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Community Relations

Use of School Facilities

Since school buildings and grounds are public property, the Board of Education may
make them available for purposes other than education when they are not in use for
school purposes.

The Board of Education shall grant the use of school facilities for activities of an
educational, cultural, civic, and other non-commercial uses consistent with the public
interest when such use does not interfere with the school program or school sponsored
activities as permitted under law. The use of school facilities for school purposes has
precedence over all other uses. Persons on school property must abide by the District’s
conduct rules at all times.

In order to maximize student learning and community use of facilities, the Superintendent
and administrative staff, in cooperation with representatives of the public library and
recreation department of the community shall on a regular basis conduct an instructional
time and facility usage assessment.

Consistent with this policy the Superintendent shall approve and schedule the use of
school facilities by an individual or group and shall develop guidelines for community
use of the schools. Fees shall be set annually by the Board of Education for the use of the
facilities, when deemed appropriate. Groups desiring continuing use of facilities must
reapply. The Superintendent will maintain a list of school facilities usage by non-district
groups or individuals.

Types of Activities Which Will Not Be Permitted

1. Activities which are unlawful in nature.

2. Any purpose in conflict with the mission or goals of the school district.

3. Commercial advertising

4. Fund-raising campaigns except as permitted by Board of Education policy or by
   special action of the Board of Education or except as permitted by the Superintendent.

5. Any activity which may be injurious to the buildings, grounds or equipment of the schools.

Community Relations

Use of School Facilities

Consistent with this policy the Superintendent and the administrative designees shall
approve and schedule the use of school facilities by an individual or group and shall
develop guidelines for community use of the schools.

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes

10-239 Use of school facilities for other purposes.

PA 97-290 An Act Enhancing Educational Choices and Opportunities

Equal Access Act, 20 U.S.C. ss 4071-4074

Good News Club v. Milford Central School, Sup.Ct., 6-11-01
20 U.S.C. 7905 (Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act contained in No Child Left Behind
Act of 2001)

Policy Adopted:         January 4, 1993          REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 14
Policy Revised:         April 12, 1999           Bethlehem and Woodbury, Connecticut
2nd Revision            February 5, 2007
Community Relations                                                                 1330

A. Use of School Facilities

The use of school buildings, grounds, equipment and facilities will be authorized by the
Superintendent in conformity with the following regulations governing their use as
approved by the Board.

Organizations other than official school groups not connected with the schools shall use
the Regional School District No. 14 facilities after a written application permit has been

1.     Application forms for the use of school buildings must be presented to the
       building principal and approved by the Superintendent of schools at least 14 days
       prior to the date of use. Whenever an organization submits their first request for
       Sunday or holiday use for a profit making non-resident or religious group, the
       Regional School District No. 14 Board of Education approval is required. Such
       requests should be submitted at least one month in advance. Applications for
       facility use throughout the year should be submitted annually before August 1st
       when possible.

2.     Rental and associated fees will be charged in accordance with this policy.

3.     The use of school facilities for school purposes, meeting of students,
       entertainment by teachers' clubs, alumni associations, parent-teacher associations
       and other organizations affiliated with the schools have precedence over all
       others. Requests for school facilities for school programs must be cleared with the
       building Principal or the Superintendent or both, should the nature of the request
       so justify.

4.     All activities must be under competent adult supervision approved by the
       Principal of the building involved. In all cases, an assigned school employee will
       be present unless waived by the Superintendent. The group using the facilities
       will be responsible for any damage to the building or equipment.

5.     Groups receiving permission are restricted to the dates and hours approved and to
       the building area and facilities specified, unless requested changes are approved
       by the Superintendent.

6.     Groups receiving permission are responsible for the observance of local and state
       fire and safety regulations at all times.

7.     The Board will cooperate with recognized agencies, such as the Red Cross and
       Civil Defense, and will make suitable facilities available without charge during
       community emergency or to prepare for civil defense.
Community Relations                                                             1330(a)

A. Use of School Facilities

8.      Proper liability insurance will be required by all groups given permission to use
        school facilities, except where this coverage is already provided by the Board.
        Appropriate levels will be determined by the Director of Fiscal Services.

9.         The Board will approve and periodically review a fee schedule for use of facilities.

10.     In situations where there is no cost factor to the district, or in situations where a
        mutual exchange of facilities is possible between the school district and the
        organization, fees may be modified or eliminated by the Superintendent. In
        situations where extended usage for a long period of time is required, rates may
        be set at a contract price.

11.    The Board reserves the right to revoke permission for use previously granted.

B. Permissible Uses

      1.       For holding a social, civic or recreational meeting, or other use pertaining to
              the welfare of the community, which shall be open to the general public.

      2.       Polling places for holding primaries and elections and for the registration of

      3.       Meetings and occasions where admission fees are charged, when the proceeds
              are expended for an educational or charitable purpose. Use shall not be
              permitted if such meetings and occasions are under the sole control and said
              proceeds are to benefit a society, association or organization of a religious sect
              or denomination or of exclusive organizations. Exceptions to this are subject
              to Board approval.

      4.       Meetings and functions of any organization or group functioning in
              collaboration with the Board of Education or professional staff of the school,
              Parent Teacher Organizations, Boy and Girl Scouts, 4-H Clubs or any group
              having similar aims.

      5.       For meetings and functions of profit making organizations which are
              nonexclusive and open to the general public.

