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									Tips to Overcome Allergy by Hafizes
Some of the most common allergens are:

and dust mites;
spores of fungi and mold;
some proteins in epithelial cells, hair, feathers and saliva of animals;
cockroaches and their waste;
the venom of certain insects;
certain food groups;
minerals such as nickel, cobalt, chromium, etc.
Most people experience no response to contact with these substances, but the
immune system of allergic individuals react to contact with allergens producing
an immune response which allergic symptoms arise.

Environmental control of these substances, ie to avoid that are in our
environment and come into contact with the allergic person, helps prevent and
reduce allergy symptoms. Thus, it can also reduce medication requirements.

The first step in levitations or environmental control of allergens is to know what
are the substances that cause allergic reactions to each person. We advise you
to consult your doctor allergist, who draw undiagnóstico reliable.

The allergist may also prescribe medications or prescribe a vaccine therapy.

Having identified the allergens to which we react, we can implement our strategy
of environmental control.

In, people with allergy problems and find products of their
environment, reliable information and advice on how to improve their health by
avoiding contact with allergens in their environment. With the help of dust mite
covers, masks, anti-allergy, air purifiers, filters, ultrasonic dust mite and other
products sold, allergic individuals may avoid contact with
substances that trigger your allergy.

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