Janne Paasisalo and Pasi Karhunen A Launching Communication Strategy

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					Janne Paasisalo and Pasi Karhunen

A Launching Communication Strategy for the Metallin Oppimistehdas Project

June 2002

Pohjois-Savo Polytehcnic, School of Business and Administration, Varkaus
Degree Programme in Business Administration

Financial Management for Industry

BBA Thesis 88 pages, 1 appendix


The Metallin oppimistehdas (Metal Learning Factory) project is part of a wider
project Pohjois-Savon metallipuisto (Pohjois-Savo Metal Park). The aim of the
project is to ensure the availability of skilled workers for the metal industry in
the area by providing further training and retraining to persons who are
interested in studying in the kind of conditions which resemble real working
conditions in workplaces. The purpose of the study was to plan a launching
communication strategy for the project and a communication plan, which
would help to find cooperation partners while increasing the general
awareness of the project.

The data for the study was acquired from the relevant literature and various
other secondary sources in addition to an interview. The theoretical part of the
study first deals with the features of the product to be launched by discussing
the differences in marketing and communication strategies when marketing
services and visible products. Then the focus is on business-to-business
marketing, the roles of organisational buyers, the launching of a product or a
company and launching marketing strategies as well as marketing
communications in general including the advertising methods. The empirical
part of the study project is a case study in which the theoretical information
was applied to the Metallin oppimistehdas project.

The study results recommend a strategy which focuses on personal selling
and establishing relationships aiming at differentiating the Metallin
oppimistehdas from the other training units providing vocational training. It is
recommended that the advertising during the launching stage should be
carried out by focusing on publicity and personal selling which would be
supported by image advertising in the form of printed brochures. The primary
communication methods in conveying positive images are high quality
operations, reliability, and a clear process in the service production.

ABI/INFORM: service, launching, communication strategy.