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									                                                                                                                                                 Project Start-Up Checklist

              Domain                                     Actions                                          Impact                       Deliverable                  Examples (insert links here)                             Contacts                           Dependencies
Reporting                             Include project status in BTO bi-weekly,           All projects and programs should be           Status Reports       O:\bi-weekly                                       Jack Stoute
                                      monthly, quarterly reporting cycles; Include in    aligned with one of the 10 initiatives ("10
                                      Individual Performance Plans                       and 10") defined in the Secretary's "One-
                                                                                         HHS" vision
Organization Change Management        Integrate Change Management Plan into                                                            Change               HHS_eOPF_Change_Mgt_Plan_20040604.mpp              Bob Spector, Terri Surabian
                                      Overall Project Plan                                                                             Management
Governance                            Facilitate project charter among project team                                                    Project Charter LMS Charter 20040726.pdf
                                      members, sponsor                                                                                 Document
Communications                        Develop Communications Plan                                                                      Communications eOPF Communications Matrix 20040726.doc, LMS                                                   Cannot communicate to HHS employees
                                                                                                                                       Plan (Matrix)   Comm Plan 20040720.doc                                                                        at large until Labor Relations (below) has
Communications                        Develop communiques                                Communications should start with a fomal      stakeholder          #PSC.Etravel;                                   ITSC for distribution lists              Before sending communications via
                                                                                         broadcast announcement to all                 distribution list;   #e-Travel;                                                                               broadcast email, be sure to get
                                                                                         stakeholders (email memo, U.S. mail to        Announcements,       eOPF Memo to All Employees 20041102 FINAL.doc;                                           appropriate approvals from the Director of
                                                                                         employees' homes, etc.); The end user         Memos,               eOPF memo to HR Mgrs & Specialists 20041001.doc                                          PSC and/or above. A broadcast to 'all
                                                                                         needs to understand the project               Briefings, etc.                                                                                               PSC' needs the Director's
                                                                                         objectives, scope, timeframe, and the                                                                                                                       (P.VanLandingham's) signature. 'All HHS'
                                                                                         governance of the project at a minimum                                                                                                                      is not permitted without the a signature
                                                                                         before committing to the project                                                                                                                            from at least an Assistant Secretary. This
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     is the reason for developing a stakeholder
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     distribution list.                    ;see
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Labor Relations below

Communications                        Script brief descriptions of the project for       Enables project members to handle             Project "Cheat       LMS Elevator Messages 20041105.doc; eOPF
                                      project team members and key stakeholders          questions and objections to the project       Sheets";             Cheatsheet (General) 20041007.doc
                                      for consistent, compelling messages                                                              "Elevator
Communications                                                                           Raise awareness and flesh-out issues and Presentation              eOPF_Brown_Bag_Audiences_20041110.doc;             Bob Spector, Terri Surabian
                                      Define target audiences and key messages;          concerns in advance of implementation    slides                    eOPF_Brown_Bag_Executives_20041115.ppt;
                                      Develop and deliver internal "Brown Bag" (aka                                                                         eOPF_Brown_Bag_HR_20041115.ppt:
                                      "Lunch & Learn") briefings                                                                                            eOPF_Brown_Bag_Employees_20041115.ppt
Communications                        Setup e-Project portal for project Team use                                                      e-Project portal     www.e-project.com

Communications                        Publish a project website for user population;                                                   Website              http://intranet.hhs.gov/eopf/                      Alice Bettencourt, Mgr ITSC Web       Need to submit a Web Request online to
                                      Need to allow time for security and usibility                                                                                                                            Development); Lisa Azarsa,            the ITSC; Content and linked sites must be
                                      audits; Allow a month to publish website with                                                                                                                            Developer, Sanjay Koyani (usability   "508" compliant (special waivers are
                                      content (in-hand) - "simpler is better"; Ongoing                                                                                                                         expert in OS); Priscilla Hutherson    available but difficult to obtain); Consult
                                      content updates can be done in BTO;                                                                                                                                      (BTO) is poc for content              with L.Azarsa or S.Koyani for usibility
                                                                                                                                                                                                               management (submitting web            advice before designing the site
Communications                        Set up audio- and Net-Conferencing accounts        Facilitate project meetings and               MCI Net                                                                 Landa Fox for subscription; Karin
                                      for project team communications                    communication events using audio and          Conferencing                                                            Ludwig, MCI Account Mgr.
                                                                                         web-based conferencing facilities             Account

