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					                                        PARTICIPATING MORTGAGE LENDERS
                                                  October 9, 2007

                The following mortgage lenders have agreed to provide mortgages to homebuyers purchasing
                Chicago Community Land Trust (CCLT) homes and condominiums. YOU MUST USE ONE OF
                THESE LENDERS IN ORDER TO PURCHASE A CCLT HOME. These lenders (and the loan
                officers listed) understand the special features of the CCLT. Please note that FHA loan
                products cannot be use in conjunction with CCLT homes.

                Countrywide Home Loans                                     Northern Trust
                Roberto Rangel (Habla Español)                             Ms. Emma Saldaña (Habla Español)
                312-504-1515 cell                                          50 South LaSalle St.
                Roberto_Rangel@Countrywide.Com                             Chicago, IL 60603
                                                                           312-444-7920 direct
                Marquette Bank                                             312-557-3068 fax
                Manuel “Manny”Jimenez (Habla Español)                      773-206-5344 cell
                773-476-5110 ext. 2909 phone                     
                312-933-3306 pager
                                                                           Washington Mutual
                National City Mortgage                                     Offers City Mortgage!
                Offers City Mortgage!                                      Mr. Louis Jeffries
                Ms. Cheryl Wiesneth                                        120 N. LaSalle, Suite 1700
                1520 N. Damen Ave. Suite B                                 Chicago, IL 60602
                Chicago, IL 60622                                          312.696.2351 office
                773-645-3030 phone                                         312.696.2392 fax
                847-651-8444 cell                                          708.299.3244 cell
                773-395-1893 fax                                 
                                                                           Ms. Diana Kazouini (Habla Español)
                Neighborhood Assistance Corporation                        312-738-7707 phone
                of America (NACA)                                          866-272-7779 fax
                Mr. Donald Meadows                                         773-750-2477 cell
                1550 West 88th St.                               
                Chicago, IL 60620
                773-723-6222 phone                                         Ms. Maria Barriga (Habla Español)
                                                                           120 N. LaSalle St., Suite 1700
                Neighborhood Housing Services of                           Chicago, IL 60602
                Chicago                                                    312-696-2337 direct
                Ms. Versi Garrett                                          312-696-2305 fax
                1279 N. Milwaukee 5th Floor                                773-988-4603 cell
                Chicago, IL 60622                                
                773 329-4102 phone
                773-329-4120 fax
                Please note, NHS/NLP may require
                additional pre-purchase counseling for their

                          Lenders interested in participating in this program should contact Dena Al-Khatib at
                          312-742-0621 or

    City of Chicago                                                                                                 City of Chicago
Richard M. Daley, Mayor                                                                                          Department of Housing