Mobile Communication Handbook by hft13158



                   Mobile Communication Handbook

                                         I. R EIVEW

   The follows are the contents of this handbook.
01-Complex Envelope Representations
03-Pulse Code Modulation
04-Baseband Signalling and Pulse.pdf
05-Channel Equalization
06-Line Coding
07-Echo Cancellation
08-Pseudonoise Sequences
09-Optimum Receivers
10-Forward Error Correction Coding
11-Spread Spectrum Communications
13-Digital Communication System
15-Wireless Personal Communications A Perspective
16-Modulation Methods
17-Access Methods
18-Rayleigh Fading Channels
19-Space-Time Processing
20-Location Strategies for Personal
21-Cell Design Principles
22-Microcellular Radio
23-Fixed and Dynamic Channel
24-Radiolocation Techniques
25-Power Control

January 26, 2004                                      DRAFT

26-Enhancements in Second Generation Systems
27-The Pan-European Cellular System
28-Speech and Channel Coding for North American TDMA Cellular systems
29-The British Cordless Telephone
30-Half-Rate Standards
31-Wireless Video Communications
32-Wireless LANs
33-Wireless Data
34-Wireless ATM Interworking
35-Wireless ATM QoS and Mobility
36-An Overview of cdma2000

   There are totally 36 chapters in this handbook which cover a wide range of wireless commu-
nication. These chapters can be looked as independently topics and each chapter was written by
an big guy in this field. One topics is about 20-40 pages which gives an outline of this field. At
the same time the author also focus on some important items he thought.
   This book is suitable for students or beginner to get into a specific fields in wireless commu-
nication and also fit for engineer to review the basic knowledge he missed. It can not only be
used as a handbook but also as a tutorial book. The book is excellent, the only problem is it is
1999 version and I think the updated version would be more attractive.

January 26, 2004                                                                          DRAFT

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