      6.      These uses are subject to Board of Education review when the Superintendent
              or administrative staff requires it.
Community Relations                                                        1330(b)

A. Use of School Facilities

C. Priority of use

     1.       School functions

     2.       School affiliated functions

     3.       Extension of Connecticut Public Education

     4.       Official town bodies and agencies of Bethlehem and Woodbury

     5.       Town based recognized national groups primarily interested in serving children

     6.     Other town based social, civic, educational and religious groups which have
           concern for the welfare of children and adults in the community.

     7.       Town based non-profit groups charging a fee

     8.       Town based profit groups charging a fee

     9.       Out of town organizations

D. Each permit will be issued with the following terms and conditions:

     1.    All school activities shall take priority and can replace events scheduled by
           other groups. It may be cancelled without notice as a result of conflict with a
           school scheduled event. Best notice will be given if this should occur.

     2.    It may be cancelled for failure to comply with the rules and regulations.

     3.    Field applications must be provided for scheduling in three phases:

          •     July 1 deadline for August through November requests.
          •     October 1 deadline for December through March requests.
          •     February 1 deadline for April though July requests.

          We expect that these applications are coordinated appropriately with the
          organizations requesting usage and the Town Parks and Recreation program
          where appropriate.
Community Relations                                                         1330(c)

A. Use of School Facilities

     4.    The superintendent and administrative staff with the support of the Board
           reserve the right to transfer activities should conditions require. These
           conditions include economic and efficient use of school facilities and conflicts
           of schedules.

     5.    All appropriate taxes in connection with the affair should be paid to the
           appropriate governmental agency.

     6.    No articles or food may be sold without explicit authorization in the
           permission request.

     7.    It is only valid for those dates and times requested and for the specific purpose

     8.    The permit should be available upon request to any representative. It is not

     9.  All governmental regulatory agency permits should be secured by the
         applicant when town laws require.
     10. No gambling or use of alcohol or controlled substances as defined in the
         Connecticut General Statutes should be used on school premises.

     11.   No smoking is allowed in or around any school building consistent with the
           Connecticut General Statutes.

     12.   Exhibits, posters or other material should be displayed only with the approval
           of the Superintendent or administrative staff.

     13.   The facility or field shall be left orderly and neat. The organization will be
           required to reimburse the school district for any damage incurred. Any
           furniture moved should be placed back into original condition by the using

     14.   All applicant owned material should be removed from the building or grounds
           after the even unless previous arrangements have been made.

     15.   All beverage or food consumption will be done in specifically designated
           rooms with prior approval during the application process. Any use of the
           kitchen facilities will be done under the supervision of the Director of Food
           Service or an appointed staff member.
Community Relations                                                         1330(d)

A. Use of School Facilities

     16. A member of the custodial staff shall be on duty when the facilities are in use.
         They will be compensated by the applying group. The group is responsible
         for proper supervision of the building and parking lot. No tipping of any
         custodian or school official is permitted.

     17.   A police officer may be required to be on duty by the application approver.
           The group is responsible to compensate the officer if required.

     18. A certificate of insurance with limits of liability for each occurrence of bodily
         injury liability each occurrence for property damage is necessary when
         requested by the Superintendent.

     19.   Half of the estimated fee may be required in advance if deemed appropriate by
           the administrative staff.

     20.   No vested property rights shall be deemed created by granting any permit for
           the use of facilities.

     21.   The Board reserves the right to repeal, revise or amend these rules, regulations
           and fees, in whole or in part or to adopt additional rules and regulations at any
           time without notice. We reserve the right to reject any request which we
           deem contrary to the educational interest of the school system or the good
           public order of our two communities.

Regulation Adopted:   January 4, 1993        REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 14
Regulation Revised:   April 12, 1999         Bethlehem and Woodbury, Connecticut
2nd Revision          February 5, 2007
                                                                      Appendix A - 1330

Definition of Groups

Group A -      School organizations
Group B1       School affiliated organizations
      B2       Other Connecticut Public Education organizations
Group C        Official bodies and agencies of Bethlehem and Woodbury
Group D1       Town based recognized national groups primarily interested in serving
               children such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H Clubs
Group D2       Town based non-profit social, civic, education and religious groups which
               have a concern for the welfare of children and adults in the community
Group E        Town based non-profit groups charging fees
Group F        Town based profit making groups charging fees
Group G        Out of town organizations

Fee Schedule

Group A        Shall have free use of facilities
Group B        Shall have free use of the facilities, however if a fee is charged, the group
               is responsible for Region 14 staff costs as noted below
Groups C/D     Shall have free use of the facilities except for the following:
               • If a fee is charged the group is responsible for custodial and any other
                    staff related costs
               • If the event is held outside the normal hours worked by Region #14
                    staff the group is responsible for custodial and any other staff related


 Group         Gym       Auditorium        Café       Café with    Classroom        Fields
Group E          60            65            60          100            25           75
Group F         200           200           100          150            50           200
Group G         300           300           200          250            75           250

The following guidelines apply to all events:

   1. Rates for necessary personnel will be those which are specified in the employee’s
      working agreement with Regional School District #14 and all terms and
      conditions of such agreements which are in effect shall apply
   2. Estimated fees for personnel will be adjusted, if necessary, based on actual time
   3. Custodial fees shall include one-half hour before the event and a minimum of
      one-half hour after the activity.
   4. The fee for rehearsals, not to exceed two, shall be one-third the fee for the
      gymnasium and auditorium plus any necessary personnel costs.
   5. Fees are based on three hour use of the facilities. An additional hourly fee will be
      charged for longer
   6. Use of the facility, including all additional personnel costs

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