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					                                            Dr. Jane Doe
P.O. Box 123                                                                       Home: 555-555-5555
City ABC, State ABC                                                                 Work: 555-555-5555
12345                                                                            Email:


Owner/Director                                                                  Mar. 1, 2003 – present
ABC Inc.                                                                             City ABC, State ABC

      Self-employed director of a clinic that provides health and financial resources and legal care for
      Women seek advice in the areas of divorce, child and asset protection, menopause, pregnancy,
       and estate planning. Questions are either directly answered or outsourced to peers where the
       client is best served.

Pharmacist                                                              Dec. 12, 2002 – Feb. 21, 2003
XYZ Pharmacy                                                                         City XYZ, State ABC

      Increased sales by 35% and increased prescription volumes by 20%.
      Filled, labeled, stored, ordered and manufactured prescriptions. Legally liable for all filled
      Supervised five ancillary staff.
      Provided patients with over-the-counter medication advice and information, including allergies,
       adverse drug interactions, and side effects.
      Screened for drug interactions in order to avoid adverse drug reactions and conferred with
       doctors and nurses to provide the best medication for the patient and their disease state.
      Completed schedules, worked with multiple insurance companies and health care providers and
       controlled drug inventory levels.
      Computer entry responsibilities included dosage levels, rates, treatment duration, times to
       administer drugs, and drug formulas. Ensured dosages were appropriate for numerous patient
      Screened for errors by ensuring the amount, mix, timing, potency, fluid balance, and method of
       administering medications were appropriate for the drug, dose or patient.
      Taught classes for consumers about current health issues and developed information pamphlets
       for consumers.
      Educated physicians and nurses about new medications and cheaper alternative medications for
       the same disease states.

Toxicology Case Manager                                                         Jun. 1998 – Sept. 2001
State ABC Poison Control Centers                                                     City ABC, State ABC

      Handled triage calls to the Statewide State ABC Poison Control Hotline.
      Immediately determined the poisoning severity level or the chemical or biological exposure and
       managed patients until the outcome from the exposure was apparent. Determined whether
       patients would stay at home or be sent to emergency rooms during exposure.
      Alerted health-care professionals of incoming patients and gave instructions on how to initiate
       treatment and continue monitoring for possible long-term effects. Followed up with hospitals
       and/or patients to assess treatment progress.
      Charted patient and drug information on line, made key decisions regarding the level of care for
       patients, and documented all pertinent information for each case.
      Attended and taught continuing education courses on current poisoning treatments and
                                            Dr. Jane Doe
P.O. Box 123                                                                    Home: 555-555-5555
City ABC, State ABC                                                              Work: 555-555-5555
12345                                                                         Email:


Pharm. D.                                                                                   1978-1982
University of State ABC                                                                       City DEF

Chemistry (major)                                                                           1974-1978
Biology (minor)                                                                               City ABC
San Diego State

Pharmacy Administration                                                                     1990-1991
University of State ABC                                                                       City ABC


        State ABC Narcotic's Officer Association Leadership Award
        President, City ABC Society of Pharmacists
        Drug Company ABC Leadership Award as President of the City ABC Society of Pharmacists
        Certified Poison Control Specialist
        Founder and President, Anytown Mothers Club
        Anytown Mothers Club Leadership Award
        City ABC Society of Health Care Pharmacists Fundraising Award
        Member of the American Society of Pharmacists
        Member of the State ABC Society of Pharmacists
        Member of the Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs


        Taught Pharmacology at a Masters level at the University of City ABC
        Lectured peers, medical students, medical doctors, nurses and community law enforcement
         about legal issues, new medications, quality improvement and drug information
        Conducted information seminars for pregnant and breast feeding mothers about drugs that can
         affect pregnancy and breast-feeding
        Conducted new drug reviews for nurses, pharmacists and physicians
        Provided household poison prevention information as a guest on a local radio station
        Initiated a doctor's shopping hotline in order to prevent people from obtaining multiple
         prescriptions from multiple doctors

Dr. Jane Doe                       Mr. John Don                       Dr. Ken Schell
Medical Journal Editor             Pharmacy Manager                   Pharmacy Professor
123 ABC Ridge                      ABC Pharmacy                       10990 XYZ Road
City DEF, State ABC                3964 ABC Road                      City ABC, State ABC
555-555-555                        City XYZ, State ABC                555-555-555(cell)
                                   555-555-5555                       555-555-555(office)

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