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					WHITTIER ALLIANCE Community Organizer Job Description

                                 WHITTIER ALLIANCE
                               COMMUNITY ORGANIZER
                                       Updated 12-08


The Whittier Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit neighborhood organization serving the south
Minneapolis neighborhood of Whittier. The WA facilitates meetings, opportunities and
events, and does outreach to Whittier residents and businesses to encourage
participation in grassroots discussions and decisions. Through a committee process, the
WA oversees the contracting and implementation of Phase 2/5 year $1.7 million
Neighborhood Revitalization Funds. The WA advocates on behalf of the Whittier
neighborhood to governmental agencies. The WA is not a direct service provider.


The Community Organizer is responsible for outreach to a broad audience to build
neighborhood awareness and participation. The Community Organizer helps to
implement the Whittier Alliance Neighborhood Revitalization Action Plan (NRP) and
other funded programs by working in partnership with the neighborhood and its
volunteers, organizations, corporations and government agencies. The Community
Organizer supports the Whittier Alliance Mission and the strategies of the Board, and
works to ensure the organization’s future and is responsive to new issues identified as
critical to the future livability of the Whittier Neighborhood. This is a full-time exempt
position that requires evening and occasional weekend work.


Community Outreach and Organizing
   Works with assigned committees, organizations, task forces, property owners
    and residents to enlist participation in WA committees, neighborhood process,
    programs and events.
   Builds knowledge & recognition of the Whittier Alliance and its work and the
    Whittier neighborhood
   Builds community involvement by creating, planning, facilitating & promoting
    outreach activities, opportunities, programs, projects and events.
   Build relationships with all stakeholders of the Whittier neighborhood: residents,
    businesses, property owners, elected officials, schools, churches, parks, etc.
   Supports and actively engages in community information, communication and
    outreach efforts - eg: door knocking, fliering, electronic communications,
    mailings, press releases, etc.
   Plans and assists with implementation of community building events, debates,
    educational forums, festivals, fundraisers, etc. that build positive relationships
    and recognition for the Whittier Alliance and Neighborhood.
   Fosters relationships and collaboration with other organizational entities such as
    the 5th Precinct, Minneapolis Park & Rec, Restorative Justice Community Action,
    fellow neighborhood organizations and institutions to represent the
    neighborhood’s interests.
   Responds to and acts on community inquiries regarding livability issues
   Coordinates volunteers for activities, event planning and implementation and
    other initiatives
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WHITTIER ALLIANCE Community Organizer Job Description

     Acts as coordinator for Whittier youth by overseeing contracts, maintaining
      database of and networking with youth serving agencies and promoting youth
    Promotes safety and livability for the neighborhood by synthesizing crime data,
      working with block clubs, 5th Precinct partners, Whittier Walking Patrol,
      community impact statements, graffiti removal programs, etc.
    Helps maintain and build resource lists for referrals
    Advocates for formal positions taken by the Board of Directors
    Encourages participation by diverse populations in Whittier Alliance
    Organizes &/or attends community & governmental meetings relevant to position
    Other duties as assigned by supervisor
Financial & Fundraising
    Researches & evaluates funding sources & prepares funding proposals
    Continually works to enlist financial support from businesses, organizations and
    Coordinates annual fundraisers and appeals as directed by the Whittier Alliance
    Keeps and submits monthly expenses relating to WA businesses and funders

Office and Administrative
     Perform administrative functions for the assigned committees/task forces as
     Assist staff and volunteers with managing all aspects of NRP action plan
     Provides monthly reports about work and the work of the various committees to
       Whittier Board and attends Board meetings as requested.
     Data base maintenance
     Duties as assigned to maintain an organized, efficient office

Shared Responsibilities
    Neighborhood Annual Meeting
    Fundraising


      Previous nonprofit and community/neighborhood organizing experience.
      Ability to work in a team situation with all stakeholders of the Whittier Alliance.
      Ability to generate interest in community and committed to all community issues.
      Excellent oral and written communication skills.
      Ability to prioritize and manage large quantities of information, take direction, and
       complete projects in a timely manner.
      Relevant computer skills.
      Basic knowledge of general office procedures.
      Ability to celebrate and work in partnership with the diverse voices of the Whittier
      Personal commitment to community is essential.


      Four-year degree, but will substitute relevant experience
      Bi-lingual
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WHITTIER ALLIANCE Community Organizer Job Description

      Familiarity with NRP processes


      Able to operate a PC keyboard, view a PC monitor, sit at a desk and talk/listen
       on the telephone for long periods of time.
      Access to a car and legal driver’s license.


Executive Director



TYPE: full time/40 hours

DEADLINE: 12-19-08

submit letter of interest and resume to:
Marian Biehn, Executive Director
Whittier Alliance
10 E. 25th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Please: no phone calls, no electronic submissions

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