PeopleSoft v8 Upgrade Communication Strategy by hft13158


									                                                                                     July 9, 2004

                                PeopleSoft v8 Upgrade
                                 Communication Strategy

                                    Mike Giannone
                            Communications Officer, ITS Division

Brown Bags (lunch-hour presentations; firm date will be set later)
     Financials          – late August (tentative)
     Requisitions        – to be determined
     Student/HR          – to be determined
     Security            – to be determined

Weekly updates to campus via:
      PeopleSoft web site
      PSG-L ListServe
      E-mail Digest
      PeopleSoft v8 “bulletin”
      One-on-one visits
      Presentations to Committees

PeopleSoft web site
      Revised as information warrants.

PSG-L ListServe
     A list of 111 people (more are added as they request to be included) in colleges and
     departments throughout the University. These people were designated by college Deans
     and Department Heads as people who will disseminate information about PeopleSoft v8
     throughout their respective colleges and departments. The intent is for this list to receive
     regular (weekly) updates as well as special announcements.

       The list serve is constantly encouraged to provide feedback from anyone regarding the
       upgrade or PeopleSoft in general.

E-mail Digest
      As events warrant, the Friday issue of the Digest will include announcements to the
      campus. When a PS announcement is sent via the Digest, it is also sent to the PSG-L
                                                                                       July 9, 2004

PeopleSoft v8 “newsletter/bulletin”
      A 1 or 2-page, general information, electronic (online) bulletin about PeopleSoft v8. It
      will be posted on the web site and sent to the listserv. The bulletin includes general
      information about PS and associated issues. While it will include UA related matters, the
      bulletin is intended to discuss the ERP at higher level, e.g., what is PS, what can people
      expect to see, etc.

       At present, it is planned that the bulletin will be regularly (bi-weekly) issued through Fall

One-on-one visits
      At the request of departments and/or individuals, visits will be made to explain PSv8
      and/or issues related to it.

Status updates to Buchtel Hall/Deans/Department Heads
       The plan is to copy the Provost, VPs, Deans, and Department Heads (and their admins)
       on e-mails about the upgrade so that they are tuned into the status of the project.

       A formal presentation regarding status of the project should be scheduled for mid-
       summer (July) and, if necessary, Fall (September) to the Council of Deans and
       Department Heads meetings. This presentation should be made by the project leader
       (Rick Draper), Dave Wasik, and Tom Beitl.

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