                                                                                     will not accept any advertising for real estate which expresses a prefer-
chimney, steps, roofs, gutters, siding. All types     ence, limitation or discrimination. CLEVELAND TENANTS ORGANIZATION is a fair housing agency available                       else. Call Don Workman, 216-661-2608.
of brick & stone work. Free estimates. Call           to persons who believe they have been discriminated against. Cleveland Tenants Organization is located at 2530
                                                      Superior Avenue. Cleveland, Ohio 44115 and may be reached at 363-5270 (discrimination complaint hotline) or 621-
440-243-2134. No Sunday calls.                        1571 (tenant/landlord helpline). All advertisements for the sale or rental of a dwelling published in The Old Brooklyn      OLD FISHING TACKLE of all kind. Rods,
                                                      News are subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to express a preference, limitation or discrimination       reels & lures, etc. Call Clarence, 216-749-
                                                      on account of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or familial status. Readers and advertisers are here-
                                                      by informed that all housing opportunities advertising this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis.          1016 or 216-407-6329.
PAGE 12                                                                         OLD BROOKLYN NEWS                                                                      SEPTEMBER 2009

                                                       Photo by George Shuba
On Wednesday, July 8th, siblings Khyshi (left) and Tilak (right) Patel enjoyed ice   Councilman Kevin Kelley helped celebrate the last day of the Cleveland Recreation Youth Tennis League
cream cones at the annual Ben Franklin Community Garden ice cream social.            by providing all the participants with ice cream from our neighborhood’s famous Honey Hut Ice Cream.

                                                                       Photos by George Shuba
                                                                      The Ben Franklin Community Garden, 1905 Spring Rd., was honored to be chosen as the starting point for Cleveland’s
                                                                      Urban Harvest Garden Tour on Saturday, August 15th. Mayor Frank Jackson (in the photo on the left) was one of the
                                                                      dignitaries present. Those who attended had the opportunity to board Lolly the Trolley to tour other gardens around the city.

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