External Communications (News)        Engage HHS (OS) News Division                                                                    HHS News                                                                Christina Pearson, News Division
                                                                                                                                       Division                                                                202-205-1841
External Communications (News)        Compose 1-page article                                                                           Press release        eOPF PR Article 20040810.doc
External Communications (News)        Obtain approvals (A.Speyer,
                                      P.VanLandingham, E.Sontag)
Labor Relations                       Brief Labor Relations; At a minimum allow 1        Cannot communicate to all employees           Briefing         eOPF Introduction for Labor 20040812.doc;              Harriette Treloar, AsstDepSec. LR Assess impact of project on jobs (duties,
                                      month between briefing Labor Relations and         (i.e., any union members) until Unions        package for      eOPF_Labor_Briefing_20041005.ppt                       (formerly Maria Price-Detherage),  skill requirements) Consult PSC LR rep
                                      obtaining Union approval                           have been formally notified and have had      Labor Relations;                                                        and Steve Muir (LR staff) for HHS- first for guidance if necessary;
                                                                                         an opportunity to comment (this includes      Project                                                                 wide scope, Theresa Foster, LR rep
                                                                                         email announcements, websites,                “Factsheet” for                                                         for PSC
                                                                                         newsletters, etc.); At Labor Relations'       Unions
                                                                                         discretion certain HHS unions will be
                                                                                         notified. For HHS-wide project, may need
                                                                                         buy-in from National reps: 1) briefing to
                                                                                         LR reps 2) exec briefing to LMCC 3)
                                                                                         briefings to regional union reps
Labor Relations                       Brief Labor Relations Monthly Concall                                                            Presentation         eOPF_Labor_Relations_Concall_20040720.ppt          Harriette Treloar, Steven Muir
                                                                                                                                       slides                                                                  (HHS)
Labor Relations                       Brief monthly Labor-Management Cooperation                                                       Presentation         eOPF_LMCC_20040804.ppt                             Harriette Treloar, Steven Muir
                                      Council (LMCC) Conference                                                                        slides                                                                  (HHS)

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                                                                                                                                             Project Start-Up Checklist

              Domain                                    Actions                                         Impact                       Deliverable               Examples (insert links here)                         Contacts                             Dependencies
Human Resources/                      Describe new duties and competencies                                                           Position         e-Pay CSR Position Description 20040512.doc     Nancy Ward, Rockville HRC Dir.;
Client Services Div                                                                                                                  Description (new                                                 Cheryl Mott, Job Classifications; Kim
                                                                                                                                     or mods)                                                         Lewis HRC Specialist
Human Resources/                      Define and Rate KSAs                                                                           Job (re-
Client Services Div                                                                                                                  )Classification
Security                              Notify ISSO contact immediately to qualify;       All new systems must receive a security      Security                                                         Dara Murray PSC ISSO
                                      Security review ("C&A") can takes weeks or        Certification and Accreditation -            Certification &
                                      months; Full security assessment may be           administered by the Information System       Authentication
                                      required                                          Security Officer (ISSC) - stating that the
                                                                                        system complies with Federal laws and
                                                                                        regulations; Allow up to 1 month for ISSC
                                                                                        to issue C&A report; Duration depends on
                                                                                        the scope of your project.

