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									                               FORSCOM EO STAFF ASSISTANCE VISIT CHECKLIST
The following criteria, coupled with sensing sessions/group interviews, will enable more effective management of the installation/unit
Equal Opportunity Program which contributes to the overall FORSCOM program.

                            REQUIREMENTS                                        STATUS                             REMARKS
1. AR 600-20 with all changes.
2. Quarterly Narrative and Statistical Report. (QNSR)
   a. Are QNSRs submitted IAW supplement requirements?
   b. Is the QNSR signed by the commander?
3. Is there an EO assistance phone line?
4. EO Policy Memorandums for Cmd and one echelon above
   a. EO Policy Memorandum.
   b. Prevention of Sexual Harassment.
   c. EO Complaint procedures.
   d. Do memos follow guidelines outlined in AR 600-20
Chapter 6-3 i(11).
5. Does the commander have an open door policy?
6. Is the commander in the EOA rating scheme?
7. Are climate assessments conducted within 90 days of
commanders assuming command and annually thereafter?
8. Are Memorandum of Agreements or Understanding on File?
9. Are office records filed IAW AR 25-400-2 (ARIMS)?

                                  SECTION II - COMPLAINT PROCESSING AND PROCEDURES
1. Is the general court-martial convening authority notified
within 72 hours of all formal complaints?
2. Are progress reports sent to the GCMCA 20 days after
the start of the investigation and 14 days there after?
3. Are investigations investigated using AR 15-6 procedures?
4. Is a protection plan created to prevent acts of reprisal?
5. Investigation timelines.
   a. Are investigation completed within 14 calendar days?
   b. Are extensions granted by the next higher command for
investigations not completed within above?
   c. Are additional extensions requested thru the GMCA
officer in the chain of command?
   d. Are complainants notified of the extension, its duration,
and the reason for extension request?
6. Does the investigating officer submit the findings to JAG/EOA
for review prior to submitting to the appointing authority?
7. Does the EOA provide a written review of the investigation
prior to submission to appointing authority?
8. Are follow-up assessments conducted for formal complaints.

1. Is there a current log-in and password?
2. Are cases entered IAW Section II above?
3. Unit reporting.
  a. Are unit assessments entered?
  b. Are training assessments entered?
  c. Is upcoming training entered?
  d. Is monthly reporting entered?
  e. Are command profiles entered?
FORSCOM Form 1057-R, 1057-R. 23 Feb 04                Replaces FORSCOM Form 1057-R, 23 Feb 02

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