Development of a Switched Mode Power Supply by hcj


									Sun simulator for concentrated solar cell

Project in Applied sensor technology, Mid Sweden University, autumn 2009

Number of groups:         1
Number of Students:       3
Supervisor:               Hailu Metaferia

Testing of concentrated solar cell means that an artificial sun simulator is needed. The spectral
distribution should be similar to the suns spectral distribution and moreover the intensity
should be 20 times of the sun to simulate the real application. The power supply may need
some feedback (photo-detector) to keep the output constant.

Task included in the project

      Literature search and study
      Investigation of suitable power sources
      Measurement of spectral response and intensity
      Testing on real solar cells, measurement of output current and efficiency
      Blog your work
      Oral presentation and written report

 Example of concentrator solar panel, absolicon X10

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