Chapter 2 The Stone Ages and Early Cultures by hmv21438


									Chapter 2: The Stone Ages
   and Early Cultures
      Section 2.1: The First People
   Section 2.2: Early Human Migration
  Section 2.3: Beginnings of Agriculture
Section 2.1: The First People
o Time before writing is prehistory
o The Leakey family have made several
  important decisions about prehistory
o Hominids are early ancestors of humans
o Donald Johanson is responsible for finding
  Lucy—many debate this
Australopithecus-                Section 2.1 Continued
  Southern Ape                      Early Hominids
o Appeared about 4-5                   Homo Hablis-Handy Man
  million years ago
                                       o Appeared about 2.4
o Stood upright and                      million years ago
  walked on two legs
                                       o Used early stone tools for
o Brain was about 1/3 size               chopping and scraping
  of modern humans
                                       o Brain was half the size of
   Homo Erectus-Upright                  modern humans
                                       Homo Sapiens—Wise Man
      Appeared about 2-1.5
                                       o Appeared about 200,000
       million years ago
                                         years ago
      Used early stone tools like a
       hand ax                         o Learned to create fire

      Learned to control fire         o Developed language
      Migrated out of Africa to       o THIS IS US!
       Asia and Europe
    2.1 Continued: Hunter-Gather
 Hunter-gatherers—people who hunt
  animals and gather wild plants, seeds,
  fruits, and nuts to survive
 Hunted in groups—Why?
 Who collected plants and berries? Why?
 Many believe there were some sort of
  religion because scientist have found
  graves that included food and artifacts
 2.2: Early Human Migration
Migrate—move to new places
Ice Ages—ended about 10,000 years ago
Land Bridge—strip of land connecting two
Migration took hundreds of thousands of
Why were early people constantly moving?
By 9000 BC humans lived on all continents
  of the world except Antarctica
            2.2 Continued
Mesolithic Era—Middle Stone Age
How did early people adapt to their cold
  2.3: Beginnings of Agriculture
Neolithic Era—Early Stone Age
o Learned to polish stones for tools like saws and
o How to start fire
o Became food producers—Neolithic Revolution
o Domestication—process of changing plants and
  animals to make them more useful to humans
o Agriculture--farming

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