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					                      Responses to Questions from the Translation RFP

1. Is there a specific format or template AED would like applicants to use?

The Academy for Educational Development does not have a template. As stated in the RFP,
completeness and consistency of responses in this RFP will be a major element in the vendor
selection process.

2. Are individuals, self-employed translator, qualified to respond to the RFP?

The Academy for Educational Development is looking for Translations services. Self-employed
translators are welcome to apply. All applications will be reviewed based on the qualification
requirements defined in the RFP.

3. Our intent to respond to the RFP was submitted after the deadline of July 24, 2009.
   Would our proposal be considered?

The intent to respond is to allow AED to manage the procurement process by knowing the
number of proposal expected and failing to respond in a timely manner with a notification of
intent will not preclude you from bidding. Know, however, all proposals are due on August 21,
2009 by 12:00 (noon) Eastern Standard Time. Proposal submitted after the deadline of August
21, 2009 by 12 PM EST will not be considered.

4. According to list of documents to be presented, in 6.2 is required if applicable “…last
   two audited financial statements…” What do you mean with applicable? And with
   Audited Financial Statements?

Financial audited statements are required from organizations, not from individuals. These are
statements submitted by the organization’s auditor after reviewing all transactions during the
organization’s fiscal year.

5. We are three free lance translators based in another country who share work. We
   would like to know if as free lance, we can apply to your RFP Translation Services. In
   the case your answer is yes, in reference to the documents to be presented we would like
   to know if you accept documents from another country.

Individuals are welcomed to apply as translators.

6. Is there any special software required?

All translations will have to be submitted using Microsoft Office Word.
7. The documents, brochures, books, or reports you need to be translated, come always in
   a digital form?

In some cases yes, in others actual copies of the printed report or brochure will be presented to
the translators.

8. Do you require printed copies of the translations?

No, electronic copies will suffice.

9. Page 5 of the RFP, under Section 4. RFP Schedule mentioned the RFP delivery date as
   August 22, 2009. The remaining of the RFP mentions August 22, 2009. Please clarify.

Proposals are due on Friday August 21, 2009 at 12:00 noon EST.

10. The services required include a number of languages with non-Roman alphabets. Will
    AED have the internal capacity to handle formatting, desktop, design and typesetting
    services? Or should contractor describe and price such services?

AED’s focus is on the translation of the text itself, be it from another language to English or
vice-versa rather than formatting or typesetting.

11. Does AED require professional translators with degrees, training, and/or professional
    certification such as the American Translators Association (ATA) Certification

No, but proposed staff must be certified translators.

12. Does AED require translators to hold advanced Technical and professional degrees?


13. Does AED require resumes of key lead translators?


14. Since Contractors do not always follow Best Practices in Translation Services (as
    described by Professional Associations, such as ATA), how will AED compare
    components of Translation Services pricing?

See Section 5 on proposal evaluation criteria.

15. Under the evaluation criteria 10 points are awarded for “Preference will be given to
    Vendor who has a clear willingness to support long-term relationships with AED.” How
    should this be presented?
The duration of the award is Two Base Years and two One-year Options. Because of the duration
of the contract, AED is looking for firms and individuals committed to nurture long-term
relationships with AED and who have proven record of having long-term relationship with
existing clients.

16. Under the evaluation criteria 20 points are awarded for “Preference will be given to
    Vendors demonstrating the ability to provide sufficient staffing to meet the needs of
    each assignment.” Is the intent of this statement that AED requires resumes to be
    provided? If so what languages and how many?

Yes, resume of staff are required. They should be in English.

17. What are the approximate number of words or pages for the major languages that will
    be translated on an annual basis?

The volume of the translation is based on the needs of AED project worldwide, which varies
from year to year. Furthermore, AED works with many different languages. The request for one
language might be more than others in a given year. As such, AED is not able to provide an
estimated value of the contract.

