Personal and Corporate Gifts Policy CC021 by vyg10427


									                                                                   COUNCIL POLICY

    Policy Title: Personal and Corporate Gifts Policy
    Policy Number: CC021
    Report Number: N/A
    Approved by: Council
    Effective Date: 1992 April 10
    Business Unit: Office of the Aldermen


    Council, at its meeting held 1992 April 10 adopted the following policy.


    The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for which gifts are accepted
    by Members of Council.


    This policy recognizes that, in carrying out duties as an elected official of the
    City of Calgary it is common to be presented with gifts by various entities while
    representing The City at public meetings, hosting foreign dignitaries and/or
    delegates, visiting foreign cities, giving speeches to various organizations such
    as the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, etc., various joint provincial and
    municipal public meetings.


    1.      All gifts received on behalf of The City of Calgary should be reported to
            the City Clerk and recorded within The City’s inventory system.

    2.      All personal gifts or mementos of a nominal value intended for the elected
            official who received them can be kept by the applicable elected official
            and do not need to be reported. Examples of such gifts and mementos
            are items like pen and pencil sets, plaques, books, ties, scarves, coffee
            mugs, etc. Such gifts would also clearly not have any significant use for
            civic purposes.

    3.      Any personal gifts or mementos received by the elected official having an
            estimated value of greater than $100 should be reported to the City Clerk.
            If, in the opinion of the City Clerk and Chief Archivist, the gift is deemed to
            be of no particular value, use, or interest to The City, then the elected
            official may keep it.

ISC: Unrestricted
                                                                 COUNCIL POLICY

    4.      The receipt of any object of art such as paintings, etchings, sculptures,
            etc., should be reported to the City Clerk and handled in a manner as
            described in paragraph 3 above.

    5.      The above guidelines are not intended to and cannot cover all situations.
            They are exactly that, guidelines only.

    NOTE: AOC00-03 establishes a practice that Aldermen may voluntarily report
         personal gifts valued at over $100.00 to the Manager, Aldermanic Office



ISC: Unrestricted

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