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									 Work Force
Continuity and
South Carolina Department of Health and
        Environmental Control

                Deputy Commissioner
                  Health Services

                 Bureau of Maternal & Child Health

                   Bureau of Community Health
                   & Chronic Disease Prevention

                     Bureau of Disease Control

                  Bureau of Environmental Health

                      Bureau of Laboratories

                     Office of Minority Health

                          Clinical Services

                    Professional Practice Offices

                  Local Public Health Regions (8)
          Health Services Deputy Area
                                                               HEALTH SERVICES MANAGEMENT

                                                                                   Lisa Waddell, MD, MPH
                                                                                    Deputy Commissioner
                                                                                   Deputy Exec Comp Sys

     Morris Govan                                                                                                                                      Dick Hatfield
Asst Dep Commissioner                                                                                                                                Assistant Deputy
   for Region & Prof                                                                                                                              Commissioner for Pub Hlth
        Services                                                                                                             Shauna Hicks              Prog Mgr III
                              Linda Bell                Gardenia Ruff
     (Prog Mgr III)                                                             Margaret Douglas       Health Services     Special Asst to the
                        Clinical Serv Director          Minority Hlth             Adm Coord I            Operations              Deputy
                               (Phys II)                 Prog Mgr II
                                                                                                       Darbi MacPhail        Commissioner
                                                                                                      Senior Consultant     (Sr. Consultant)           Bur Comm Health &
                                                                                                                                                      Chronic Disease Prev
                                                                                                                                                            Mike Byrd
     Health Regions
                                     Erma Ford                                                                                                             Prog Mgr II
                                  Admin Coordinator I                                                                     Vacant (Claudia Boyd)
                                                                                                                           Administrative Asst.

       Health Serv
                                                                                                                                                       Bur Disease Control
       Professional                   Ted Holland                                                                                                         Jerry Gibson
         Offices                     Program Mgr I                                                                            Molly Hayes
                                                                                                                                                           Physician II
                                                                                                                           Administrative Asst.

                                                                                         Angie Olawsky
       Resources                         Office of               Ann Lee                                                     Sandra Nates                Bur Env Health
                                                                                         Nur Adm/Mgr II
                                         Nursing              Nur Adm/Mgr III                                              Administrative Asst.           Roger Scott
                                                                                                                                                          Prog Mgr II

                                                                Rosemary                                                     Vacant (Stacy
                                         Office of               Boguski                                                       Manning)
                                        Pharmacy                Pharmacist                                                 Administrative Asst

                                        Office of              Mark Jordan
                                      Primary Care             Prog Coord II
         Health Services
    Human Resources Committee
        Charter – April, 2004

Phyllis Allen         Morris Govan
Patricia Baker        Zina Hampton
Sara Balcerek         Frances Hare
Mark Barnes           Shauna Hicks
Patricia Butler       Joe Kyle
Mike Byrd             Ann Lee
Mary Edmonds          Ronnie VanVlake
Sue Ferguson
       Health Services
  Human Resources Committee
• Examine critical HR issues that are
  affecting or could significantly affect the
  workforce of Health Services.

• Serve as a problem-solving team in
  addressing critical HR issues (task
  delegated by HS Deputy Commissioner).
• Manage the effects of voluntary
  separation, TERI and other retirements,
  budget cuts, and downsizing

• Make recommendations to the Deputy
  Commissioner for Health Services and
  Senior Leadership Team regarding HR
  issues affecting Health Services.
          Health Services
     Human Resources Committee

First Priority:
Prepare a workforce capacity plan for
Health Services to ensure that we have
competent members in place to meet
Potential public health challenges and
threats to our communities in the 21st
        Health Services
Human Resources Committee/Team

• Work began in May of 2004
• Full assessment of Health Services
  current situation, problem(s) and
  practices that demonstrates a need
  for a Workforce Continuity and
  Development Plan (WFCDP)
        Work Force Analysis
• 4,965 DHEC Employees: 486 TERI; 318 in Health
  Services (75%)
• 165 other Health Services employees eligible to retire

Central Office’s Potential Loses:
• 14 staff in management positions were eligible to TERI or
  retire within 5 years.
• 5 of the 9 members of the Senior Leadership Team were
  either TERI participants or eligible for retirement or
  retired, but continuing to work.
• One Bureau was facing a loss of 17 staff members, 9 of
  which were from the same division.
       Work Force Analysis
At the District Level (now Regions):
• 2 out of the 10 Health Directors were participating
  in the TERI Program
• 6 District Administrators were TERI’ing and 1 was
  eligible for retirement
• 4 Nursing Directors were participating in the
  program and 1 was eligible to retire
• 5 Environmental Health Directors would leave
  between December 2005 and mid year 2008
        Work Force Analysis
• Environmental Health had 9 members
  participating in TERI, 3 of which were Division
  Program Managers .

• One-half of the 10 employees working in the TB
  Division were slated to leave over the course of the
  next 5 years.
Objectives of the WFCDP:
• Establish a systematic approach to work force
  continuity and development

• Focus on key management positions critical
  to the stability of Health Services
  management/leadership capacity

• Encourage implementation of individual
  training and development plans for
  credentialed/supervisory/technical and
  support positions
• Includes different strategies Health
  Services will employ to meet its WFCDP needs
• Establish applicable policies & procedures for
  the plan and link activities to the Agency’s
  Strategic and Health Services Operation Plans
• Describes the roles of various groups

• Establish a website for convenient access to
  the WFCDP and supporting documents

I. Identify Gaps/Key Leadership
II. Evaluate Key Positions (To determine
   knowledge, skills, education and
   characteristics necessary for successful
   performance and practice)

• State Job Specifications
• Current Position Description
• Public Health Practice
• Council on Linkages Core
  Public Health Competencies
III. Update Position Descriptions
     for gaps/key positions
     (Sample Job Descriptions are on
     the HR website.)