18. What is the overall expected annual volume?

The volume of the translation is based on the needs of AED project worldwide, which varies
from year to year. Furthermore, AED works with many different languages. The request for one
language might be more than others in a given year. As such, AED is not able to provide an
estimated value of the contract.

19. What are the typical file formats we would receive the documents?

Microsoft Word.

20. For the purpose of the proposal, should we are assume 1000 words, but in which
    languages? What file format?

For pricing purposes, please assume that translation will be in English and number of words will
be paid based in the target language.

21. What computer application will a majority of the documents be created in? Word,
    InDesign, PageMaker, etc?

Microsoft Word.

22. Do you have a preferred format for the response?

Microsoft Word.
23. How often do you have a translation request?

Translation requests are on a need-by-need basis, depending on client’s requests.

24. How many firms are included in the RFP?

As many as they want to apply and are qualified.

25. Will there be multiple rounds in the RFP?

The proposals are due by August 21, 2009, at noon (12PM). There may be a best and final round
in which finalists may be asked to do a translation from English, non technical text, to the
language in which the individual or firm is bidding on.

26. Small private owned companies typically do not have audited financial statements due
    to the cost. We are a certified 8(a) #106655 minority owned company by the U.S. Small
    Business Administration (SBA). Annually we are audited by the SBA and they will
    accept financial statements that are certified by our accountant and signed by the
    owner and copies of the previous year’s Federal Tax Return. Would AED be willing to
    accept this solution for all small privately owned companies that would like to respond
    to your RFP?


27. Are complied financials acceptable to submit in lieu of audited financials if an
    independent CPA firm prepares them?


28. Can AED provide historical information with regard to previous translations they have
    done regarding annual $ volume and number of words by language?

Given the nature of AED’s work, AED translation volume is based on the need of the projects.
As such, we prefer not to disclose historical data as they might not fairly represent future needs.

29. Can AED provide to the selected vendor glossary of terms, Translation Memory or
    previous translations to ensure continuation of consistency of writing styles and

We currently don’t have a centrally collected glossary of terms.

30. Under section 6.4, it states that the bid price proposal is supposed to be based on the
    technical specification listed in Section 3.5. Section 3.5 does not define any technical
Under 1.2 it states that submissions should indicate the ability to perform scientific and technical
translations, which is different from a general translation. This section also states that the quote
should consist of translation cost per word, including any and all additional cost associated with
this work and the estimated time frame for the completion of the job based on the number of
words translated. The time frame should be based on a per 1,000 word basis.

31. Should the pricing summary only include a rate per word or should it be presented in
    both the total dollar amount per 1,000 words and the per word rate used?

The quote should consist of translation cost per word, including any and all additional costs
associated with this work, and the estimated time frame for the completion of the job, based on
the number of words translated. It should include the amount per 1,000 words.

32. For the purpose of the pricing proposal, can AED provide a more detailed list of
    requirements so that the quotes can more accurately reflect all the factors we need to
    take into consideration when pricing such as:
    • Source format of document: Microsoft Word
    • Formatting requirements: Microsoft Word
    • Delivery time needed: Varies in size and complexity.
    • Subject Matter (Technical vs. Standard): Both.

33. Can AED provide additional information about the source material we will receive such
    • An editable format - MS Word, Excel, PPT and Word.
    • Non-editable formats – Scanned documents and PDFs.
    • Delivery formats for translated documents: Word.
    • Design Application formats – Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Quark…? : Not often.
    • Subject Matter – always technical or standard subject matter also? : Both.
    • The RFP refers to brochures; will Desktop Publishing Services be required such as
        Typesetting or the localization of images that contain English text? : Unlikely.

34. Will European or Canadian French be needed?

Possibly both, however AED usually uses European French to work accordingly in Francophone

35. Will Brazilian or European Portuguese be needed?

Brazilian Portuguese.

36. Can AED provide them with two sample documents for each document mentioned
    “documents, brochures, reports and books.”

AED will not provide samples at this time. The proposal should be based on the information
provided in the RFP.

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