HelpDesk Support                      Notify appropriate helpdesk managers. For                                                      Guidelines for                                                   Carol Arbogast
                                      example ITSC if project impacts employee                                                       diagnosing
                                      desktops, HRS if an HR application.                                                            application
                                                                                                                                     system admin
                                                                                                                                     recovery, etc.);
                                                                                                                                     OMB A-76

Agreements/Contracts                  Interagency Agreement (IAA), Memorandum of        Terms of MOU and SOW should be               Completed IAA Final HHS MOU 9-15-04.doc;                         Jack Stoute, Monte Washburn, Dina
                                      Understanding (MOU), and Statement of Work        treated as a contract and carefully          form (e.g., Form Final EHRI HHS eOPF SOW 9-20-04.doc             Jackson, or Bob Spector
                                      (SOW) must be completed; IAA and MOU              negotiated to ensure both parties are        1617 for HR);
                                      must be signed by both parties. For               aware of implications. For example, for IT   Memorandum of
                                      Agreements to provide technical support to        hosting services the host agency cannot      Understanding
                                      HHS, the SOW should include specific service      provide a service level to HHS that          (MOU) with
                                      level agreements (response time, etc.), and a     exceeds their contract with the software     signatures;
                                      "Dispute Resolution" clause; IAA permits funds    vendor.                                      Statement of
                                      to be directly transferred from the appropriate                                                Work (SOW)
                                      HHS CAN to the servicing agency's account;
                                      Any MOUs involving e-Gov initiatives must
                                      include the HHS CIO signature - C. havekost
                                      (add "Concur" signature block to IAA and MOU)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sponsoring organization must have funds
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              available to obligate to host agency
Competitive Sourcing                  Submit project to "MEO" assessment                Certain organizational functions may be      Most Efficient     ePay_Org_Design_Final_Report_20040614.doc     Bob Spector (e-Pay); Creighton
                                                                                        candidates for A-76 (privatization) in       Organization                                                     Glantz, PSC Dir. Competitive
                                                                                        which case they may need to be               (MEO)                                                            Sourcing
                                                                                        submitted to Competitive Sourcing for
                                                                                        MEO determination this may involve an
                                                                                        objective contractor; A-76 process could
                                                                                        result on months de;ay depending on
                                                                                        scope of project.

Federal Registry                      Submit an update to the Federal Registry                                                       Organization       TBA
HHS University                        Develop Training Plan                             System implementations often fail          Training Plan        e-Pay CSR Training Plan 2004XXXX.doc (TBA);   Daryl Lucas, Director HHSU
                                                                                        because training was an "Event" prior to                        UFMS Global Training Strategy
                                                                                        go live, and users needed support after
                                                                                        the instructors left. Training Plan should
                                                                                        address the concept of building a
                                                                                        knowledge infrastructure within the
                                                                                        business community - Master Users and
                                                                                        Super user of the system - who can
                                                                                        provide user assistance on the job during
                                                                                        the critical weeks after Go -live, and can
                                                                                        be utilized for ongoing one-on-one support
                                                                                        and coaching. This is a way to formalize
                                                                                        informal learning.

IT Budget                             Include estimated costs for HHS IT budget                                                      Exhibit '53' and                                                 Jack Stoute
                                      estimates (ProSight)                                                                           '300'                                                                                                    OMB A-11

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                                                                                                                                                Project Start-Up Checklist

              Domain                                     Actions                                           Impact                        Deliverable       Examples (insert links here)   Contacts              Dependencies
Operations                            Identify organization that will be responsible for Clear identification of the organization that   O & M Plan
                                      maintenance and operations of system               will be responsible for supporting ongoing      addressed early
                                                                                         operation of the new system must happen         on in Project                                               Refer to Inter-Agency Agreements above if
                                                                                         in the early stages of the project, to          lifecycle.                                                  another OpDiv or agency will be providing
                                                                                         enusre a smooth transition after                                                                            production support services (e.g.,
                                                                                         deployment.                                                                                                 OPM/EHRI)

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