IV. Prepare Roadmaps
    [Example Roadmaps (Training,
    Development, and Skill Building
    Opportunities) are on the HR
Work Force Continuity
 And Development
Formal Academic Education
  Knowledge obtained from an academic
  institution of higher learning resulting in
     an Associate, Bachelor, Master or
              Doctorate degree.

 •Tuition Assistance
 •Healthcare Pilot Program Incentives
 •Alternate Work Schedules
 •Graduate Certificate in Public Health
  Leadership Training and
Internal and external leadership activities
      designed to facilitate learning.
External Training
• Associate Public Manager
• Certified Public Manager
• SC Executive Institute
• Management Academy of Public
• Southeast Public Health Leadership
• National Public Health Leadership
DHEC Internal Training
•   Introduction to Supervision
•   Personnel Practices
•   Supervisory Practices
•   4th Generation Management
•   Change Management
•   Resolving Conflict
•   Other Technical Training
Core Public Health Training
• A Certificate in Public Health Practice
  offered for staff interested in or needing
  improvement in core public health
• Developed in collaboration between
  DHEC and USC Arnold School of Public
• Certificate will consist of 6 modules
  scheduled to be implemented August,
• Graduate Certificate in Public Health
   18 Graduate credits through the Arnold
    School of Public Health
   Some credits transferable to a Masters of
    Public Health program
   Will be launched in January 2007
  An experienced, skilled person (mentor)
  is paired with a person of less
  experience (protégé), with the goal of
  strengthening competencies of the

• Mentoring guidelines and forms are
  linked to the HR website.
• Health Services mentoring relationships
• 1st Protégé: “…My overall experience with the mentoring
  program has been very positive. Through informal discussions of
  DHEC day-to-day activities, decision making, and policy
  development, I have increased my overall public health knowledge
  base. I found the discussions and activities relative to the legislative
  process to be most helpful, specifically related to hemophilia...”

• 2nd Protégé: “…The mentoring program changed my mind
  about my future in this agency. I know there is much good still to be
  done in public health. My current position is very focused and the
  mentoring program gives me the much needed big picture of
  regional services and the delivery of those services from the central
  office, Regional Health Director perspective. I can see professional
  needs and roles in the agency where I can have a community
  impact that were not visible to me prior to this mentoring program.
  For that, I am thankful and very appreciative...”
       Job Shadowing
A less experienced performer is paired
with a veteran performer. The veteran
performer is asked to share knowledge
(and perhaps hands-on practice) in
dealing with difficult situations on the
 • Job Shadowing procedures are
   linked to the HR website.
          Job Rotation
A form of training that involves moving
an employee from one job function to
another for a period of time.
• Job Rotation guidelines & tools are
  linked to the HR website.
A smarter way of managing people by
assisting subordinate employees in
acquiring skills and/or resources to
help them become more effective,
better equipped, more resilient and
more employable.
Recruitment and Retention
Finding, attracting and hiring qualified
employees; motivating and retaining
capable and productive employees by
using systematic approaches aimed at
reducing employee turnover.
V. Evaluate Credentialed/Supervisory/
   Technical and Support Positions

       (Use the same strategies
 recommended for leadership positions.)
     Central Office and Region
• Conduct Train-the-Trainer sessions for
  designated trainers in Health Services
  Central Office and the Regions.
• Provide outline for trainers to deliver work
  force planning information to all supervisors
  and managers
• Training for supervisors/managers will
  begin September 22, 2006, with all training
  to be completed by January 2007.
•   All other staff will receive Work Force
    Continuity and Development Plan
    information, via e-mail, supervisory
    channels and the HR website.
  Monitoring and Evaluation
• To ensure that the Plan is fully
  implemented, and for all units to
  learn from each other (best
  practices!), we will need to
  continuously monitor and evaluate
  the implementation of the Work
  Force Plan in the Regions and
  Central Office.
• We will track progress on each of the
  following strategies by measuring:

        Academic Education: # of staff receiving tuition
         assistance and Healthcare Pilot incentives; # of
         staff pursuing Graduate Certificate in Public Health

      Leadership Training: # of staff participating in
       APM, CPM, Executive Institute, MAPH, SEPHLI,

      Other Management/Supervisory Training: # of
       staff participating in supervisory/management
       courses offered by DHEC
• We will track progress on each of the
  following strategies by measuring:

     Core Public Health Training: # of staff
      participating in PH101; # of staff pursuing
      Certificate in Public Health Practice
     Mentoring: # of staff participating in formal
      mentoring programs
     Job Shadowing & Job Rotation: # of units
      offering job shadowing and job rotation
      opportunities for employees
• We will track progress on each of the
  following strategies by measuring:
     Coaching: # of supervisors trained on various
      coaching techniques

     Targeted Job Skills Training: # of staff
      reporting the training they receive is adequate to
      do their job
• We will track progress on each of the
  following strategies by measuring:

    Recruitment and Retention: # of programs with
     staffing models; Staff turnover; EPDPs completed;
     Healthcare recruitment (referral bonuses, sign-on
     bonuses, retention bonuses).
     Monitoring and Evaluation
• Continuous feedback from the work force on
  the strategies, how they are being
  implemented, ideas for improvement
• Develop impact and outcome measures,
  and the linkages between the strategies and
  desired outcomes
• Modify the plan as appropriate over time

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